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Archive of weather for May 2006

Wednesday , 31 May, 1 p.m On the beaches we have a light northerly breeze blowing with 85 F shade temperatures. The tide is still a ways out and the construction crews from the various building projects are out playing football on the flat, packed, sand. RH is 65%. 7:00 a.m. Northern Mexico is the culprit. Strong, high pressure is building, then on up through the Southwestern U.S. The temperatures will continue to climb, at least through the end of the week, with highs expected to 109 degrees in some areas. Time to duck under the air-conditioning in the day time. The nights are still reasonable, with a soft breeze coming through the windows. Of course you may then need bug spray. Tomorrow is Dia de la Marina in Mexico. It reminds me of my upcoming trip with Tony Reyes Fishing Tours. Most weeks are filled but there are still openings for the week of July 23. I'm not sure what celebrations are planned here in San Felipe for tomorrow. Let's just enjoy today. st

Tuesday , 30 May, 7:00 a.m. Cool temperatures have stayed with us since Saturday. What luck! But high pressure is building promising warmer weather shortly. Too warm! We can expect triple digit readings, maybe on Thursday. Dia de la Marina in Mexico. No matter, that breeze off of the water modifies everything. With the right clothing one can be absolutely comfortable with readings up to 100 degrees if they can find shade. Above that....well everybody is different. Most entertainment will be on the Malecon, where bathing suits will take center stage and be the fashion show of the day. By the way, there are still 14 spaces available on Tony Reyes Fishing Tours for the week of July 23. All other weeks are full. Sign up early. st

Memorial Day in the U.S.
Monday , 29 May, 7:00 a.m.
The humidity is a shade lower, the temperature this morning, a shade higher. But this won't last. High pressure is building, which will bring above seasonal highs starting Wednesday. Fore-warned is fore-armed they say. We hope the electric company is listening, as the air-conditioners will take it's share this week. That gentle breeze from the SE will swing later to the SW, bringing warmer climate with it. Today should be absolutely beautiful. st

Sunday , 28 May, 7:00 a.m. This is the coolest we've had since May 15th. Maybe some will enjoy this for Memorial Day tomorrow, but after that it will turn back to the warm temperatures we expected. (Last year it hit the 90's on this great week-end, one of our busiest.) On Friday we had a new moon with the high and low tides of 18.2' down to -2.9'. Yesterday the warm water should have drawn a crowd, but it was just too rough out there, with whitecaps in the late afternoon. And did you know we now have a Scuba Diving outlet in San Felipe? st

Saturday , 27 May, 7:00 a.m. It's tough being the earlybird but sometimes it's fascinating. This morning I was wide awake at 4:30. My dog came to greet me but her long, thick fur was unusually wet with the heavy dew. I looked East and saw a haze of heavy fog, maybe still there from last evening when I had noticed a dark bank of fog above the ocean skyline. This will burn off quickly. The soft breeze will turn to SW winds of 10 - 15 mph, stronger as the day wears on. The sun will again do it's darndest to send everyone indoors or into the water. But by evening the town should be hopping, as this is one, big Saturday night (Memorial Day Week-end). It is not unusual to see ladies in long, summer-weight dresses during these tropical weather evenings because they are cool, comfortable, and tropically romantic. Try it; you may like it. st

Friday , 26 May, 3 p.m. The early morning weather report always indicates that it is very hot and dry. That is because there is no wind. Once the wind comes up for the day, usually around 10 in the morning, conditions change drastically. Out on the beach it is now a very pleasant 80 degrees with easterly breezes and the tide is high. As long as we get this wind we have super weather. By late afternoon, the shift occurs and the breezes come from the south. The temperature will rise into the 90's and the humidity will drop precipitously. This is when all the visitors crowd back into their hotel rooms and condos and turn on the air conditioners. This is when our electricity supply starts to undergo stress. On a big holiday weekend we will frequently have a power outage and then it is necessary to go and reset all the clocks and flashing lights on the video stuff. tc 7:00 a.m. High pressure is still with us this morning, but will move off to the East later in the day. Don't discard beach clothing yet. That warm southern breeze will stay with us through the afternoon and on into our Friday evening as we head out to the various night clubs in town. Most are north of town providing your choice of music in several good locations. Our Memorial Day week-end starts now. As low pressure moves in we can expect slightly cooler weather tomorrow and throughout the rest of the holiday week-end. st

Thursday , 25 May, 7:00 a.m. High pressure above continues. They were right on when they said we were warming up fast. We have gone from 76 degrees on Tuesday morning to 91 degrees this morning and from 67 degrees low Wednesday night to 73 degrees last night. Evenings are terrific leading up to Memorial day week-end and all the other special days that fall this next week. Campers and Dune Buggy enthusiasts also love this weather for trips out into the desert. st

Wednesday , 24 May, 7:00 a.m. We're half way through the week, heading for a great Memorial Day week-end; weatherwise. Clear skies, reasonable humidity, and warming temperatures. Marine Day in Mexico, June 1, follows. We will have many visitors for the long week-end from both sides of the border. I'll bet the clothing shops do well with beach fashions this week-end. TECATE SCORE BAJA 500 from Ensenadato San Felipe follows early next week. Check our Calendar of Events to keep up with these busy schedules. I'll do my best to keep up with any deterring weather reports. st

Tuesday , 23 May, 7:00 a.m. Ahh! That stormy period has now settled in the north. We have a soft breeze but from the Northwest today. Yes it is much cooler but that will reverse. High pressure is building over the next few days. We expect it to warm up a little more each day sending the thermometer to above average temperatures for this time of year by Wednesday. The nights remain cool and comfortable. As our front page reports, it is the perfect climate of year. st

Monday , 22 May, 7:00 a.m. What a change...back!! We are still having strong, gusty winds at times between lulls of quiet and stillness. Yesterday and through the night winds gathered momentum for awhile, then died right down. Air conditioners were in full use everywhere as that humidity built up. However we did not have any rain as this weather front passed directly over us. Today that storm center is far to the north and east. Even along the Pacific Coast the clouds have disappeared. At 7:20 my neighbors spotted a rainbow over those mountains. Strong high pressure prevails and forcasts hint that we may reach a new seasonal high as the day and week progresses. st

Sunday , 21 May, 4:00 p.m. What a change! The winds are now reaching 25 mph on my instruments and the whitecaps are drawing a lot of attention. We had to run around and capture any loose furniture etc which we normally use for eating on the patio. One family actually pulled down their flags, their statement that they are or are not in residence. Now we will never know. This may be a prelapse to the clouds that are now hugging the Pacific coast of Baja and may be here very soon. It's very exciting. st 7:00 a.m. That low pressure system which is bringing so much rain to the Pacific Coast all the way down to Los Angeles has a tail that sweeps out to the Western Pacific, thus missing the Baja. But there is a slight chance of showers as this tail then sweeps across our area late tonight and into Monday. Thermometer readings will be lower than the average Monday, but will return to normal by Wednesday. So enjoy the clear skies and warm south breezes that are with us, at least till after BBQ time this evening. st

Saturday , 20 May, 7:00 a.m. A day of rest. It is calm, clear and beautiful. Not a cloud in the sky, nor a breeze even. This pattern may break tomorrow as some clouds will begin to appear to mar the scene. Friday night all the nightclubs were hopping with activity. Gary Seiler and Ron Bell from San Diego, are here at Juanita's this Friday and Saturday night entertaining us with music and commentaries. See our photos. The tropical evening breezes are made for this kind of life. Enjoy. st

Friday , 19 May, 7:00 a.m. Strong, high pressure is helping us continue with slightly above normal temperatures. And it promises to remain through Saturday at least. No one is really complaining, some are using their air-conditioners. But if you live along the water that breeze is all that is needed. Water the plants early and plan BBQ's at night. What a life. st

Thursday , 18 May, 7:00 a.m. A beautiful, calm, sunny morning on this side of the Baja. Not so on the western side where heavy fog dominates the coast. We are heading into the final days of this heat spell, but most of it was spared from the projected high temperatures because of those high clouds which dropped unexpectedly, keeping us well under the 100+ degrees forcasted. Yesterday through Saturday we will reach our mark but then it is forcasted to cool down some. We'll see. st

Wednesday , 17 May, 7:00 a.m. No clouds in sight. Strong high pressure is keeping our temperatures up. Humidity decreased 5 % from yesterday. There is not a stir at this moment. Without cloud cover today we may reach the 100 mark....yet. There are no major holidays or special events planned for this week-end. I have just been informed I will be going on a 5 day fishing trip on the Tony Reyes tours soon. I can't think of more perfect weather for such a vacation. st

Tuesday , 16 May, 7:00 a.m. A very gentle SE breeze fans my wet hair this morning. It is still cool and refreshing. Actually the nights have remained very comfortable for sleeping, still below 70 degrees. The high clouds have kept the temperatures down in our area throughout the supposedly hot days as forcasted. We never did reach the 100 mark...yet. The dry weather will continue which means you must water flower gardens almost every day now to keep annuals alive as long as possible. For those of us out in the country, water is very expensive when you have to buy it at $50 per truckload. That is why cactus and desert plants are so popular in San Felipe landscaping. I'm off to do my watering now. st

Monday , 15 May, 7:00 a.m. We still have high clouds this morning all up and down the coast of U.S. and Baja. The strong high pressure remains supposedly keeping temperatures high throughout this whole week. However, yesterday proved the opposite. Those clouds dropped, giving San Felipe a light, hazy day with cooler than expected weather. Today we are starting again, and may see the high 90's afterall. The breezes will come from the SE this afternoon, off of the water. It should be great for outside BBQ's this evening. st

Sunday , 14 May, 3:30 p.m. Those high clouds seemed to have dropped unexpectedly and we have a complete hazy day, keeping the temperatures down to a moderate 86 degrees on the beach. Very little breeze to help offset this turn of events. However, surprisingly, one can still get sunburned if you are not careful. Last night the beautiful orange moon shone so brightly I was thinking of the harvest moons of last August. Tonight we may not even see it. st 7:00 a.m. It's warming up very quickly since last Saturday. We have strong high pressure bringing warmer temperatures to the Baja. Nice breezes off of the Sea of Cortez keep our days pleasant for the many visitors who come for the tropical temperatures we enjoy here. The nights are also warming, but still fan-level. Save the air-conditioners for hot afternoons if you're unlucky enough to be stuck in a building. Otherwise, wear protective clothing, enjoy the breezes and have a great Mother's Day. st

Saturday , 13 May, 3 p.m. 85 F on the beach with easterly zephyrs. The sea water temperature is going up rapidly now with this "heat wave". Expect it to be in the low 80's by next weekend. 7:00 a.m. Above normal temperatures continue because of a strong high pressure system. Light clouds weave across the skies, especially to the north of us. But there seems no threat of rain to spoil any activities planned for Mother's Day. All is quiet. st

Friday , 12 May, 7:00 a.m. My goodness it has become overcast with those high clouds that have crept right up the eastern coast of the peninsula. The view has become hazy. In some spots it is even attempting to rain. The temperature has remained steady at 83 F but inside of our buildings it has become downright muggy, so that at least fans are required for comfort. 7:00 a.m. We are seeing a few high clouds creeping over the mountains and higher than normal temperatures. We should have been prepared for this. Air-conditioners are becoming a necessity and the Electric Co must be having problems as we are having several few-second outages. Some of us are heading north for Mother's Day this week-end. st

Thursday , 11 May, 7:00 a.m. They say it will be slightly above normal for us for the next 7 days. That might mean 100 degrees folks, maybe higher in town. With clear skies everywhere we will be scampering for shade trees or awnings in order to get away from the direct sun, which can be dangerous for some. The locals know enough to wear long sleeve cotton clothes if they must work for long periods out there. Extensive use of air-conditioners may cause havoc at the Electric company. Already we have had several power interruptions. Think it might be a good time to take a ride out into the valley or on into the mountains while this beautiful weather lasts. st

Wednesday , 10 May, 7:00 a.m. When I arose this morning at 5:00 a.m. and let the dogs come in, I noticed their fur was wet. Looking out across the Sea of Cortez I was amazed to see a heavy bank of fog the full length of my view from north to south. The top of the hills to the south also were capped with a heavy wet fog. At 6:00 the sun was just right for this photo. Now at 7:00 it is still hazy but any fog is burning off quickly. The rest of the day will be normal. st

Tuesday , 9 May, 7:00 a.m. Not much change in the current pattern. It may stay just a degree or two above the normal for this date. The town is settling into the late spring mode, preparing for another tropical summer. We expect more residents to remain this year, as much construction has been completed, and air-conditioners are plentiful. This will affect the Electric Co and may trickle down to the customers earlier than expected. As long as we have the breezes off the water, we have no complaints. st

Monday , 8 May, 7:00 a.m. Now we have a weak area of low pressure moving across to the east. Our temperatures are inching up there, but soft breezes remain a favorite topic of conversation. Everywhere you hear, "it's starting to get warm out there", followed by "but there is always such a nice breeze off of the water". It is truly my favorite time of year. So although it is calm every morning, you can count on this to change by noon. The water will become active and the city will come alive. st

Sunday , 7 May, 7:00 a.m. The only real action is far to the south of us on the Baja. But from here a high pressure ridge over the Pacific allows our temperatures to rise slowly, possibly reaching the 100 mark today in town. The warm breezes from the SW this morning may swing to the NW by late this afternoon, and those breezes are still cool. With this combination how can you go wrong. st

Saturday , 6 May, 7:00 a.m. Everything is still this morning, almost too quiet. The skies are clear, there is no breeze, the water is like a lake. BUT..you can bet this will all change within an hour or so. Let's wait and put up some statistics in another 2 hours. 9:00 a.m. No significant change to report. xt

Friday , 5 May, 7:30 a.m. At 7:00 a.m the temperature read 71. Already it has reached 77 and rising fast. The brilliant rays on the ripples across the Sea of Cortez sparkle so that you must wear your sun glasses. At this moment there is just a hint of a breeze. The leaves barely move on the trees which house hundreds of birds at this time of the year singing at the top of their lungs. Hatchlings make up the most of that number, of course. We expect these temperatures to stay about the same through the week-end, then start to warm again early next week. st

Thursday , 4 May, 7:00 a.m. A low pressure, dry system, is passing through today and Friday reducing our temperatures somewhat. But,in fact, it is slightly foggy out there at this moment. You can feel it in the air. Not to worry. Skies are absolutely clear, and this will burn off shortly. We are now gearing up for Friday, Cinco de Mayo, which oddly enough is not celebrated as widely in Mexico as it is in the Mexican communities in the U.S. Other events follow throughout the week-end, with perfect weather for all. st

Wednesday , 3 May, 7:00 a.m. Blue skies with just enough pretty clouds here and there for the camera buffs. The temperatures are staying in the high 80s-90s now. As long as there is that cool refreshing breeze fanning off the water we think it is utopia. Looking forward to a few rounds of golf (putting, that is) before it gets too warm. Every day is a vacation day for some. st

Tuesday, 2 May, 7:00 a.m. High pressure above is giving us well above average temperatures for this time of year. Soft clouds are scattered across the brilliant skies for a picture perfect day. It's back to work in San Felipe, and no doubt the air-conditioners will be used some in closed offices. In some offices the windows have cross-ventilation or open doors and that breeze off the water is all it takes to be really comfortable. The tents are all gone from the malecon, life is getting back to normal. st

Monday , 1 May, 7:00 a.m. LABOR DAY in Mexico and what a beautiful week-end it has turned out to be. The malecon was jammed yesterday for 'The day of the child'. The tide was very low so many were out on the wet sands, some were clamming, others shelling. The traffic was very heavy but well behaved. The whole day was warm and inviting. Last night the stars were the center of our attention, very clear in the dark of the night. I was wishing my friend Bert had been there to point out the more popular ones. Today is a continuation of the holiday week-end with Labor Day, an extra day off for many, many of San Felipe's best. I hope to attend at least one Labor Day picnic today. st








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