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San Felipe - Archive of weather for MAY 2009.


On the beach.


Sunday 31 May, 7 a.m. Hasn't May been almost perfect? In the high 80's most of the month. And it has been a very busy month. Our visitors and guests have enjoyed the sunshine, the soft breezes, the high and low (now warm) tides for clamming and swimming. It has been a great month also for desert trips to the mountains and looking for waterfalls. We always enjoy the tropical climates with their evening happy hours and Luau's. This weather is at it's most perfect best. Don't forget that Monday, (June 1) is Navy Day. See you at the Marina. (st) Max 86 F, Min 73 F, Humidity currently 46 %

Saturday 30 May, 1 p.m. Perfect weather! 81F on the beach, 72%RH, easterly breezes at 6 mph ...and not a soul on the beach for as far as the eye can see. (emm) 7 a.m. Isn't this the best time of year for sleeping? The highs are remaining in the mid 80's daytimes, which pleases many of our northern guests for the week-end. Personally those of us that live here can handle the heat nicely and are ready for the big ones. Monday is Navy Day. Everyone will be down at the Marina. We love to see the military in uniform do their stuff. And the weather should be beautiful. (st) Max 87 F, Min 68 F, Humidity currently 43 %

Friday 29 May, 7 a.m. We are having clear, sunny skies but a low pressure system remains in place. Cooler day-time weather and our nights are down in the mid-sixties. This is wonderful all around, including the savings on the electricity. We were thinking of stepping into the water last evening but it was a churning, muddy bath, even for the dog. Great for shelling though, as many new species have been left on our sandy shores. Hopefully today it will be more tranquil for swimming and all the sports of the week-end. This is now the last day for our San Felipe's National Olympic's Rowing Team (st) Max 87 F, Min 67 F, Humidity currently 37 %

Thursday 28 May, 7 a.m. The normal weather pattern for this time of year remains. Temperatures in the high 80's reaching ever-higher as the month progresses. Our nights remain in the low 70's, meaning some will require air-conditioners for good sleeping. These days all attention is down at the waterfront. If you aren't actually enjoying the challenges of San Felipe's National Olympic's Rowing Team you can at least enjoy the cool water which every day is warming just a little. The week-end is fast approaching, meaning another month will be gone. Vacation time is upon us. With the economy (maybe) easing a little we can expect more visitors to share this wonderful habitat we call home. (st) Max 87 F, Min 69 F, Humidity currently 46 %

Wednesday 27 May, 4 p.m. Out on the beach a wonderful 79 degrees with easterly winds at a steady 12 mph.

9 a.m. Each morning, when the wind is light and the sea is calm, the teams competing in the National Olympiad skulling competitions are out on the bay course between the Shrine of the Virgin at the north and the harbor at the south. It is really amazing to see the speed at which these boats can move. Well worth the trip downtown to watch. Unfortunately, our favorite vantage point, the patio restaurant at the El Cortez is reserved entirely for the participants, but you can sit on the Malecon wall downtown and get a splendid view - just no shade. We are in a pattern of pleasant daytime temperatures in the mid-80's and good sleeping weather in the low 70's overnight. For many visitors, this is the very best time of year to be in San Felipe. Along the Southern California coast, by contrast, it is the time of "May grey" and "June gloom" - the coastal fog invades the beaches and can linger all day, even though it is sunny a few miles inland. The San Diego cognoscienti know that they can escape their seasonal affective disorders by spending a week in the San Felipe sun and bathing in the thermal waters here. Below are the thermometer readings for the past 7 days. (emm)

Tuesday 26 May, 1 p.m. Another perfect day on the beach. The crowds of the weekend are gone and tranquility has returned. It seems that many people enjoyed camping out along the shoreline this year, rather than staying in town and partying. Getting back to a simpler way of life is what is in the psyche now; catch supper and have a barbeque and a few brews on the beach. Drinking and having a firepit on the California beaches is a vanishing pleasure so we here in San Felipe have much to offer. Breezes east at 7 with 80 in the shade and 72% relative humidity.(emm) 7 a.m. The water temperature couldn't be better for our Rowing Olympic Event May 25-29. Last night they held the opening ceremonies on the Malecon. We could see the fireworks all the way north of town, about 7 miles. Competition matches start around 6 a.m. this morning at the beach of the El Cortez Hotel. Some were there to see the sunrise at 4:43 a.m. Already the temperature is reading 82.0 and may hit the 90's by this afternoon. Not a cloud in our San Felipe sky. (st) Max 88 F, Min 73 F, Humidity currently 51 %

Monday 25 May, 7 a.m. MEMORIAL DAY A great day for the celebrations all over the country, and a holiday for many families in America. The water is just right for the Rowing Olympic Event May 25-29 here in San Felipe. Again the cool breeze is from the NW only to change to a SE direction later in the day. Temperatures will remain in the high 80's with normal humidity. We have excellent tides at the most appropriate time of day right now. Check our tide charts (above left). And for the young at heart don't forget the celebrations at the Rockodile. All going on this week. (st) Max 86 F, Min 72 F, Humidity currently 43 %

Sunday 24 May, 1:30 p.m. 80 degrees in the shade, 75% RH, easterly breezes at 5 mph. High tide - and the sea water is now up to 83F. Perfect! (emm). 7 a.m. It is a another beautiful day just made to order for the Fishing Tournament in San Felipe and also the El Vergel Volunteer Fire Department Fund Raiser being held south of town. Both will be well attended. We can expect a cool breeze off of the water from the SE later today, moderating both the temperature and the humidity. Tomorrow, Memorial Day, the whole town should be out to see the San Felipe Rowing team show their stuff. We expect the thermometer to rise a tiny bit each day this week. (st) Max 88 F, Min 72 F, Humidity currently 41 %

Saturday 23 May, 5 p.m. It is a superb day on the beach with 83 degrees and 43% RH with southeasterly breezes at 10-15 mph. I see at least one Hobie flying across the waters. It is a little dangerous for casual walkers as quads and trucks rush up and down the bay beaches but we can tolerate this for a couple of days for the visitors to enjoy themselves. (emm). 7 a.m. High 80's are the normal for this time of May. And that soft breeze we are having daily is the icing on the cake. Although the winds fluctuate a lot from one hour to the next we can expect them to change to the SE by noon. The moist air has moved on to the east; it will be a great day here for the Laguna Percebu Poker Run and other local activities. Tomorrow the fishing tournament and the El Vergel Volunteer Fire Department Fund Raiser are both scheduled. It will be a very busy week-end. Don't miss it. (st) Max 87 F, Min 70 F, Humidity currently 44 %

Friday 22 May, 3 p.m. Out on the beach we have great Memorial Day conditions with 80 F in the shade, 69% RH and breezes from the east at 3-5 mph. High tide passed a couple of hours ago and the beach is now widening for the host of quads and trucks that have come to make a few tracks. It seems that the authorities have decided not to issue tickets till the economy improves. (emm) 8 a.m. I'm late, but it's my birthday so I should be forgiven. Yesterday we had some pretty strong SE breezes, probably up to 12 mph. This morning winds are back to the North-east and we can expect more breezes today. We have soft clouds over the area but any threat of rain in even the mountains has left us. It should be warm and dry for the whole holiday week-end. Be sure to catch at least one of the many events listed on our front page for this Memorial week-end holiday. (st) Max 95 F, Min 74 F, Humidity currently 47 %

Thursday 21 May, 7 a.m. Where did it go? The entire sky became darkened for the evening as that heavy cloud passed over us. But this morning there are just a few picturesque clouds hanging out in the western sky. A brilliant sun makes one squint while trying to look out across the sparkling water. With just a tiny breeze, all is quiet; you can even hear the flies buzzing around. Quite different from yesterday. (st) Max 101 F, Min 77 F, Humidity currently 32 %

Wednesday 20 May, 3 p.m. Would you believe it! A storm system in the mountains is moving east and hovering close to town. The wind has shifted to the west at 8 mph and there is cloud everywhere. Over Kila and Machorro we see fog and, undoubtedly, there is some rain included. You can see the effect from our tidecam picture below:

It is 93 F and 20% RH but already the cloud is starting to dissipate. The barometer is falling and now registers 1006 mb, down a couple of millibars in the past two hours. (emm)

1 p.m. There is considerable overcast to the north of town but the rest of our region is now mostly sunny. On the beach we have a very pleasant 82F but with a rather sticky 75% RH and easterly breezes at 4-6 mph. It is just after high tide and the water temperature is up another degree to 81F. (emm) 7 a.m. Yes, it's definitely on the hot side if it goes over 100 F. But the breeze off of the water is what sets this town apart. In town it is usually about 5-10 degrees hotter because of the cement and pavement between a multitude of buildings. But one can usually find a breezy spot off the water for their breaks. Mexicali is definitely 10+ degrees hotter, and Ensenada is definitely 10- degrees colder (but with morning fogs). Many of the summer survivors who remain in San Felipe have an escape spot up in San Mateos, a deverloping town about 25 miles east on Highway 3 and up about 4000' for their get-away. Ourselves we have not yet turned on the air-conditioning; rather we spend most of our time on the patio at the eastern breezy side of the house. A good place to do little maintenance chores and/or hobbies. (st) Max 101 F, Min 80 F, Humidity currently 34 %

Tuesday 19 May, 7 a.m. Well we just about hit the century mark yesterday; already 86 F this morning with a much lower humidity. Sunny skies with no clouds. From now till late September we get to live the tropical life. With Memorial Day coming up this week-end the town will be pretty busy. Besides the National Rowing Olympics and the El Vergel Fire Department fundraiser there will be many local gatherings. We spend most of our lives now out-of-doors except in the heat of the day when everyone searches for air-conditioned rooms. Neighborhood happy hour from 4:00 p.m. is now the way of life. (st) Max 98F, Min 79 F, Humidity currently 22 %

Monday 18 May, 7 p.m. You can't ask for better weather than this. All day we have had great beach weather and now, with the shift of the wind to the south, we have a new record temperature of 98 F for the year. True, the relative humidity is a little low at 9% but it gives you a taste of what the deserts are like at this time of year in Arizona. Meanwhile, along the California and the Baja Pacific coast they are having miserable, foggy weather. It is only 61 F in San Diego and you can imagine the disappointment that will occur when the crowds flock to the beach for the upcoming Memorial Day weekend. Far, far better to drive a little further and come to San Felipe for 80 degree water and unlimited sunshine. (emm). 7 a.m. Our weather statistics change so quickly. When I started this report the wind was from the East at about 4 mph and the humidity read 39%. Already the wind has changed more to the to the North- East at about 5-9 mph and the humidity now reads 50%. It was warmer during the night and already into the 80's this morning. However the breeze makes it, "oh so comfortable". Our guys chose to go fishing this morning, for Trigger and Bass. Guess some of us will get together for a Fish Fry for supper. (st) Max 89 F, Min 74 F, Humidity currently 39 %

Sunday 17 May, 7 a.m. How come my dog's fur was so wet this morning? He had chosen to sleep outside last evening while we were sitting out enjoying the soft, warm breeze of the evening. This morning we read an 'external humidity maximum reading of 70 %'. But now he is in and dry and our beautiful day has started. At this moment not a leaf is stirring. The sun is sparkling reflection on the water. And we're headed out for a special breakfast at the Lighthouse Restaurant. (st) Max 88 F, Min 70 F, Humidity currently 45 %.

One of the gigantic cardons found up here in the hills
Yes, we found a waterfall, about 8' high

Saturday 16 May, 7 a.m. Continued high temperatures with high humidity that will stay with us over the week-end and into next week. A mild disturbance is migrating from the southwest direction Monday and Tuesday but will not bring down the heat that much. This will be a relatively quiet week-end compared to the expected onslaught of Memorial Day week-end coming up. On tap here is a huge wedding reception for a very popular couple, Bob and Yolanda. After the party many will migrate out into the different restaurant and bars around town as they will already be in the mood. A big week-end for all of us. (st) Max 84 F, Min 66 F, Humidity currently 50 %.

Friday 15 May, 7 a.m. High humidity is staying with us which is only a bother in the heat of the afternoon. When in Mexico, do as the Mexicans do; siesta in the hot hours of the day. The soft breezes off of the water draw us to the sea-shore morning and evenings, but we have learned to stay indoors for the most part in the hours between 2 and 4. Getting into summer hours many of the businesses will close down early, or at least for these siesta hours. Many of the restaurants have cut their business hours so you really have to plan ahead. This is a great place to learn to relax, and take more time to hobby or to smell the roses. (st) Max 84 F, Min 66 F, Humidity currently 53 %.

Thursday 14 May, 1 p.m. The temperature on the beach has stayed at a relatively constant 80 degrees today and the wind continues to blow from the northeast at 6 mph (though with gusts to 15 at times). It is a tad humid - 78% RH - but I would rather have that than the heat and dryness of Arizona. It keeps the skin moist and wards off wrinkles. There is actually a haze bank hanging over Mount Machorro at the north end of town. The beaches are absolutely deserted. You should be down here relaxing and waiting out the economic recession in the USA! (emm)

7 a.m. High humidity, above normal temperatures today and Friday with nearly cloudless skies and even warmer afternoons Saturday and Sunday. This is all part of the high pressure system that has been building all week. The north/then southern breezes continue to be a pleasant reprieve from what might have been a little unbearable. Instead, everyone that likes the heat, has enjoyed these past few breezy days immensely. Swimming is becoming a favorite pastime. Watch those sunburns!(st) Max 90 F, Min 68 F, Humidity currently 50 %.

Wednesday 13 May, 7 a.m. Which direction is the wind coming from? It depends on the time of day. Every morning we seem to start out with a light, northern breeze which works its way around to the south via the east or the west. At this hour it is dead still. My guess is that it will gradually move down to the south throughout the day. We have clear skies and temperatures running a little above normal for mid-May. Thank goodness the humidity is dropping in this area. Notice the water temperature is increasing; the general public is now braving it regularly. Myself, I'll wait to almost 95 F. (st) Max 89 F, Min 70 F, Humidity currently 41 %.

Tuesday 12 May, 1 p.m. On the beach the temperature has dropped a couple of degrees in the past hour to 79F as the northeasterly breeze has moved slowly to the east and is now blowing at a steady 8 mph. It is still quite humid with a dewpoint of 69F ( 72% RH ). The UV index is now in the range of 10-12 each day (out of a maximum tropical index of 15) so be sure to put sunblock on the tips of your ears and other sensitive parts, and wear a hat outdoors! (emm). 7 a.m. Temperatures in town are reaching into the high 90's, but what is worse is the humidity. Out here on the outskirts of town (on the beach) we have a beautifully soft, cool breeze from the NW this morning although that will undoubtedly change to the south as it has every day this week. Shrimp season has passed but there are still good deals to be had. This weather is a fisherman's dream with a cool breeze, and lazy waters day in and day out. A great time for the first-time fisherman under experienced tutors. They take great care of their guests, even offering to filet the fish that are caught. Tryi it. (st) Max 86 F, Min 68 F Humidity currently 54 %.

Monday 11 May, 7 a.m. Yesterday we noticed a fogbank over the mainland. Then around 4:00 p.m that dense fog rolled into San Felipe but only lasted a short time. This morning it is clear skies with a soft breeze, but "Oh so humid". We may have to close up the house & turn on the air-conditioner (for the 1st time this year). (st) Yesterday's Max 88 F, Min 69 F Humidity currently 54 %.

Sunday 10 May, 7 a.m. I did not get to see the San Felipe Rowing Miracle Team do their stuff, but I know they had great weather. The Fire Department also had their day in the park yesterday. We notice there are a few more campsites filled with visiting families possibly for Mother's Day today. Warm waters encourage the swimmers among us, especially the children. The winds will change to the south for the most part throughout the rest of the week. It is quite humid; be sure to wear sun-screen. (st) Yesterday's Max 91 F, Min 70 F Humidity currently 51 %.

Saturday 9 May, 7 a.m. Shifting winds, although light winds, make this weathergal have to rely on what it is here. Yesterday morning it was from the SW. Yesterday afternoon they had shifted to the southeast and this morning they are back to the north. The forecasts say they will be from the south?? In town they say we had a new record for the year of 95 degrees but on the beach it was only 89 F. And this morning we have another high humidity reading of 50 % I'd rather live on the beach! (st) Yesterday's Max 89 F, Min 71 F Humidity currently 50 %.

Friday 8 May, 4:30 p.m. About half an hour ago the wind shifted from the northeast to the southeast and the temperature soared from a steady 80 F to a new record for the year of 95 degrees. Along with this change, the relative humidity dropped like a rock from 70% to a current value of 15%. The barometer has also dropped to 1001 mb which is a record low for the year. This is typical June weather and it is here early. The water temperature is also rising nicely now and we have a very pleasant 76 degrees at high water. Old-timers know that this late afternoon period from 4 to 7 p.m. is the time to relax in the shade with a very cold Margarita or two. (emm). 7 a.m. This morning at 7:38 we have a -1.9 tide. At 2:03 this afternoone we'll have a high tide of 17.2. Today is the full moon which draws these extreme tides monthly. (click for full tide calendar) The down side to this favor is that we cannot see the stars so beautifully at night. It will remain dry with normal temperatures for the next week. Soft breezes and clear skies complete the picture. (st) Yesterday's Max 93 F, Min 69 F Humidity currently 46 %.

Hiking deep into the canyon looking for the waterfalls. See trip report and more pictures here.

Thursday 7 May, 7 a.m. Some of us are planning a desert trip tomorrow. You couldn't ask for better weather. Soft, warm breezes will whiz by the dune buggies under clear, sunny skies as we head up toward the waterfalls found in the canyons of the hills just west of San Felipe. Under the trees up there we will gather together for our boxed lunches. Then we will scatter. Some will bring back souveniers of pretty colored rocks or twisted ironwood. It is against the law to bring back most live desert plants like the majestic Cardon but skeletens are very popular. Also, the Yucca plants which send up 6'tall spikes each year, the skeletens of which last all winter. (st) Yesterday's Max 92 F, Min 71 F Humidity currently 30 %.


Wednesday 6 May, 7 a.m. They say it is hot and dry in the California deserts. But we are on the Baja Peninsula, on the west beaches of the Sea of Cortez and we have the most pleasant of breezes almost every day throughout the summer. Only if it gets humid do we suffer. On Friday we have a full moon with a low tide of -1.9 at 7:38 a.m. and a 17.2' high tide at about 8:00 p.m. If you like to harvest clams or shells, or if you like to swim the time is almost upon us. (st) Yesterday's Max 91 F, Min 71 F Humidity currently 29 %.

Tuesday 5 May, 7 a.m. What a delightful day for Cinco de Mayo! Although they don't seem to celebrate this much in Mexico, we know that they make much more todo of it in the U.S. With Mother's Day coming right on it's heals and my birthday this month also, it's going to be a great month. Notice the water temperature is getting up there; very soon everyone will be taking to the water. In town temperatures generally are about 5-7 degrees higher. Summer is definitely here. (st) Yesterday's Max 91 F, Min 74 F Humidity currently 27 %.

Monday 4 May, noon. On the bay beaches we have a delightful 79 F with 50% RH. There is a steady easterly breeze at about 3 mph. The water is calm and close to high tide. Barometric pressure is 1009 mb and falling slowly. It is going to be a superb week! (emm)

7 a.m. We are in for a definite warming trend for the next few days, with locally breezy afternoons. A few, soft high clouds drifting across otherwise blue skies are for the camera. Right now we have a refreshing breeze from the west to moderate that high temperature we are already experiencing. Usually by May 15 our weather pattern turns up the heat dramatically and we officially announce that summer is upon us. This may be that time. On April 30 we were reading a max of 78 F. (st) Yesterday's Max 88 F, Min 70 F Humidity currently 40 %.

Sunday 3 May, 7 a.m. Clear skies, with only a few soft clouds mostly to the east, and lots of sunshine is the view for the day. Later there may be some warm breezes from the south. The town seems pretty full for the big week-end. Yesterday's Chili Cook-off, held outside midst breezes from off the water, was deemed perfectly safe for the public at large. And although there is no big celebration planned for Cinco de Mayo on Tuesday, it is an excuse for the public to enjoy the long week-end. (st) Yesterday's Max 88 F, Min 70 F Humidity currently 40 %.

Saturday 2 May, 7 a.m. A bright, sun-shiny day greets us this morning after a very warm night, almost 70 F. No wind at this moment, but we are expecting a windy afternoon for the Chili Cook-off. The malecon has again become "Tent City" for the May Day week-end, for we again have guests from Tijuana, Ensenada, Rosarita and Mexicali. There seems to be no fear of the Ah1N1 flue in the State of Baja.....yet! However, everywhere we see reminders of caution, wash your hands (have not seen many masks). (st) Yesterday's Max 80 F, Min 69 F Humidity currently 51 %.

Friday 1 May, 7 a.m. The holiday week-end is upon us. The skies were blood red this morning around 6:00 a.m. but this descended quickly as the clouds took back the skies. The temperatures couldn't be better; yesterday amost 80 degrees max. Indeed the humidity has jumped 18 points and with the overcast it all feels kindof good. It looks like minimum local celebrations are going to continue in town. Our isolation has reportedly done us some good as we have no major illnesses reported. Yea, Yea! (st) Yesterday's Max 79 F, Min 59 F Humidity currently 47 %.



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