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San Felipe - Archive of weather for March 2010.

Wednesday 31 March, 7 a.m. It doesn't look good for the early birds as they come to San Felipe for Easter week-end. One camping family said they were protected yesterday from the warm southern breezes but will now have to move entirely to be protected from the cold northern breezes today and tomorrow. With our skies covered almost entirely with a solid, soft cloud we may be in for at least part of that Pacific storm that is heading in today. Maybe it will pass through quickly before our Easter week-end begins in earnest. ST (yesterday's Max 82F; Min 61F)

Tuesday 30 March, 7 a.m. ...the last of the really warm days in March. We can expect even warmer weather today but that sounds like the end for a bit. Already the breezes are up and being from the south is encouraging. Semana Santa (Easter week) is quiet here. Small family groups are camped along the beach claiming their spot before the crowds come in from Tijuana, Ensenada and Mexicali this week-end. Many of our snowbirds will leave after this week-end and everything will become quiet once more. Watch out for heavy border traffic. ST (yesterday's Max 83F; Min 62F)

Monday 29 March, 7 a.m. We couldn't ask for more perfect spring weather. Except for the NW cool winds the temperatures have remained above normal. Unless you are on the north side of structures, you can wear summer attire. On the north side you definitely have to wear a jacket. This is perfect for getting those chores done before summer sets in. We saw some catamarans out there yesterday braving the waves. Don't have the full story here. Enjoy! ST (yesterday's Max 79F; Min 63F)

Sunday 28 March, 7 a.m. For the last 3 days the winds have risen up to 15-17 mph. Coming from the north they are always on the cool side. Let's hope today they will be less active, at least for the races. Last evening we were visited by one of the festival specators and was he sun-burned. One can also be wind-burned. Be sure to wear hats and sunglasses to any outdoors events, for many have been burned with too much exposure this early in the year. ST (yesterday's Max 78F; Min 62F)

Saturday 27 March, 10 a.m. Wow! That wind changed to the north and we can no longer call this a beautiful, warm day. Sunny yes. But we now have 74 F, and 17 mph cold, north winds with choppy waves. Bad for the water racing. We may fare better at the music festival. More later. st 7 a.m. A beautiful, warm, sunny day for today's races. The wind direction may change and be coming from the NW later today. Also the Blues and Arts Festival is out in the open. Be sure to wear hats and sunglasses to both outdoors events, for many have been sun-burned with too much exposure this early in the year. ST (yesterday's Max 76F; Min 57F)

Friday 26 March, 7 a.m. It looks like it will be a wonderful, warm week-end for all the planned activities in San Felipe. The Hobiecats will be out there on the water today, getting ready for the big event. The beach will be lined with spectators, probably in summer attire, drinking in the warmth of our spring. Tomorrow the race is on but there is also the fantastic Blues and Arts Festival with many, many well-known musicians and bands taking part. Be sure to wear hats and sunglasses to both outdoors events, for many have been sun-burned with too much exposure this early in the year. ST (yesterday's Max 78F; Min 56F)

Thursday 25 March, 7 a.m. This is jacket weather folks. But button loosely for it will warm up soon this morning and they promise a beautiful day ahead. Skies are clear and water is calm. On the beach we are beginning to see hobiecats arriving for the races. It is a chance for us townsfolk to learn what hobie-catamarans are and how they are operated. Thank goodness the owners wear diving suits to stay warm while on and in the water through the weekend cool spell. ST (yesterday's Max 78F; Min 57F)

In just 3 days the sun has moved from south to the north of the rock entirely. Calm waters prevail.....Photo by Mel Bohnert


Wednesday 24 March, 7 a.m. Clear skies over San Felipe once again. Although winds are now coming from the NW, which means cooler temperatures this morning, we hope it will change to get back to those more normal readings later today. We need winds for the Hobiecat Regatta coming up this week-end. However we expect warmer temperatures for the Blues and Arts Festival also this week-end. ST (yesterday's Max 79F; Min 59F)


The sun has to fight through rain clouds this morning and will soon be high in blue skies. We had hoped to capture the sun directly behind the rock.
Photo by Mel Bohnert.

Tuesday 23 March, 7 a.m. After last night's surprise the air this morning is fresh and clean, and feels warmer than it really is. Clouds in the distance marred our normal sunrise. Little white clouds remain dotting the skies all around us. The winds and waters are quiet. A balmy spring day is now with us. ST (yesterday's Max 81F; Min 60F) 2:a.m. Precipitation amounts were a bit more than expected. We did not forsee this rain to hit as far south, but about midnight down it came. And it lasted for a couple of hours giving us almost a half inch at this station. Check our graphs for more details.

Monday 22 March, 7 a.m. Soft clouds widely spread over our skies this morning dampened our thoughts of spring. But they are quickly burning off. It is already into the 70's by the time I have all the statistics ready for this report. A good project for this Monday morning is to dig out the shorts and spring attire and to pack away all those winter clothes we really never did wear. Compared to the rest of the country this was a tropical winter. No-one could have asked for better. ST (yesterday's Max 79F; Min 59F)

Rock Consag .. the sun now rises almost directly behind it......Photo by Mel Bohnert

Sunday 21 March, 7 a.m. Sometimes this rock is invisible but this morning it appears as a huge ship sailing in from the mainland. The sun is rising 'almost' directly behind the rock just before it pops up for another gorgeous spring morning. In some places our weather hit the 80's yesterday with almost 60 degrees through the night. Soft clouds temper this picture. The breezes are still a little chilly from the north but are favoring the west as the day passes. We actually have brave persons swimming in our warming waters now. ST (yesterday's Max 80F; Min 59F)

Saturday 20 March, 7 a.m. Remember to take a sweater today for it promises to be just a little cooler, starting with our 61 degree reading. But no clouds and lots of sunshine will lessen that threat by this afternoon. We look forward to the Cancer Walk this morning and as you reach the Malecon the rewarding entertainment which continues on into the afternoon. No doubt you'll find some of the more hardy young showing off in the Sea of Cortez, which this morning is warmer than the weather. ST (yesterday's Max 79F; Min 59F)

DST Friday 19 March, 7 a.m. We are expecting a complete change in the weather pattern for the week-end but this morning it is still a balmy, warm start. Although winds are now just a slight breeze from the north we do not feel the chill. Our guests missed the few minutes it takes to see the bright yellow sun completely rise and quickly become white, blending into the clear blue of the sky. Tomorrow throw on a sweater and you will be completely comfortable for the Cancer Walk and all the entertainment that goes with it. ST (yesterday's Max 81F; Min 66F)

Without clouds this morning our sunrises are still beautiful.....Photo by Mel Bohnert

DST Thursday 18 March, 7 a.m. This is what we wake up to almost every morning. Even without clouds it is still breath-taking. With winds changing to the south it is noticeably warmer. Notice the water temperature has been raised to 68 degrees. We see people out claming nearly every day. I also want to mention that the birds are very active in their spring-time antics. As they bed down at night in the trees it sounds like an apartment house out there. It's never dull in San Felipe. ST (yesterday's Max 82F; Min 59F)

DST Wednesday 17 March, 7 a.m. St. Patrick's Day. Imagine 70 degrees this early in the morning. And we should see the 80's by this afternoon. There's not a cloud in the sky. Many will be out there in spring attire for today's celebrations relishing the warm sunshine and spring weather. The crowds have significantly reduced, leaving the beaches once again to the locals. High tides clear the sandy shores of dune-buggy tracks left by the enthusiastic drivers with their toys allowing easier access to those who want to pursue their exercise routine and walk that mile a day. Something for everyone. ST (yesterday's Max 79F; Min 63F)

DST Tuesday 16 March, 7 a.m. Although the wind has changed to the north it is still pretty balmy out there. Spring is with us and we relish it. I can't get used to DST yet, so I did not see this morning's sunrise. By this hour the sky is dazzling with bright sunlight and calming breezes...and the water is quiet. With a full moon tonight and high tides, beachcombing is popular this week. You never know what the higher waves will sweep in. We're still waiting for the results of the Baja 250 but the dust has settled and we can once again venture into the quiet of the desert. ST (yesterday's Max 73F; Min 2F)

DST Monday 15 March, 7 a.m. It seemed so dark when we arose at 5 a.m.DST but daylight comes quickly. We watched the morning sun rise out of the horizon as we ate breakfast and by 7 o'clock we had reached 64 degrees. A very gentle, warm, western breeze sways the very branches that our doves visit each morning, albeit now in a romantic mood for spring. The dust has now settled from our dramatic week-end of the famous Baja 250. Many of our guests have headed home and the town is quieting. This week it will be various corned beef and cabbage parties for St. Patrick's Day. ST (yesterday's Max 72F; Min 53F)

DST Sunday 14 March, 7 a.m. Winds are calm at this moment but swing SE to SW by the hour. No matter, they are warm spring winds. It still felt like 6:00 when I took the statistics for this weather report. By now 8 a.m. DST (yesterday's 7:00) it is already 63 degrees and promises to warm up, a little more each day for this next whole week. Skies are already ablaze with sunshine, no clouds. But there is still dust in the air from the BAJA 250 action Friday and Saturday. Traffic was extremely heavy on the highway as spectators travelled from check point to check point along the route. This was a winning event for San Felipe's economy. The weather was perfect. ST (yesterday's Max 74F; Min 51F)

Saturday 13 March, 7 a.m. Spring-like weather continues. By the middle of next week we may be into the 80's. The skies are clear, the water is calm and there is absolutely no breeze at this moment. Yesterday the Malecon was crowded with spectators to view the vehicles registering for the Baja 250. Today the spectators will be crowded at the various checkpoints along the race-front. It is like the Gods have smiled upon us with this terrific good weather. ST (yesterday's Max 72F; Min 52F)

Friday 12 March, 7 a.m. Let's hope those cold winds of yesterday, with whitecaps even, are behind us. It's a gorgeous morning with temperatures warming up quickly. Great for those who will be down on the Malecon viewing the entries as they qualify for the Baja 250. It's a chance to actually see the individual owners and their decorated vehicles & bikes at close hand. With warming winds from the south and calm waters optimism is the air. ST (yesterday's Max 69F; Min 51F) Dotty we will miss you terribly. ST

Thursday 11 March, 7 a.m. Yesterday afternoon the cold winds kicked up from the north discouraging beach combing for most of us. This morning we still have northern breezes keeping the temperatures in the low 60's. Weather forecasts are encouraging for the week-end. Starting today winds should calm and it should be warmer for the Steak in the Park event. It's like the weather-man chose to lighten up for this entire busy week-end. There should be enough going on to satisfy all the whims and desires of all ages in the visiting families; those that are not out at the Baja 250 check-points that is. Enjoy! ST (yesterday's Max 69F; Min 52F)

Wednesday 10 March, 7 a.m. They say a significant warming trend will begin today. With azure blue skies, brilliant in the spring sun and a southern warming breeze for the most part, we can't help but have the best of spring weather for the week-end. This is the last day for chores as the warmth is almost upon us. Many are here early to attend the Steak in the Park event tomorrow. I wonder if the town is ready for the influx of tourists for the Baja 250 which starts Friday. The weather calendar is co-operating fully. ST (yesterday's Max 75F; Min 53F)

Tuesday 9 March, 7 a.m. Clear, sunny skies are the promise of another spring-like day. Earlier we had a soft breeze but it is not cold. Now that breeze has stilled, as if waiting for our decision as to what to do today. We're looking forward to the Rotary's Steak in the Park event on Thursday. The town is also readying for the Baja 250 this week-end; all hotels and motels are filling up early. The deserts are where the activity is now. In town the road crews sweeping the streets and repainting the traffic lanes for this event and for Easter are putting us to shame. ST (yesterday's Max 70F; Min 54F)

Monday 8 March, 7 a.m. ..Although winds are calm now, earlier direction was from the SW. Already we are in the 60's but will remain cool for another day at least. With clear skies and a warming sun it should be a beautiful spring day. With nothing major on the calendar till the Rotary Steak feed in the park on Thursday we can relax and catch up on our home chores. ST (yesterday's Max 74F; Min 50F)

Sunday 7 March, 7 a.m. ...Around 4:00 I was awakened by winds and then the rain came. It did not last long and left no trace on the rain-gauge...at this campo. Although overcast it is not cold, rather refreshing. The sun is just trying to come out but we can expect another possibility of rain later in the day and maybe tomorrow. However, as long as the wind is from the south it is comfortably warming. Last evening the water was really muddy colored as we walked along the beach. Hope by now it is clear again. Today is the final day of the Tequila Festival. ST (yesterday's Max 73F; Min 54F)

Saturday 6 March, 7 a.m. This will definitely be a busy week-end. What promised to be a nice Saturday has changed. They say it will be much cooler with a chance of rain this evening. Imagine that! Well, we very seldom see the rains. So grab your jacket and get down to the Tony Reyes fishing tournament and then later to the Tequila Festival. This is all on the Malecon where you can watch the clouds over the waters and forecast for yourself. If that sun comes out we will have no problem throughout the day. ST (yesterday's Max 68F; Min 53F)

Friday 5 March, 7 a.m. We are running late this morning. Got to warm up the house a little as we are back in the 50's. Breezes from the north are not the desired directions; it has certainly been eratically changing directions for the past few hours. Hopefully the sun will perform miracles when it gets up there for this is going to be another busy week-end, starting today. Be sure to sign in for the Tony Reyes fishing tournament Saturday. And then there is the Tequila Festival. Have you seen the grunion runs this past week? The weather will be cooler but should be co-operating nicely. ST (yesterday's Max 73F; Min 50F) .

Thursday 4 March, 7 a.m. Look at that unreal view we captured of the fogbank over the water 50 miles away across mainland Mexico. Here at home we have a tiny breeze from the north which creates a cooler feeling to our otherwise normal morning. Clear skies, calm waters and a gorgeous spring day. We're getting ready for Daylight Savings time on March 14. This year California and Baja will be together again. ST (yesterday's Max 72F; Min 53F) .

Tuesday 2 March, 7 a.m. With a light cloud cover our morning skies continue to present unequalled opportunity for photography. It seems we have a 15 degree span between low and the high readings through Thursday. With 70 degree highs who could ask for more. Daylight Savings time begins in the U.S. on March 14 in U.S. and in Baja this year. With sunrise at 6:20 these days it is great to be up and ready with the camera. Skies with some clouds create beautiful images. Usually the sun burns off some of these clouds allowing our high readings to reach the 70's. The southern breezes, mostly calm, are also warm. Enjoy; this may change again this busy week-end. ST (yesterday's Max 69F; Min 55F)

It pays to wake up early amongst all this grandeur.
Photo by Mel Bohnert


Monday 1 March, 7 a.m. There is a promise of warming, dry weather through the middle of this week. It is a new month and March did come in like a lamb. After the squalling days around southern California and northern Baja through the end of February we can look forward to a quiet interlude to start March. Tonight is a very high tide. We saw the grunion appearing on the beach about 10 days ago but in daytime hours. There is a fantastic view of such a run at it's height on the front page. We have a full calendar of activities this week, with the most cooperative weather. Enjoy! ST (yesterday's Max 73F; Min 54F)





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