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Archive of weather for Jun 2006

Friday, 30 June, 7:00 a.m. Last night I was reminded that those gusty windstorms raised havoc on the sandy beachfronts, sandblasting people's lawn furniture; the horizontal flow actually burning the eyes and seeping through screen doors. This morning those clouds seem to have stalled directly over the Mexico mainland. It's going to be a hot, but beautiful July 4th week-end in San Felipe. st

Thursday, 29 June, 7:00 a.m. Last night the clear sky and bright stars caught my attention. I fully expected clear skies this morning. Not so. Low level moisture over the NW corner of Mexico, and spreading across the Sea to the NE corner of Baja over our little San Felipe city, may burn off later today. However, according to reports I read, the dewpoints are at Monsoon levels in the NW Mexico and El Paso areas. Temperatures are expected to raise just a degree or two through Friday, moderated by these clouds. We can all expect a hot July 4th week-end. st

Wednesday, 28 June, 7:00 a.m. Those low clouds are still hanging just inside the western edge of the U.S. and the Mexico mainland, reaching out as far as San Felipe in it's path. With no relief yet in sight, high temperatures will continue. And yet we see no signs of rain. The humidity is riding at 50%, and we still have the strong gusty winds. Although skies were pretty clear last evening, sorry to say, I did not see the rocket launch at Vandenberg. And this morning we are again almost completely clouded over. st

Tuesday , 27 June, 7:00 a.m. Virtually no change in the weather pattern for today and for the next few days. That heavy cloud pattern directly overhead seems to be thinning, but the humidity is still with us. It is laying mostly to the north and east of us, hardly moving. Last evening, around 7:30 we watched a beautiful electrical storm play out over the Sea of Cortez, with no accompaning thunder. This morning, at this moment, all is calm. st

Monday , 26 June, 7:00 a.m. A strong, high pressure system to the north of us and increased humidity from the east are directing our weather picture at least through Wednesday. However, the Infra red images I have seen portray the clouds more to the north and east of us this morning. I am looking east through my window now and see several small rain patterns dropping from those extremely heavy clouds. I wouldn't be surprised if we got more than 3 raindrops today. The gusty wind pattern also continues. Right now we have gusts from the East up to 9 mph. Well it's Monday. It's not supposed to be nice, right?

Sunday , 25 June, 7:00 a.m. That heavy cloud cover creeping slowly out of the east is hanging low over our town. This is forcasted to stay with us for some time. Earlier I saw the proverbial rain pattern out over the Sea and was hoping that some of those cumulous clouds above us might drop some of their liquid in our direction. Strangely, we see a lot of gusty wind activity throughout this period; example 19 mph at 8:12 this morning, but then it died down within 5 minutes and the humidity takes precedence, almost unbearable. My sister and other snowbirds escaped to Seattle etc. but I see temperatures of 90+ forcasted there. This weather pattern is destined to continue at least through the middle of the week. Be forwarned.st

Saturday , 24 June, 7:00 a.m. Strong, high pressure will keep our temperatures above normal at least through the week-end. A clockwise flow around this high brings us heavy cloud cover from the east this morning and muggy humidity, very sticky. Out of nowhere during the night we had several strong gusts of winds, enough to overturn chairs on our patio. At 5:30 I was delighted to see our red sun rise, but then dissappear behind that cloud cover, never to be seen again, at least for a few hours. With a full moon and a low tide of 1.7 at 7:19 this morning and a 17.2 high tide at 3 p.m. water sports take front and center, a great way to keep cool. st

Friday , 23 June, 1:00 p.m. A good friend came in to the office to report she had actually felt 3 drops of good rain but sad to say, no more....12:00 p.m. Those clouds have increased significantly and our thermometer in town reads 106F. Possibility of showers this afternoon. Increasing monsoonal moisture will bring a chance of thunderstorms Monday throught Thursday over the mountains and deserts of SW California. 7:00 a.m. We awoke this morning to a light cloud cover, and thought, "We are saved". Not so. This cloud cover backed up from the mainland but is very light. It will burn off early, leaving us with the record high temperatures forcasted remaining throughout the week-end. You can bet that water sports will be very popular this week-end. st

Thursday , 22 June, 7:00 a.m. Although the breezes comes from the NE or NW in the mornings, quite often we see the flag registering winds from the south in the afternoon, only to be back to the N.. by the next morning. Those north breezes are so welcome for morning breakfasts. We are in a "above normal" era, to last at least through the week-end. Yesterday around 5:00 p.m. the tide was in and the waves knocked loudly against the shoreline. I saw a dark cloud bank over the mainland far to the east of us. This morning they still have the clouds, we have nothing but clear skies. st

Summer Solstice - 5:26 a.m
Wednesday , 21 June, 7:00 a.m. Summer is here and so is the heat. Strong, high pressure will keep our temperatures above normal at least through the week-end. Clear skies, no clouds in sight. Cool breezes still coming from the north in our area, create a very pleasant north-western sheltered courtyard..for the first few hours of the morning at least. Out there the thermometer reads a pleasant 77.2 F. Morning is a great time to do laps in the pools that are available. At 11:45 we shall have a 15 foot tide, normal for this time of the month. So right now, the tide is probably 8 feet, great for swimming in the ocean. Then head for the nearest A/C restaurant and start your day just right. st

Tuesday , 20 June, 7:00 a.m. High pressure & high humidity continues and with it hot weather. Clear skies allow the sun's rays to do their job. Summer begins on Wednesday morning. We're looking for a few degrees even higher yet this week-end. Thank goodness for those cool breezes still coming from the North in our area, and off the water. Nothing on the calendar till July 2, Election Day in Mexico. All our activities will probably remain local and indoors for the rest of this week. Stay cool. st

Monday , 19 June, 7:00 a.m. Continued hot and dry. My records show 90-96 F for the past 3 years. This year must be above the normals for this area. The breezes on the west side of the buildings are still quite cooling for the first few hours of the day. Plants must be watered almost every evening now. In spite of all of this, the day laborers continue to work on the road divider on Chetumal, the main road into town, making it just beautiful. The tourist traffic seemed to be heavier than usual for Father's Day week-end. And life goes on. st

Father's Day in the U.S.
Sunday , 18 June, 7:00 a.m. No clouds in sight. It's hot, hot, hot. Yesterday at the El Centro NAF they recorded 109 F. In Mexicali it usually is about 10 degrees hotter because they do not have that favored breeze off of the water. We report only 95 F off the beach, which we can handle with fans. We can only expect more of the same for the next few days. Sorry. st

Saturday , 17 June, 6:00 a.m. One hour earlier than ususal this morning. That ridge of high pressure is moving slowly to the east, while a hot dry flow of air from the S to SW will come in through the week-end giving us even more of the same, maybe even a few degrees warmer. Sorry folks. I'll check out Mexicali later this morning. I never heard if that first chartered flight happened yesterday, the 16th. Will check in later. st

Friday , 16 June, 7:00 a.m. A ridge of high pressure from the west will bring more of the same for the next few days. It will be a hot, hot week-end for Father's Day.st

Thursday , 15 June, 4 p.m. A toasty 98 F in town on Avenida Mar de Cortez. We will go to check the beach later. 11a.m. Scorching out on the beach with very dry southerly winds and temperatures in the high 90's right now. Definitely a morning to stay in your air-conditioned refuge. 7 a.m That large cloud pattern has disappeared over the Baja. I see only one small but significant beauty off to the west of us. We can expect it to remain in the 90 - 100 F arena today through Friday at least, and great for Father's Day on Sunday. st

Wednesday , 14 June, 3 p.m 94 F in town, 85 F on the beach with light easterly breezes. 11 a.m Out on the bay beaches it is 85F with 33% RH due to the northerly light winds (4-6 mph). Today is so different from yesterday where we suffocated with virtually no wind all afternoon and evening. 7:00 a.m. My cat awoke me, as usual, around 5:30 this morning. I was impressed by the world, so alive. That cloud pattern of yesterday is moving slowly up the Baja, still in a SW to NE direction. A few soft, residual clouds lay over San Felipe, the flags were fluttering softly from the west. But what was really exhilarating was the sound of the surf as it lapped against the beach sands. So loud. And then it happened..the sky took on a new color as the sun rose up. In just 5 minutes or less the picture changed completely; the sun was up for the day. Temperatures will remain status quo through Friday, but then high pressure will bring warmer readings this week-end. Rise early to enjoy the best. st

Tuesday , 13 June, 9:19 a.m. Temperatures are already reaching 96+ degrees and expected to climb above the 100 F mark before noon. There is a red flag warning (fire danger) in the Southeast California and the lower Colorado River areas due to expected heavy gusty winds. SW winds could reach 15 - 25 mph on the fringe of this area so we can expect our share. Also, a cloud pattern is now spreading from the SW across the southern Baja area but sweeping onto the mainland. We can enjoy our position in the middle of these two settings while it lasts.st

Monday , 12 June, 7:00 a.m. The humidity has dropped somewhat this morning. Thank goodness for the continued soft winds which should remain with us for the next 2 days at least. San Felipe is fully prepared for the 100 degree thermometer readings throughout the summer which are always about 10 degrees lower than Mexicali. We are fortunate to be located on the eastern waterfront where any breeze fans over our small city. With gas prices as they are, many U.s residents are choosing this town as their vacation spot this year. We are ready. st

<<<<A full moon is with us tonight. This picture was taken from our archives, a classic, with us. st

Sunday , 11 June, 7:00 a.m. Soft breezes moderate our otherwise 3-digit temperatures. Mornings and evenings are extemely pleasureable; patio groupings and happy hours are very popular. Since the Snowbirds have all left we now have this tropical weather picture all to ourselves. This morning about 14 survivors will gather at the Smith's for a Clamato breakfast. That cool breeze off of the waterfront onto their front patio is the drawing card . I'm sure there will be more of these around the other campos. Extreme hot temperatures will remain with us through the middle of the week but so will these breezes. st

Saturday , 10 June, 7:00 a.m. Clear skies mean more of the same. We look forward to a most pleasant week-end, with coolest, breeziest weather on the waterfront. This morning we had a low tide at 7:00 of -1.4. Good for shelling. Around 2:00 this afternoon we will have a high tide of 17 feet, getting higher by Monday to 17.7 feet. Good for swimming and water sports, but watch the undertow of the outgoing tide which follows. I'd like to hear from someone who goes out into the desert this week-end. Although desert temperatures creep higher, when you get to the hills and arroyas on the western edge, into the mountains, it is often 10 degrees cooler especially near the waterfalls. Enjoy! st

Friday , 9 June, 4:30 p.m. On the patio at the El Cortez hotel it is 83 F with 65% RH with 6-8 mph breezes from the southeast. A block away at the office it is 91 F. Our microclimates are very local. 7:00 a.m Low pressure to the north will allow us to return to more normal conditions but slightly above normal temperatures for June. Temperatures in San Felipe are great compared to where I was in Mexicali and El Centro which are continually about 10 degrees higher. I am glad to get back in my own vacation corner here in Campo Ocotillo where it is usually about 10 degrees cooler agaiin on the waterfront than in town. Maybe we'll check the desert temperatures in real life this week-end. st

Thursday , 8 June, noon If, like me, you live right on the beach and the high tide is only 73 feet from the door, you are in paradise here. There are gentle easterly breeezes that are blowing onshore and keeping this paradise "air conditioned". The sea is lapping at the sand and there are black clouds of baby fish swimming at waist depth. The southern California coast is socked in with the annual June gloom and I am thankful to be in San Felipe. So, it seems, are hundreds of other Americans who, in past years, would have already have migrated north for the summer -the sunbirds. People are staying longer and many more people are now choosing to live here year-round. They are finally cutting their dependence on the USA. With the rising cost of gasoline in the States, it is less appealing to drive the motorhomes all over the country to visit relatives. They are shopping at the new stores in town, buying their higher-quality brand products that once required trips to El Centro and San Diego. They are paying attention to their houses and adding insulation to keep the electricity bills under control (you need to allow around $20/day for airconditioning a house). In short, San Felipe has now transitioned from a transient to a resident population of Americans, Canadians and others from all around the world. This is now the year when we have the explosion of demand for infrastructure; more electricity, more water, more sewage treatment, more telephones, more roads, more shops, more healthcare, more services, more police, more regulations.... Enjoy this last summer of the old San Felipe. ej.

Wednesday , 7 June, 2:30 p.m. Low pressure is moving onto the California and Baja Pacific coast. There will be thunderstorms in the mountains this afternoon but no changes from the noon observations here in San Felipe. When the front passes us tonight we could get wind. High tide passed about two hours ago. Noon on the bay beaches and we have the perfect day. Light Easterly winds gusting 6-10 mph with 87 F and 48% RH. Whitecaps cover the sea out to my east and there is not a cloud in the sky. 7:00 a.m. The humidity is still up there, but daily temperatures are dropping to more normal and tolerable conditions. Other than that sprinkle yesterday morning, any fears of rain are long gone. We could have used some. For now clear skies will remain clear for the next few days. st

Tuesday , 6 June,7:00 a.m. Again this early in the morning we have gusty breezes up to 15 mph at times. And at about 6:45 we had just a sprinkle, but for only a minute or so. Once the wind comes up in the morning, usually around 10:00 they stay with us all day. That solid overcast is part of the heavy cloud pattern that is leaving us now, heading off to the north. It may clear off altogether later today, with a dramatic rise in temperatures this afternoon. I said maybe.... The humidity is terrible, but that too may go down. Last night was not all that good for sleeping even though the breezes stayed with throughout. st

Monday , 5 June,7:30 a.m. Superb weather continues. There is a low pressure system just off the southern Baja Coast moving slowly north, with a heavy cloud pattern over our area in Northern Baja cooling the temperatures dramatically. Yesterday a nice SE breeze remained all day. No A/C's needed. Last evening it was like a tropical evening under the stars and great for sleeping. This morning, the clouds are doing their job, breaking the direct rays of that hot sun to create very tolerable conditions. And this will probably remain all day. Surprisingly, at 6:30 a.m. we had a stong gust of wind measuring 18mph on my instruments, but it lasted only 5 minutes. All is calm now. st

Sunday , 4 June, 3 p.m. Superb beach weather with 10-15 mph southeast winds, 84 F and 72% relative humidity. Kite surfers in action! 7:00 a..m. There is still a low pressure system over the southern Baja which is supposed to move north toward Central Baja soon. The temperature is 7 degrees cooler. The humidity is a little higher. What is truly great is the cool, gusty winds from the south-east which charges up your adrenaline for a brand new day. Last evening I noticed a few white clouds peeking over the mountains and this morning we have soft high clouds spreading lazily over the whole town. This did not keep our night-time temperatures from inching up an uncomfortable 5 degrees but it may modify today's highs somewhat. On the beachfront some of us actually used fans yesterday, while the rest locked ourselves indoors for the afternoon with full blast air-conditioning. I think today I'll find an A/C Restaurant for a 2-hour lunch or dinner. st

Saturday , 3 June,7:00 a..m. I don't know what the record temperature is, but this must be very close. It will remain hot, hot, hot through the whole week-end at least. That strong, high pressure system is just staying put over Arizona and we are reaping some of the ..benefits? There is only a 7 foot variance in the tides this period. Anyone with a pool can expect lots of unexpected guests. Better stock up. st

Friday , 2 June,7:00 a..m. The center of this strong pressure system is still moving slooooowly east. We can expect near record temperatures at least through Sunday. What will this do to that warming water and the fishing industry? They are having a run on bathing suit sales in town. As you can see it is already 91 degrees, and there is a slight breeze off the water. My neighbor is building a cement patio He has been out there mixing the wet cement since 7:00. He says he's still comfortable, but hopes to be done this morning's allotted amount very shortly. I'm looking forward to my fishing trip, out on the real water. There are still a few openings for July 23, but everything else is booked. TECATE SCORE BAJA 500 Ensenada. is on for this week-end. Hope somebody gets pictures. st

Dia de la Marina in Mexico
Thursday , 1 June, 4:30 p.m. Clear and sunny with light easterly breezes. 85 in the shade on the beach with 60%RH. High tide. 7 a.mThe center of this high pressure system is moving slowly east, but we remain vulnerable until well into early next week. However, with the breezes directly off of the water no one is complaining. In fact it should be very comfortable for the festivities going on at the Marina today. On the malecon costumes are skimpy; All the guys bring their water toys: hobiecats, sailboats, surfboards, and now scuba gear. What we find most offensive are the four-wheelers that speed up and down the beachfront without regard to safety. Umbrellas and beach chairs dot the landscape for a beautiful setting. Don't forget your sunscreen. st







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