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San Felipe - Archive of weather for October 2009.

Since May 2009, the tropical Pacific Ocean has switched from a cool pattern of ocean circulation known as La Niña to her warmer sibling, El Niño

Tropical Storm Watch(5/15-11/30)
There are no tropical storms at this time.


Saturday 31 October 7 a.m. pst. High pressure and warmer daytime highs are expected, starting today and will continue through the middle of the week. Just in time for our Hallowe'en parties all over town. They say we should be back to above normal readings Monday through Thursday. Monday is All Saints Day, Tuesday is All Souls Day on the mexican calendars and families will gather together to honor the deceased. Cemetaries will be dressed with flowers in many cases. The weather should be perfect. ST (Max 75F; Min 62F; Humidity currently 22%)

Friday 30 October 7 a.m. pst. Warm winds from the SW will have a strong impact on the weather for our little goblins this week-end. Our highs should rise sharply to near normal levels, not saying that much for our lows in the 50's. Low, light clouds will persist through the morning, hampering this good forcast, but hopefully will clear by noon. ST (Max 71F; Min 56F; Humidity currently 18%)

More destruction: the sandy cliffs of our beach front properties are giving way to the weather.
Thursday 29 October 7 a.m. pst. Winds calmed around 5:00 last evening. Temperatures plummeted 21 degrees lower than Wednesday's maximum and last night reached 11 degrees lower than Tuesday's minimum. Although we did not receive any rain the stong winds are taking their toll all along the sandy cliffs north of town, undermining walls and railings of private properties. These winds should subside today through the week-end for our little goblineers. ST (Max 68F; Min 55F; Humidity currently 17%) Wednesday 28 October Noon pst. Well, we have quite a gale blowing and a sandstorm is cutting visibility to a few hundred meters in places. The intense low pressure system over the Four Corners area is generating very strong winds throughout Southern California and Northern Baja. We had a record low pressure reading of 993.5 millibars last night as this intense disturbance migrated from the Pacific towards the east. El Centro is also 67 F with NW gusts to 30 mph - very similar to our 67 F and 30 mph NNE gusts in San Felipe. (TC) 7 a.m. (8 a.m. in the U.S.)* The winds came and went all through the night. The temperature plummeted 5 degrees and is destined to go much lower throughout today and tonight. There are small whitecaps all the way to the horizon. Let's hope the winds die down for our Hallowe'en goblins. This is our extent of the now exiting cold front of the SE Pacific area that has dropped down from the north this past week. Take hope. A warming trend will beging Friday bringing us right back up to our normal early November temperatures. ST (Max 89F; Min 62F; Humidity currently 22%)

Tuesday 27 October 7 a.m. (8 a.m. in the U.S.)* We are holding our breath as that cold front is expected to kick in. Yesterday we had stronger breezes during the afternoon; today we expect it to kick up again....and to start that dip in temperatures. This is a test folks; dig out your winter-ware and freshen it up for the real start early next month. They promise it will return to our normal warm weather for the children by Hallowe'en. ST (Max 89F; Min 66F; Humidity currently 15%)

Monday 26 October 7 a.m. (8 a.m. in the U.S.)* High Pressure and warm temperatures today and tomorrow will give way to a very strong Low Pressure system for Wednesday and Thursday. We can expect strong winds to develop ahead of an approaching cold front Tuesday and temperatures to drop at least 10 degrees by Wednesday and through Thursday. They promise it will warm up again for next week-end. No matter, dress warm and get out there and enjoy. ST (Max 85F; Min 69F; Humidity currently 23%)

Sunday 25 October 7 a.m. (8 a.m. in the U.S.)* The sun is already high in the sky. I feel like I'm running late on this report, but we are off of daylight savings time earlier than in the U.S. So here goes: With temperatures only in the mid 70's we have to throw on a warmer tee-shirt for the early morning hours. But it could reach the 90's later in the day. Great for that trip into town for one of those inexpensive breakfast specials that can be found if you look for them. Get caught up in one of the many, many activities of the Fall Season. Enjoy, for next week it is forcast to drop at least 10 degrees by Wednesday. ST (Max 85F; Min 66F; Humidity currently 32%)

Saturday 24 October 7 a.m. Such a warm morning is to be cherished because next week the temperature is going to drop down dramatically. Today we are having a Fiesta at this campo Lodge, hosted by our own Las Amigas. The weather couldn't be more perfect. Yes, the skies carry light clouds, the breezes are still warm, and the sound of the soft waves breaking on the beaches are very relaxing. Although that sound may be drowned out by the live band. Check out the many other events going on this week-end. ST (Max 90F; Min 68F; Humidity currently 23%)

Friday 23 October 7 a.m. This weather couldn't be more perfect for all the many events scheduled between now and the end of October (see our front page). Sunny skies, warm winds and calm waters. We are still in the upper 80's to low 90's daily with wonderfully cool nights. But beware of next week when it is expected to be chilly. Maybe we will dig into Fall fashions before Hallowe'en this year. ST (Max 86F; Min 66F; Humidity currently 25%)

Thursday 22 October 7 a.m. Back to normal. We have a gorgeous sunshiny morning, with a soft warm breeze. High pressure is resulting in dry humidity. Daytime highs will continue to warm into the low 90's through this weekend (4-7 degrees above normal for late October). With the many activities San Felipe has programmed summer attire is still appropriate. We continue to see many, many shrimp boats in these upper waters and are looking forward to the Shrimp Festival coming up in early November. ST (Max 82F; Min 68F; Humidity currently 25%)

Wednesday 21 October 3 p.m. The former hurricane Rick brushed by Los Cabos last night and dropped plenty of rain. Currently the storm is in the mountains of Durango on the mainland. Torrential rains are forecast for Sinaloa and Durango today and similar conditions will occur in Zacatecas, Chihuahua, and Coahuila as the remnants approach Texas.
In San Felipe the day has turned very windy, we have seen gusts in excess of 30 mph in the past few hours. On the beach it is 81F with steady NE breezes at 14 mph. The sea is rough! (TC) 7 a.m. Yesterday's Maximum temperature sank 10 degrees from Monday's readings, however the night stayed the same. Thermometer readings should rise back to daytime highs averaging 5-7 degrees above the climatological norm for late October for the week-end. The major path of Rick has passed Cabo but do not have updates. ST (Max 80F; Min 70F; Humidity currently 27%)

Tuesday 20 October 7 a.m. Well, not much change in the weather this morning. Cabo San Lucas is still living with the threats of Rick, but will it affect these waters? Right now skies are clear but the breeze is picking up. At 2:15 p.m. we expect a 14.5". tide. We are all just a little edgy for the next day or so. ST (Max 91F; Min 68F; Humidity currently 36%)

Monday 19 October 7 a.m. What crazy forcasts we have from yesterday through tomorrow. Sunday, around 4:00 p.m, notice that extreme high in the humidity chart. Then it dropped back dramatically to normal. Today temperatures will continue, then drop through tonight into a very cool tomorrow. They promise a slow return back to our normal high for the rest of the week. ST (Max 91F; Min 68F; Humidity currently 35%)

Sunday 18 October 7 a.m. We are still watching Tropical Storm Rick but do not expect it's rath this far north. However we could expect some residual affects later next week. This morning it is somewhat cooler and may cool further through Monday, but then it will creep back up. If this is what they call above average for October, I'm for it. ST (Max 92F; Min 73F; Humidity currently 28%)

Saturday 17 October 7 a.m. The weekend is upon us. We are watching Tropical Storm Rick far to the south of us. But here in San Felipe the weather is gorgeous; maybe a little warm for our returning snowbirds. In fact this may last through next week-end when lots of activities are on the calendar. We have a new moon with highest and lowest tides scheduled; at 7:42 a.m it reads a low -3.2 tide. Besides great shelling low tides make for beautiful morning landscape pictures. ST (Max 91F; Min 78F; Humidity currently 27%)

Friday 16 October 7 a.m. We will continue our record highs for October at least through Sunday and could hit the 100's in some areas. I have made a list of 40+ restaurants in San Felipe for the returning snowbirds to choose from. This creates competition. Clear skies are a treat for our guests compared to the storms in the Pacific North West. They are really getting soaked in Washington State. On Sunday we are looking forward to the local Tiburones football team playing their hearts out. The weather should be perfect. ST (Max 86F; Min 75F; Humidity currently 32%)

Thursday 15 October 7 a.m. We have a significant warming trend starting today. Already the high and low statistics have been raised at least 5 degrees. We may have some record high temperatures for October in some areas. University students from Mexicali and San Felipe will be gathered together this week-end for camaraderie and beach events. Because of the high and low tides this should be very eventful for them and for all beachcombers. ST (Max 81F; Min 69F; Humidity currently 32%)

Wednesday 14 October 7 a.m. Today we should start warming up as an area of high pressure returns. We have enjoyed the coolness but are not quite ready for the Fall weather so soon. Don't put those tee shirts and shorts away yet. As snowbirds return they may have to use those air-conditioners for a little while but we who are acclimated are enjoying the relief of very little in electric costs. We are now turning back to the high tides building up into the week-end. It is more exciting to walk and play on the beach during these periods. ST (Max 78F; Min 64F; Humidity currently 32%)

Various spots along our sand cliffs, between Campo Ocotillo and Playa del Sol to the south, are eroding badly.
Tuesday 13 October 7 a.m. With drenching rains on California's central coast and tropical storms in Cabo San Lucas, San Felipe continues to wonder in amazement that we very seldom get caught in the middle. We do have light clouds above but do not expect a warming trend to begin until Wednesday. Destruction, caused by the last round of high tides, off the sand cliff shores north of San Felipe is more and more obvious as the baseline is eroding causing large chuncks of the cliff to fall. But it has a way to go before affecting beachfront properties. ST (Max 81F; Min 64F; Humidity currently 31%)

Columbus Day in U.S: 10/12/09:

At 5:00 a.m. what seemed like a straight line of lights on the horizon was really a scene of at least 70 shrimp boats already operating in the dark. The harvest ought to be excellent and the prices should be premium.

Monday 12 October 7 a.m. Perfect, although cool weather greets us this morning with only the slightest breeze to fan our hot coffee as we stood on the patio admiring the scene on the horizon before us. Clear skies belie the fact that another Tropical Storm is forming far to the south. Here we are looking forward to a peaceful warmup starting midweek. The public is still enjoying the most successful of poker race stories of the past week-end. Check out Kats Korner on the News page. ST (Max 85F; Min 65F; Humidity currently 31%)

Sunday 11 October 7 a.m. These few cool days for the week-end are supposed to end midweek. Gone are those pretty clouds from yesterday morning replaced by clear skies and a northern breeze. The race is over and we are settling into a normal active week-end as more and more of the snow-birds are returning. We see Clamato parties and backyard gatherings almost everywhere catching up on their trips and our local gossip. Enjoy; we will start warming up again midweek. ST (Max 84F; Min 68F; Humidity currently 31%)

If you rise early you get to see the sunrise to the left and just a little later we have the shrimp boats heading out to the north for the day.

Saturday 10 October 7 a.m. A nice warming trend is with us for the week-end. We arose early to catch the sunrise in the clouds and to see the shrimp boats heading out for the day. There is just a slight breeze to greet the contestants at the Pete's Camp Poker Race with all of their various toys lining up in the different classes. It will be quite an evening there when the winners will be announced. Many other local activities are planned for this week-end. ST (Max 90F; Min 69F; Humidity currently 23%)Yesterday they reported several small earthquakes in the Sea of Cortez around 80 miles southeast of San Felipe although we did not directly feel it.

Friday 9 October 7 a.m. This is the day that NASA bombed the moon. They hope to find tracings of water there. On earth in San Felipe, Baja we are the lucky ones. We are back into the 80's, at least through Saturday. It may cool some on Sunday and Monday, but then it will warm again starting on Columbus Day the 12th. As usual we have very calm morning breezes. Clear skies and smooth waters make it a great day for our Fishermen. ST (Max 82F; Min 64F; Humidity currently 29%)

Thursday 8 October 7 a.m. Tony wrote from San Diego: "Did you feel the earthquake at 6:38 p.m. this evening?  119 km south east of San Felipe Magnitude 4.7" ?? We were walking the dog along the beach and really did not feel a thing. Thanks for the info.We will be looking for more erosions on tonight's walk. This morning it is still very cool in San Felipe, although we are looking for higher readings through the week-end. Light breezes, clear skies, and calm waters make for a refreshing start to this day. It certainly will be perfect weather for Pete's Camp Poker Race on Saturday. With more snowbirds returning it seems there is a welcome back party every time you turn around. Bienvenidos! ST (Max 80F; Min 67F; Humidity currently 28%)

Wednesday 7 October 7 a.m. Minimum temperatures are rising just a little as we slip into the end of the week. But maximums are still on the down side. However, with clear skies and bountiful sunshine today it should warm back into the mid-eighties at least. Calm winds and water is always good news for our many shrimp boats out there daily. Great weather for Pete's Camp Poker Race this week-end. On our walk last evening we saw direct evidence of erosion of the cliffs at the beach edge. A huge chunck has fallen onto the beach floor; luckily there were no houses in this area. ST (Max 80F; Min 64F; Humidity currently 25%)

Tuesday 6 October 7 a.m. Still in the low 60's this morning, we look through our winter wardrobes in case it goes into the 50's. But the day will warm quickly, at least into the 80's by noon. We are reminded that winter may settle in early when we see some reports of snow in the northern Rockies even though wildfires in the Angeles Nat'l Forest are taking it's toll. Our skies are cloud covered but the sun is shining through. With calm winds and water we should have a beautiful Fall day. ST (Max 84F; Min 58F; Humidity currently 29%)

Monday 5 October 7 a.m. We started with a much cooler reading in the bottom 60's this morning. Last night was a chilling reminder that this is now Fall. The night-time temperatures have dropped into the high 50's for the rest of this week. We can expect much lighter winds as well. Fall activities are now in full swing, with the Tiburones Football games up front. Pete's Poker Run will follow this week-end. ST (Max 85F; Min 61F; Humidity currently 30%)

Sunday 4 October 7 a.m. The sun is breaking through mostly cloudy skies at this hour. The temperature is now rising again. Little or no breeze, calm water makes for a beautiful Sunday morning. ST (Max 86F; Min 70 F; Humidity currently 38%)

Saturday 3 October 3:30 p.m. We now have a brisk SE breeze with white-caps on the water. Temperature is 81 with 50% humidity. There are spotted clouds over the mainland and some over the mountains to our west. But clear skies above suggest no rain for our area tonight. ST7 a.m. The heavy clouds have moved across the Sea to the mainland. We have mostly clear skies and a soft cool breeze as we discuss possible roof leaks this morning. It is still possible to have spotted showers through Sunday. ST (Max 86F; Min 71 F; Humidity currently 44%)

Friday 2 October 9:00 p.m. Tropical Storm Olaf has suddenly come alive. Throughout the day we had very light breezes but sprinkles; even a light rainbow appeared. Then the rains came. It looks like it might be an all nighter. note: It was a solid but light rain and lasted from 9 - 11 p.m. However with breezes through the rest of the night there was nothing to measure in the rain-gauge by morning. Just fresh damp ground.7 a.m. A drastic turn in our weather. Yesterday the winds gathered strength in the afternoon but weakened before I returned from town. This morning our skies are almost completely cloud-covered from the residuals of TS Olaf to our SW. Our temperatures have dropped into the 70's and 80's, below average for this time of the Fall. We expect the thermometer will climb back up to normal early next week. ST (Max 87F; Min 70 F; Humidity currently about 8%)

Thursday 1 October 7 a.m. Much, much cooler this morning as this airmass settles across the area. Last evening it was still in the high 80's but it dropped into the low 70'S before morning. The humidity has dropped off the scale for the time being. The clouds are heavy in the Southern Baja but have not reached our lazy blue and cloudless skies. This is all great for the shrimper's pangas which are hitting the waters in numbers into the 50's. Fall seems to be here. ST (Max 94F; Min 74 F; Humidity currently about 9%)



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