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Archive of weather for Sep 2006


Saturday, 30 September, 11:00 a.m. In just the last 4 hours the humidity has gone from a dry 22% to a sopping 46
%. Everyone is heading for the swimming pools.7:00 a.m. As promised, it has cooled this morning about 4 degrees below yesterday morning and promises a little more tomorrow. I've met more of my neighbors since I'm out and about in the cooler weather and looking forward to greeting all the returning residents in the next few weeks. One young fellow is planning to turn an old sail-boat into a non-sail with cabin. Another is looking forward to having a kayak of his own. Our waters are routinely calm and perfect for this type of activity. And what better place to build dreams. st

Friday, 29 September, 7:00 a.m. That rise in temperatures yesterday put us right back to above normal for late September, however it promises to cool down over the week-end. We could see a large fog bank over the mainland to the west but here it is perfectly clear. A cool, soft breeze fans the tops of the bushes and soft waves lapping at the shore provides the setting for this morning's monolog. A large dog shattered the silence as he came from nowhere into the cool waters, probably trying for a bird that had swooped down but is now long gone. What a life. st

Thursday, 28 September, 7:00 a.m. A repeat of yesterday. Everything is quiet at this moment. Even the water is quiet, as a lake. Earlier, as I looked north-east, I was able to make out the outlines of the mountains at Puerto Peñasco, not so far away. Things are definitely back to normal Fall weather as it should be in beautiful San Felipe. st

On Wednesday we took a drive to San Mateos, about 50 miles NW of San Felipe. The Ocotillos were so lush and green I had to take a photo to show you. Down towards the sea, they tend to get hidden amongst the other desert shrubbery and at this time are dark and non-descriptive. These are beautiful. st

Wednesday, 27 September, 7:00 a.m. Our temperatures are remaining static and should do so the rest of the week. That humidity inched back up from yesterday's 24 % but the breeze being from the north offsets. Increasing clouds and cooler temperatures will be back with us starting Sunday, also the start of the new month. st

Tuesday, 26 September, 7:00 a.m. Blissfully cool this morning. It's just one small degree above 79 F. For some that is a blessing. It's quite a swing from 80 F to 100 F through the course of a 6 -8 hour period before heading right back down for the evening. That lovely breeze swooshing in from the NW, later from the W, adds to the luxury of this, a favorite time of year. No-one could ask for better. st

Monday, 25 September, 7:00 a.m. A beautiful,calm Monday morning. I'm happy to report the readings should stay status quo after tomorrow, for the rest of the week. Temperatures are just a shade above average for the end of September. That soft breeze that comes in daily makes it so comfortable. Have a great day. st

Sunday, 24 September, 7:00 a.m. SHRIMP SEASON begins. Festivities and the blessing of the ships take place early Sunday morning. Pangas are allowed to fish all day, while the larger ships slowly leave port and gather out to Sea. At midnight they all get to lower their booms in unison. 7:00 a.m. Throw open the doors and slide back the windows. That cool morning breeze is with us to stay. Yes, warmer temperatures are on tap throughout this coming week, but the humidity should stay dry. Fall is here and we relish that new feel. Yesterday we visited several north-end camps and were absolutely amazed at the construction going on everywhere. Since snow-birds are not yet here we were able to walk through some of the new Condos and enjoy their idea of luxury. Enjoying a cool-drink on an upper deck while viewing the returning pangas from today's catch, gave way to conversations of the coming Shrimp Festival and other Fall activities on the calendar. Check it out. st

Saturday, 23 September, 1 p.m. Very, very, windy on the beach, 80 degrees and rapidly cooling sea temperatures, 7:00 a.m. It's just a little bit hazy this morning, but that will quickly burn off. Enjoy the coolness today because tomorrow it is starting back up a little. Some groups are taking advantage of that water this week-end with their jet-skies and kayaks. I plan to visit some of the many construction sites that are going on, to try to catch up. Too late for summer, too soon for Fall programs, but in another week Snow Birds will be arriving and the whole scenario will change. st

Friday, 22 September, 7:00 a.m. Unbelievably cool this morning out here on the beach. It might be a few degrees higher in town. We can look forward to cooler temperatures tomorrow before it works back up a little. Yesterday we sat on the most pleasant patio at the El Cortez Hotel, enjoying the breeze coming off of the water. The conversation around the table was of the coming Shrimp Festival, Thanksgiving, and definitely Fall events. It seems like a curtain has lifted from the terrible humidity we had just a couple of weeks ago, right on target. Enjoy. st

Thursday, 21 September, 7:00 a.m. Smooth as a lake on a quiet morning, I can still hear the soft waves lazily washing up on the beach. No flags are up; the holiday week-end has passed. A slight movement in the trees tells me that the world is awake, but our wind-gauge gives the only clue as to the direction of the breeze. Temperatures are still in a downward trend for the rest of the week; through tomorrow, the first day of Fall, at least. Some Americans who have been here all summer, say it is actually time to go home? st

Wednesday, 20 September, 7:00 a.m. There is definitely a cloud pattern to the south of San Felipe, but it may be heading east-by-north and by-pass us. Forcasts continue to suggest cooler temperature readings through the rest of the week, before heading back up to the norm during the first part of next week. If you like a quiet week-end to finish off the summer, this may be your last chance before the Snowbirds start to return. To have a cool quiet week-end is even better. st

Tuesday, 19 September, 7:00 a.m. Clear skies, very soft breeze and not much fear of Tropical Depression Miriam causing any change. We are heading toward the first day of Fall and it couldn't be more beautiful. Last night we were out trying to read the stars. Away from city lights they are so clear I wanted to pluck one right out of the sky. Instead we followed the milky way and tracked the usual dippers etc. This morning we watched the bright red reflections of the sun as it seems to float up out of the Sea before it changes back to normal gold. Always something to marvel at. st

Monday, 18 September, 7:00 a.m. The humidity factor is staying the course. Everything is so calm, the wind is just a whisper, and the water, just a ripple. Not a cloud in the sky. I was just reading about our new Air Service into San Felipe. More and more business people are needing a way to get to our fast growing city. Our weather is one of the major attractions. So be it. 10 a.m. We are watching the track of tropical depression Miriam out off the Pacific coast of Baja. There is unlikely to be any regeneration of this storm since it will be passing over cooler water as it moves north. However, it could bring humidity to our region as the week progresses and some possible rain in the mountains towards next weekend.

Sunday, 17 September, 7:00 a.m. With Independence Day activities now behind us Fall weather and the return of the Snowbirds, our families that retreated north of the border for the summer, are now the focus of attention. The weather couldn't be nicer. Since the end of August we have been back in the 2-digit range. This morning we are in the high 70's. to 80's where we shall stay into the early part of next week. NW Winds may pick up during the day, which also are a cooling factor in the equation. Fall begins next Friday and we are ready. st

Saturday, 16 September, 8:00 a.m. DIA DE LA INDEPENDENCIA in Mexico. And what a great day, weatherwise, it is going to be. Hurricane Lane, south of Baja, has now moved on to the east coast of mainland Mexico and seems to be no threat. As you can see the temperature has cooled tremendously, and there is just enough gusty winds to encourage everyone, doing anything, to do it with gusto. It is now almost 8:30 and the parade is about to start. Winds are gently tugging at the banners and flags that the children, kindergarden to highschool, are sporting to the crowds. Spectators will be most comfortable in the coolness of this morning.
11 a .m.
Hurricane Lane is now moving onto the coast of mainland Mexico and the threat to northern Baja and San Felipe has passed. 12:30 p.m. We still have the gusty winds, but by now we also have stormy waters with whitecaps. The thermometer reads only 85 with humidity 27. Cool Fall weather for San Felipe. st

Friday, 15 September, 7:00 a.m. Many were awakened to the sound of strong winds about midnight last night but they soon died down. Just after 6:00 our beautiful sun rose into clear skies with very calm breezes. Within one hour that all changed. The winds are now getting stronger by the minute. Waters remain active but without whitecaps. What promised to be a beautiful week-end, may now be a very windy one. Follow our reports on Tropical Storm Lane for further details. st

Thursday, 14 September, 7:00 a.m. A beautiful Fall morning. Daytime highs have again dropped. Although a little warmer this morning, we can expect great weather through Dia de la Independencia week-end coming up. I'm as anxious as anyone to see what's planned for parades, dancing and all the other things that go with Mexican holiday celebrations. Flags are for sale everywhere but I wish the town itself was a bit more decorated. Traffic is going well, no major congestions yet. Hotels are mostly booked. This little town does well for itself. st

Wednesday, 13 September, 7:00 a.m. As promised our current temperature is 4 degrees lower than yesterday morning, We've been 91 and below since the 23rd of August now and the nights have remained in the 80's. Stormy skies have all disappeared with nothng but good weather to report for the rest of this week. st

Tuesday, 12 September, 7:00 a.m. Temperatures are heading down this week, to below average by the week-end. Many heavy clouds dot the skies overhead, but these are heading NE towards Arizona. We do not expect any significant moisture. In fact, we expect that the sunshine should predominate by later today. It will be nice to see those 2-digit temperatures once again. st

Monday, 11 September, 7:00 a.m. It was only 80 F when I ventured outside to start the morning. A tiny cool breeze led me to thinking how it would feel down at the waterfront; the lazy waves reaching up to tickle the toes of my bare feet. But duty calls. Saturday,'Independencia de Mexico' is almost upon us and tourists are already starting to pour in. Mexican flags of all sizes are for sale on every corner of Mar de Cortez, our main street. The Red-Whte-Green bands make the town so colorful. We do not yet have the program for the coming week-end. We do hear that the weather should remain in the 90-100 F level with cool water-front breezes for the whole week-end. st

Sunday, 10 September, 7:00 a.m. The thermometer readings have gradually reduced to about 5 degrees cooler over this week-end as compared to the days that led up to Labor Day. Cooler weather does revive our energy levels. Most conversations heard on the street are about coming Fall events, both personal and for the city. This evening many will help celebrate Irene Skinner's 98th Birthday Party. She is our mascot, still very active in many local events such as the San Felipe ARP. On my calendar this is Grandparent's Day, Dia de los Abuelos. The weather is truly co-operating. st

Saturday, 9 September, 7:00 a.m. Across the expansive Sea of Cortez we see enough clouds to make the beautiful red sunrise most tourists can't get enough of. Although yesterday's temperatures were higher than expected, this morning started out with a cool 80 F. We only hope it will remain below 100 F, very acceptable for most of us, especially for the crews that will be out there cleaning the streets in town, ready for next week-end celebrations. Our neighborhood (cleaning) block parties are all set to square away our individual properties after the last week's on-again - off-again rains. And many are set to clean up after yesterday's high tide activity which tore up at least one jet-ski. Let's get to work. st

Friday, 8 September, 7:00 a.m. Tiny white clouds dot our skies this morning, as if to say good-bye. We look forward to the week-end to spend quality time in our own yards, to clean up tree limbs and wash down lawn furniture. It will be kind of like neighborhood block parties, as we are all in the same boat. And it is a perfect time of year, Fall Cleaning, we'll call it. In town work crews have already done a great job, but much more remains. They have one week to get ready for 'Indepencia de Mexico' next Saturday. st

See previous pictures of Tuesday's floods here

Thursday, 7 September, 5:00 a.m. We have a report of lightning, a heavy downpour in town and further south of town, along with the strong north winds. It lasted only 30-40 minutes but had every one up for the day. We now have a repeat of street flooding all over town.

7 a.m. Our skies are completely cloud covered this morning with heavier, storm clouds forming below the upper ceiling. Strong, gusty, 22 mph winds greeted us around 5:00 a.m.. By 6:00 everything had quieted down to a normal breeze. Now at 7:00 the trees are absolutely still. We do not hear thunder but plenty of lightning flashes denotes the strong possibility of a nasty rain at any moment. With this type of activity we may lose electrical power in town, which of course shuts down everything. Our front page photo is very appropro!! st



Wednesday, 6 September,7 a.m. Still very humid, but only small, cumulous clouds to the south and east of us, and a couple over the mountains to our west at this moment. Most of the cloud activity has long gone to Mainland Mexico, leaving us to our normal, September weather. Bright sunshine has taken over for the most part. It should be a little cooler today and tomorrow in town according to our forcasts. Don't miss those telling pictures on yesterday's report. st

2 p.m. Clear around town, no more rain falling although there are still big clouds visible on the horizon to the south. Winds calm 93 F in town. To see the damage, check here.

Noon - we have had 1.2 inches of rain between 10 and 11 a.m. My street flooded to a depth of about 6 inches, and I expect that most of the usual spots are impassable. Fortunately no wind at all and this is also way before high tide. Unfortunately the radar is showing another big blob of rain near Puertecitos at this time. This picture shows town emerging from the storm at around 11:15 a.m.

9:30 a.m.

The Yuma radar is showing the approach of the remnant storm from the south. Our skies are now mostly cloudy and I can see sheets of rain out over the sea.

The National Hurricane center issued this advisory at 8 a.m.:

Tuesday, 5 September 7 a.m. Although we appear only on the tip of the residual cloud pattern of Tropical Storm John dark, ominous clouds still encircle the city with only a few patches overhead. Will they dissappear, or will we get another puff of rain as they are dragged away from our area? Temperatures are greatfully, much lower. It will continue to stay muggy till at least the week end. Hope everyone else had a wonderful Labor Day Week-end, now behind us. st

4:00 p.m.It took only an hour for that cloud to drop it's 3/16 inch load and pass on to the north of us before it dissipated. After that we had sunshine directly over us, dotted with a few white clouds. Then the circle again formed and before dark closed in there was again a 20% cloud cover over town; the rest was clear skies with an almost full moon. We do not know what the night will bring; winds, rain, or just a typical San Felipe star studded sky. st

1:00 p.m. Look at that cloud dropping right down on our town. It poured. Something hit a transformer. Everyone in our block lost power for about 20 minutes. We apologize to everyone checking our site if they were not able to get on. st

12:17 a.m Here it comes!!!! The wind picked up dramatically, the skies closed in like we are in the center of a cloud, and the rain is just starting. st

11:30 a.m. Those skies that were dotted lightly with clouds to the south this morning are now heading up the highway in full force. Maybe we will have rain, as scheduled yesterday, at 11:p.m., this very evening. The rest of the circle seems to be closing in via a pattern of clouds dotting the overhead skies. Our temperature now reads 93.4 and our humidity has gone down to 41 %. Quite nice out there if you are looking for rain. st


Monday, 4 September, 7 a.m. LABOR DAY in the U.S. Our skies over San Felipe are mostly clear, however we are encircled with clouds seen over the mountains to our west, far to the south, and yes across the waters to mainland Mexico; just dark smudges to the north. We still have our arms open waiting for even a little of that rain, knowing that it is now just a weakening Tropical Storm John, stalled over the center of our peninsula in the mountains. With little breeze it is like the calm before the storm? st (Those clouds seen in our camcorder photo are really more to the mountains, with some clouds hovering over Machoro Hill to the north of town).

Sunday, 3 September,7 a.m. It is now just 'TROPICAL STORM JOHN' and is still heading north along the mountain ridge of the Baja Peninsula. Plenty of rain over the south-central area. Lingering moisture could still bring rain to San Felipe starting today through Tuesday. This morning is a typical Sunday, with some small, white clouds hanging around and a soft breeze fanning the trees. st

4:00 p.m. Beautiful white clouds are pouring over the mountains. These do not look threatening at this time. We have strong, gusty, south winds reaching as high as 15-17 mph.and the waves still have some whitecaps. Our forecasts warn us of rains starting tomorrow. st

2:00 p.m. Large cumulonimbus clouds are building in the mountains to our west and also over the Sonora coast to the east. Hot and muggy. 2 p.m. The latest bulletin from NHC:

Saturday, 2 September, 7 a.m. Everything absolutely calm up here in San Felipe, although Hurricane John is raising cane down to the south of us, and is currently riding up the Sea of Cortez. However, most reports say it will turn west to go up over the mountains to the Pacific by late sunday night and not reach us here directly. Therefore, we can plan on a normal week-end for the holidays, with possibility of some rain starting Monday. We have the election results to be reported by Sept 6 and Sept 16 is Independence Day in Mexico. For all of this the town is alive with the Mexican flags everywhere, which help give the town's whole atmosphere a festive tone starting now. Unless Hurricane John defers from todays path, we shall have a great week-end. st


Friday, 1 September, 8:30 a.m. Temperatures are still hovering around 95 F (100 F in town). Clear skies will allow for another hot day, but we have good news for the week-end. Forcasts still say that Hurricane John, a category 3, will ride up the southern Pacific coast of Baja before heading out to see. The moisture spin-off from that storm will have an effect on our clouds and temperatures. We may even have a little rain. It will be a warm, tropical rain, which we would love to have. Guests are already rolling in for a great week-end holliday. Hope you are one of them. st


800 AM PDT MON SEP 04 2006




INITIAL 04/1500Z 29.2N 113.3W 25 KT...DISSIPATING
12HR VT 05/0000Z 29.9N 113.8W 20 KT...REMNANT LOW
24HR VT 05/1200Z 30.6N 114.5W 20 KT...REMNANT LOW
36HR VT 06/0000Z...REMNANT LOW


The latest satellite visible image at 8 a.m. Monday is shown here