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Archive of weather for March 2007

Saturday, 31 March, 7:00 a.m San Felipe time (8:00 a.m. real time). This is the last day we will have a time difference between time quoted in San Felipe and California. Tonight, we too will go on daylight savings time....no April Fool! The branches lay still and the air is quiet this morning, as we prepare for a very busy week-end. Spring Breakers and visitors have already filled our town and traffic is horrific. Thank goodness we have extra security forces to help control it all. Forcasts read that things will warm up through all of next week. st

Friday, 30 March, 7:00 a.m San Felipe time (8:00 a.m. real time). I threw open the shades and stepped out into pure sunshine and very little winds this morning. Hopefully the warm weather is here to stay. The NW winds should become more westerly by this afternoon. Our Spring Break visitors are loving the beach life here. And we are enjoying the beachwear and the antics they bring. Looking forward to a big and great week-end. st

Thursday, 29 March, 7:00 a.m San Felipe time (8:00 a.m. real time). That low pressure is finally moving out of our area and maybe the mornings will be warmer by this week-end. The winds will still be from the north for a few days yet. With such a big week-end coming up, who will notice? We have the McMillin CODE 500 off-road race from Mexicali to San Felipe and the 1st Annual San Felipe Blues & Art Fiesta. This means the population will be spread from the Mountains to the Sea all week-end. Check it out. st

Wednesday, 28 March, 7:00 a.m San Felipe time (8:00 a.m. real time). Low pressure remains with us. Although it is going to remain cool through tomorrow, it should then start to warm up by 5 degrees a day through the end of March. The wind calmed during the night, moving to the north-west, one big reason it is still so cold, at least to us who love San Felipe warm weather. The waters are calm this morning also, great for the fishermen in the area. Visitors are still getting their fill of shrimp before the season ends. And days when the tide is at it's lowest, shrimping is a competative sport for newcomers. I, too, am going to fill my freezer, to impress my friends in the middle of summer. Have a great day. st

Tuesday, 27 March, 8:00 p.m San Felipe time (9:00 p.m. real time). It's been that kind of a day all day. The wind has come on stronger with sand blinding you at times across the highway. About an hour ago I was standing out there with my wind gauge measuring 36 mph, and sandblasting my face. I hear there are measurements even up into the 40's. This was on the ocean side of the property, high on the bluff. White caps have chased all of the pangas I saw this morning into their safe harbors. I think of the scary movies I have seen when something is rolling around on my roof, but I'm not about to check it out tonight. Koodoos to Kat, our weather reporter for the last week. It would be nice to hear from Tony who is facing very stormy weather in San Diego. st. 7:00 a.m San Felipe time (8:00 a.m. real time). Back to warm, sunny, San Felipe. Nothing beats the Sea of Cortez weather in my books. The cruise on the Celebrity ship, Mercry, to Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlan, Puerto Villarta, and Manzanilla was truly great. The ship was fabulous and the weather stayed beautiful all week. We enjoyed a ferry-boat ride and saw the whales in Cabot San Lucas. The weather was enjoyable the whole trip, although not as warm as what I'm used to here on the Sea side of Baja. Our Las Amigas group did the Cancer walk on the upper decks of the ship in unison with our friends here at home. When we arrived in San Diego it was miserably overcast and cool. Coming over the mountains was gloomy, no sun at all.......till we reached the top at 4200'. Then it was amazing how the overcast slowly disappeared and our friendly sun re-appeared once again. Then a surprise! As we drove down through the Laguna Salada we hit a dust storm so bad, you could not see approaching traffice if they did not have their lights on. Once past that it was back to lovely San Felipe where we once again can eat on the patio and enjoy our beautiful sunsets and sunrises. Last night I was amazed at how cool it really got here in San Felipe, and I guess we cannot expect much for the highs today; however, I read that the low point is today and starting tomorrow the mercury will start rising again. It's good to be back. st

Monday, 26 March, 12:00 Noon San Felipe time (1:00 p.m. real time). The weather is late today because I thought our weather gal was back! Oh well, better late than never. It's a bit muggy today and the wind is blowing slightly. We should see about 85 today. The Malecon was packed yesterday with kids on spring break, tourists and many locals. It was tough finding a parking place. Shirley will be reporting tomorrow from the beach. kh

Sunday, 25 March, 8:12 a.m. San Felipe time (9:12 real time). Clear and sunny skies with little or no wind greet us this fine Sunday morning. Today is my last day reporting the weather from in town. Our weather gal, Shirley, will be returning from her Club Las Amigas cruise to southern Mexico and she will be reporting from the beach once again. Yesterday's San Felipe Cancer Walk was a success with $16,000 being earned. Look for nice weather the next couple of days. kh

Saturday, 24 March, 10:12 a.m. San Felipe time (11:12 real time). Although the termperature is only 72, it feels like 80. We have slight winds from the west, southwest and the temperature should stay around the mid 70's the entire day. This is great weather for the San Felipe Cancer Walk and activities planned on the Malecon afterwards. It's for a good cause, so put on your tennis shoes, take out your wallet and help a San Felipe child. kh

Friday, 23 March, 9:23 a.m. San Felipe time (10:23 real time). Well, we had no rain yesterday and I never really expected it. Acuweather seemed to think it might rain but they also say on their web site that it's 89 degrees right now, so what do they know. Even though we don't have the high 80's as we did last week, the weather is still quite pleasant. Don't forget about the San Felipe Cancer Walk tomorrow at the Arches. kh

Thursday, 22 March, 9:25 a.m. San Felipe time (10:25 real time). It's kind of hazy out and there is no wind. The forecast called for possible rain showers today, but I don't think so. Let's hope the weather holds up for the San Felipe Cancer Walk scheduled for Saturday at the Arches. Another lousy day in paradise! kh

Wednesday, 21 March, 8:35 a.m. San Felipe time (9:35 real time). It's officially Spring here in beautiful San Felipe. We have scattered clouds and cooler temperatures are expected for the rest of the week. It's still nothing to complain about compared to other places. We have slight winds which may get stronger as the day progresses. Perfect weather for gardening or a nice walk on the beach. kh

Tuesday, 20 March, 8:37 a.m. San Felipe time (9:37 real time). We seem to have a cloud cover today, although they seem to be scattering and the sun is shining. The weather forecast is for cooler temperatures this week with a possibiity of rain on Thursday. I don't really believe it, but we shall see. kh

Monday, 19 March, 9:40 a.m. San Felipe time (10:40 real time). It's not as warm this morning as it was yesterday at this time, but there is no wind and the sun is shining brightly. We're very fortunate here in San Felilpe to have this great weather. If you'll check the weather channel, you'll see that the northern half of the states are getting rain, snow and cold and we'll reach 90 today. Enjoy! kh

Sunday, 18 March, 10:30 a.m. San Felipe time (11:30 a.m. real time). Our weather gal is off again, this time on a cruise with our local Club Las Amigas, so I'll be doing the weather while she's off jet setting. We couldn't ask for better weather. As with yesterday, there is a slight cool wind, which makes sitting out in the sun reading a pleasant experience. Possible high winds are forecasted for later today. I did have to make frequent trips out of the sun yesterday to cool off, as I will do today, but it's all worth it to have this beautiful weather and I'm working on my sun tan! kh

Saturday, 17 March, 7 a.m. San Felipe time (8 a.m. real time). Yes. That unusually strong high pressure system is giving us these near-record highs which should last through the week-end. The forecasts say we will return to cooler temperatures by the middle of next week. These extremely warm days brought out the best of the St. Patrick's Day costumes for the early celebrations starting yesterday which now continue through the week-end. Nothing but fun and games in San Felipe. st

Friday, 16 March, 7 a.m. San Felipe time (8 a.m. real time). An unusually strong high pressure system is giving us these near-record highs which should last through Saturday cooling down again this week-end. So much activity going on; you can move from one group to the next before ending each day at yet another stop, one of our many restaurants. The eateries on the Malecon,which have patios where one can sit in a soft breeze and watch the activity right on the beach are my favorites. This afternoon the San Felipe Animal Rescue group have a scrumptious St. Patrick's Day dinner and tomorrow several resorts will do the same. The SFAR is doing a terrific job for San Felipe. st

Thursday, 15 March, 7 a.m. We are basking in the warm days of Spring, with the town full of spring breakers and other visitors. Sorry to say with heavy construction going on creating the 4-lane highway on this portion of Highway 5 and heavy traffic passing through the center of this, many fender-benders as well as 4-wheelers are keeping the ambulances busy. The wiser are spending their time on the beach, many camping on free spaces south of town. Most stories we hear from our visitors are about the spectacular sunrises and sunsets, and the slower life-style of this little town. We agree; this town is special. st

Wednesday, 14 March, 7 a.m. Clear skies, calm waters, and virtually no breeze at this moment. We are drinking in these unexpected days of above normal weather. Can we expect this to last? Well, the forcasts give us till Saturday before a weak low pressure system will move into the region bringing down those extra high readings. Yesterday's Rotary function was a huge success. Friday we look forward to a St. Patrick's Day feast hosted by the Animal Rescue group; both in this fantastic Spring temperature break. I just received a telephone call that the porpoises are playing directly in front of our campo. I'm off to see the frolic. st

Tuesday, 13 March, 2 p.m. Crowds of spring breakers are enjoying the hospitality of the El Cortez and its friendly staff. The beer is iced and it is a beautiful afternoon with 77 F on the beach. What more could you ask for? (ej) 7 a.m. San Felipe time (8 am real time) We are enjoying our short but beautiful Spring season. We do not expect Spring rains but could sure use some to bring out the colorful desert flowers awaiting their show. We are also enjoying the first of the nesting season, watching the birds craft all different architectures, often in cactus plants. And of course, we enjoy the antics of the young that come to us at this time of year for spring break. The Rotary Club of San Felipe is hosting a 'Steak in the Park' function this afternoon, which is a very popular spring function. st

Monday, 12 March, 3 p.m. San Felipe time (4 pm real time). A fabulous afternoon on the beach for our spring breakers. There are a couple of dozen on the bay beaches enjoying the lazy afternoon. The sea continues to warm- it is now up to 71 F and the beach shade temperature is 76 F. (ej) 7 a.m. Although a pleasant temperature on the beach, our thermometer read 84 F at the warmest time of the day yesterday, cooling down only into the 70's at night out here at Campo Ocotillo. We remarked that it felt like summer rather than Spring as we supped on the patio last evening. A terrific week-end for visitors who came to watch the Baja 250 pass through about 70 miles from here. Residents are starting to make their exit plans but are not quite ready to leave such a marvelous Spring. st

Sunday, 11 March, 3 p.m. I went for a walk on the beach this afternoon. It has been beautiful with a very pleasant 74 degrees. The northerly wind has moderated a lot from the 10-12 mph we had at noon. A young family was examinimg the body of a dead sea lion. It looked as though it had just gone to sleep but the vultures are starting to gather and I imagine that their dinner will begin when the people move away.(ej). 7 a.m. That strong high pressure that has lain just off the coast of California will now move east over the SW United States and Baja resulting in above normal temperatures even longer, maybe through the whole of this week's Spring Break. A soft breeze draws us to the beach early this morning where the smells of beans, tortillas, garlic and onions on various breakfast menus at each campsight we pass increases my appetite tenfold. Further down we hear the start up of race cars, early starters no doubt. This early spring weather is perfect for any activity. Come on down. st

Saturday, 10 March, 1 p.m. There is a breeze from the northwest that has spung up and is keeping the beach temperatures down around 68 F, though in town we are doing fine with a pleasant 73 F. There are some really noisy quads and buggies that are driving up and down the bay beaches and seem to take delight in making their exhaust noises as loud as possible. I have had to close the windows in order to be able to hear myself think and to have a phone conversation. It is more distracting than living in a house next to a Los Angeles freeway. This is supposed to be the land of quiet and tranquility - the image that the real estate agents and developers are marketing so aggressively. One of my neighbors has just put his house on the market for $1.15 million dollars and he is going to have a difficult job of selling with this bad image of the beachront communities being presented to potential clients. (ej). 7 a.m. This unseasonably warm weather is now forcasted to extend through next Friday, with possible 90 degree readings. Clear skies and soft breezes will compliment this camera-perfect week. The spring breakers that chose this week for their fairytale outing should relish it for years to come. Beaches will be a popular spot for gatherings in the daytime and dining and dancing on open-air patios with this tropical weather is a must. Also, the racers and spectators have a perfect week to gather at Valle de Trinidad on Saturday to see the race that will start in Ensenada. What a week-end. st

Friday, 9 March, 1 p.m. In town we have a delightful 77 F and 37%RH. Out on the beaches it is nudging up to around 72 F. The breezes are very light, out of the east at 3-4 mph. All things considered a perfect day. We are now turning off the heat in our homes and relying on the warming during the day to heat up the brickwork of our houses. During the evening, the brickwork releases its heat and keeps things comfortable overnight. You will find that if you come to live here in San Felipe this concept of heat storage for houses is very important. It is one of the main reasons why we build with concrete and brick rather than use wood and stucco as in the USA - we need the house itself to work to even things out between day and night.(ej) 7 a.m. Above normal temperatures are here. Forcasts are for clear skies and temperatures to rise into the 90's by early next week. Daylight savings change on Sunday will also affect this pattern for those in the United States, but not here in Mexico where we will stay on Standard Time for 3 more weeks. This will be a difficult time for transitioning between the two countries on the clock. Weatherwise, I think we in the whole south-west have the best of 2 worlds. Even the water is warming up. Many water activities are back on the calendar. And it's only March. st

Thursday, 8 March, 1 p.m. Calm with clear skies in town. 78 F in the shade with 33% RH. Around 72 on the beach and the water is starting to warm up. (ej) 7 a.m. High pressure from the Pacific, moving east, is bringing us above normal temperatures through Sunday at least. The water is as a light blue saucer of gelatin, hardly a ripple. With nary a breeze at this moment and the sun's rays having a direct path to our patio tables we are so warm and comfortable we hardly want to start the day's activities. On the calendar this week-end is an Arts and Crafts show, and I hear there is a huge clam feast in someone's back yard. I'm sure most will be sporting their spring clothes, a great change from jeans & sweatshirts. Spring is definitely here. st

Wednesday, 7 March, 7 a.m. Spring fever is about to attack. With highs into the 70's expected on the beach, into the 80's in town and in the desert areas unless the clouds prevent this, we are rejoicing that we have our famous sunny weather back. With spring breakers rolling in there is so much activity going on everyone is into some hobby or sport. Today San Felipe ARP group meets followed by the first Goldeneer luncheon, hosted especially for those over 80 years old. While the hotels are putting on specials for the teen-age groups, mostly evening affairs. Everyone is busy. st

Tuesday, 6 March, 2 p.m. Another very pleasant afternoon. Not terribly hot; 68 F on the beach with 50%RH and a cooling breeze of 3-5 mph from the east. The sea is almost glassy in the bay and when the local highschool teams go out skulling, the boats cut through the water like a knife and leave laminar wake that spreads slowly outwards but does not break the stillness of the surface. (ej). 6 a.m. Back to the gorgeous morning sunrise and calm mornings we expect in San Felipe. The temperatures are expected to rise into the 80's by the week-end before we begin to cool back down again. Daylight Savings time begins Sunday 3/11 even before Spring begins. All in all Spring Breakers are arriving and the town will again come alive. st

Monday, 5 March, 4 p.m. A beautiful afternoon! The winds are gone and we have 73 F with 35% RH on the beach at the El Cortez Hotel, 77 F in town at the office. What a pity the Hobies are gone - though I expect they prefer the wind. Our town is very quiet.(ej) 11 a.m. A much more pleasant day than yesterday. Out on the beach the breeze has sprung up from the northwest at 10 mph but it is still getting warmer (67 F) and the skies are clear. A good day for the start of Spring Break. (ej).7 a.m The tide is out right now, the water is laying smooth under the overcast skies. It feels warmer because there is no wind at this time. The sun is doing it's best to break through those heavy clouds. With all the festivities of the week-end now behind us we can take a breath before Spring Breakers take over. Forcasts give us hope the temperatures will reach into the 80's this week. st

Sunday, 4 March, 3 p.m What a windy day! We have had gusts up to around 30 mph this morning. Outside we now have hazy sunshine with 65 F, 38% RH and northeast winds of 15 mph. Not only has this weather been difficult for our Hobie visitors, it is also a poor day for standing out on the Malecon to taste tequila. (ej). 8 a.m. The light cloud cover continues and the cold winds are still from the north. Our visitors and hobie-cat operators have to dress warmer than planned. We're back to the sweatshirts and jackets until this high pressure passes. After this breeziness phaze the winds will become generally light and forcasts suggest that the temperatures will rise to well-above-normal, maybe into the 80's. I'm anxious to read reports of whether this wind helps or hurts our racers. st

Saturday, 3 March, 2 p.m. Considerable high cloud. Partly sunny in town with 66 F and 33% RH. Winds out on the bay are gusting to 15 mph. Shrimp boats are sheltering in the shadow of Machorro to avoid the 30 knot winds out in the open waters. A challenging day for the Hobie Cat regatta. (ej) 8 a.m. Already I have changed the statistics for this day's weather report. It is now very windy, gusts up to 17 mph and likely to go higher. The water out there has some small whitecaps topping very choppy seas. What will this do to the HobieCat races?? I remember the year there was so little wind the last person swam tugging his hobiecat behind him to the finish line. Wear your heavy jackets today folks. See you down at the beach. st

Friday, 2 March, 3 p.m. The Hobies are arriving and a few are even out on the water. Out on the beach in front of the El Cortez, we have 68 degrees with 23% RH and north winds 7-10 mph. 7 a.m. I'm back to the beautiful morning views on the Sea of Cortez. Looking forward to 70 degrees, spring clothes and light jackets for this busy week-end ahead as opposed to sweat-shirts and jeans over on the Pacific side where I've spent the last 2 weeks. Loved seeing the whales, some of us even got to touch them. On our return trip, athough it was late evening when we dropped down onto the eastern side of the mountains here I immediately felt my tenseness from cold weather disappear. It was too late to look for our colorful sunsets; maybe this evening. Nights are still plenty cold, but heck, this isn't really Sprng yet. Current high pressure and plenty of sunshine might change that too. st

Thursday, 1 March noon. Cool and dry in town with 64 F and 33 % RH. Winds slowly increasing from the north at 5-8 mph as high pressure builds over the southwest. This should be a good weekend for the hobie cat regatta though I would not want to fall overboard into the cold water! (ej).10:32 a.m. It's sunny and windy today, the first day of March. The forecast is for cooler temperatures throughout the weekend. I've managed to catch a cold, which is part of the reason the weather is late today. As long as the sun keeps shining and the temperatures stay the way they have been, we should all have a great time at the Tequila Festival. Bring a jacket. kh


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