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San Felipe - Archive of weather for MAR 2009.

We have just returned home from a most wonderful trip to Cabo San Lucas, Baja Sur. I have now finished writing of the trip with pictures. Please enjoy it with me on this URL: http://www.sanfelipe.com.mx/photo_gallery/index.html (go to the bottom item: vacation to Cabo San Lucas)
P.S. Thanks for all the kudos we're getting. .

Tuesday 31 March, 8 a.m.(U.S.) .... .[Still 7:00 Mex time] The low fronts moving across the north are really cooling down the nights. Last week we were in the 60's for sleeping, this week it is the low 50's. As long as the winds remain from the south, either SW or SE we see the warmer temperatures. People out there have warm jackets on and various clamming tools, working the waters at low tide. This past week-end our company came with a bucket full they had gathered in just 2 hours. He must be a pro! (st) Yesterday's Max 79 F, Min 57 F Humidity currently 33 %

Monday 30 March, 8 a.m.(U.S.) .... .[Still 7:00 Mex time] At 4:00 a.m there was little breeze, but by now the winds are pushing those branches. It actually looks colder than it is. And today we have the first of 3 low fronts moving across the north this week. In spite of this the temperatures will reach almost normal, which is to say in the high 70's to low 80's. We are already looking forward to the LUAU being held this week-end as we get into April's activities. (st) Yesterday's Max 79 F, Min 57 F Humidity currently 33 %

Sunday 29 March, 8 a.m.(U.S.) .... .[Still 7:00 Mex time] It is already in the 70's, with hardly any breeze; a wonderful day ahead. Those few clouds may disappear in 3-4 hours. Yesterday's fiesta was a great success. Some may have received sunburns while listening to many bands from out of town. Soft northern breezes did offset some. Today we can expect more of the same, but without the wonderful entertainment. (st) Yesterday's Max 76 F, Min 58 F Humidity currently 23 %

Saturday 28 March, 8 a.m.(U.S.) .... .[Still 7:00 Mex time] A strong north wind raised havoc throughout the night. Winds this morning are due to change to the southwest by this evening thus bringing us warmer temperatures tomorrow Walking on the beech this morning the strong sun rays over calm waters is marred only by the north, cool breezes. It should be a great day for the Blues and Arts Fiesta this afternoon. (st) Yesterday's Max 75 F, Min 59 F. Humidity currently 22 %

Friday 27 March, 4:00 p.m. Strong breezes have kicked in and the water is now very mean. In fact it is muddy with high, strong waves. The winds may last through the night. 8 a.m.(U.S.) ....[Still 7:00 Mex time] It's beautiful out there but that strong north wind makes you hug your jacket tighter to your body. Clear skies, but rippling waters sets the scene. This will last possibly into tomorrow but then we expect it to die down. As the wind changes to the NW we can expect warmer temperatures even as we still have breezes. This is good news for the Blues and Arts Fiesta on Saturday. (st) Yesterday's Max 79 F, Min 63 F. Humidity currently 24 %

Thursday 26 March, 8 a.m.(U.S.) ....[Still 7:00 Mex time] That cold front may reach us this afternoon bringing gusty winds & dust and a little cooler weather through Friday. Yesterday we reached into the 80's, probably 85 degrees in town and I saw a group of Spring Breakers in scant clothing heading for the beach. Anytime today is perfect for enjoying the 70 degree water. We have friends that will be going out in low tide at 7:00 a.m. Saturday to bring us some clams for a BBQ fish and clam feast this week-end. And Saturday is the Blues and Arts Fiesta. Could life get any better than this? (st) Yesterday's Max 77 F, Min 60 F. Humidity currently 27 %

Wednesday 25 March, 8 a.m.(U.S.) ....[Still 7:00 Mex time] Waking up in sunny, 60 degree temperatures is definitely for me. With a soft western breeze and sunshine this is no big deal. However we expect that cold front to hit us tomorrow and cool things down again for a day or two. That sun shining across smooth, almost still waters belies any bad weather reports. On our fishing trip last week Karen and Margaret were kayaking, Karen fell in but 64 degree temperatures in deep water did not deter her. It is sad to listen to the horrible weather reports in the east. Time for Spring Break for everyone. (st) Yesterday's Max 77 F, Min 60 F. Humidity currently 27 %

Tuesday 24 March, 8 a.m.(U.S.) ....[Still 7:00 Mex time] Today and tomorrow we should see warmer weather but one more short, cold front is on it's way by Thursday. Today we have cool breezes from the north but strong sunrays as it travels back up to offset these. Great for the tennis players at El Dorado. Coming up next is the Blues and Arts Fiesta. And we have plenty of activities going on through April. The weather is co-operating nicely. (st) Yesterday's Max 74 F, Min 57 F. Humidity currently 28 %

Monday 23 March, 8 a.m.(U.S.) ....[Still7:00 Mex time] Cooler weather by about 7 degrees hit us during the night in the wake of Sunday's dry cold front. And it will be cold off and on throughout this week with a promise of warmer weather by this week-end. We watched some of the hobie-cat regatta's last day from the El Cortez and the beachfront. They were late in starting because the winds were late in appearing, but it was great through the end if you were watching just one catamaran. The El Dorado Spring Tennis Tournament starts today and will last all this week. (st) Yesterday's Max 81 F, Min 52 F. Humidity currently 32 %

Sunday 22 March, 8 a.m.(U.S.) ....[Still7:00 Mex time] It was much better weather than expected out there on the Tony Reyes fishing charter where we have spent the last 3 days down by the islands near the Bahia de Gonzalves. Although temperatures were not that much

This is a close-up photo of our famous Rock named after Father Consag. The tide is coming in so most of the sea lions and pelicans and sea-gulls are in the water.This rock is 25 miles out there and it took 2 1/2 hours to come in.


warmer, fishing in the direct sunlight brought on the sunburns. Karen actually fell in 64 degree water while kayaking with her friend Margaret. Back here in San Felipe We saw the temperatures slowly dropping daily but night-time readings rose slightly. This morning the clouds are heavy and we expect a stong breeze shortly; great for the hobie cats today. (st) Yesterday's Max 77 F, Min 61 F. Humidity currently 47 %




Saturday 21 March, 9:30 a.m. Brilliant sunshine this morning but a tad colder than it was yesterday. There is a moderate easterly breeze coming up and this should help our Hobie Cat regatta people. The storm that is working its way down the Pacific coast is expected to affect southern California by Sunday morning and will bring strong winds and blowing sand in the deserts - so enjoy the beautiful conditions we have today. While rain is expected in San Diego, this late winter (early spring??) disturbance will not bring us any moisture down in Baja, though we could sorely use some rain in the middle of this terrible drought. (emm). Yesterday's Max 76 F, Min 62 F. Humidity currently 65 %

Friday 20 March, 8:30 a.m. Thin, light, cloud is swirling around overhead although there is much more cloud drifting NE over the gulf to our south. Pleasant with 73 F on the beach this morning, climbing to the mid-70's by afternoon. Out in the desert we will see superb conditions for exploring the foothills and canyons where temperatures will be in the mid-80's. Increasing breezes are expected over the weekend. (emm). Yesterday's Max 77 F, Min 62 F. Humidity currently 60 %

Thursday 19 March, 4 p.m. Still 74 F and 59% RH on the beach. The wispy clouds are coming over again. Light easterly breeze at 5 m.p.h. noon. The cloud has moved away and we now have a very pleasant 74 F with 60% RH and light easterly breezes on the beach.

8:30 a.m. Thin, high, cloud is passing over San Felipe this morning and this is expected to be with us most of the day and will moderate our temperatures. Right now the winds are calm and the sea is glassy but a breeze should pick up later in the day. We are hoping for some good wind for the weekend so that the Hobie Cat regatta can have some challenging conditions. (emm - taking over while Shirley is fishing) Yesterday's Max 78 F, Min 59 F. Humidity currently 50 %,

Wednesday 18 March, 8 a.m. (U.S.) ....[Still 7:00 Mex time] Finally we have caught up to the predicted temperature rise. We are now up into the 80's in town and look forward to a few more days of the same. We expect the breeze to turn to the south-west this afternoon and that the flat tides will give us smooth waters for our coming fishing trip with Tony Reyes. The cancer walk, the folk festival, and the Hobie Cat regatta are all happening this week-end. Don't miss any of them. (st) Yesterday's Max 79 F, Min 60 F. Humidity currently 32 %,

Tuesday 17 March, 8 a.m. (U.S.) ....[Still 7:00 Mex time] Almost 70 degrees out there at this hour with the humidity going down. But the daytime highs so far have been disappointing in San Felipe. We are having a nice breeze off of the water which lowers our expectations somewhat. Yesterday in the desert we actually got sunburned as we climbed to a local waterfall and viewed across several giant Cardon cactus among the desert trees amd shrubs. Today we expect plenty of sunshine for the Animal Rescue group 'ZAPP" Corn Beef and Cabbage dinner. Spring time is definitely here. (st) Yesterday's Max 72 F, Min 54 F. Humidity currently 39 %,

The giant Cardons, appear everywhere on the Baja. They live for hundreds of years in the right climate, especailly amongst the mountains. This one of the smaller waterfalls creating a deep pool at its base. Larger falls appeared higher just out of reach of this cameraman.

Monday 16 March, 8 a.m. (U.S.) ....[Still 7:00 Mex time] Statistics remain almost identical to yesterday except the humidity which is still shooting up. Clear skies, soft breezes although still from the north, and calm waters. We expected warmer weather yesterday, hopefully today for those who are going out on a desert run to see the water falls. This week is really going to be busy. We are greatful that the forecast is for spring weather. (st) Yesterday's Max 75 F, Min 54 F. Humidity currently 48 %

Sunday 15 March, 8 a.m. (U.S.) ....[Still 7:00 Mex time] Clear, warm spring weather. We're expecting the 90's by midweek. The winds have changed to a western wind, soon to become a southern breeze. And it's a busy week for yours truly. We want to watch the winners trophy ceremony on the malecon. We might gather together and head for the waterfalls in the valley arroyas. The Animal Rescue group 'ZAPP' is holding their annual Corn Beef and Cabbage dinner at the Lodge. And we look forward to fishing on the Tony Reyes boats. All in the warmest weather of this Spring. (st) Yesterday's Max 75 F, Min 55 F. Humidity currently 33 %.

Saturday 14 March, 8 a.m. (U.S.) ....[Still 7:00 Mex time] As the day wears on we will see more dust in the sky because this is the day of the Baja 250. The north winds should help carry it south rather than east towards town. It's a gorgeous day, sunshine and only a few clouds. The water is calm. A good turn-out for families with children who can actually brave the 69 degree temperatures. But most visiting families and many of us locals, including me, will be out at the race track either at the beginning spots, or hopefully a corner where they will come in towards the end of the race. A very busy day all around. (st) Yesterday's Max 70 F, Min 51 F. Humidity currently 47 %,

Friday 13 March, 8 a.m. (U.S.) ....[Still 7:00 Mex time] My goodness it is already 70 degrees with plenty of sunshine and we are out in our shirtsleeves. A great day to be in town to view the fabulous race cars as they pass inspection for tomorrow's big day. And the promise is for well above normal temperatures for our next week's 3-day fishing trip on the Jose Andres, Tony Reyes' boat. There's still time for sign-ups. Also the water is perfectly smooth and coming into flat tides for water sports. (st) Yesterday's Max 70 F, Min 51 F. Humidity currently 47 %,

Thursday 12 March, 8 a.m. (U.S.) ....[Still 7:00 Mex time] .I'm running late this morning. It is already bright and warming. However we have a NW wind which keeps a cool breeze on our backside. Hopefully it will warm as the day progresses. Today will be great for that 'Steak in the Park' event. Also a great week-end ahead for the 'Baja 250'. With the full moon passing we can expect the tides to even out. Next week will be a calm week for our 3-day fishing trip on the Tony Reyes boat. We are still able to take 2 more ladies in a state-room for 4, and anyone who wishes to sleep in the open air bunks, men or women. (st) Yesterday's Max 68 F, Min 49 F. Humidity currently 49 %,

Wednesday 11 March, 8 a.m. (U.S.) ....[Still 7:00 Mex time] It has not warmed enough for us. A soft blue morning out there, the sky and the water seem to meet, both quiet and waiting for the breeze expected shortly. When that turns to the south we can expect the day to warm faster, catching up with the optimistic forecast promised above. We're looking forward to that Steak in the Park event tomorrow sponsored by the Rotary Club.(st) Yesterday's Max 69 F, Min 52 F. Humidity currently 38 %,

Tuesday 10 March, 8 a.m. (U.S.) ....[Still 7:00 Mex time] ....Ron & Chris, 2 strong young men, are visiting from Bremerton Washington where the high today is 42, the low 27. We can expect it to reach 70 degrees before noon today. The sun is beckoning us to take the quads out to the desert, hopefully to see the Baja 250 practice riders in motion. Swimming weather is still a month away, so maybe we'll challenge the guys to climbing El Mochorro tomorrow. We have the promise of warmer weather for the rest of this week. (st) Yesterday's Max 68 F, Min 51 F. Humidity currently 41 %,

Monday 9 March, 8 a.m. (U.S.) ....[Still 7:00 Mex time] ....Winds from the northwest are with us this morning and could reach up to 20 mph during the day..But we have beautiful sunshine which should warm us up quickly. SWAT has cancelled the Spring Break tours to San Felipe because of incorrect media publicity, blaming all of Mexico for the problems of specific border towns. . San Felipe is a quiet, tourist area. We have Federal check points from both sources coming into town making this like a gated community. What a shame that the kids will not get to see what a joy it is to live in this beautiful area on the Sea of Cortez. (st) Yesterday's Max 69 F, Min 52 F. Humidity currently 40 %

Sunday 8 March, 8 a.m. (U.S.) ....[Still 7:00 Mex time] ....It's miserably overcast this morning, discouraging for our first wave of spring breakers. But they're young and the town is ready for the on flux of their visit. Tomorrow we should start off in the low to mid 70's and hopefully will gradually increase through the week into the low 80's. We have the maximum high tides and minus low tides for the next few days for early morning beach combers. Check our Activities Calendar for other major activities. (st) Yesterday's Max 68 F, Min 53 F. Humidity currently 33 %

Saturday 7 March, 7 a.m. A beautiful, crispy cool morning to greet us: bright sunshine almost everywhere goes good with our coffee. The tide is in. With no winds here, you can listen to the ripple of the waves on the shore, music with your breakfast if on the patio. Today they will be having the 'Texas Hold Them' tournament at the Ranch, inside activities during this cold intermittent period. A great day for getting out into the desert, especially if you have an enclosed jeep or 4-while drive vehicle. We expect it to warm up by Tuesday.(st) Yesterday's Max 67 F, Min 49 F. Humidity currently 35 %

Friday 6 March, 7 a.m. Lightly overcast skies, but the sun is breaking through to cast a bright glow on our sea-front. A dry cold front moving across our area will result in gusty winds. Temperatures are lower and expected to be back down to normal tomorrow. But this is March folks, a very busy March. We expect the Spring breakers amongst other major activities; check our Activities calendar. Yesterday's Max 73 F, Min 53 F. Humidity currently 40 % (st)

Thursday 5 March, 7 a.m. Overcast skies are disheartening. Breezy conditions are expected today and Friday. No rain is in the forecast but who knows. We have calm, warm sea water, great for fellows with those rich toys, like boats and water skies. For the rest of us, we can hope that it doesn't get too breezy and that the sun comes out by noon.Yesterday's Max 76 F, Min 56 F. Humidity currently 35 % (st)

Wednesday 4 March, 7 a.m. A few high clouds stream across our mostly sunny skies this morning. We expect it to stay this way at least through the rest of the week. Expect some breeziness this afternoon and tomorrow. Notice that the water is getting warmer; we have a few brave specimens showing off out there, some working on their small boats. Too bad the poker run got cancelled. But maybe it's best as we expect much colder weather for the week-end. Yesterday's Max 82 F, Min 62 F. Humidity currently 30 % (st)

Tuesday 3 March, 7 a.m. The sun is trying to break through that rather heavy haze which hangs over the entire area this morning. The thermometer is rising quickly: with no breeze to offset it we should be into the high 70's before noon. With the daylight savings time change in the U.S. coming up Saturday night everything is getting into high gear for some busy week-ends ahead. (Mexico stays on standard time for the rest of this month). Let's hope that pacific low pressure system doesn't reach us here in San Felipe. Yesterday's Max 87 F, Min 64 F. Humidity currently 31 % (st)

Monday 2 March, 7 a.m. An unusually strong high pressure system will result in a sharp increase in temperatures today, possibly in the high 80's this afternoon. The 67 degree water is so calm and there is no breeze whatsoever. Low tide should be about ...08 at 10:00 a.m. Great day for water sports. Breezy weather and increased cloudiness are not expected till at least tomorrow. It should be an extremely beautiful day. Yesterday's Max73 F, Min 60 F. Humidity currently 30 % (st)

Sunday 1 March - noon. Gorgeous! On the beach 72 F with the tide now coming in. Light northerly breezes. In town 77 F.

9 a.m. March is coming in like a lamb. It is a beautiful morning in San Felipe with pleasant temperatures and a mild northeast breeze. The tide is way out and there are small groups walking along the beach looking for unusual shells left behind by the low water. Baja 250 practice runs are underway in the desert where we can expect to see temperatures in the low 80's today. Be very careful if you are going on expeditions to the inland canyons for the next couple of weeks as you will likely encounter clouds of dust from passing racers.

The infrared satellite image (right) shows that a strong low pressure front is sliding into the California Pacific coast and will bring rain showers there during the next several days. The big red patch in the picture shows this front bringing up tropical moisture into northern California and Oregon. If you look at the left center, you can see the spiral of the actual low pressure system that is responsible for this front. It is unlikely we will get anything more than wind out of this storm here in San Felipe. Yesterday's Max 73 F, Min 59 F. Humidity currently 42 % (ej)





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