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Archive of weather for October 2006


Tuesday 31, October, 7:00 a.m. Happy Halloween. Great weather for all the munchkin's out trick-or-treating tonight. My Palm tree hasn't moved for two hours (natural wind machine) so it looks as though we'll have a nice, sunny, windless day today. Yesterday was absolutely perfect weather, at least in Mexicali. My thermometer says we have 41% humidity and a low of 64 F - although, it seemed a bit cooler than that. The Weather Channel's page reads a low of 55 F for last evening and 3 hours ago, 71% humidity with winds at 7 mph. I'm going to move my weather station as it's in the back of the house and in the shade all day. Our weather gal will return this week from her trip to China and should be back at the helm the morning of November 5. Take extreme caution driving around town this afternoon and evening. There will be tons of kids running around and some streets do not have lights. If the wind picks up or there are any drastic changes in the weather, we'll do an update. Also, tonight the Baja California's State Band will perform at the Cobach Theatre at 5:00 p.m. (free for students) and again at 8:00 p.m. ($5.00) for the general public. This is the first time San Felipe has been selected as a location for them to play, so let's show our support and gratitude by going to hear them play. Shrimp Festival starts Thursday, although we haven't received a schedule of events as of yesterday - we should have it today and we will post it upon receipt. (kh)

Monday 30, October, 6:48 a.m. It looks like my three day theory was correct. The wind is gone; we have clear skies and the sun is shining brightly. It was a bit nippy (I was freezing) when I awoke at 5:30 a.m., as I slept with the door open and only a sheet, but it's warming up now. It should be in the 80's today, and without the wind, it's a good day to walk the beach or work in your yard. The Jose Andrés arrived in San Felipe safely last evening after a trip with journalists and Sr. Reyes. We'll have a detailed report on our news page tomorrow. Have a great Monday, unless you've made other plans and don't forget to set your clocks back one hour. (kh)

Sunday 29, October, 9:52 a.m. The sun is shining and there's hardly any wind so it looks like we're going to have a really nice day. We do have scattered clouds, which seem to be moving over my house as I write this, but the outlook is for a warm and sunny day. There is a bit of activity in Yuma and we may receive some backlash from that by Tuesday, but for now, it's perfect weather. (kh)

Friday 27, October, 9:00 a.m. Another windy but sunny day in San Felipe. We do have scattered clouds and the wind is blowing but it may be our normal "three day wind pattern". Many times, we have a lot of wind and it usually lasts for three days, unless there is a storm brewing. Tony Reyes Sr. left yesterday on the Jose Andrés with a group of television and newspaper reporters to cruise the islands. There were about 25 of them from Mexicali and TJ and we can expect to see television and newspaper coverage when they return. I hope it's not too windy to keep the cameras straight! (kh)

Thursday 26 October, 9:00 a.m. The wind started early this morning, around 12:30 a.m. All my trees are blowing like crazy and the Palm Tree is moving in all directions. Other than the wind, it's a pleasant, sunny October day. We keep having wind gusts and I imagine at the beach, it's a bit cooler. In working around the public here in San Felipe, I've noticed over the years that the wind makes some people "cranky" at least more so than usual. (kh)

Wednesday 25 October, mid-afternoon Warm and dry and tranquil in San Felipe. The remnant storms of the hurricane season are far to our south and are not going to influence us. It goes quite cool after the sun goes behind the mountains but a sweater fixes the problem. In San Diego, a couple of hundred miles to our northwest, it has been cloudy along the coast with morning temperatures in the sixties. The Pacific is around 65 F. Traffic is terrible; everyone who has got a car is out going to work or avoiding work. (ej)

7:28 a.m. It was a bit chilly last night, at least for my thin skin. Today, the skies are clear and sunny with virtually no wind, although I know that my Palm Tree is going to start moving before I finish this weather report. The inside of my car wasn't wet yesterday, so the rain fall was minimum, although there was a little puddle by the gear shift. We do have high humidity today but the forecast is for a very pleasant and sunny day in San Felipe. By the way, we had a pre-racer for the Baja 1000 in The Net yesterday who informed me that many people aren't coming to pre-run because they think we are expecting a hurricane. We are not, and although it was raining in La Paz yesterday, Hurricane Paul has dissipated and gone out to the Pacific. This is a weather map which shows Mexicali, Yuma and Puerto Peñasco (which is across the sea from us). Click the photo to view a larger one. (kh)

Tuesday 24, October, 8:02 a.m. It started to rain at about 12:30 a.m. but it only lasted about 15 minutes. I kept hearing this tapping and I thought it was the dogs on the porch, however, it was the rain falling on my roof. I went outside to check on my car as the top was down and the dogs were wet as well as the ground. My Palm tree is not moving, so at this moment, there is no wind, but we expect it to pick up as the day progresses. It didn't rain at Campo Ocotillos (north of town) according to Juan Tapia and we have about a 20% chance of rain today. There are scattered clouds but mostly blue skies. Check out Gardening Tips on Kat's Korner for new tips about cactus during this time of year. We will update the weather as the day progresses and when I get in my car, I'll be able to tell how much it rained by how wet the seats are. (kh/lg)

Monday 23, October, 9:15 a.m. When I started the weather report this morning, there were no clouds and my thermometer read 79F which I thought was rather warm for 8:30 a.m., so I checked other weather stations and of the three I checked, each had a different high for yesterday and a different current temperature. It's now after 9:00 a.m. and the wind has picked up a bit and we have scattered clouds. The humidity is low, so it doesn't seem like 80F. It's very pleasant weather and it should get to about 90F today. Hurricane Paul is scheduled to pass over lower Baja and into mainland Mexico, so it doesn't appear to be a threat to us. Update 10:56 a.m. The wind has picked up to about 8-10 mph and the clouds are engulfing San Felipe, however, it's still warm. (kh/lg)

Sunday 22 October, 11:02 a.m. I apologize for the late posting of the weather, but I completely forgot about it until I read a Google Alert about Tropical Storm Paul!! Another senior moment. At any rate, it's a beautiful day. No clouds and just a slight wind. It doesn't appear that Tropical Storm Paul (on the Pacific side) is going to affect us as it's still off the tip of Cabo. We will track it, of course. Otherwise, it's a great day for a picnic on the beach, working in the yard, a ride in the desert - or just lobbing around the house. (kh/lg)

Saturday 21 October, 9:08 a.m. We have clear skies and only a slight wind with temperatures perfect for outdoor activities, which are the poker run, golf tournament and swap meet. Yesterday, the wind crept up around 11:30 a.m. to 7 mph and by 2:30 p.m., it was back down to 4mph. Today looks like we'll have another lousy day in paradise with temperatures predicted to top out at 90F. My Palm tree is starting to move, so we may have a bit of wind today, but warm weather. There were tourists swimming yesterday out in front of Kiki's RV Park and with the temperatures expected today, they will probably be in the water again today. I'm off to the Celebrity Charity Golf Tournament to take photos and star gaze. (kh/lg)

Friday 20 October, 8:02 a.m. The skies are blue and I can't see any clouds (but I'm kind of short, so looking over the trees makes it a bit difficult). Although we have a slight wind, it looks like it may pick up as the day goes on. We've had a few cool nights from the arctic blast, but we are back to warmer nights (I slept with the door open) and it's a another beautiful day in down town San Felipe. This weekend is a busy one with the Too Much Fun Poker Run (tomorrow) and the start of the 2nd Annual Celebrity Charity Golf Tournament at La Ventana (today through Sunday). As always, by the time I finish writing the weather report, the wind picks up. I don't have a wind machine at my house, so I use the tall Palm Tree in my yard to guage the strength and direction (modern science) and it's starting to move from north to south. I will do an update as the day goes on. Naturally, on the beach, you'll find it a bit cooler with more wind and people with more money than I. At least they can afford a wind machine! (kh)

Thursday 19, October, 9 a.m. The winds have dropped considerably in force overnight and we now have quite pleasant conditions with 74 F on the beach and 77F in town. The air is still very dry and "cold" to the skin. Gradual warming should occur as the north winds shift more easterly later today. While the overnight high tide was rough, the water did not reach up to the highest levels on the beach - additional erosion of sand should be minimal. The shrimp boats were sheltering overnight in the wind shadow of Machorro - they have now moved out to sea to continue this years very good harvest. Although locals talk about being able to get a kilo of shrimp for around 8 dollars, most tourists will find that the asking price is presently $13 per kilo. (ej)

Wednesday 18, October, Noon Battering winds and fierce seas as we approach high tide (1:15 p.m.) Out on the beach with sand blowing everywhere it is 76 F.

9 a.m. We woke to strong gusty winds this morning and these could continue through Thursday as the high pressure over California moves east. The sea is rough and covered with whitecaps. Sand is drifting on the roads. Expect temperatures today to be confined to the low 70's. (ej)

Tuesday 17, October, 9:30 a.m. Today and tomorrow we will be affected by the high pressure that is moving to the east over Southern California. It will bring us the northerly winds that cool our sea so rapidly and whip up sandstorms on the roads around town. If you are driving down to San Felipe watch for blowing sand across the Laguna Salada (around 80 km south of Mexicali). I have experienced dramatic and sudden drops in road visibility. This can be extremely hazardous, particularly at night. Currently we have 72 F on the beach with 42%RH.

Monday 16, October, 3 p.m. In town a steady southerly wind at 5 mph. 82 F with 52% RH. Pretty nice.

9 a.m. Sunday was unusually cool after the Saturday cloud went by. There was initially a drop in the sea water temperature but it recovered a few degrees as Sunday progressed and we had no strong winds. When I took a swim yesterday afternoon it was up to 79 F. Overnight it was a cool, calm, clear time and this morning there is not a cloud in the sky. We are well into our short autumn season and by early November we will be pulling out the sweaters and Uggs. Enjoy the pleasant weather while it lasts! (ej).

Sunday 15th, October, 10 a.m. The first cold wave of the fall season passed through yesterday and it has significantly cooled us off. The sea water is already down 4 degrees and the overnight low was 56 F. This morning on the beach there is a light northeasterly air flow but the skies are clear and sunny and the thermometer out in the garden shows 72 degrees. This would be a good day for a trek out into the desert. (ej).

Saturday 14th, October, 1 p.m. Considerable cloud around town but no rain so far. 81 F and 40% RH.

10 a.m. Overnight the big low pressure system that was off the California coast has been moving east into Arizona. We are now seeing the backside cloud from this powerful system. Heavy rain has been occurring on the coast around San Diego and there are rainstorms in the mountains to our west and also to the north of San Felipe. Here in town we have mostly clear skies with 78 F and 40% RH., very pleasant at this time. If more clouds do manage to break over the mountainous spine of the Baja peninsular we could see some rain showers as the day progresses. (ej)

Friday the 13th, October, 3 p.m. In town 83 F with 47% RH and steady northerly breezes at around 5 mph. Quite a few vehicles seem to be flowing in for the weekend and the noise of two-strokes out on the street is very noticeable. You can smell the distinctive burnt oil smell everywhere.

10:00 a.m. A beautiful morning in town. The humidity is up a bit with all the puffy clouds that have been going over, headed towards the mainland, but there is little chance of any rain in San Felipe for the weekend. Overnight it was much above normal in temperature because of the cloud blanket overhead. I commented on the news section about the beach erosion that occurred a week ago but have not seen any comments as to how it went down south. We lost 17 inches of sand around the bay.

Shirley is off to China for a few weeks so I shall be taking over the weather while she enjoys a well deserved vacation. I think the change from San Felipe to Bejing is going to be noticeable for her. I made sure she got some tablets from Tavo, the pharmacist, to take with her in case she gets Montezuma's Revenge - you can't be too careful when you visit some of these developing countries. (ej).

7:00 a.m. Skies are cloudy all around San Felipe and across the waters. I saw the sunrise through the clouds in one place, and close by it was raining. But hardly ever does it drop water over San Felipe. Heavy traffic is slowing on Highway 5, mid all the re-construction of the new San Felipe Blvd, a four lane highway entering our beautiful little town. I think I'll just retire in this little abode, still north of town, and watch the weather. Don't forget Pete's Camp poker run this week-end. If you don't have wheels, find someone who does. Have fun. st

Thursday, 12 October, 7:00 a.m. Our sky is covered with solid little clouds from that band now stretching west to east over almost the entire Baja peninsula. Directly over San Felipe there is one solid dark cloud which might even give us a drop or two on this, Dia de la Raza, (Columbus Day in Mexico). Pete's Camp Poker Run is on the calendar for this week-end, and the Octoberfest is scheduled at El Dorado. The weather should stay autumn-cool but pleasant through Monday whatever you plan to do. st

Wednesday, 11 October, 7:00 a.m. Tropical Storm Norman is dissipating. Tropical Storm Olivia arose and is dying almost as quickly as it arose. This is almost the end of the Tropical Storm period, and we hope the last name for this year. There is a band of clouds coming West to East, straight over San Felipe. Although light clouds at this time, they are destined to become heavier as the day passes. Probably no threat of rain. A cool breeze from the north suggests we should have more normal Fall temperatures by tomorrow and possibly for the week-end. st

Tuesday, 10 October, 7:00 a.m. Extra pleasant, sunny days and cool nights have settled into Baja and in San Felipe, our corner. This should continue until about Thursday evening, according to everything I read. Of real concern is Tropical Storm Norman which is located well to the southwest of Baja California, and is currently tracking north at 7 miles per hour. Are we to have another last fling at the end of the hurricane season? In the meantime, let's have a great Dia de la Raza on the 12th. st

Monday, 9 October, 7:00 a.m. Columbus Day is celebrated on a Monday in the United States, to give us the 3-day week-end holiday. Dia de la Raza, Columbus Day in Mexico remains on Thursday, Oct 12. Some families have combined the 2 to claim a good week in San Felipe. However, I do not know of any celebration plans, just another fiesta day. Late yesterday afternoon we counted 30 shrimp boats on the calm waters. Later, in the dark, we counted the lights of 14 who would remain into or through the cool, cool, night. They really give it their all. st

Sunday, 8 October, 7:00 a.m. At exactly 6:37 a.m. the sun popped over the horizon on our Sea of Cortez view. Because the skies are clear there were no beautiful cloud scenes today for the photographers. We are enjoying temperatures of slightly below normal for early October and Columbus Day, Oct 9, this year. On Oct 12 In Mexico we are looking forward to Dia de la Raza. celebrating Columbus' arrival to the Americas. Mexico has many holidays to celebrate, of which only some are legal, paid holidays. Nevertheless, the weather will be great for whatever you choose for this week. st




Saturday, 7 October, 7:00 a.m. Yesterday at 7:50 p.m we had a very low tide of -4.1 and last evening at 10:00 it was up to 19.9 feet. These readings follow the gravity effect of the moon which yesterday was the fullest and brightest I've seen in a long while. Maybe the clear, clear skies had the affect of magnifying the brilliance of that beautiful white planet or because it rose early in the evening, we couldn't help marvelling at the man in the moon staring down upon us. Today should be a better than perfect day for anything, whether it be on land, in the water, or in the ultra-lights up there. Go for it. st



Friday, 6 October, 7:00 a.m.Have you ever seen red lightning? Across the Sea is a heavy cloud bank which prevented us from seeing the sun as it rose above the water this morning. Therefore I still could not check the time but it was around 6:00 a.m. There were lightning flashes every 2 minutes for awhile, and because these were in the same clouds, they were red. Now of course with the bright skies of morning we see only the normal cloud patterns which are the artist's favorites. Because of all the beauty around us, and the original Indian culture that remains today, the tourist outlets are full of arts and crafts being created while you watch. The weather couldn't be more pleasant for spending your days in town or on the beach. st


Thursday, 5 October, 7:00 a.m. That cloud cover makes for beautiful sunrises as seen this morning. Sorry, I didn't clock the time, but around 6:30 a.m. Yesterday, as we travelled north we saw the rain in various locations resulting from this same cloud pattern. This should stay with us for at least another day before drier, clearer weather will return, and the temperatures will again by closer to the norm for early October. st

Wednesday, 4 October, 7:00 a.m. That strong, low pressure system developing over lower California preceeded by tropical moisture moving northward through Mexico is creating the cloud cover we see out there, and the humidity we feel. Although the heavier water vapor is up in California moving north-east through Arizona it is helping to ceate cloud cover almost to San Felipe in the south. All this is helping to keep our temperatures below normal for the first days of October, but this will then return to warmer, more normal early October temperatures by Saturday. I counted 14 shrimp boats out on the water with lights on throughout the night. We hope to have a very good shrimp season this year. st

Tuesday, 3 October, 7:00 a.m. More of the same. A low pressure system off the west coast will continue partly cloudy skies over Baja. With winds still from the NW, a cooling factor for sure, temperatures are supposed to go down each day. Not so far. We climbed all last week, dropped on Monday, but headed back up 2 degrees through yesterday. And the humidity climbed to a whopping 56 % yesterday. After 7:00 p.m.it was lovely. And this morning is again cool but questionable about the humidity. So we shall wait. st

Monday, 2 October, 7:00 a.m. That humidity rose again to 64 %yesterday but with temperatures now in the low 90's you can mesmerize yourself into enjoying the outdoors; raking leaves that have fallen from parched trees and bushes that didn't make it through the long hot summer; or cleaning the BBQ area for that Sunday Happy Hour with the neighbors. With the winds from the north, it was actually very pleasant once the humidity went back down. This morning the sky is lightly covered with almost solid clouds. The sunrise was beautiful with reflection off of these clouds. We can look for temperatures gradually cooling to the more normal early October weather we were expecting. st

Sunday, 1 October, 9:00 a.m. Temperatures, have already climbed to 91 F and the humidity reads 47 %. 7:00 a.m. Yesterday was unreal. The temperature rose two more degrees, but the humidity went right back up to 51 %, and has remained high. A cool breeze through the night helped but this morning calls for the air-conditioners once again, just to dry out. However, all forcasts I read say that temperatures will drop somewhat this week as a series of pacific low pressure systems push towards the west coast. This morning I'm heading for the beach. st

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