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San Felipe - Archive of weather for March 2011.

Thursday Mar 31, 8:00 a.m. Clouds make for beautiful photography. With just a few clouds this morning, we are in for another warm spring day while others north of us are bracing for yet another Pacific storm crossing the mountains up there in Washington State. Here everything is so calm, sun - winds - water. And we expect it to stay that way for at least another day.  Nothing on the calendar this week-end so we can all relax through April Fools Day. ...ST (yesterday's Max 90F;Min 67F)

Sunset March 30, 2011.  It certainly went out like a lamb in San Felipe, Baja, .
Photo by Mel Bohnert

Wednesday Mar 30, 8:00 a.m. The forecasts are holding steady, with Friday the hotest, then cooling slightly with a little breeze over the week-end, but not below the norms. A great week-end for visitors who might want to get away from the next Pacific storms now just forming. The dress code is definetly summer attire with sun-screan lotion. Blue skies, calm water and no winds expected through Friday  ...ST (yesterday's Max 89F;Min 62F)  

Tuesday Mar 29, 8:00 a.m. They've increased the forecast on Friday to 100F.  We are fast relaxing into enjoying these temperatures for the rest of the week. Beautiful clear skies and very calm waters draw one to the beachfront, if only for a stroll. With a warm SW breeze and the temperature of waters of about 66F, we can honestly say March is NOT going out like a lion in San Felipe, as it is in the rest of the U.S. With nothing on the calendar for the 5th week of the month, we can relax and enjoy these extra warm days.. . .. ....ST (yesterday's Max 80F;Min 56F)

Monday Mar 28, 8:00 a.m. Shock! They are forecasting in Yuma a 99F high on Friday, then cooling a little as it becomes more breezy over the week-end.  With a reading already of 79F I can believe it.  While we scurry to get our morning chores completed, we can expect to change to shorts and summer gear by noon. Some are starting to rebuild their retaining walls down on the beach which had been badly damaged in last week's storm. The tides are normal, possibly 2.4' around 4 pm up to 14' by 11 pm today. We do not expect much of a breeze. . .. ....ST (yesterday's Max 80F;Min 56F)

Sunday Mar 27, 8:00 a.m. Finally we are back to our warming spring temperatures.  This encourages gardening and spring cleaning which must be attended to before the hot weather hits us some time in May. Most will enjoy the 90's by next week end and we expect it to stay for awhile.  We have no major events on the calendar to interfere with this progress. Let's just enjoy. .. ....ST (yesterday's Max 77F;Min 55F)

Sunrise on a Spring day in San Felipe.  Calm waters and a soft gentle breeze are typical for this time of year........................
Photo by Mel Bohnert

Saturday Mar 26, 8:00 a.m. Today is the long awaited for Blues and Arts Festival. Highway traffic is still pretty steady and hopefully, shopping is too. Although this event is down at the BallPark, people will come and go into town and restaurants throughout the day.  And what a beautiful day it is going to be; in fact by this coming Friday we shall be almost 20 degrees warmer than now. With low pressure today we shall see some breeziness, but with high pressure by early next week we shall experience a significant warming each day. .. ....ST (yesterday's Max 72F;Min 53F)

Friday Mar 25, 8:00 a.m. West winds usually are warming, as today and the week-end's great festivities get underway. By next Tuesday they say we will be 10 degrees warmer here while the rains play out in the northern California areas. Here people will be getting to work to repair minimum waterfront damages as compared to their relatives up north. Shrimping season is now over, but fishing and clamming are doing great. Visiting children loved the grunion show that took place on our beaches Wednesday. With warming waters, bright sunshine and soft breezes, this is going to be the best Spring week yet this year.. ....ST (yesterday's Max 73F;Min 53F)

Thursday Mar 24, 8:00 a.m. Thank goodness the storm track is remaining to the north of us. My daughter reported rain and snow early this week above Fresno, in Yosemite etc. with more rain expected today. In San Felipe it is already in the 70's but with the cool NE wind it may not warm up as much as we hoped.  However, with clear skies and calm winds and waters, it is lovely to be outside this early in the day.  Yesterday we were looking at the damage to the beach.  There is an abrupt drop where the high tide waves reached, to take out tires and access staircases all along the residences fronting the ocean. No rain is forecast for the Blues and Art Fiesta this week-end. We're looking forward to above 80's early next week. ....ST (yesterday's Max 75F;Min 65F)

Wednesday Mar 23, 8:00 a.m. This morning it is still chilly but expected to warm up quickly. From local reports Monday's wind had tossed things around causing some beach damage. Last evening it was very calm, which continues this morning.  It is now 8:21 and the temperature is already up to 67F.  We have clear skies and calm waters; watched the sun rise almost directly in front of our famous Rock Consag and know we are back into Spring weather. This is good news for the Blues and Arts Festival coming up this week-end ....ST (yesterday's Max 72F;Min 53F)_______________________________________________________________________________   

Rock Consag, taken up close, at low tide.  Sealions laze on the shelf during low tide. The white covering, of course, is bird dung.  At times this whole scene is accompanied by a very strong smell, but today was just fine.

What with the ominous clouds overhead, whitecaps and high waves, we still found a rainbow in the sky
photo by Mel Bohnert


Sunday Mar 20 thru Tuesday Mar 22 - We were on the second fishing group and a very rough Tony Reyes fishing trip. We couldn't have picked a worse week for this Spring trip. On Sunday it was calm and clear and we were able to see the "supermoon" for pictures that evening.  Then the winds and high waves came up to plagued us from Sunday night when we took shelter in the Baha San Luis Gonzagus all thru Monday and Monday night, calming and warming throughout Tuesday for our trip home to Rock Consag. We had no rain throughout and continued to fish off the boat. The comaradery was great and we thank Tony for allowing us these early Spring trips. We heard that the first group had a great time, great weather and caught lots of fish.

A Grouper: we wished we had caught it, but really it was purchased from another boat at Gonzages Bay:     Brandy & Jan with Beto, their brave pangadero.


Saturday Mar 19, 8:00 a.m. It's amazing what 3 hours can do.  We awoke at 5a.m. to find it cold, dull and uninviting at 56F. But already we are at 63F.  Winds from the south always work wonders. Strong sunshine in clear skies does the rest.  However we expect the clouds to start rolling in on Sunday evening causing cooler nights, but our days will remain warm (they say). They warn of a slight chance of showers late Monday night through Tuesday night.  Not good news for the 2nd group of fishermen or the Tequila Festival this week-end. News from the 1st group of fishermen who returned last evening was that they had a great time and caught lots of fish. Let's hope the second group goes far enough south to enjoy their trip as well. ....ST (yesterday's Max 79F;Min 56F)     


Picked off of Google repors:
The Baja Love Ride is a four-day bicycling event that will stretch from Rosarito Beach to San Felipe
This will begin on Tuesday at 10 a.m. in front of the Rosarito Beach Hotel and will finish Friday at 3p.m. at the Arches of San Felipe. All riders will receive free tickets to the Blues and Arts Fiesta on Saturday, March 26. The proceeds will go to needy children throughout Baja California. For more information, you can visit www.BajaLoveRide.com or call 877-LUVMEX1.


It's hard to imagine the feeling standing under a sky like this at sunrise in the morning. Soft clouds make beautiful skies.
Photo by Mel Bohnert

Friday Mar 18, 8:00 a.m. What beautiful weather we continue to have for the busy week-end ahead.  There is just a slight haze this morning, which will burn off quickly. The Tequila Festival will get underway this afternoon, lasting for 3 days through Sunday, the beginning of SPRING, and the Benito Juarez National on Monday. The first group of fishermen should be in today with stories of the "big one that got away" We expect it to start cooling tomorrow through Tuesday reaching maybe the 72F degree mark...not bad at all. Hopefully, that 'slight chance of rain' on Sunday night through Monday will not reach us at all. ....ST (yesterday's Max 83F;Min 62F) 

Thursday Mar 17, 8:00 a.m. A few white clouds amongst the otherwise clear blue skies and northern breezes warn of the coming days, including the first day of Spring. The second group of fishermen may have a slight chance of rain on Monday. For the rest of this week, through Saturday we will cool slightly but my goodness, the forcast of 72F on Monday is not that bad. At that point it starts to return to our normals of 75-80F for this time of year. Our friend Jerry went for a dip in the calm, inviting waters of the Sea. He says it seems about 66F, cool to jump into but then you get used to it. .....ST (yesterday's Max 82F;Min 62F)    

Wednesday Mar 16, 8:00 a.m. Not a cloud in sight and with a soft breeze from the south the day couldn't start more perfect for our would-be fisherman on Tony Reyes boat. Excelent day for the SF ARP Ice-cream social, followed by another perfect forcast for tomorrow's St. Patrick's Day events. All of this is heading towards the first formal day of SPRING on Sunday. We do so wish the news was better from Japan, and therefore us in the USA. .....ST (yesterday's Max 85F;Min 60F)  

Tuesday Mar 15, 8:00 a.m. Mostly clear skies and it's warming up quickly. We can expect nothing but good weather the rest of this week. The Saturday Singles are hosting a 3-day fishing trip thru Friday and it couldn't be better weather; sorry we're all full up. Forecasts of 90 degrees for the most part of the trip, clouding down on the week-end with temperatures dropping about 10 degrees. Although lightly overcast these days will be great for local fishing.  Thank goodness there is no fear from the Japenese problems (yet) which seem overwhelming .....ST (yesterday's Max 82F;Min 58F) 

Monday Mar 14, 8:00 a.m. Clear, warm sunshine greets us this morning at the new 5:00 a.m. hour (yesterday's 4 a.m.). There is only a slight reaction to the tsunami waves in San Diego, [see the news page].  Absolutely no reaction in the waters here. Although the news is not good in Japan, on this side of the waters we are having warm spring weather. A southern breeze with a 70 -80 degree temperature is so welcome. Some residents are into small gardens for spring while others are more into garage sales.  I must say shopping for fresh fruits and vegetables at the Swap Meets is really plentiful, much coming from the home gardens in the valleys.  Traffic will still be heavy going to the U.S. border today. ...ST (yesterday's Max 75F; Min 60F) 

DST: Daylight Savings Time  Sunday Mar 13, 12:30 p.m. The fog seems to have cleared on this side of the Sea.  The rest of the day should be warm and clear. We understand that traffic is very heavy going back to the U.S. and the border is jammed.  Best to wait another day. 8:00 a.m. Waking up at today's 6 a.m. (yesterday's 5a.m.) time, to a very heavy fog; my dog returned from a 5-minute walk completely covered with a wet fur blanket.  We looked out, unable to see past the immediate shoreline (maybe 500'). Yesterday we enjoyed such beautiful spring weather, although cool because of the north winds.  Today, when the fog burns off, we expect more of the same, leading into Tuesday's 90+ degrees. Many plan to attend the Baja 250 Awards Ceremony being held at 10:00 a.m. on the Malecon. Others will be leaving town throughout the day creating gas lines for fill-ups and a heavy line of traffic heading north. Crossing the border may be a frustrating time for all. .  ...ST (yesterday's Max 74F; Min 59F) 

Saturday Mar 12, 8:00 a.m. Imagine weather touching the 90's by Wednesday. Those soft clouds rolling across the skies this morning will burn off quickly.  With high pressure building from the SW we can expect the temperatures to rise quickly. Within another hour we should be in the 70's and many are dressing in spring attire; shorts & sleeveless shirts, as we head for the Swap Meet locally, or more importantly the BAJA 250 which starts early this morning. Motorcycles start first followed by Quads, Trophie Cars, Dune Buggies, Bugs, Duds and Suds. Find a safe spot early.  We have had no reportable earthquakes in our area nor effects of the Tsunami from the Japenese disaster.  ...ST (yesterday's Max 87F; Min 58F) 

Friday Mar 11, 8:00 a.m. We are now in extremely beautiful spring weather in San Felipe. Thought nothing could mar this beauty.  But to wake up to the horible news of the earthquake in Japan shakes us into reality.  We don't expect any significant rise in the waters in the isthmus enclosure of the Sea of Cortez. We will continue to drink in the 80 - 60 degree weather and sunshine for the next week. The town is full of visitors for the Baja 250 this week-end.  All hotels etc. are full and restaurants are very optomistic. . . ...ST (yesterday's Max 83F; Min 59F) 

Thursday Mar 10, 8:00 a.m. The birds are taking over with their early morning spring songs. Soft clouds streak the otherwise sunny skies, giving enducement to would-be photographers.  Last evening the Baja 250 vehicles were arriving in droves.  All the hotels are booked.  The Rotary expects a huge turnout for "Steak in the Park" this afternoon. What a beautiful day for all of this. . . . ...ST (yesterday's Max 79F; Min 49F)

ASH Wednesday Mar 9, 8:00 a.m
. What a beautiful, warm, spring day to start the season of Lent. There is just a slight breeze midst brilliant sunshine shimmering on the water.  No whitecaps today!  In spite of the season the Rotary is having Steak-in-the-Park tomorrow. Many visitors for the Baja 250 are arriving daily and can get in on this. As Daylight Savings Time starts on Sunday March 13, and everyone is rescheduling their clocks and entertainment it could get very interesting. . . . ...ST (yesterday's Max 73F; Min 50F)

Tuesday Mar 8, 8:00 a.m. A light cloud cover, almost invisible, over an otherwise very sunny sky belies the fact that temperatures in the 70's we think are cold, are really normal for this time of year. We are looking forward to that ridge of high pressure that is building over the SW states to bring us into the warm spring weather that we expect. North winds are testing our flag pole which watches over the white caps on the waters. No fishing today. . . ...ST (yesterday's Max 77F; Min 53F)

Monday Mar 7, 8:00 a.m.Yesterday the clouds remained most of the day. This morning it is clear and sunny. The southern breezes swing back and forth from east to west.  The thermometer reads about 8 degrees lower but will warm quickly. This is quite acceptable for the 3rd and last Carnival Parade tomorrow.  Lent for some is beginning today, but for others Lent starts Ash Wednesday, March 9th. No matter, the Steak in the Park event is still a great hit on Thursday. And don't forget the BAJA 250 this weekend.  What a busy place time of year this is.  . . ...ST (yesterday's Max 76F; Min 57F)

....Google....: Lent 2011 begins on Ash Wednesday, March 9, 2011. .....(For Eastern Rite Catholics, Lent 2011 begins two days earlier, March 7th ................................(I obvioulsy used the wrong calendar for most of us.)

Sunday Mar 6, 8:00 a.m. Back to morning clouds with a soft southern breeze creating a warm environment, but threatening to cool as the evening falls, the temperature dropping about 5-10 degrees for the next two days. But who minds the 70's?  The 3rd and last of the Carnival parades will occur on Tuesday. Lent begins on Monday, March the 7th, but winter activities in San Felipe continue. . . ...ST (yesterday's Max 76F; Min 57F)

Saturday Mar 5, 8:00 a.m. Yesterday's clouds have all disappeared.  Temperatures climbed, humidity lowered, and the sun claims the entire skies. The winds are still from the north but waters are calm for fishing and boating.  This is all good news for spectators of the second of 3 Carnival parades in town. Visitor numbers are down this year but enthusiasm is high. Enjoy these warm days through Sunday because it is supposed to cool once again for Monday and Tuesday. . ...ST (yesterday's Max 77F; Min 60F)

Friday Mar 4, 8:00 a.m. Many light clouds this morning dotting our normal sunny skies.  However, we do not expect any rainfall to dampen the Blues and Arts Festival being held today.  We have not seen any earthquake action for some time now. We do not want interference while they are concentrating on the highway construction taking place near Mexicali. The last rain there made a complete mess of the detours, now 5 of them around the Rio Hardy area and north. The weather should be great for the first part of the CARNIVAL parades today and tomorrow but will then drop 10 degrees the first part of next week and the last parade on Tuesday. Note: After Tuesday it should warm up again and this time maybe Spring will be on its way.  . ...ST (yesterday's Max 77F; Min 56F)

Thursday Mar 3, 8:00 a.m. Happily the direction of the wind has reversed back to the south, always a warming trend.  This is great news for the start of Carnival week. Alreadhy we are in the 70's this morning hoping for the 80's today. The water is perfectly calm, fishing is great. Tomorrow is the Blues and Arts Festival, always a great hit in SF.  The weather should be co-operating fully. ...ST (yesterday's Max 73F; Min 60F)

Wednesday Mar 2, 8:00 a.m. We're looking for a high today in the 70's which we haven't seen all through February. A few streaks of high clouds mar the otherwise clear blue skies we love. If the breezes would go back to the south it would be picture perfect. Carnival starts Thursday through next Tuesday as the temperatures again dip. The parades will be on Friday, Saturday and Fat Tuesday. The weather may be in our favor for most of it. ...ST (yesterday's Max 68F; Min 51F)

Tuesday Mar 1, 8:00 a.m. What a difference a day makes. Temperatures in the low 40's through parts of the night have already risen into the 60's and promises to hit the low 80's for the Tequila Festival this week-end. Warming winds dipping more to the south and mostly clear skies allow that tropical sun to do it's job. The fishermen are all out there today. It's amazing how they know the productive spots. Also we have nice low tides for clamming. What a life!. ...ST (yesterday's Max 63F; Min 39F)

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