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Archive of weather for Jul 2006

Monday, 31 July, 7:00 a.m. Clear skies with a few soft, finger-like clouds continue to be the pattern this morning. One degree warmer and one degree cooler last night as we end this record hot month. Let's hope August will be more on track. Which means we can and will still reach 100 F on the beach (109 in town). Soft winds yesterday swept from north, to east and then to the southeast by evening. This morning they are coming from the north again, and will probably repeat the pattern. This is perfect weather for San Felipe. st

Sunday, 30 July, 7:00 a.m. Yesterday, what looked like rain clouds drifted over the mountains and almost made it to our skies. I expected it to be cloud covered this morning, but no.... it is absolutely clear. Oh a few fingers of light clouds do exist but clear skies mean warmer weather, just a little warmer, today. We can expect this pattern to continue for the first few days of August. st b

Saturday, 29 July, 7:00 a.m. It's going to be a very normal, calm, your below average July temperature week-end. Because it's almost the start of the last month of summer, people are starting to breathe easier and think about the Fall season and those things that didn't get done during those lazy days. Next Tuesday it might start to warm up a little, but no Pacific Storms out there, and no torrid forecasts here. On Aug 9/10 we have an extremely high and low tide schedule. Bad for storm erosion, if there were any. Great for shelling. Back to this week-end, better get to gettin' while the normal weather is with us.st

Friday, 28, July, 7:00 a.m. Tropical Storm Emilia is far out in the Western Pacific and the other storm is mostly NorthEast of us, mostly up in the U.S. So we have nothing left but the humidity, and possibly some windy weather during the day today. It has cooled down tremendously; expected to stay below average through the week-end. A great report. Those that fled our little town to hunker down in San Mateos for the duration of the heat wave may now return. A relatively drier airflow from the SW is expected to bring our warmer weather back next week. st

Thursday, 27 July, 7:00 a.m. Tropica Storm Amelia still heads further west, out on the Pacific Ocean. Another storm activity that developed late Sunday just south-east off the tip of the Baja Peninsula moved up the Sea of Cortez and is now heading over inland Mexico almost directly east of us. We are getting major wind flow and can look for possible showers for the next day or two. And the weather will continue to cool until these storm threats have left us. st

Wednesday, 26 July, midnight Tonight Northern Baja is starting to feel the effects of the dissipating storm Emilia out off the Pacific coast. Lots of moisture will be flowing our way, and also towards Southern California for the next few days. The whole of this region stands a good chance of having a rainstorm or two. It would be a very good time to clear the storm drains - but we don't have them here. Breezes, strong at times, are coming up from the southeast. The sky is dark, just a sliver of the new moon. It could get windy over the next day or two. The sea is rough and dirty, definitely not beach weather. This is also the period of the high tides. At around 3 to 4 pm each afternoon we stand to see some beach erosion if the winds are very active. Overnight the tides are smaller, in the 13 foot range, and should not be too much of a problem. 7:00 a.m. As Tropical Storm Amelia continues up the Pacific Coast of Baja, still projected to head out to sea, we continue to get the moisture from the fringes. This has helped cool down the weather tremendously, although the humidity is almost as uncomfortable. Most are still using the air conditioners to dry out the humidity in their homes. The temperatures are predicted to continue their downward trend at least till the week-end, bringing our temperatures all back down to a little below normal. Isn't that great! st

Tuesday, 25 July, 7:00 a.m. Did I say welcome the fringes of tropical storm Emelia? Yes, it has helped tremendously with cloud cover to cool the roasting temperatures down to a liveable level, but we didn't count on the terribly exhausting monsoon moisture pattern that has already given San Diego nearly 0.12" of rain and leaves the rest of us almost saturated with dew. Steady 10 to 20 MPH south wind is moving steadily up the gulf of California, possibly renewing our moisture supply before Tropical Storm Emilia moisture arrives. The infra-red maps today show heavy moisture... you guessed it.....right over San Felipe and north on the Sea side of the peninsula. The good news, the temperatures are forcasted to drop considerably by the week-end, 5-8 degrees tomorrow alone. Let's hope. st

Monday, 24 July, 7:00 a.m. Hurray. Heavy clouds over San Felipe and moving north. Heavy enough that we acutally had 20 minutes of intermittant rain at 6:00, with hopes of more throughout the day. All the heavy clouds are north of us, with maybe rain in Mexicali and El Centro. Tropical storm Emelia has developed in the Pacific, and is moving up the coast of Baja, but heading out West. Moisture from the outer fringes is forecast to spread into Arizona by Wednesday and deep monsoon moisture will continue from Wednesday into the week-end. We welcome the fringes of all of this as we start the last work week in July. st

Sunday, 23 July, 7:00 a.m. Sorry, no relief today, but temperatures are expected to fall back to normal by the end of the week. This morning heavy clouds remain over the Central latitudes of the Baja Peninsula, some floating as far north as San Felipe. My dog came in with damp fur this morning alerting me that the humidity is higher again today, raising the heat index to 101 already this morning. Readings in Mexicali were 116 and El Centro 117. Many of our neighbors and friends have taken an unplanned vacation heading over to Ensenada and Rosarita where it is at least 10 degrees cooler. Please respect the Excessive Heat Warning. st

Saturday, 22 July, 7:00 a.m. Last night, at 1:00 a.m we were awakened by high winds, lightening (no thunder) and a sudden rain squall which lasted only a few minutes. Then all quieted down. Friday we had the most extreme heat readings of this period, and indeed a new record. Fortunately, according to NWS, it will be all downhill from here through Wednesday, temperatures sliding back into the normal range for this time of year. The bars and restaurants must be having good business during fiesta hours, as the beaches remain quiet at that time. In the mornings and evening I'm amazed at how many people continue to enjoy San Felipe life style disregarding the temperatures we are having. Please respect the Excessive Heat Warning. st

Friday, 21 July, 7:00 a.m. Most of the Baja Peninsula has a spotty cloud pattern, heavier this morning over San Felipe. These are pretty, cotton clouds, not threatening. What is threatening still is the Excessive Heat Pattern. This morning's temperature reading is the highest I have since I've been keeping records back in 2002. Three people have spoken of heat-stroke, which they never had before. Sudden weakness and an unexplained chill. First aid would be to quickly put cold compresses on their face and heads till they regain control, then a cold shower should do the trick. For us foreigners, we would be wise to stay inside during the hottest 3 hours of the day. Many have taken to the water for the other hours. According to NWS weather forcasts this should probably last through the week-end. Please respect the Excessive Heat Warning. st

Thursday, 20 July, 7:00 a.m. Looking east we spot some soft cloud cover stretching over the mainlaind. Brilliant clear skies creating hot weather conditions remain for us on the entire peninsula. We at San Felipe can enjoy the mornings and evenings with water activites, fishing, or just BBQ breakfasts and late fireside gatherings. But comes fiesta time we will again retreat indoors. Some are preparing to evacuate to San Mateos or places of higher elavation for the week-end. How about just across the valley to our west, to the arroyas and the little waterfalls found hidden there. Forcasts remain hot for the entire week-end with very little breeze. Sorry. st

Wednesday, 19 July, noon. On the beach it is 93 F with 68% RH and easterly winds at 5-7 mph. These are the dead tides and there will be little movement of the water. The humidity is up and air conditioners are gushing water. Partly cloudy skies. 7:00 a.m. An unusual pattern has evolved this morning. We have soft clouds over the Eastern side of Baja only, which will probably burn off early. Usually the clouds form over the Pacific Coast and rarely make it over the mountains. It is already hot and destined to get a few degrees hotter each day through the rest of the week, if no cloud pattern. A great week-end to take a holiday trip. st

Tuesday, 18 July, 7:00 a.m. Look far to the north to find any sign of the clouds we have been hiding under to bring relief to the high temperatures of July. Today the skies are absolutely clear, and we will see temperatures again begin to climb through the rest of the week. The tides will slowly rise to a high of 17" by next Tuesday with the New Moon. Tropical Storm Daniel is way to the south and heading west, no problem. Today is a good time to start a cyber cafe? st

Monday, 17 July, 7:00 a.m. Since Thursday we have enjoyed watching lightning shows nightly over the eastern skies, without the thunder or storm activity. Last night it was particularly a strong pattern lasting over an hour. This monday morning I'm afraid will be more of the same.. Hot and Humid.. The temperatures dipped somewhat over the week-end to a more normal pattern, but is destined to slowly rise throughout this week, if only a few degrees. So plan your days at public air-conditioned buildings, like The Net. They will enjoy your business. st

Sunday, 16 July, 7:00 a.m. High winds late last evening and early this morning will continue to occur off and on throughout the day, usually in compatability with the changing of the tides. Debris clouds have appeared all up and down the Pacific coast of Northern Baja and part of it has slipped over the mountains to us in San Felipe. We hope this will help to moderate our temperatures even a little as we slip back to the more normal readings for July. We do not see any chance of rain, these are friendly clouds. A good day for dunebuggying.st

Saturday, 15 July, 6:40 a.m. The electricity has just now been restored. NWS reports that monsoon moisture is back and we will likely have further convection over Mexico. Clouds we do not mind, but please take away this humidity. We must still respect the NWS warnings and plan our activities accordingly. 5:15 a.m. Did you miss it? That ferocious thunder and lightning storm that passed overhead about 5:00 a.m. this morning. It brought the rains and the winds and chased all the birds to shelter. The waters became alive but not quite to whitecaps. Most of us humans were startled awake and came out onto our patios to watch the show. Then the electricity went off, taking with it the power for water, telephones and the TV. But it didn't last. Within 10 minutes, the thunder and lightning completely stopped, the heavy clouds passed over and the winds stilled. Even the water quieted down dramatically. By 5:30 it was already humid and sticky once again. And while I can see lights in town we have no power and therefore no water to shower with out here in the country. Guess I'll go and take a dip. st

Friday, 14 July, 7:00 a.m. NWS Reports suggest today may be the hottest through Saturday. Heavier clouds, residuals from the tropical storm Carlotta, are riding up the Baja Peninsula with heaviest moisture just off the south-western Pacific coast. As it moves north the humidity will undoubtedly get heavier. Sunday the temperatures should lower, but with the added moisture, it may not feel like it. However it should be getting back to normal July temperatures by Tuesday, they say? San Felipe is already welcoming some of that cloud cover from the south although the temperature has lowered to 93 and the humidity has risen to 51% while I am writing this. Hopefully everyone will respect the NWS warnings and plan their activities accordingly. st

Thursday, 13 July, 7:00 a.m. - Some cloud cover is slowly moving up the Baja and corresponding mainland, hopefully giving relief to that area. Our temperatures continue in the extreme. Hopefully everyone will respect the NWS warnings and plan their activities accordingly through Friday when temperatures may start to return to normal. st

**Down in the Pacific west of Acapulco we see the tropical storms forming. Hurricane Bud and tropicl storm Carlotta are churning away and heading west towards Hawaii but their outflow will be feeding moisture up over Baja for many days. Air conditioners have a great deal of trouble coping with all this humidity and everyone has their cooling turned to Maximum to try to cope with the flow. I get around 15 gallons of condensate each day from my house system - it is put to good use in watering my bougainvillas. ej

Wednesday, 12 July, 5 p.m. On the beach it is 104 F!!! - the same temperature as Riverside (California) at this moment. High pressure is over Arizona and bringing hot, humid, air up the Gulf. We are also experiencing very high tides with some minor coastal flooding in estuaries north and south of town. The Estero de las Jaibas, behind the Las Palmas tract south of the harbor is in full flood and the many people who bought property in this area between the coast and Las Minitas are enjoying the spectre of Florida real estate (underwater). Winds are coming from the south at 5 mph and the RH is 40%. Even at this hour the sunshine is searing and there is not a person on the street or on the beach. Expect a hot weekend! 1 p.m. The monsoonal moisture is now with us and you can see and feel the humidity as you look out across the water. There is a haze that envelopes the town. Out along the beaches it is 94 F with 70% RH. Really, really, muggy. In town it is an even 100 F and feels like 110 with this moisture. 7:00 a.m. - As predicted this extreme heat will stay with us a few more days. They are expecting another lull day as far as talk of monsoon weather is concerned. The night was quite muggy, enough that air conditioners were necessary for real comfort. The best answer is to go for a swim and then for breakfast at popular GuaGuara's where the air-conitioner is most welcome. st

Tuesday, 11 July, 7:00 a.m. - We are getting used to the extreme heat now. It has been dangerously hot since June 24, and likely to stay this way for at least a few more days. Then it should start to cool down under the 100F mark, on the beach anyway. We look forward to the gusty breezes that come up with the tides and the beautiful tropical evenings. It should be extra nice for this coming week-end. st

Monday, 10 July, 7:00 a.m. - We believe we were at the record high for San Felipe yesterday, 113 in town. Our records show on 7/22/04 we had a 106 reading at our office in town and on 7/22/05 we had a reading of 104 in town. Today through Wednesday should be more of the same with a slight cooling trend predicted Thursday and Friday. In spite of this tourists continued to flock to the beaches with time out for Siestas from 1:00 - 3:00, the hottest part of the day. Some chose to dune-buggy over to the far side of Valley Trinidad where you can retreat up into the hills if there are still waterfalls for dipping. Everywhere people choose to BBQ creating an aroma of marinades from 5:00 p.m throughout the evening. Of course, we had baked Yellow Tail wrapped in tinfoil and baked on the BBQ. You can count on a gourmet dinner whenever anyone is invited to a BBQ because everyone brings their favorite side dish. You should have it so good. st

While I was off with the Tony Reyes Fishing Tours having a great time around the Enchanted Islands, San Felipe baked. I guess the answer is: go fishing!! Most of the fish hang around jutting mountain tops and hidden valleys below the surface. A cool breeze over the sometimes choppy water enhanced the comfort of this trip. We did about 10 islands and had a great time.

More pictures coming of our "Queen of the trip"; Joni Kahn who caught a 72 pound White Sea Bass. (I hear the record is 80 pounds)

Sunday, 9 July, 7:00 a.m. - Cotinued hot with no relief in sight. However, the humidity is bearable and the breezes off of the water daily are what makes San Felipe a great summer resort. We know what to expect and plan our summer chores and challenges accordingly. Amazingly the locals can handle this heat extremely well. Land continues to be cleared off, buildings are erected before our very eyes and beautiful landscaping is developed, all under what we call torrid temperatures. Life is good. st

Saturday, 8 July, 7:00 a.m. - Hot, hot, hot. The topic of conversation is and will be for awhile, the extreme high temperatures we have had for the past week, and will continue to have for the forseeable future. Last night called for air-conditioners as the temperatures never did get down to a liveable 78 degrees. All this week it will remain hot and sometimes muggy. The Electric Co. will be working to the max. As the breeze kicks in from the South, and if you can find a spot on the SW side of your building, in the mornings, you can actually enjoy the outdoors more than inside where the atmosphere becomes stale and muggy. From 11:00 till 3:00 take your siesta or quiet time. By 4:00 the winds will be from the west. It is really quite liveable and everyone starts thinking about 'Happy Hour", friendly gatherings and BBQ dinners. Try this life. st

Friday, 7 July, 8:17 a.m. - I prepared the weather this morning to post, however, a client came in and I was interrupted and forgot to put it on. So, this morning at around 8:30 a.m. it was 88F with pretty low humidity of 31%. It's 12:31 p.m. now, and although it's hot and humid, there's a nice cool breeze. I'm looking forward to a nice weekend and swimming in the Sea of Cortez. khm

Thursday, 6 July, 8:30 a.m. - We have a few clouds this morning which seem to be helping to hold the heat back. It's also a little hazy out towards the water. It was really quite pleasant this morning while I was watering, but I'm sure it will get much hotter as the day progresses. We do have a slight breeze that will help cool off some of us. Others will be tucked away in their homes with the air on. Our weather gal, Shirley, is off fishing on the Jose Andrés with Tony Reyes Sports Fishing. She'll be back Saturday. Happy Thursday! khm

Tuesday, 4 July, 3 p.m. The very humid air is now piling up against the mountains to our west and major thunderstorms are occurring there. Expect some rain in San Felipe today. Along the beach we have 90 degrees and 70% RH. With the heat and humidity it now feels like 104 F outside.

Monday, 3 July, 11 a.m. Much nicer than yesterday. The skies are mostly clear though there is a line of offshore cloud and fog that is heading north. Quite breezy at times and that could cause some erosion at high tide. Expect afternoon thunderstorms in the deserts. 10 a.m. Considerable cloud hangs over the northern gulf and rain showers are visible in the mountains to out west as the very humid airflow drifts up from the southeast. We have had some strong breezes overnight and expect that this unsettled weather will continue for a few more days until the high pressure over Nevada drifts east. We have a good chance of thunderstorms in the deserts this afternoon.

Sunday, 2 July, 7:00 a.m. During the night winds came and went and lightning storms played actively over the mainland. At 5:45 this morning strong 12 mph winds really caught our attention here. But by 6:15 they had again died down to a whisper. Lightly overcast skies here support heavier clouds which are from the outskirts of a total cloudy picture over the mainland, capable of showers over there throughout the day. This week we have a steady, medium tide picture with no storm activity in sight. Waters should not even be choppy. Great week for Charter Fishing with the Tony Reyes Sportfishing Tours. st

Saturday, 1 July, 12:45 p.m. Temperature 86.9, Humidity 65 %. I can't believe it. We actually have a few drops of rain. The overhead is now almost solid clouds so it may be possible for more moisture throughout the rest of the day. If we actually get rain. [Update: It didn't last!!!]st 6:00 a.m. The world was just coming alive at this hour of the morning. Rising over the water to the East the ruby red sun magnified the beauty of those heavy clouds still spreading in our direction from over the mainland. Choppy waves on the water, caused by a brief gust of wind action, very brief, created a musical chop, chop as it hit the shoreline. But all this ceased within 15 minutes. 7:00 a.m. Now it is a normal, calm, serene day-break, with the sun hidden behind those cumulous clouds laying along the coast of Mexico mainland and stretching to our mountains behind us to the west. The winds are still but the water still shows some action. The birds are having a hay-day, chattering noisely as if in a condominium setting, discussing their plans for the morning. Very quickly they will all scatter and any songs will be individual. So much for the setting this first day of July. We can expect the heat to remain all through next week, within a degree or two, but our comfort will depend mostly on the humidity, which should be normal, around 50 %. No rain in sight. Plan for a great 4th of July. st







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