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San Felipe - Archive of weather for June 2009.



Tuesday 30 June, noon. We had a record high temperature of 102F for the date yesterday around 5 in the afternoon. The flow of tropical moisture continues unabated and could bring us occasional, but isolated, showers in the late afternoon. These are the days to sleep late and wait for the refreshing ocean breezes to kick in before venturing too far from the air conditioning. It should be a beautiful and sunny holiday weekend here and sales of cold beer are expected to be substantial. (TC)

Monday 29 June, noon. Tropical moisture flow from the south is continuing and we are cooking with a heat index (feel-like) temperature of 100F. Fortunately, the wind has shifted back to the east in the past hour and the temperature is dropping. If you are not playing in the sea, you probably want to be in an airconditioned bar right now. (TC)

Sunday 28 June, 8 a.m. Yesterday was very warm and humid. It felt very uncomfortable, not because it was especially hot, but because the relative humidity was in the 70-80% range for most of the day - giving us a heat index that hovered close to 100 F. The culprit was the steady onshore flow over the warm waters of the gulf. The breeze picked up all the moisture it possibly could and brought it onshore - more of an August phenomenon than a June one. Today is starting out with tropical, high, cloud streaming northeast over us. We see that the deserts of the southwest could experience temperatures approaching 120 F today and tomorrow. At least, our moist sea air keeps the temperature down in the 80's here. (TC)

Saturday 27 June, 11 a.m. It feels really hot today and the high humidity is pushing the heat index to almost 100 F at the moment. Fortunately, the breeze is starting to blow and that will moderate things during the day. Overnight it was very warm and humid - essential airconditioning weather - expect similar for this evening. The ultra-violet index is 12 out of a possible 15 this morning so slather yourself with plenty of SPF 30 before going on the beach. (TC)

Thursday 25 June, 10 a.m. There is a flow of monsoonal moisture up the Gulf of California and this is likely to continue for a few days. We expect continued warm conditions with high relative humidities today. Perfect for the beach but not so good if you have to work. Thunderheads are developing over Sonora and there should be a good light show tonight for those with a clear view to the east.(TC)

Wednesday 24 June, 10 a.m. Tropical storm Andres, the first of the season, is becoming disorganized south of the tip of Baja and no threat to us. However, we can expect tropical moisture to be swept up across the peninsular and into Arizona over the next few days. Look for thunderstorms in the mountains in the late afternoons and electrical storms over the sea in the evenings. Town is very quiet today. (TC)

Tuesday 23 June, 10:30 a.m. Another record low pressure overnight of 998 millibars - a sign that the deserts are really starting to get hot. A strong high pressure system is building over Arizona and that will spread the heat down here. Fortunately, we are protected by the waters of the Sea of Cortez and if you live close to the beach, or are vacationing in a hotel or condo on the beach, you have nothing but beautiful weather to contend with. Look forward to a very nice day by the high water this afternoon as the big tides continue. Sorry our office webcam is experiencing problems this morning but the beach tidecam picture will give you a view of the beauty of the surging tides today. (TC)

Monday 22 June, 8:30 a.m. Warm and humid overnight. A light breeze is now picking up and there is high pressure building to the north over Arizona. This is going to mean increasing temperatures for us for the next few days - ideal for a beach vacation! The tide is way out and we will have very high tides for the next three afternoons because of tonight's new moon. This huge tidal swing is something that amazes visitors to our region and is caused by the strong resonant effects induced in the long, narrow, Sea of Cortez by the gravitational pull on the water by the sun and the moon when they are aligned at the times of new and full moon. Meanwhile, the first Pacific hurricane of the season, Andres, is being born off the southern Pacific coast of Mexico near Zihuataneo. The projected path takes it towards the southern tip of Baja but there is no threat to the northern part of the peninsular at this time. (TC)

Sunday 21 June, 10:30 a.m. Fathers day - probably the most important day of the year. Necktie sales are booming in the June gloom of Southern California. However, in San Felipe I would bet that not a single necktie has been sold this weekend. Last night we hit a record low pressure for the year, 999 millibars at 6:45 p.m. as a trough moved over Baja California. Now we see building high pressure to our north which portends increasing temperatures for the week ahead.

The summer weather pattern is getting underway and we can expect to see calm early-morning conditions with high temperatures and humidities until the wind springs up. Follow that with pleasant beach conditions with temperatures in the 80's until the late afternoon, then a sudden jump in temperatures to close to 100F as the winds shift to the south and west. Overnight will be calm with very high relative humidities - air conditioning is now becoming essential for a decent nights sleep. Windy on the beach with perfect tanning conditions and warm but choppy water. (TC).

Saturday 20 June, 10:30 a.m. Well, Saturday has started off as a scorcher. Since sunrise, the temperature has risen relentlessly from 72 to the current 94F as the winds have been coming more from the southeast bringing very dry air over town. Hopefully, as the wind increases and shifts towards the east we will get more moderate temperatures. Out on the bay there are banana boats running up and down dumping their passengers into the water on that final turn towards the beach. Maybe this is the best place to be for the day! (TC).

Friday 19 June, 10:30 a.m. Continued clear and sunny, calm and pleasant seas. It should be an absolutely beautiful weekend. The wind is now picking up and that will cool things off a lot. (TC).

Thursday 18 June, 10:30 a.m. Clear and sunny, calm seas with high tide approaching. Town was surprisingly busy with visitors yesterday - perhaps people are taking a long Fathers Day weekend? Today I am seeing quite a few cars going back and forth to town so maybe the dry spell is coming to an end and visitors are realizing that San Felipe is a safe place to be. On the beach we have 86F with 60% RH and pleasant breezes from the northeast.(TC).

Wednesday 17 June, 10:30 a.m. Mostly clear skies over San Felipe this morning. The tide is coming in and the water continues to warm as we approach the summer solstice. We are shifting in to the weather pattern for the hot period of the year where we get still, almost oppressive, air overnight with light zephyrs arising as dawn breaks. As the morning wears on the winds pick up and the conditions on the beach become ideal for swimming and kayaking. On the beach we have 83F with 65% RH and pleasant breezes from the northeast.(TC).

Tuesday 16 June, 10:30 a.m. Cloud is passing over San Felipe this morning as a branch of the jet stream steers in more tropical moisture. A low pressure cell has been bringing rain showers to the San Diego area since midnight and will likely bring more rain to the mountains and possibly the deserts to our north. Expect clearing later in the day with increasing temperatures over the next couple of days. On the beach we have 84F with 41% RH and pleasant breezes from the northeast.(TC).

Monday 15 June, 10 a.m. Low pressure is developing over northern Baja and this will bring increasing chances of afternoon thunderstorms in the mountains to our north and west. Spillover to the coastal San Felipe region is unlikely but we could see some spectacular cumulus clouds in the late afternoons and also see lightning storms develop over the Sonora coastline in the evenings. These giant light shows can be awe-inspiring as you sit on the balcony with a cocktail in the evenings and look out across the sea. Right now we have a tranquil morning on the beach with light northeasterly breezes and 81F in the shade. The relative humidity has been rising steadily since dawn but conditions are comfortable for a walk on the beach.(TC).

Sunday 14 June, 11 a.m. Just another excellent day in San Felipe. Warm with a pleasant northeast breeze. Some thin, high, cloud to the north. The tide is low and there are a few people walking their dogs along the water's edge, throwing balls into the sea for the dogs to chase. Very relaxing! (TC).

Saturday 13 June, 9:30 a.m. Pretty much a carbon copy of yesterday. A decent northeasterly breeze is blowing, keeping the humidity down, and the windchill temperature is a very pleasant 79F equivalent. The beaches are very quiet and it is really an ideal day for relaxing and getting your kayak out on the water for a little exercise. What a pity that we do not have a place in town where you can rent them for the day. The deserts are heating up so if you want to take a dune buggy to see the fossil beds and waterfalls, do it now before it becomes scorching hot - and take plenty of water.(TC).

Friday 12 June, 9:30 a.m. Some thin, high cloud can be seen north of town but overhead we have clear skies and intense sunshine. We are expecting a UV index of 11-12 (on a scale of 15) for the next few days - great for the very advanced sunworshippers, especially those deprived of sun in the San Diego region. For travelers coming for the weekend, note that the 10 mile roadworks are still underway north of San Felipe but the contractors are trying hard to keep the dust down on the temporary desert hard-pack by sending water spray trucks up and down frequently. Let us all pray that they manage to open the asphalt road before the first rain comes, or we could find a major mud bath for vehicles to navigate. (TC).

Thursday 11 June, 7:30 a.m. Cloud is again drifting over the northern Baja region and it gave us a spectacular sunrise this morning. During the day, skies will clear and we will have very pleasant conditions along our beaches for the coming weekend. Meanwhile, along the Pacific coast of California there is the typical June early-morning drizzle and fog. Why not come and enjoy San Felipe? Note the big fishing tournament coming up for the July 4th. weekend!

Wednesday 10 June, 8:30 a.m. The clouds have drifted away overnight and we have a clear, almost-crisp, morning with light northerly breezes. Although we now have occasional humid nights, for the most part this is very good sleeping weather. Sleeping in a room whose temperature is 80F with 30-40% RH, with a background noise of waves lapping on the shore, is very relaxing. You might want a light cover over you if you are using a room fan to circulate air but that is all. Currently we have 82, 43% RH with NE winds to 5 mph. (TC).

Tuesday 9 June, 8:30 a.m. We continue to have partly cloudy skies in San Felipe this morning. Tropical moisture is streaming northeast over the sea of Cortez into Arizona and there is a lot of moisture in the clouds. However, I think it unlikely we will see any rain here in town. Currently we have 79F, 59% RH with NE winds at 5 mph. (TC).


10 a.m. Update. There is lingering cloud over the Baja peninsular as you can see in the morning satellite picture:

this part-cloud in the San Felipe area is keeping the temperatures in the perfect place for this time of the year: 83F in the shade, northeast steady breezes at 10-12 mph. You should be here!


Monday 8 June, 8 a.m. I woke this morning to find the skies overhead totally overcast. Overnight, the low pressure system spinning over the Pacific ocean southwest of San Diego has started pulling subtropical moisture up over Baja and Arizona. This long stream of cloud will continue for the next day or so and I expect it will give us partly cloudy and cooler conditions today. Some showers are expected in the deserts on Tuesday but any rain we do get here in San Felipe should be minimal. Currently we have 75F, 53% RH with low tide and calm conditions on the beach. (TC).

Sunday 7 June, Afternoon update. High tide has just passed. The water was rougher than usual and there has been a surf-breaking-on-the-beach roar about it. I went for a quick swim, nothing strenuous. The near-shore water is cloudy because the waves stir up the sand and silt in the bay. All along the coast here, wherever there are the sedimentary rocks from the time when great sea level changes occurred, this very fine clay and Colorado river silt colors the water. If you look down from a satellite or aeroplane, you see beautiful blue and clear water - except for that thin pencil, a few hundred meters wide, that hugs the beach. There are places, south of Puertecitos, for example where the shore is rocky. Then you have the clear water, but maybe it is an advantage that I cannot see all the marine life around me. Today no jellyfish; water 83F, cool easterly breezes at 10 and a wind chill of 75F. High cloud is drifting over and there is a contrail of a plane headed south. It doesn't get much better than this. (TC)

Sunday 7 June, 9 a.m. Low tide and, again, a wide expanse of virtually deserted beach. It was very comfortable for sleeping overnight, I even had to pull up a blanket for a little additional warmth. This morning there is a steady breeze from the northeast as another small trough works its way over California and Arizona. Looking at the satellite pictures, it appears to me as though there are several of these little systems lined up over the north Pacific and each of these will move east to keep our weather a little cooler than usual for this time of year. Currently 78F with 42% RH, NE breeze at 8-12 mph. (TC)

Saturday 6 June, 2 p.m. It is high tide. I can look along the beach from my house and see for miles in either direction. In all that distance, I can count maybe 10 people. The tough economy in the United States is having a terrible effect here. In my estimation, the crowds are less than 10% of what we would normally see at this, the very best time of the year to be in San Felipe. This afternoon we have a good steady 10 mph wind from the east - great for kitesurfers , hobies and windsurfers. In the shade it is 76F, but on the beach the thing that counts in these conditions is the wind chill temperature - how it feels to the body when there is a breeze. Take a look at how wonderfully comfortable it is on the graph from the past 24 hours:

The "feel" temperature has dropped from around 80 at mid-morning to 73F at 2 p.m. This effect is what makes the beach feel so wonderful even in the heat of the August. A little wind helps a lot! It is also a very strange feeling to go from the beach into the sea, which is in the mid-80's. All your instincts tell you that the water is colder than the air, but in San Felipe you get a surprise. The water is so warm. (TC)

9 a.m. We awoke to cool, crisp conditions this morning and it was even a tad chilly last night. However, we can be absolutely certain that summer is on the way so now is the time to come and enjoy San Felipe. Over on the west coast of the Baja peninsular the SCORE 500 is underway, starting and finishing in Ensenada, and we hope that it brings them badly needed tourist dollars; they are suffering at least as much as we are in San Felipe. Out on the beach it is low tide, 76F and 42% RH with light northerly breezes. (TC)

Friday 5 June, 8:30 a.m. Shirley is off on her great adventure and I am going to fill in for her while she is gone. Yesterday afternoon and into the night we had strong winds associated with the weather front passing over this region. It was the first time this year that I have closed the windows and turned on the airconditioner. Conditions eased overnight and this morning we have a pleasant, early-summer, morning. Light northerly winds are bringing relief from the exceptional heat of yesterday and I expect that there will be a shift to the more typical easterly airflow by this afternoon. Out on the beach it is low tide, the shade temperature is 76F and relative humidity 34%. The graph below shows how the thermometer has been slowly climbing during the past week. This trend will continue as the month progresses and the hours of intense Baja sunshine increase. (TC).

Thursday 4 June, 1:30 p.m. Yesterday, in San Diego, some 200 miles northwest of San Felipe there were severe thunderstorms, hail, rain and a hundred lightning strikes. One person was killed and two others severely injured. This is not normal weather for the Southern California coastline. This is the season of June Gloom. Weather heads from west to east and so we expect changes in conditions here in San Felipe today as the weather front heads across the continent. Right now, it has turned very cloudy in San Felipe and there are possible storm clouds to our west. No indications of rain on the radar but it could happen. The wind is blowing from the south at 12 mph. It is a hot, dry wind. 96 F with 15% RH along the beaches. The barometer is falling. Very uncomfortable. Time for a cooling beverage and an air conditioned lunch. (tc)

7 a.m. I think my thermometer was over-zealous yesterday but it did get awfully hot. The humidity lowered to 35 % around lunch-time and now down to 28 % this morning. We continue to have the soft, northern breezes but the forecast warns us of heavier, breezy weather through Saturday. Although heating up during the daytime, we are still able to sleep with just the fan. Time for those taking a vacation to head north. (st) Max 100 F, Min 75 F, Humidity currently 28 %

Wednesday 3 June, 7 a.m. Above normal temperatures can be expected today and tomorrow as high pressure over Mexico continues locally. Clouds continue to dominate the skies which made for a beautiful sunrise this morning, around 4:41 a.m. Rising at 5:00 I just about missed it. No chance for rain in our area, the breeze is even non-existent till later. But the songs of the birds in the quiet of the morning is mesmerizing. Might have taken a dip; the tide at 5:30 will still be only 0.6'. I'll just have another cup of coffee and read our News section about our great little town. (st) Max 89 F, Min 74 F, Humidity currently 44 %

Morning clouds make for a beautiful sunrise across the waters.

Tuesday 2 June, 11 a.m. There is considerable overcast still lingering in the San Felipe region. On the beach at Las Palmas we have 88F, 54% RH and virtually no breeze at this time. (emm). 7 a.m. Yesterday the clouds moved in. This morning there is much overcast but also plenty of blue skies to break it up. Temperatures are remaining in the normal range for this time of year. Morning breezes usually change to the west by afternoon. The water is great for playing, but has been rousted up by strong tides to the point where it is kind of brown along the coast. No matter; it is 85 degrees and when the tide is in for swimming, it is great. (st) Max 91 F, Min 71 F, Humidity currently 46 %

Monday 1 June, 7 a.m. Navy Day in Mexico. Lots of celebrations are scheduled down at the harbor today. It's going to be in the 90's with a soft breeze, probably changing to the SE shortly; be sure to wear hats and sunscreen. It's all worth it to see those guys in action. And of course the free boat rides are a special attraction. This is also the day when the new U.S. border re-entry laws go into effect. Or maybe you didn't plan to leave this wonderful place?? (st) Max 90 F, Min 74 F, Humidity currently 46 %


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