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San Felipe - Archive of weather for October 2010.

Sunday, 31 Oct, 8 a.m. Hallowe'en:Partly cloudy to the south but temperatures remain normal for this time of year. Soft winds will continue. The prediction is still NNW between 5 and 8 mph later in the day although it usually calms again in the evening; great for the goblins who will invade the downtown area tonight. We're looking forward to that promised high temperature reading around Wednesday and will probably take advantage of that for fishing before it again cools for the week-end and the Shrimp Festival......ST (yesterday's Max 70F; Min 55F)

Saturday, 30 Oct, 6 a.m. Last evening the clouds began to roll in. This morning some remain, however they will likely burn off. With breezy weather predicted the waters may become a little rough later in the day.Yeserday's fishing trip produced another bad day of fishing on the Sea of Cortez. See note above* This morning we are headed out to the Swap Meet which already is getting larger and more popular each week-end.....ST (yesterday's Max 70F; Min 62F)

Friday, 29 Oct, 6 a.m. It's rather early this morning as we are going out fishing again today. Although it is still dark outside I can see that the water is calm and it seems the sky is clear. Better to go today as tomorrow it is supposed to again be breezy. According to the calendar Hallowe'en will be on Sunday evening this year. Shrimp Festival is coming up next week-end. And we don't even go to Standard Time until 11/7.... Fall events are really getting underway. .. . ....ST (yesterday's Max 85F; Min 59F)

Thursday, 28 Oct, 8 a.m. Mostly clear skies and just a tad warmer already. The water is much calmer too. We're off to the U.S, this morning on a round-about trip. Usually San Felipe is a little cooler than El Centro because we get the breeze off of the water so I'll throw in a sweater. It's going to be a great day.. . ....ST (yesterday's Max 85F; Min 61F)

Wednesday, 27 Oct, 8 a.m. Clear skies with stronger winds up to 14 mph and choppy waves have kept the little pangas off of the water. I hope this is not bad for the little Trick or Treaters this week-end. I have just received a call with my number to pick up my FM3. The rules have all changed. This year they are renewing with wallet-size cards. I hope the line is not long with all the snow-birds returning.. . ....ST (yesterday's Max 80F; Min 60F)

Tuesday, 26 Oct, 8 a.m. High pressure is bringing mostly clear skies, and a warming trend over San Felipe. Again it is very still this morning; soft ripples on the water. We expect to take our swimming classes this afternoon even as the warm water collides with the cooler air encouraging you to put on a warm sweater as soon as you get out of the water. With nothing on the calendar this week, we will trot down to the bank and do our business early so that we can prepare for yet another BBQ this evening welcoming back the latest of the snowbirds. The traffic is still not heavy in the center of town. Maybe another week as people look forward to the Shrimp Festival in early November.. . ....ST (yesterday's Max 72F; Min 61F)

Monday, 25 Oct, 8 a.m. A low pressure system is with us this morning. A soft cloud cover hangs over San Felipe but will probably burn off during the morning hours, . With no breeze and still waters, the calm feels a little strange. Last evening we saw about 30 or more pangas out there, many with lights as if they were settling for the night hours. Many of these are early shrimpers. Shrimp is now selling for $15 Kilo ($18 for the grand size). This is up a little from last year. Many of the participants for the Baja 1000 are in San Felipe to pre-run the course from this point down. The real race is Nov 17 - 21. This brings many families to the area and will hopefully start the upswing in the economy for this year. . ....ST (yesterday's Max 81F; Min 62F)

Sunday, 24 Oct, 8 a.m. Finally, a quiet Sunday at home. It is already 70 degrees out there with a very few light clouds overhead and no breeze whatsoever. Great to eat out on the patio;if it weren't for the flies. It looks like it will be warm and calm for the upcoming Halloween events next week-end. ....ST (yesterday's Max 79F; Min 59F)

Saturday, 23 Oct, 6:00 p.m. And a brilliant full moon has risen over the Sea of Cortez this evening. We see the lights of several pangas out on the water; it's just too nice to go in. It's 75 degrees out there with a humidity of 57. What could be better than that. The Octoberfest has ended and the Malecon is now clearing out. But what a show it must have been.Oh well, it had to end sooner or later.Saturday, 23 Oct, 8:00 a.m. A brilliant morning to go to the SwapMeet where we may hear how the Annual Charity Golf Classic ended. There are some clouds in the skies, especially over the mainland coastal area. It should warm up rather quickly. Maybe a light sweater will do. Later we will run down to the Malecon to the Lions Club Octoberfest celebration there.... And the1020-1021 season is just starting!! ....ST (yesterday's Max 78F; Min 60F)



Friday 22 Oct, 8:00 a.m. It's a beautiful, early fall day out there. Partly cloudy skies with still the smell of the past week's rains. The ground is still damp in many places. Calm winds and waters create the feeling of suspense. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were stormy days for San Felipe, with actual rain.Thursday was cool, but with the calm seas we took advantage of this to go out in our 23' boat. 4 persons caught 90 covina and croakers. Don't forget that the 5th. Annual Charity Golf Classic is being held at the El Dorado Golf Course, October 22-23. At the same time the Lions Club Octoberfest celebration will be held on the Malecon on Saturday 23 October:.... ST (yesterday's Max 74F; Min 6


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