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Archive of weather for November 2006


Thursday 30 November, 2006 - 7:00 a.m. Yesterday the cold, north winds rose to 30 mph. Temperatures plunged. In fact it dipped to 44 F during the night and is just now at 47 F. My motion lights had a work-out as strong winds jostled the branches of a large Eucalyptus tree nearby. All reports I read state it shall be cold again today and tonight, with lows reaching down in the 30's.But good news; they are expecting much warmer temperatures beginning Friday afternoon through Saturday and into early next week. That's great for the Animal Rescue Fund-Raiser week-end. Stay warm. (st) 9:55 a.m. From the hood in town (as in neighborhood). it's very windy, but sunny. My Palm trees are blowing every which way and as Tony Reyes would say "whatta mess". Part of my roof blew off and the wind was so strong, it broke branches off trees and there are leaves and items I don't recognize that blew into the yard. Out of the sun, it's cold today. I have to go outside to warm up!! My thermometer reads 56 F at 10:02 a.m. (lg)

Wednesday 29 November, 10 p.m. Dreadfully cold and still windy. One of the worst days we can remember in this region. The Greenpeace boat, which has been collecting environmental data offshore, was experiencing force 8 winds (gale) and has pulled out to find calmer and warmer conditions to the south. (ej)

5:24 p.m. Update: We have been having a terrible wind storm all day and it's a very cold wind. A report from Mexicali is the road through the Salada has almost zero visibility, so don't drive to Mexicali or the United States tonight unless it's an emergency. We are showing winds NE at 22 mph with gusts up to 31 mph here in town. This photo was taken around 11:00 a.m. today, before the heavy wind storm began. We are expecting lows of 36 F tonight with a wind chill factor of about 28 F. The following was taken from AccuWeather: WeatherWhys (R): A rapid freeze-up is one of the most treacherous events the atmosphere produces. This dangerous weather typically comes suddenly and sometimes catches populations by surprise. When cold air undercuts a mild air mass, rain quickly turns to ice, glazing most surfaces and making travel extremely hazardous. A weather event of this nature will unfold from Texas to Michigan during the next 36 hours.

7:42 a.m. It's cold enough to wear a heavy jacket this morning, but you'll need layered clothing, as the sun is shining brightly. Evidently, there is a cold front coming down from Canada (following our Canadian snowbirds, no doubt) which is causing very cold weather to our friends up north. It's heading towards the weekend with the Animal Rescue Friends fund raiser scheduled for Saturday. I'm off to the Wednesday morning breakfast bash with the group from El Campo de Ocotillos! (st) From the hood. Freezing does not even begin to express how cold it felt last night and this morning. The sun is wonderful, so try and stay in it or dress appropriately. It's so funny (to me) when I see tourists dressed in shorts and I'm wearing knock off Ugh's and a warm jacket. They make me feel colder just looking at them. However, after a reality check, I fondly remember one January in 1995, when and I sat on the beach in front of the Malécon, basking in the sun, and I was the only one on the beach. Our neighborhood rooster has been at it for over two hours and has just stopped (his vocal chords no doubt frozen). My friend from up north tells me it was four degrees below zero the night before, but with the wind chill factor, it is just too horrible to even type (20 below). We have nothing to complain about - at least not weather wise. (kh/lg)

Tuesday 28 November, 2:49 p.m. The temperature has risen to 74 F and the skies are clear, with a slight wind. We had "no bad days" this morning, so the weather wasn't posted in a timely manner. This being a five week month, those being paid by the week must be pretty happy. It's late but the weather will be posted early tomorrow!! (kh/st)

Monday 27 November, 7:00 a.m. As the clouds spread from the mainland to our East, and fan westerly over San Felipe each day, so do they disappear from San Felipe. Right now I see the usual fog bank across the Sea, which has already started to spread west. This morning we have recorded the coolest temperatures yet, dipping below the 70's. Clear, cold, crisp weather brings sparkle to the eyes. Hope you have a great day. st

Sunday 26 November, 7:00 a.m. Shirley is back on the job; that's quite an act to follow. The sun is already high in the sky and is busy trying to warm up our little universe, even though the nippy north-west winds make it almost impossible in the early mornings. However, you will notice that the highs are still riding in the 70's, and many still jog in short shorts with a light sweater when not directly in the sun. Yesterday the early morning fog bank seen over on the mainland spread well over San Felipe as the day progressed. This morning I do not see any fog bank over there, and the skies are void of any clouds.Have a great Sunday. st

Saturday 25 November, 8:32 a.m. I'm reporting for our weather gal, Shirley, and this morning on the beach at Campo Ocotillos there are heavy clouds from the north and although the wind is a bit chilly, it didn't stop her from jogging on the beach in front of her home this morning. What a gal. Okay, from the hood, it felt like 40 below last night or early morning, but of course it wasn't. You will notice the time above reads 8:02 a.m., and the actual "report time" is 8:32 a.m. That is because my dogs got into the laundry area of my yard and had a tug-a-war with some of my clothes, so naturally, I had to go out and give them a stern talking to. ("You're all going to be living in the street soon; it's only a matter of time"). Speaking of which, we have new dogs of the week for the Friends of SFAR or FAR. The only catch is, they cannot be separated so you must take all six. Stop in front of my house with a trailer and it will save you a trip to the shelter. My Palm and other trees are starting to pick up speed, so we may have a windy day today, although the birds are chirping away and the sun is shining, take a sweater with you if you're out and about. Reporting from the hood without the benefit of coffee, and it's now 8:52 a.m. La Gata.

Friday 24 November, 8:02 a.m. There's a faint cloud bank out on the Horizon and a slight wind, however, it looks as though it's going to be great weather for the Snowbird Festival, starting at noon today on the Malécon. Our weather gal (st) was having some problems with her computer this morning so I'm reporting from the beach via Shirley. Now, in the hood (in town) where I live, my palm tree is not moving (wind indicator) and at 8:07 my thermometer shows 67.5 F and the rooster is still crowing, so either he was up late last night or the daylight savings time change has affected his senses. Have a great day, unless you've made other plans. (kh/lg/st)

Thursday 23 November, 7:00.m. Thanksgiving Day in the U.S. The heavy cloud bank yesterday remained with us most of the day, with remnants of the same early this morning. Although we are into cool, winter temperatures when standing directly in the sunshine you will take off those jackets. We hear the shrimp season is excellent this year. Busy pangaderos are preparing down at the Malécon for this morning's would-be fishermen. Busy cooks are in our kitchens preparing turkeys and that aroma beckons. st

Wednesday 22 November, 7:00.m. Across the waters a large fog belt lays from North to South. And our Relative Humidity has risen back up there. Otherwise, a beautiful, blue sky beckons to all. st

Tuesday 21 November, 7:30.m. Good Morning. I'm back in the saddle again, this time from Florida, where we had beautiful, sunny days but cool temperatures. It is so wonderful to be where the sun always shines. Thanks everyone for holding the fort and putting on such good weather reports. This morning we are already into the 70's. Winds and waters are calm and the sun is doing it's best to turn up the heat. Yesterday's parade was a highlight I missed. In Mexico there are many days with special events; in San Felipe we double that with winter events for the snowbirds and tourists. I am about to go forth and catch up with the local gossip. st

Monday 20 November, 1:26 p.m. Viva Mexico!! As you can see, the weather is late today. I left to see the parade for Dia de Revolucion held this morning and assumed the weather would be posted. (I know what happens when one "assumes"). What a lovely day for a parade. Slight, cool breezes and almost too warm to stand in the sun. Record crowds turned out for the parade today and there are festivities being held in the city park as I write. It was a bit chilly last night, but not bad. Those little munchkins dressed up in the parade were so cute. We'll have some photos posted right away, as I took 182 - however, I'm not putting them all on. Our weather gal should be back home by now, but it is a legal holiday, so The Net is closed. I almost feel bad that we can brag about the wonderful weather here, when it's raining like cats and dogs in Seattle, but, again, not that bad, as there are No Bad Days in San Felipe! (kh/lg)

Sunday 19 November, 10:15 a.m. I woke up to the sound of the local rooster at about 5:00 a.m. and watched the sun come up over the hill, through the trees. There was no wind at that time, however, as the morning has progressed, it's become a bit windy. The sun is very warm and the cool breeze makes for a great day for gardening if that's your thing. It is probably much cooler at the beach, but we will have an update from Ej soon, I'm sure. How can we complain about weather, when it's snowing in many parts of the world? Tomorrow is Dia de Revolucion in Mexico and we will have a parade and other activities. The carnival is still in town and all of the racers are gone. As Mr. Dictionary dot com would say "Happy Sunday". (kh)

Saturday 18 November, 10 a.m. Another beautiful morning with clear, sunny skies and only the lightest of breezes. We still have quite a crowd of trucks and motorbikes in town as the Baja 1000 followers prepare to head back north. Already there are long waits at the crossings into California; around 1.5 hours at Tijuana and Otay Mesa where most of the race traffic will go.(ej).

Friday 17 November 9:30 a.m. It is getting chilly overnight and the low humidity in the air means that it has very little heat capacity to keep us warm. The cool dry air infiltrates the house and makes it feel much cooler than it actually is. This morning is pleasant and bracing and now we are starting to see people get their sweaters out for the walk on the beach. The deserts are still getting up to around 80 F during the day and visitor activity is shifting to taking 4 wheel drives out along the Saltito road to see the wonders of the fossil beds and visit the canyons and their waterfalls. There is still a lot of off-road activity as the people who came down to follow the Baja 1000 enjoy themselves out in our wilderness. Remember that one week from today is the Snowbirds festival on the Malécon. (ej).

Thursday 16 November 8:30 a.m. The winds of yesterday have died down and it is a delightful morning. A few early-morning strollers are on the beach with their dogs. This should be a great day for the race.(ej).

Wednesday 15 November 9 a.m. Yesterday was a calm and warm day. We awoke this morning to the gusty north winds that are so typical of our winter season. It is rough out there on the beach; the water is very turbulent and the blowing sand is a good, free, source of dermabrasion for removing those wrinkles. There are gusts to around 20 mph at this hour so we can expect drifting sand on the roads. I expect that this wind pattern will have moderated by the time the Baja 1000 comes through on Thursday morning. (ej).

Tuesday 14 November, 11:30 a.m. Beautiful and sunny, at the office in town it is calm with 77 F and 44% RH.

9 a.m. So far we have a carbon-copy of yesterday. The winds are calm and the temperature is inching up (currently 71 F at the beach). No major changes are on our horizon and the weather for the Baja 1000 should be perfect.(ej)

Monday 13, November, The day has started off calm and tranquil. The sea is lazy with no perceptible wave motion and the air is still. Thin, high, cloud covers the region and we have mostly hazy sunshine. The past weekend in San Felipe was pretty quiet although we heard that the border crossings in Mexicali on Sunday afternoon were chaotic with two or more hour waits. Maybe there was a big influx of visitors to Mexicali for the Veterans Day weekend but they did not make it down here. On Tuesday we expect some of the advance crowds to be passing through town to set up camps at their favorite spots to watch the Baja 1000 racers to go by on Thursday. (ej)

Sunday 12, November, At 4:00 a.m. this morning the wind had gathered up great speed, actually turned on my motion lights to wake me up. But at this hour it is just a cool, north-west breeze. It's kind of nice to get back into winter clothing and into the winter activities. It seems like it's party after party as the snowbirds continue to arrive. st

Saturday 11 November, noon
Considerable cloudiness in the region with occasional bursts of sunshine. Out on the beach it is 74 F with 46% RH and easterly breezes at 6-8 mph. (ej)

7:00 a.m. Ahh! We have a clear morning, finally. Veteran's and their families will be happy to see that for their Veteran's Day activities. Although it was cooler again last night, today will start warming earlier with this bright sunshine. Maybe we'll have a chance to get back up to the 70"s at least. st


10 November, 7:00 a.m. Again we're fogged in but it has already started to roll out to sea. There is a soft, cooling breeze in the air and the water is calm. When it clears we can still see many pangas out at sea, fishing and shrimping at this time of year. Tomorrow is Veteran's Day in the U.S. Since many of us are veteran's there will be some gatherings around town. Hope the fog situation clears up before then. st


Thursday 9 November, 11:45 a.m. The fog bank has rolled out to sea but for a while the screens on the windows were streaming with water. In Chile, this technique of hanging nets on the cliffs above the ocean to harvest valuable drinking water from the fog is commonplace. If we continue consuming water at the present rate, we will also need to think of how to wring water from the humid air of San Felipe. Right now, in town it is a pleasant 81 degrees with 45% RH. and light northwesterly breezes. 7 a.m. Unbelievable. We're fogged in. I can see only to my first neighbor's house. This very seldom happens here. Driving to work will be treacherous. We can only hope it burns off quickly. Will write more when it burns off. st

Wednesday 8 November, 7 a.m. The night air has cooled immensely, but daytimes are warm and inviting. That full moon each night encourages one not to retire too early, consequently time runs out. Have a great day. st

Tuesday 7 November, 7 a.m. This morning it feels a bit cooler, and the winds are still gusty. However, the water is calm and it's going to be a beautiful day. st

Monday 6 November, 10 a.m. The winds are picking up again and my windows are rattling like crazy. Out on the beach it is 79 F with 34% RH and northeasterly winds blowing at 10-15 mph. (ej).

7:00 a.m.This is great weather for the arrival of hundreds of snowbirds (winter residents) to San Felipe. That warm sun during the day, a full moon at night, and a soft breeze to accent the positive feeling you get during your stay here. I've just returned from China where the sun is shining but could not reach us through the smog in most large cities. I can only assume it was an unlucky time for us. I'm sorry to have missed Pete's Camp Poker Run and the Shrimp Festival, but looking forward to upcoming activities as listed on our Calendar of Events. st.

Sunday, 5 November, 11:30 a.m.On the beach 78 F with winds from the north at 10-15 mph. The water is also rough and high tide is in a couple of hours. (ej) 9:06 a.m. I was out watering this morning at 8:00 a.m. and it was already warm. It looks like we're going to have a really nice day. The wind has picked up since 8:00 a.m., as it was calm and now the Palm Tree is moving all around. Shirley, our weather gal, is back from her trip, but is having problems with her internet connection, so I'm still here. Yesterday, there was a lack of communication is the reason why it wasn't posted, but I can tell you it was about 90 F in El Centro!! Today is the last day of the Shrimp Festival. There was a great turnout this year and the music, dancers and food were top notch. Today we find out who won! This has been the warmest evening weather for the Shrimp Festival that I can remember, as normally, I have on a heavy sweater or a leather jacket. (kh for st)

Friday, 3 November, 8:04 a.m. The weather today is almost perfect, especially for the Shrimp Festival festivities planned on the Malécon. There's no movement of the Palm Tree, but there are scattered clouds. We expect a high today of about 87F. Yesterday afternoon, they were busily "building" booths for the festival. I remember the days when they simply put up a tent; but times, they are a changing. There should be great music and weather throughout the day. My daughter and I went to take some photos and grab a bite to eat. We had hot dogs because none of the shrimp booths were ready. You can see the schedule of events below. Remember to bring a sweater or jacket if you're going in the evening. (kh)

Thursday, 2 November, 9:17 a.m. We couldn't ask for better weather for the first day of our Shrimp Festival. Well, we could ask, but why be greedy? My Palm Tree is moving to the West, but it's not too windy. Although the various thermometers read a low of 57F to 61F, it felt like 40F. We may have some scattered clouds today and the wind might pick up a bit later in the afternoon. If you're going to the Shrimp Festival tonight, bring a sweater, as it's cooler down at the beach (on the Malécon). You may print a Schedule of Events here. We heard from our weather gal early this morning. She'll be back at the helm on Sunday. Shirley said she had to pay $5.00 for 15 minutes of internet use at a local cafe. Makes one wonder how in the world our local telephone company got a presence in China (jaja). (kh)

Wednesday 1 November, 8:40 a.m. We have some wispy clouds over of the mountains and it is a bit windy, otherwise, it looks like we'll have a nice day. They are busily preparing for the Shrimp Festival on the Malécon, building booths made from metal studs and sheet rock. Festivities begin at 4:00 on Thursday and we'll have the Schedule of Events linked today. The Orchestra of the State Band of Northern Baja performed last night at Cobach and they were wonderful. Very small turn-out, unfortunately. Lots of kids were egging cars last night!! The wind is starting to pick up, so we may have more wind as the day progresses. (kh)

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