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San Felipe - Archive of weather for November 2009.



Monday, 30 November, 7 a.m. We left behind a stormy sky and possible sprinkles in Tucson yesterday. It cleared and warmed dramatically as we headed towards Yuma and on down through Algadones. Strangely enough we headed back into clouds and blowing dust as we headed south across the dry lake beds. The clouds then remained overhead for the rest of the trip to San Felipe. This morning cool northwest winds and mean clouds are still hanging overhead with the sun desparately trying to shine through. Already it has warmed 4 degrees while I prepare this report. Let's hope the clouds burn off quickly. ST (Max 69F; Min 57F; Humidity currently 30%)

Sunday, 29 November 9 a.m. We had a trace of rain overnight from the low pressure system that is now moving over northern Baja and into Sonora. Early morning was totally overcast but the cloud is now breaking up and we should have a sunny but cool day. Currently it is 60 F with light breezes from the north. The high tides are building for the full moon period on Tuesday. (TC)

Saturday, 28 November 8 a.m. I took the day off yesterday for turkey cooking and am not sure much will get done today because of the over-indulgence. There is a big change in the weather as the cold front from the Pacific coast starts to influence our weather. Temperatures will be significantly lower, and in the mountains of southern California and northern Baja, there is a chance of thunderstorms, rain and even snow over the next 24 hours. Last night at 5:35 p.m., people out on the beach saw a beautiful sight as the International Space Station passed over the bay and southeast across the Sea of Cortez. We had perfect viewing conditions for the event. (TC)

Thursday, 26 November 10 a.m. This is Thanksgiving Day in the USA and, in addition, on this day in 1789 a day of thanksgiving was set aside by President George Washington to observe the adoption of the U.S. Constitution. Here in San Felipe it is just another work day, though many people will be cooking a special dinner or going out for drinks at friends houses to watch football bouts on the television. Fortunately the winds of the last couple of days are starting to subside and by the weekend we should have very pleasant early-winter conditions. I have already seen three people walking their dogs on the beach. Two weeks ago, shrimp were going for 12 dollars a kilo, but prices rose quickly when the Baja 1000 came to town. Now we are paying $16/kilo for large (U-16) shrimp. Of course, the weather also has an influence on the price and as we get into these periods of windy weather, the boats are unable to stay out long and to harvest a decent catch. (TC).

Wednesday, 25 November 4pm Windy and very dry.

Tuesday, 24 November Noon In the past hour the wind has really picked up and there is a sandstorm approaching. The mountains across the bay are becoming obscured. The barometric pressure is now falling and is currently 1015 mb, down from 1018 a couple of hours ago. TC

9 a.m. Another breezy morning in San Felipe. All night long we have had steady northerly winds as the very high pressure over northern Arizona continues to make itself felt. People walking along the beach this morning are dressed for the season with jeans and hooded sweats. Even though the air temperature is close to 70, the wind chill makes it feel closer to 60 so if you are coming down for the long weekend dress warmly. It has been a while since I have seen anyone out swimming. TC (Max 73F; Min 62F; Humidity currently 26%)

Monday, 23 November 10:00 a.m. It is a clear, breezy morning out along the beaches. Not a soul in sight between the harbor south to Punta Estrella, just a wide expanse of beautiful clean sand at low tide and little whitecaps developing on the water. A couple of the large shrimp seiners are on the horizon but I do not see any of the little local pangas. The pressure has been rising since dawn and is now 1016 mb in San Felipe. However, out over the Four Corners the pressure is very high, around 1032 mb, so that large gradient is going to result in local strong winds for the next few days. Be particularly careful if you are driving through mountain passes and watch for dust storms and dust devils on the Laguna Salada as you drive down from Mexicali. TC (Max 73F; Min 46F; Humidity currently 32%)

Sunday, 22 November 7:00 a.m. Good sunshining morning! We think it is going to be a warm week and weekend coming up for Thanksgiving, the Snowbird Festival, the Art show and the Rancho Percebu Fishing Poker Tournament. Soft southern breezes, calm waters, and nothing but beautiful clear skies is making this possible. I wonder what the weather is in Tucson this week? ST (Max 72F; Min 53F; Humidity currently 32%)

Saturday, 21 November 7:00 a.m. Clear and cool but still a southern breeze. On TV we see statistics like a high of 45 degrees in Seattle, WN and a low of mid 40's in Tucson, AZ. Last Thanksgiving 2008, our daytime temperatures were in the mid 70's and the nights were still in the 60's. Yesterday we went out to the Baja 1000 checkpoint. We saw motorcycles and quads but did not see any of the trophy cars go through the checkpoint though we waited till sunset at about 4:30. They would therefore be going through in the cool of the night. Lucky them. ST (Max 73F; Min 52F; Humidity currently 31%)

Friday, 20 November 7:00 a.m. A clear sky and southern breeze makes all the difference. The brilliance of the sunshine on sparkling, though calm waters makes one feel like it's really warm. I should not complain, with maximum temperatures in the 70's we need only light jackets to go out to the checkpoints to see the Baja 1000 contenders speed by, throwing up the dust in the desert. This is at mile 350 sometime after 1:00 p.m. See you there. ST (Max 72F; Min 54F; Humidity currently 31%)

Thursday, 19 November 7:00 a.m. Winds are back to the north this morning but the temperature is already rising. With sunny, blue skies it is bound to reach higher than yesterday. Readings should stay about the same or just slightly lower for the week-end. Calm waters have brought all the fish and shrimp pangas back out to sea, about 50-60 of them out there. Remember this was a closed area for a few years, but they have opened it up this year to help the economic situation. Great for us too. ST (Max 76F; Min 50F; Humidity currently 33%)

Wednesday 18 November 12:30 p.m. We already read 71 degrees temperature and rising..It's a beautiful, sunshiny day with a soft gentle breeze from the east and very calm water.S 7 a.m. Temperatures held status quo yesterday, but during the night and this morning it is really cold. The clear skies have become partly cloudy; the calm water has become cooler; but enough sunshine prevails that we can maybe look forward to a warming trend today. Southern, warm breezes will help. ST (Max 72F; Min 51F; Humidity currently 25%)

Tuesday 17 November 12:30 p.m. The wind picked up again. Quite nice on the beach - it is 72 F but there is a strong breeze (well, a wind at 13 mph, gusts to 20) - coming from the north. Lots of whitecaps, almost high tide. (TC) 7 a.m. Back to normal. We started out with a bright, sunny morning with clear skies, at 4 degrees higher than yesterday and expect warmer weather throughout the day. Although soft breezes are coming from the north it is a pleasure to step out in just a sweater and know the day will be warmer. The waters are calm once again but erosion is taking place along the sand cliffs bordering our area. Residents living directly on the waterfront are shoring up their frontage in case. All conversations are of the coming Baja 1000 which will speed through our area this week-end. This will undoubtedly bring family members and visiting friends even though the race only passes through. San Felipe is a popular spot away from the colder, rough waters of Ensenada and Rosarita. ST (Max 73F; Min 56F; Humidity currently 24%)

Monday 16 November noon Windy again out there this morning. The pressure reached a high of 1020.7 mb around 10 a.m. but is now dropping like a stone as the strong Pacific weather front moves down the California coast. Currently we have 13 mph NNE winds with gusts to 27 mph. This is really chilling the sea water and moving the sand around. (TC) 7 a.m. Temperatures held steady yesterday but did not get quite as cold last night (by 2 degrees that is). We were supposed to have a beach party but the cold north winds and the rough waters discouraged that quickly. So we had it at Dick and Jan's home on the patio with a big candle pantomining the 'fire'. This morning we will wrap in very warm clothing and excercise it out hoping that it really does warm up even a little. ST (Max 73F; Min 54F; Humidity currently 27%)

Sunday 15 November, Noon It is a wild and windy morning. We have had strong gusts to 30 mph from the north for the past several hours. In these conditions, we always get reduced visibility because of the blowing sand; it even shows up on the satellite pictures as it travels over the Sea of Cortez from the lower Colorado delta and the Sonora desert. As conditions improve (hopefully) this afternoon, you will see the mountains emerge from the gloom in our tidecam picture. High tide is now approaching and I expect that there will be more erosion of the cliffs north of San Felipe and around Punta Estrella as the wind-blown waves reach the base of the cliffs. Currently we have 67 F with NNE breezes at 14 mph (gusts to 28 mph). Tonight and Monday night there will be extremely high astronomical tides just after midnight because of the new moon. I hope that the wind has died down by then. (TC) 7 a.m. Temperatures dropped another 4 degrees lower last night but still in the 50's. Wrap those jackets close around you because we have overcast skies and a strong, cold north wind buffeting us as we try to do our morning chores. The water already has whitecaps. The promise is that it will slowly start to turn around tomorrow with the return of high pressure from the west to bring us warmer weather. Hopefully it will stay warm for the Baja 1000 next week-end. ST (Max 73F; Min 52F; Humidity currently 33%)

Saturday 14 November 7 a.m.
Unbelievably the temperature readings dropped 8 degrees during last night. It is 10 degrees lower this morning than yesterday morning but the daytime maximum remained almost the same at 76 degrees.This pattern may continue through Sunday but warmer temperatures are expected Monday through Wednesday at least. I am going to repeat today's suggested schedule: Warm up with the Lion's Poker Walk, then go to the Mexico Living Home Show, follow up at Baja Java's for dinner, and end up at the Midnight Rodeo. Layer your clothing, for today's readings will no doubt follow the trend and be lower than yesterday. ST (Max 76F; Min 56F; Humidity currently 34%)

Friday 13 November 7 a.m. This morning our skies are under a heavy, almost solid cloud cover. It is almost 70 degrees out there and will probably not get too warm today. A perfect Friday 13th! Yesterday's high was almost 10 degrees cooler although the night remained warm. We're expecting another drop in the max temperature today and tomorrow before it returns to a warming trend. And there is so much going on this Saturday. You could start at the Lion's Poker Walk, then the Mexico Living Home Show, go to Baja Java for dinner, and end up at the Midnight Rodeo. But I'm saving some of my enthusiasm for the Baja 1000 next week-end when the weather should be back to "warm". ST (Max 77F; Min 64F; Humidity currently 34%)

Thursday 12 November 7 a.m. We have had our last warm day for this week. Now we can expect it to cool dramatically through the rest of the week because of those low pressure systems landing in from the North Pacific. Higher pressure will return warmer and dryer weather early next week. So layer your clothing and take a trial run for the coming winter weather folks. ST (Max 85F; Min 60F; Humidity currently 39%)

Wednesday 11 November 7 a.m. Veteran's Day: Slightly cloudy but the warmest day we'll get for awhile. The max could be 7 degrees higher. Tomorrow a series of low pressure systems from the west coast will kick in, bringing breezy, cooler weather knocking out all that gain. Check out that weather map; those clouds will keep rolling in throughout the day and tonight the thermometer will be on a down slope, bringing lower readings for the rest of the week. Enjoy today. ST (Max 83F; Min 62F; Humidity currently 32%)

Tuesday 10 November 7 a.m. High pressure continues. Warm, dry weather will continue through tomorrow, Veteran's Day. But then a series of low pressure systems from the west coast will come in. Temperatures may drop 8 to 10 degrees. Guess we'll drag out those winter clothes once more. Snowbirds are just now coming down in increasing numbers to San Felipe, but not enough at this early date to organize any Veteran's Day programs. So we'll look on into Thursday when they will have the Soc Hop program, something new this year. Then this Saturday numerous events are scheduled. Check our Activities Calendar ST (Max 79F; Min 62F; Humidity currently 40%)

Monday 9 November 2:30 p.m. As the afternoon is wearing on I notice temperatures are much warmer than it has been for the last week. But don't let that fool you. Enjoy through Wednesday but then expect it to drop down maybe 6 degrees by Friday; even more during the nights. Shrimp Festival was great, although the crowds were not as heavy as previous years. It will probably take most of today to tear down and remove the tremendous amount of equipment it takes to put on such a show. But working in such great weather is very comfortable. Be sure to take a walk on the quiet Malecon this evening to get the entire benefit of what went on there this past week-end. ST (Max 72F; Min 63F; Humidity currently 46%)

Sunday 8 November 7 a.m. Our skies are so photogenic these days creating perfect backdrops for our camera crews. There are supposed to be 2 schooners stationed out there as a checkpoint to protect the waters north of Mt Cherro. They would be in a heavy cloud cover this morning, maybe on instrument guidance. After the cloud lifts I'm sure we will be having warm skies with lots of sunshine to finish off our day. Hopefully our thermometer will read lower humidity and higher temperatures as we slip into the next week in San Felipe. In the photo below, that cloud is miles high and pretty heavy. .ST (Max 78F; Min 63F; Humidity currently 47%)

8:00 a.m. Above a sunny sky streak we saw a huge cloud bank.

12:00 As morning sun rose higher the sky streak disappeared. This is probably about the center of the Sea, or 50' across the water just about where our famous Rock Consag is situated


Saturday, 7 November 7 a.m. This morning we see only a few high clouds overhead hoping this will be a great day for the Shrimp Festival. That weak Pacific Low Pressure system is slowly passing by to our south. More sunshine means warmer temperatures which will follow all next week. Our Saturday Singles Group is going out to dinner this evening and then many will head down to the Malecon to enjoy the Shrimp Festival there.

Dave sent in great photos of the fog bank which travelled in around 8:30 and then out again this morning. Although this fog was heavy it did not hamper driving and lasted only a few hours. We do not know how this fog affected Mainland Mexico yesterday......................More photos here >

Friday, 6 November 7:00 a.m. That Low Pressure system will result in cloudiness across Northern Baja today. An expansive area of cloud cover across the entire peninsula has created a beautiful backdrop for some great sunrise photos. Yesterday, after the fog burned off, the temperature rose. But today the temperatures may drop lower again. However, no rain is expected. Great weather for our Shrimp Festival which starts today. ST (Max 85F; Min 63F; Humidity currently 49%)

A very high fog bank appeared Wednesday afternoon and was even more impressive Thursday morning. It seems to be in the middle of the Sea of Cortez and higher than our flagpole in size. I do not know what is on the other side visible from Puerto Penasco: ...............................................................Photo by Mel Bohnert

Friday, 6:30 a.m. Many clouds make for a beautiful sunrise. No fogbank visible now. photo credit to M. Bohnert

11:33 a.m.Cloud bank south of Campo Ocotillo........................... photo credit to Dave King

Thursday, 5 November 11:00 a.m. The fog has rolled into town and is a sand color in appearance. However the highways still seem clear for driving at this point. Along the beach front it feels a little damp, and of course cool. It is only 73 with 48 humidity. There is no breeze...................................The fog finally burned off about 1:30 and the rest of the day became warm and beautiful, temperatures reaching 85F. ST

7 a.m. Today this fogbank is even more impressive in the morning light. Notice that it appears higher than the flag pole and dark along the horizon. Otherwise we have a clear, warm morning with calm winds and water. If anyone can get a photo of this cloudbank from the Puerto Penasco side, please e-mail it to infosanfelipe@gmail.com this morning. ST (Max 82F; Min 62F; Humidity currently 22%)

See more photos here >>

Wednesday, 4 November 4 p.m. A heavy fogbank has appeared on our horizon hiding our famous Rock Consag, which is about 50 miles out from San Felipe, likewise about 50 miles from Puerto Penasco (they say). At the same time in the other direction Mel spotted some impressive small clouds clustered effectively but producing no rain.

Tuesday, 3 November 7 a.m. Today is All Souls Day. Yesterday and today many families visited the cemetaries, many of the plots decorated in memorial of loved ones passed. It could be an unusually warm afternoon, perfect for such a day. Temperatures will slowly cool through the remainder of the week but not excessively. It will be a perfect week-end for all the events slated on San Felipe's calendar. ST (Max 82F; Min 64F; Humidity currently 24%)

Monday 2 November 7 a.m. PST. The Max temperature reading yesterday was an extreme 20 degrees higher than last Wednesday's reading of 67 F. We expect it to stay well above normal for the next few days and could be into the 90's today. Today is All Saints Day, esecially for the children who have left us. Tonight we have a full moon. We had a low -3 tide at 6:42 a.m this morning and expect an18.4' high tide at 10:7 p.m. tonight. Our blue shrimp season is in full swing. Such a delicacy! We are looking forward to a blowout Shrimp fFestival this week-end. Also looking forward to Desert Mothers Playshop and the Sock Hop Dance, both held locally for education and fun for benefits of the local people. ST (Max 87F; Min 64F; Humidity currently 25%)

A magnitude 3.0 earthwuake struck at 8:15 p.m. Sunday about 11 mi west of Mexicali.

Sunday 1 November 7 a.m. PST On Thursday we had a high of 68 degrees, 20 degrees lower than Wednesday. Today we are heading back to the high 80's. We expect to stay in that range through next week-end's Shrimp Festival in San Felipe. Oh, to return to summer shorts and tee-shirts, but maybe not the swim-wear as the water is getting too cool. Desert trips, Poker races, and sports for all of our toys will be in full swing. Also, there is a lot of enthusiasm for classes in school, out of school, and for seniors during these Fall temperatures. Just check our calendar of events. ST (Max 79F; Min 64F; Humidity currently 26%)




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