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San Felipe - Archive of weather for January 2007.



Wednesday, 31 January, 10 a.m. We have some small puffy clouds hanging around town. However, there is a lot of cloud just south of us but it seems to be moving northeast towards Arizona. (ej) 7 a.m. Stormy looking clouds prevent the sun from really doing it's job this morning. Rains from the north over San Diego threaten to move southward. Over San Felipe low pressure continues and those cumulus clouds loom overhead. We wonder if welcome, real rain is in store for us today. This on-again, off-again threat is just that. Forecasts suggest we will have clear skies again by Thursday afternoon, just one day away.

Tuesday, 30 January, 7 a.m. We were completely surprised when on Monday, about 5:30 p.m, as we were out walking the dogs we were hit by a 10 minute sprinkle. Today this low pressure system continues. However the sun is again heading north and those strong rays usually burn off the clouds early. Breezes are out of the west; chances of even warmer temperatures exist. A great time to go fishing. st

Monday, 29 January, 7 a.m. Clouds almostly completely cover our skies this morning but will burn off early. [They did not] This low pressure system is moving slowly eastward but will be joined by another one moving down from the north maybe tomorrow. We will have this cloudy/clear pattern staying with us at least till Thursday. The warm sun is so appreciated as it burns off the clouds that hints of Spring are everywhere, even though this is still January. Some neighbors have planted tomatoe plants and strawberries are already on the shelves. What a life! st

White Cloud Bank on the Eastern Horizon

Sunday, 28 January, 7 a.m. A heavier, solid white cloud is lying on the eastern horizon and creates a beautiful picture for the camera buffs. Very light clouds hang over the rest of the skies but will quickly burn off. To the southern Baja a very stormy cloud pattern exists; maybe they will have some rain today. A Pacific low pressure system remains off the Central California Coast causing this cloud action to continue through Monday. Dress warmly and enjoy. st

Saturday, 27 January, 3:00 p.m. Well, the clouds did close in on the town, but just as quickly dissipated into clear blue skies. It's still plenty cool though, the highest was around 64 F. 7 a.m. A heavy, solid dark cloud lays on the eastern hoizon this morning, and continues around the perimeter of my circle of vision. It is quickly closing in above San Felipe itself. And cold...... it has dipped below the magic 50 F, my freezing point. However, we see little chance of rain. and it's not near as windy. The hardier among us are still planning to dune-buggy out into the desert this morning and I'm sure they'll have a great day. Some of us are going clamming when the tides reach 2.5 inches at 3.21 this afternoon. What are you planning to do? st

Friday, 26 January, 7 a.m. A soft breeze this morning is fanning the trees just outside my window. I enjoy trying to outguess how the wind directions change throughout the day. I loved the beautiful sunrise that greeted us this morning. Now clear skies remain with the warming sun high in the sky ready to do it's job. With nothing especially on the calendar for this week-end it might be a great time to pack up and go camping, or at least dune-buggying out into the desert. Be sure to take 2 vehicles and water in case you have even a miner break-down. Myself, I think I'll enjoy the beach life this week-end. st

Thursday, 25 January, 7 a.m. Great weather continues. The high pressure continues and may stay with us through the rest of the week. We couldn't be happier. Clear skies and less winds allow the sun to do it's job. We are now back to normal temperatures for the end of January with normal relative humidity. When we have this kind of weather outside activities dominate; this should be a very active week-end throughout San Felipe. st

Wednesday, 24 January, 7 a.m. High pressure dominates the region now, with clear skies and near-normal temperatures.Yesterday co-operated fully for the Taste of San Felipe sold-out events. Clear, blue skies will remain with us for the next few days. This means that the warm sun can reach us and do it's job. Las Amigas group will certainly enjoy the sunshine for their meeting today. And El Dorado will welcome warm weather for their Chili Cook-off tomorrow. Fishermen are back at work re-stocking the galleys. Everything is back on tap in San Felipe.

Tuesday, 23 January, 7 a.m. The low pressure system over NW Mexico should now weaken. We will still have winds but it should return to temperatures normal to the end of January, and remain thus. Good news for the "Taste of San Felipe" events. This is the day all of the restaurants give the town a taste of their best..for a ticket, that is. It will be so good to walk in San Felipe sunshine and warmth once again. I do believe the whole town will turn out. Enjoy st

Monday, 22 January, 3 p.m. It is windy across the upper Gulf with 20 mph northerly breezes at the present. In town it is relatively sheltered and we are at a comfortable 63 degrees. However, in the north coast camps and out on the beach it feels like it is around 53 F. 7:00 a.m. A clear, cold, crisp morning greets us today. Skies almost void of clouds will let the sun shine in and turn this into a warm, sunny day....unless the wind kicks up as it did yesterday. This creates dust storms and that powder gets into houses and businesses everywhere. High pressure from the Pacific will bring mostly clear nights and sunny, relatively warmer days Tuesday through the last half of this week. This is good news for the many activities on the calendar for this week. st

Sunday, 21 January, 7:00 a.m. Heavy clouds encircle San Felipe this morning, with a clear cap directly overhead. Plenty of good warm sunshine in that clear cap. We expect north winds to come up later in the morning with areas of blowing sand and dust in the afternoon. Last night we were observing the sliver of moon that lay in the sky to our west, but more striking was the heavy cover of stars which we haven't seen in the last few days. They were so thick and so close we felt that we could reach up and pluck them like cherries. With forecasts of sunny weather over this next week evening BBQ's will be the popular thing on the beach and in neighborhood gatherings. Join one. s

Saturday, 20 January, 7:00 a.m. Finally, the forecasts all predict warmer weather (a degree or 2 each day) for the coming week. Most of the stormy weather remains south of us. This will be most welcome for adventurers, visitors and locals. We have all wanted to get out into the desert areas to entertain our guests and introduce the simple beauty of our wild life. The SFARP group did go out one day and reported a great success. Others will surely follow now that the weather has turned at least a little warmer, and definitely less windy. We say, "Sorry", to all our guests who could not get out fishing this past week. Let's make it up this week. st

Friday, 19 January, 7:00 a.m. When I say partly cloudy, there are very heavy clouds on the horizon to our East, but warm sunshine with just a few clouds fill our area over San Felipe this morning. Sadly, many of our guests are closing out their vacations for this winter just when we expect our beautiful San Felipe climate to return to normal. The temperature readings could be back up to nealy 70 by the first of next week. st

Thursday, 18 January, 7:00 a.m As predicted, it is 2 degrees cooler and on the downward trend for the rest of this week, if only by degrees. That bright sunshine with no breeze to speak of at this moment, creates the image of warmth and invites one to test the waters, so to speak. The calm seas give us a milky picture with just a little haze in the skies; great for the would-be fishermen. While not too far to the south heavy clouds create an entirely different picture of cold and possibly rain. There are so many activities planned for this week-end; check our calendar.st

Wednesday, 17 January, 7:00 a.m A beautiful sunrise this morning makes us feel much warmer than it is. There is no wind to speak of, but as predicted the breeze will be there shortly. Waters are calm at this moment; we're watching for the whitecaps again today. We expect even colder weather starting tomorrow. Sorry. st

Tuesday, 16 January, 7:00 a.m It's warming slightly, taking away any fears of a freeze in this area. However we do not expect any major change in temperatures for the next few days. Again we actually see whitecaps, discouraging our guests from wanting to go fishing during this stay in San Felipe. Last night the San Felipe Players Dinner-Theatre "Cookin' with Gus" was performed for the first night with a full house disregarding the cold. This week is certainly full of activity. Check our Calendar of Events. st

Monday, 15 January, 7 a.m. Martin Luther King day. I looked for ice patches this morning before I looked for the weather statistics, certain I would find them. I did not, but I'll bet some did. This is the coldest it has been since I've been keeping statistics, November 2001, in San Felipe. I do remember a cold snap like this around 1986? when we dug out our fur coats. Another hard freeze is likely tonight. The best we can hope for is a little bit of warming, a few degrees, as the weather progresses with more winds expected later this week.

Sunday, 14 January, 2:00 p.m When we found a sunny spot on the south side of the building we were able to sit outside with friends and really enjoy it. Of course we were dressed warmly, some with long johns. But that only lasted for about an hour. As soon as the breeze picked up we all retreated back to our homes for a long evening. 7 a.m. Unbelievably the temperature readings dropped 10 degrees all across the board; current, yesterday's high and yesterday's low. A series of low pressure systems from the Gulf of Alaska is moving over the SW United States. I actually saw fur coats on the street yesterday, especially where the cold winds predominated. Sunshine in clear skies this morning may warm San Felipe some today. At this moment the winds and waters are calm. Steam rising from our hot coffee , signals that it is time to retreat indoors to do this report. st

Saturday, 13 January, 7 a.m. A low pressure system is sweeping across northern Baja with cooler weather to follow. Heavy clouds, like a saucer, hang low over the entire area and appear ready to spend the day with us. On the lower rim of this saucer, far to the southwest, we are able to see the sun rise and know they on the mainland down there may still have a nice day. The low, outgoing tide is again slapping loudly at the shores, and I believe some hardy fishermen may try at least a morning run when the tide is right. (Insert: From 11 a.m. we saw whitecaps on the rough waters.) For the rest of us, we intend to enjoy the Casino Day sponsored by the Las Amigas Association.st

Friday, 12 January, 11 a.m. A haze over the northern Gulf has now turned into rolling low clouds that are being blown by the easterly wind up against the mountains just west of town. In fact, if you look towards the mountains you would think it must be raining over there - it is so dark and dismal. (Insert: Reports from the desert run surprised us with exclamations they had seen a few rain drops). We can see on the satellite picture that the clearer, colder, air is moving down this way and we expect that by this evening we will have much colder, breezy, conditions. The weather service is even predicting below-freezing temperatures tonight for the deserts to our north. (ej) 6:30 a.m. Sunny, windy, much cooler; that is a brief summary of today's expected weather. When I stepped out on the patio this morning the roar of the waves on the beach was as if I was next to a running creek in the mountains. I was immediately thinking tall trees and green grass. But the wind is not even moving the tree limbs at this moment. To be sure; it will come. st

Thursday, 11 January, 3 p.m. A nice afternoon in town with 67 F and 66% RH, no wind. All the cloud has passed off to the East and we look as though we will have clear, but cooler, probably windier conditions tonight and Friday as the Pacific front approaches. 7:00 a.m. Cooler days, colder nights. That is the pattern we are seeing now and for the next few days. Heavy clouds streak across the skies to the southern part of San Felipe and further, but to the north skies are clear. As the sun's path across the skies moves a littler further north each day, and consequently a little warmer, today is one of those days we welcome it's rays as they break through the clouds. When the breezes subside it is really very pleasant and our visitors can enjoy what they came for....our beautiful weather and scenery.st

Wednesday, 10 January, noon Still totally overcast with absolute calm. The sea is like a glass mirror with hardly a ripple. The lull before the approaching storm? Strong bands of tropical moisture are coming up from the south and these are going to clash with a cold front making its way down from the Pacific NW. Rain is expected in Southern California and Southern Arizona through Friday evening and this rain could also spread to San Felipe. Even now, radar images are showing some precipitation near Puerto Penasco and there are also rain echoes in the mountains to out west.ej 7:00 a.m. There is no beauty this morning. There is a cloud blancket at far as you can see. It is dreary and bleak looking. Although there is absolutely no wind at this moment, almost like the leaves are hanging limply, we expect them to return later in the morning. But enjoy the temperatures through tomorrow, for Friday it is going to be c.o.l.d. st

Tuesday, 9 January, 7:00 a.m. At 6:35 a.m. our beautiful red sun rose up over the horizon and immediately it seemed to get warmer. Our visitors are out with their cameras before the skies change to their normal blues. Those few high clouds are a hint of the heavier cloud cover and colder weather to come starting tomorrow. At this moment, the winds are still, as usual in our early morning reports. However, we know they will pick up later in the morning and maybe we'll see whitecaps again during the afternoon. Today's calm waters indicate this is the best day to go fishing for the rest of the week. st

Monday, 8 January, 7:00 a.m. With the decrease in wind velocity it seems much, much warmer this morning. We are standing in the sheltered end of the patio, actually enjoying the outdoors this morning. Calm waters and clear skies add to our pleasure. We get hints of a return to the cool, windy weather later in the week. Enjoy. st

Sunday, 7 January 12 :00 p.m. Temperatures have only risen 3 degrees since this morning. The cold north wind has kicked up into high gear, sometimes gusting to 38 mph. When sheltered from the winds, the sun actually warms you, giving you a sense of spring; but not so. The water is stormy with whitecaps and may even drop a few degrees in temperatures. And all that sand blowing across the highway construction project is making driving very dangerous. Almost as bad as across the Laguna Salada area of Highway 5 which again is blinding and causing the driving time from the border to San Felipe to be doubled. st

7 a.m. Strong winds remained with us throughout the night and is still rocking the boat this morning. The water is still very active and not the least bit inviting. Clear skies prevail but is deceiving. It is just plain cold out there and I for one am planning indoor activities for a few more days. Strong, high pressure to the west will expand into early next week, bringing a warming trend today and more significantly, tomorrow. st

Saturday, 6 January 12:00 p.m. The temperature now reads 60 F. We have seen whitecaps for the last hour or so. The strong north winds, still around 15-25 mph, encourage one to wrap tightly as they brace themselves out in the open.
More as the day progresses. st 7 a.m. Gusting winds of 15-25 mph are still causing havoc here in San Felipe. The water, although not with whitecaps yet, but very rough looking is pounding at the shores. I don't see anyone out clamming in this atmosphere. Clear skies are back and sunshine prevails, but probably not warm enough to offset the cold north winds. It is a mean Saturday morning. st

Friday, 5 January, noon Winds of 40-50 mph are whipping across the northern Gulf and the seas are rough. High tide is approaching and some beach erosion is inevitable. Sandstorms with drifting sand are common on all roads, especially across the Laguna Salada on the way down from Mexicali. Fortunately, at the office in town we are in the wind shadow of Machorro and this significantly shelters us and cuts the gusts down to around 20 mph. However, it is still a chilly 59F with 36% RH. Up in the Mexicali/El Centro region the winds are NNW at 30-40 mph and the blowing dust has cut visibility to 1.5 miles; there is even a trace of rain in El Centro.(ej) ...Added note from the office in San Felipe: Winds are now gusting up to 35-40 mph and the drifting sands are blinding. Temperatures at 63 F;No sunshine today. Katherine just called to tell us they were blinded twice on the Laguna Salada section of Highway 5. People are advised not to drive today unless they absolutely have to. st 7 a.m. Winds have risen in the last hour, and will get stronger as the day progresses. A very heavy cloud hangs solidly over the whole town, a good possibility of some rain. I'm pretty sure we'll see whitecaps within the next hour. We'll keep you posted. st

Thursday, 4 January, 11 p.m. The wind is starting to increase, we have already had some gusts of 20 mph and much stronger breezes will develop through Friday. This could be a repeat of the blizzard conditions we had one week ago! Currently San Diego is getting 20 mph winds and light rain, El Centro 30 mph. Wind advisories are being issued for the Lower Colorado river region, including the Imperial and Mexicali Valleys and down to San Felipe. Gusts exceeding 50 mph are expected starting around 7 a.m Friday and continuing on-and-off all day. If you are driving anywhere in Southeast California or Northern Baja in the next 24 hours be very careful. High profile vehicles such as RVs and campers are particularly vulnerable. Beach erosion is expected. (ej). 7 a.m. Soft breezes remained throughout yesterday and the night. This morning it is again quiet, but warm winds are expected to rise up from the South this afternoon, becoming West throughout the night. With temperatures hovering around the 70 F mark, we are not complaining. This is not good for Saturday, Jan 6; Reyes Mago (Three Kings) Mexican Traditional celebration when some still exchange presents. Read historical item in the Calendar of Events. st

Wedneday, 3 January, 7 a.m. Yesterday's winds remained on into the night but somewhere out there it died. For over one-half hour before this report I have waited for the winds to again rise from the stillness to yesterday's 15 mph statistics. It has not. In fact, although picturesque on the horizon, there are beautiful streaks of a new cloud pattern lying in the stillness of the skies and water. We do expect light breezes throughout the day. Otherwise, clear, sunny and beautiful as opposed to San Diego's early morning clouds and fogs. st

Tuesday, 2 January, 10 a.m. What a drastic change in the weather. Skies are still clear, but winds are again up to approximately 12 - 15 mph creating whitecaps on the water. People are holding their coats closely as they head back to their first day of work in the new year. We will await the next change. 7:00 a.m. Current 59 F, Humidity 30; Although the days remain cool, last night's temperature seems to have warmed up considerably. About midnight the winds were knocking at the trees, probably 20 mph. This morning everything was again calm . Nonetheless we find enough hardy guests to play Water Volley Ball at the El Dorado pool. With full moon and high and low tides due on Wednesday, many of our guests have also taken advantage of the very favorable conditions for clamming this holiday season. A reading of 1.9 at 7:30 is welcome although the -2.4 at 7.23 p.m is the low. As festivities have ended and many are now leaving town, some will remain for Saturday, Jan 6; Reyes Mago (Three Kings) Mexican Traditional celebration when they exchange presents. The weather should remain favorable for the rest of this week leading up to this day. st

Monday, 1 January, 7:00 a.m. NEW YEAR'S DAY. A little warmer, but nights a little cooler. That is the outlook to start our new year. I for one am all partied out. After Thursday the weather turned favorable, perfect for large bonfires and should remain that way for a few more days. I attended a huge bonfire at Terry & Ruth Ellmore's place in El Dorado. Ron really kept that fire high and hot through our 9:00 NYE (eastern countdown). I'll be looking for the reports of other gatherings around town. st

Sunday, 31 December, 7:00 a.m. NEW YEAR'S EVE. A little cooler, a little quieter. Not a breeze at this moment. This is going to be a beautiful 2 days for San Felipe New Year parties. With highs still reaching almost to the 70's in the sunshine the Malecon is crowded with parking places full, meaning the restaurants, stores and shops are all gleefully busy. Tonight all of the cafes and cantinas will be celebrating with loud music and festivities. Here at Campo Ocotillo, several small parties are planned for this evening; ours around a bonfire overlooking the Sea of Cortez. And I'm sure fireworks on the beach will be heard all around the town at midnight. Happy New Year from all of us at THE NET.



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