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San Felipe - Archive of weather for November 2010.


...............gone on vacation..will be gone till December 2 .shirley

First the motorcycles, then the trophy cars pass by, one by one, leaving a trail of dust in the open desert.
The excitement at this end (San Felipe) is over. They will travel through the hills and arroyas throughout the night. The trophy cars will no doubt overtake the motorcycles by the end of the race sometime Friday.


Friday,19 Nov, 8 a.m. It couldn't have been better weather for this race going through San Felipe yesterday; cool enough for sweatshirts but still warm enough for shorts. No one feels any earthquake activity while this is going on. This morning we again have clear skies with hardly any breeze from the SW and the fishing boats are out on the rippling waters which are fast cooling down these days. Most of us will spend our day cleaning as the dust settles once more......ST (yesterday's Max 81F; Min 55F)


Thursday, 18 Nov, 8 a.m. Cool and crystal clear this morning. The water is so blue it strikes against the sky; and with no breeze at all it hardly even shimmers. Yesterday Mel saw 30 or more skeletens of fish about 15" long dominating the shoreline as far as he walked. Would like to know the answer to that one.**See comments above. At 6:30 a.m. today the Baja 1000 would have gotten underway, motorbykes first, then about 11:00 the buggies and trophy cars leave. Since SFARP is having their Fall Festival today, only the guys will be out there to see them pass through San Felipe... ........ST (yesterday's Max 81F; Min 55F)

Wednesday, 17 Nov, 8 a.m. We woke to a wet, foggy morning and chose our winter wraps to start the day. But stepping outside we were surprised that it was almost 70F and the fog was retreating. By the time I started this weather report it had cleared, with only a fog bank left over the mainland and now it's gone. Clear skies, calm winds and water will now be the menu for the day in San Felipe. I do hope tomorrow the Baja 1000 will not begin in fog in Ensenada.. ........ST (yesterday's Max 82F; Min 56F)

Tuesday, 16 Nov, 8 a.m. A quiet day; time to regroup in San Felipe. It's a little cool but we're enjoying trying out our winter wardrobes. The winds are still, the water is quiet..not quite as blue as it has been the last two days. Our friends are putting the last touches on their bykes for the big one. Tomorrow they will all gather in Ensendada for the start of the Score, Baja 1000. We expect to see the bykes go through the desert area here about noon on Thursday and we'll be out there to cheer them on. ........ST (yesterday's Max 82F; Min 52F)

Monday, 15 Nov, 8 a.m. Clear skies, calm blue water, and very little breeze from the SW this morning. We are already starting out from the 70's, almost normal for this time of year. This is the day we celebrate Dia de la Revolution although it is really November 20th on the calendar. Score's Baja 1000 race will leave Ensenada on Wednesday, coming through San Felipe on Thursday.....bykes first. We should have warm weather and clear skies for this event. San Felipe ARP (SFARP) is having their Thanksgiving FALL FESTIVAL on Thursday so I had better get the turkey ready. ........ST (yesterday's Max 80F; Min 52F)

Sunday, 14 Nov, 9 a.m. Clouds make for beautiful photography. It is already warm despite the northern breezes. Blue, blue water is just now starting to ripple with some whitecaps as the breeze gets stronger. I see no fishing boats at all. The forecast is that we will continue to warm up for a few more days. I'll accept that! The Dia de la Revolution is fast coming upon us. We celebrate on Monday but I don't know of any specific item to refer you to........ST (yesterday's Max 76F; Min 61F)

Saturday, 13 Nov, 8 a.m. Beautiful clear skies but still cold and dry with winds turning a little to the west. Just a tiny breeze is with us at this moment with calm waters. I do not see fishermen on the water yet, but it's early. Today is the big day for the Lion's Turkey Trot Poker Walk in town and Spays for Strays at the Pavilion in El Dorado......ST (yesterday's Max 70F; Min 48F)

Friday, 12 Nov, 8 a.m. Although total sunshine it is much drier and still cold at 66F. The north breeze is active but not yet strong this morning. Yesterday it spiked up tp 15-20 mph and I ran for my winter jacket. The water became stormy with whitecaps and all boats were secured in the harbor. Today we already have whitecaps and there are no boats in the water. We've had no earthquakes at all. ......ST (yesterday's Max 56F; Min 55F)

VETERAN'S DAY :Thursday, 11 Nov, 8 a.m. Although it's a clear sky the humidity has risen and the north winds do blow. I am freezing at 65F, looking for warmer sweaters, and not expecting a break till next week. I wonder at the fishermen! Although there is a slight breeze the waters remain calm but cooler by the day. Small earthquakes continue to capture our attention, but are now a fact of life. Most of the buildings in San Felipe, built on beach sand, can withstand strong shakes...they say? ......ST (yesterday's Max 76F; Min 55F)

Wednesday, 10 Nov, 8 a.m. Brrrr. It actually got down below 50F here in San Felipe. With clear skies and a northern breeze it will remain that way through Friday. Fishermen are dressed warm these days as they must head out to sea bringing in the fresh fish daily. Shrimpers are on the larger boats with nets. They have their cabins to warm up in if it gets too cold at night. Last evening we saw the lights of the little boats who chose to stay out late while we can crawl into a warm bed. Bless those hardy fishermen. ......ST (yesterday's Max 77F; Min 52F)

Tuesday, 9 Nov, 8 a.m. The fog and clouds have all disappeared. We have a gentle, cool breeze from the north and cooler waters coming with it. We shall need a jacket as we attend Veteran's Day Service Thursday. It is supposed to warm maybe to 80 degrees for the Lion's Turkey Trot on Saturday in the Salon at the Ejido. But that's it! Back to cool weather for the Dia de la Revolution on Monday. ......ST (yesterday's Max 77F; Min 52F)

Monday, 8 Nov, 8 a.m. Small earthquakes are a continuing way of life now although none deterred the celebrations in San Felipe this week-end. But boy, the weather has changed. Our morning skies are cloud covered, actually foggy over the mountain areas. I have 2 sweaters on at 65 degrees and so damp. Not much wind to speak of and we may even get a sparadoc touch of rain. So glad the weather was great for the festival. ......ST (yesterday's Max 82F; Min 61F)

Sunday, 7 Nov, 8 a.m.
Another small earthquake SE of Tecate, but no-one seems to have felt any of these. Here we have nothing but clear skies with not even a breeze. We are in the new moon phase with a high tide this morning of 18.8 and now a low tide of 0.7, great for our visitors who would like to go fishing. Our pangadors usually know where to go and can almost guarantee that you will catch fish. This afternoon one can enjoy the last chance of The Shrimp Festival. I have heard nothing but good reviews of the dancing and costumes used to put on this event. ......ST (yesterday's Max 86F; Min 57F)

Saturday, 6 Nov, 8 a.m. We have had 3 small earthquakes this morning, unnoticeable to this point in San Felipe. Otherwise, soft clouds, cooler, but with no winds. Waters remain calm. Perfect for our major event, The Shrimp Festival, which started last evening. I'm sure the clean-up crew is hard at work on the malecon, getting ready for the big day and evening ahead. ......ST (yesterday's Max 84F; Min 60F)

Friday, 5 Nov, 8 a.m. Wonderful start for the week-end weather. There are a few soft clouds which will burn off quickly leaving clear skies, calm waters, with a soft, warm breeze from the south. The traffic should be building up throughout the day and hotels will be full. Great shot in the arm for the economy here in San Felipe. ......ST (yesterday's Max 85F; Min 58F)

Thursday, 4 Nov, 8 a.m. Continuing clear skies with brilliant sunshine and warming tropical weather as promised. Shorts and tee-shirts will be the dress code for the Shrimp Festival this week-end. Already our snow-bird friends are arriving before the onslaught of the traffic hits us. They have nothing but great comments for the new road conditions. Our swelling Saturday Singles group will meet at Playa Azule to the north as the malecon will be congested with traffic. . . ......ST (yesterday's Max 84F; Min 70F)

Wednesday, 3 Nov, 8 a.m. Picture perfect scenery for our camera buffs. The sun is already high in the sky, reflecting its brilliance upon the water. A gentle breeze fans the air... and our coffee cups. Note that we had another small earthquake yesterday. Well, it's over; the elections. Many snow-birds can finally head down to their second home just in time for the Shrimp Festival this week-end. This is one of the biggest, annual events of the year in San Felipe. Don't miss it. . ......ST (yesterday's Max 82F; Min 67F)

Tuesday, 2 Nov, 8 a.m. All Souls Day (Day of the dead (all) [also mid-term elections in U.S]: A Legal holiday in Mexico. A beautiful day; clear skies, rippling waters and a very little breeze. With temperatures expected maybe to reach the high 80's the cemetaries will be crowded with families and relatives, some actually picnicing as they remember the departed. Small bunches of flowers will be available on every street corner. ......ST (yesterday's Max 79F; Min 77F)

Monday, 1 Nov, 8 a.m. All Saints Day (Day of the Children) Clear skies reign over calm waters with a soft breeze to compliment this setting. We should see many pangas out there for fish and for shrimp. In town there will be more traffic as families who have lost their little ones gather at the graveyards to remember them. Many relatives will come on this day but there are very little tears, rather most recite good memories to help the healing process.......ST (yesterday's Max 75F; Min 57F)


Hello: My name is driftwood. Don't you think I'm cute? I floated up in the water during the last strong wave session. They found me lying on the beach, beard, arm and all. With a little ingenuity from my artist friend I became the centerpiece of our patio.. rock/cactus ..garden.


Sunday, 31 Oct, 8 a.m. Hallowe'en:Partly cloudy to the south but temperatures remain normal for this time of year. Soft winds will continue. The prediction is still NNW between 5 and 8 mph later in the day although it usually calms again in the evening; great for the goblins who will invade the downtown area tonight. We're looking forward to that promised high temperature reading around Wednesday and will probably take advantage of that for fishing before it again cools for the week-end and

*10/21/10 Our latest fishing trip produced another bad day of fishing on the Sea of Cortez. To us, a bad day of fishing is when your arms get sore from catching so many fish. Two hungry Sea Lions tried for our catch before we could get them out of the water. The Seagulls snatched up any throwbacks. Four of us still came home with over 40 fish.

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