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San Felipe - Archive of weather for February 2010





San Felipe Morning Sky........Nuf said.
Photo by Mel Bohnert.


Sunday 28 Februaury, 7 a.m. The tsunami came and went yesterday but it was not noticeable in San Felipe. This morning the wind is back to the south inviting us to have coffee on the patio. With clear skies and a soft southern breeze fanning the waters it definitely brings on a bout of Spring Fever. What does that mean? Dreams of refreshed landscaping and shady trees. And what does that mean? Work!... Well, the reward is that after the work is done and the gardens are attended we get to enjoy the rest of the beautiful spring weather at least into May. Goodbye to February. ST (yesterday's Max 73F; Min 54F)


Saturday 27 Februaury, 7 a.m. Skies are completely overcast with light clouds. The prognoses is possible rain by this evening and/or through the night. What's more earth-shaking is watching the progress of that 8.8 earthquake report in Chile and will it have any effect on our Pacific coast (namely Baja)? At this moment our water is lazying out there, calm as the breezes above. With the wind direction from the north temperatures are noticeably cooler. Hopefully that will begin to change by tomorrow with warmer, drier weather expected. Therefore March will come in like a lamb! ST (yesterday's Max 73F; Min 54F)

Friday 26 Februaury, 7 a.m. High pressure is leaving us. A low pressure system is moving in for the week-end bringing us possible rain and winds. But as the calendar turns the page into March, high pressure will return with 70 degree weather once again. Our courageous sun is still over-taking the clouds bringing us a warm afternoon for todays "San Felipe Has Talent" show. Nothing special is slated for this week-end. Hopefully the fishermen did well last week and the markets will be full. ST (yesterday's Max 72F; Min 58F)

Thursday 25 Februaury, 7 a.m. Beautiful and calm this morning. It was actually warmer through the night and now reaching into the 70's. A very light breeze with calm waters. Our fishermen are sure to have a good day. We have still been able to buy shrimp even though the season is over for the best catches. We are now looking forward to great weather for the Las Amigas Assoc to put on their "San Felipe Has Talent" show on Friday. And we furvently hope good weather will stay with us through other major events including the Baja 250 coming up in March. ST (yesterday's Max 69F; Min 47F)

Wednesday 24 Februaury, 10 a.m. The gales of Monday and winds of Tuesday have gone. This morning we awoke to a glassy sea and mild temperatures, however, it was very cold overnight. There is some thin, high cloud over the bay but the day promises to be pleasant for this late winter time of year. We do get the penetrating, cold northerlies at times but we have avoided most of the rain that has hit Southern California this month. They are in for more showers for the next seven days but it is not likely that any precipitation will make its way this far down to San Felipe. For people driving down from Mexicali, watch out for any remaining mud on the construction section of the highway around the junction with the Ensenada road, 30 miles north of San Felipe. Also be on the lookout for motorbikes and race cars that will be practicing for the next couple of weeks in preparation for the Baja 250 on 12-14 March. San Felipe will be packed that weekend so if you are trying to sell your house, this is a good time to get out and put up the signs! (TC) (yesterday's Max 64F; Min 41F)

Tuesday, 23 Feb, 7 a.m. Last evening it grew cold and windy. This morning started out calm but within this hour it has become blustery, not pleasant to be out in. There are a few whitecaps on the water, meaning the boats will remain on shore another day. And we can only expect more of the same for the rest of this week. We've had our Indian Summer; now it's winter in San Felipe, I feel. ST (yesterday's Max 71F; Min 56F)

Monday, 22 Feb,7 p.m. My goodness, what a night! There was a lull in the breeze around 5 and I decided to go into town and have a late lunch at one of the few decent places that are open. I must admit the meal, with a free Margarita, was first class. However, the gale sprang up again and when I drove home a few minutes ago, I thought I would get lost in the blowing sand on the Airport road headed south. It has been a long time since I remember such extensive drifting sand on the road. My wind recorder shows that we are getting sustained northeasterly breezes at around 20 mph, with gusts to 40 mph. It is definitely not a night to be out on the town and, judging by the lack of cars along the streets downtown, I would say that many other residents of San Felipe are of the same mind. Better to stay indoors and pick up a good book for the evening.

3 p.m. The winds have come up over the past 3 hours. It started getting windy while I was doing jobs in the yard fixing the plumbing. Now we are having gusts over 30 mph from the north. The sea is covered with whitecaps and, surprisingly, there is no sight of the shrimp seiners. The fleet had been prepared for this wind to come over the weekend and they stayed in the shelter of Machorro for most of Saturday, a time of light winds and calm seas. They went out on Sunday and are now caught in very rough conditions. The north wind whistles through the window frames. No matter how well you try to seal them, they wear and fatigue from the constant sand-blasting that they experience. Stand by any window and you will likely feel a draught somewhere around the edge. We are lucky in a way as many people use un-vented propane heaters in their houses to save money. If you have been out of town for a few weeks and come back to your house, you will probably find sand everywhere, sometimes in little piles in corners. If only the winds were strong like this and constant throughout the season, San Felipe could be the kitesurfing capital of the world. We would have flights coming in to our little international airport from all over the southwest. (TC)

7 a.m. Temperatures are generally cooler out here on the beach. We expect those heavy, dark clouds to burn off quickly. However we could have intermittent sprinkles up or down the coastline before then. Although the wind direction is turning back to the northeast it is almost still at this moment. The waters are calm. And we hope the sun will come out from behind those clouds soon. Thank goodness we had a lovely day for yesterday's Senior Sunday. ST (yesterday's Max 68F; Min 53F)


Sunday, 21 Feb, 7 a.m. That hazy, cloud cover has blocked out our Sunday morning sun almost completely. Yes, we could get a few more drops of rain tomorrow, but then we are again looking at San Felipe Sunshine. We are still in the 60's with just a slight breeze. Yesterday was fantastic as we sat out in the sand for the Paella Festival enjoying the food, music and entertainment. Today we will be inside for the Senior Sunday activities The weather has co-operated outstandingly, (if that is a word). ST (yesterday's Max 70F; Min 52F)


Saturday, 20 Feb, 7 a.m. What a spectacular morning! At 5:30 we heard the patter of rain on the roof. At 5:57 we managed to catch this first photo with an almost solid cloud cover; and the second photo as the rains fell but stopped within 5 minutes. . Then for a few minutes we were lost in a fog and there was no distinction between sky and water. By 6:20 the sun began to rise normaly. You could never have guessed we had rain, except for the clean smell in the air. As it rose higher we could see that it was completely enclosed in a yellow circle. Finally it slipped into the clouds above which were already thinning. Within the next few minutes many of the clouds had burned off and it was daylight.
5.57Almost complete cloud cover
5.58 And the rains fell from those dark clouds
6:20 Just as the sun began to rise
What a difference a few minutes can make so early in the morning.
6:20 Is there a moon in the suin?
6:21 And the sun rose into the clouds.
The skies became blue, and you would never have known of this spectacular story if you had not seen it for yourself. Hope you all have a great day at the Paella Festival. ST (yesterday's Max 71F; Min 56F)


Lately we have been seeing the grunion run here in San Felipe, but in daylight hours. The beach seemed to be edged in silver as these little guys came forward in droves. In the area where we would walk they would disappear in rotation. We noticed the seagulls and the pelicans waiting to scoop them up each time they appeared. What a treat.


ref: http://www.beachcalifornia.com/grunion-run.html

Each spring and summer from March through August grunion leave the water at night to spawn on the beach for four consecutive nights starting the nights of the full and new moons. Spawning begins after high tide and continues for several hours. Peak spawning is late March to early June. As a wave breaks on the beach, grunion swim as far up the slope as possible. The female arches her body and excavates the semifluid sand with her tail to create a nest. She twists her body and digs until she is half buried in the sand with her head sticking up. She then deposits her eggs in the nest. Males curve around the female and release milt. The milt flows down the female’s body until it reaches and fertilizes the eggs. As many as eight males may fertilize the eggs in a nest. After spawning, the males immediately retreat toward the water while the female twists free and returns with the next wave. While spawning may take only 30 seconds, some fish remain stranded on the beach for several minutes.


Friday,19 Feb, 7 a.m. Cooler temperatures have returned for the next few days. We can expect cloud cover, rain in some of the mountain areas, over the week-end. This gives us the proper ingredients for these beautiful morning photo shots. However it should not be that cloudy that it will be a detriment to the Paella Festival or the Senior Sunday activities this week-end. With soft breezes still from the South and sheltered areas for both events I doubt if any of us will add more than sweaters. After all...this is San Felipe. They promise the weather will begin to warm again early next week. ST (yesterday's Max 75F; Min 57F)


I love you too.
Photo by Mel Bohnert

Thursday,18 Feb, 7 a.m. Looking over our every move this morning, Billy, our new golden LasoApso is telling us he loves this weather too. The temperatures are just a little cooler as we reach toward the week-end. We still have clear skies and southern breezes. We hope it will remain warm through this busy Saturday and Sunday for the Paella Festival and the Senior Sunday activities. By then we will be slipping into cooler weather as another low pressure system moves in. st (yesterday's Max 75F; Min 57F)


Wednesday,17 Feb, 7 a.m. It's getting even warmer as this week progresses. With clear skies and breezes from the south we have tropical weather almost constantly. In the 70's out here on the beach usually means in the 80's in town where the sun beats on the cement and the buildings shelter from any breeze. This is a great time for dunebuggying in the desert area between the valleys of the two mountain ranges. On the far western side of the valley there are many arroyas and canyons which are favorites to the locals here. Many have been given names by various groups, some of which became "the title"; example Crystal canyon, Pumpkin rock, Agate pass. And you can find Ironwood for carving and Mesquite for BBQing. Enjoy. st (yesterday's Max 77F; Min 60F)


Tuesday,16 Feb, 7 a.m. We don't even need a jacket this morning; it's warm and sunny, with just a slight breeze. We met several hikers while walking the dog. All had the same exclamation; "It must be Indian Summer". Clear skies and above normal temperatures are expected to remain with us at least through the rest of the week. We had a new moon on the 13th. With high tide yesterday of 16' at 3.30 p.m. we had strong surges. It was thrilling to walk beside the sea-shore jumping the waves. What will today bring? st (yesterday's Max 73F; Min 61F)


Rock Consag at 6:20 a.m. 22 miles offshore Photo by Mel Bohnert
Monday,15 Feb, 7 a.m. Wow! 63 degrees at 7 in the morning; looking for the 80's by noon. If you take a boat ride out to Rock Consag you may see Sea Lions and Sea Gulls at low tide basking in the sun. The view of the island changes by the hour, but always a conversation piece. With clear skies and this morning's sun, we couldn't resist this opportunity. st (yesterday's Max 71F; Min 54F)


Sunday,14 Feb, 7 a.m. A clear day for our second day of Carnival. Perfect weather for visitors and participants alike. Guests have a multitude of options to enjoy with almost every restaurant and hotel doing it's best to compete. With soft breezes and calm waters, San Felipe is definitely the place to be. st (yesterday's Max 70F; Min 50F)


Saturday,13 Feb, 7 a.m. What spring-like weather we are having. A high pressure system is building over the region through the middle of the week, providing dry, above normal temperatures with light southern breezes. Just perfect for the Carnival parade today. Clear skies guarantee it will stay like this through the end of Carnival on Tuesday. st (yesterday's Max 70F; Min 50F)


Friday,12 Feb, 7 a.m. These clear, crisp mornings are staying with us. Everyone is busy setting up for their individual entertainment program for this weekend knowing that the weather is with us. Those soft clouds overhead will burn off quickly, allowing sunshine overall. Beautiful weather for 'Carnival' parade today, probably around 65 degrees by noon. Following that is Las Amigas Casino Day activities out at the Lodge. Even the birds are acting like spring is in the air. st (yesterday's Max 70F; Min 50F) 


Clear skies, low tide with early morning activity on the beach. Photo by Mel Bohnert
Thursday, 11 Feb, 7 a.m. Smile! For today we have our beautiful clear morning and the promise of our tropical spring weather back with us. Our soft, warm, southern breeze makes all this possible. It's as if the gods are smiling on all our activities for this very busy week-end. It starts with Las Amigas' Casino Day Friday and Carnival through Tuesday with all it's parades. Valentine's Day is in the middle on Sunday. This warm weather will allow spectators to dig out all their spring finery. st (yesterday's Max 66F; Min 51F) 


6:30 a.m. rain clouds predominate this morning's skies. Photo by Mel Bohnert
Wednesday, 10 Feb, 3:00 a.m we heard a light rain on the roof but it didn't last. This morning at 6:30 a.m. we had stormy skies; there were rain clouds to the south; and there is some snow on the mountains to the west but not that photographical. There is hardly a breeze and at 50 degrees we cannot say it is cold. The day is just now turning pleasant, a clean smell in the air and the clouds are moving east. st (yesterday's Max 66F; Min 52F) 



Tuesday, 9 Feb, 7 a.m. As we watch the U.S. weather reports to the north we feel extremely fortunate to be under warm, clear skies basking in tropical winter weather. There are a few soft streaks of clouds but nothing threatening. Any breeze is from the south over waters that are still swimmable for the brave. With all the programs planned for this week, Casino day, Valentines Day, and the Carnival this weekend, as long as we have south winds it will be warm. st (yesterday's Max 67F; Min 50F) 


Monday, 8 Feb, 7 a.m. Today and tomorrow will surely see the 70's as we enjoy yet another seasonable warm beginning of this week. However we may have a chance of rain on Wednesday. Sunshine will return for the Las Amigas Association which is preparing to host a popular Casino day on Friday out here at the Lodge. We are also looking forward to great weather for Carnival weekend, Feb 12 - 16. Do you suppose this may have a positive influence on Valentine's Day? As long as we have south winds it will be warm. st (yesterday's Max 72F; Min 53F) 


My how the clouds change in just one day. Photo by Mel Bohnert
Sunday, 7 Feb, 7 a.m. Low pressure creates heavy storm clouds which hang overhead. Howerver these will probably burn off as the day progresses. We have had no fear of mudslides as in California. The temperature is certainly comfortable, even at night. We expect dry weather to return by tomorrow. st (yesterday's Max 68F; Min 52F)



A decided fogbank seen over the mainland.

Saturday, 6 Feb, 7 a.m. A few, soft clouds drift across otherwise hazy but clear skies. However there is a huge fogbank over the Mexican mainland. Later the sun rose over the horizon through the clouds creating the stage for fantastic pictures. Nuf said! .....It is really warm already. The crowds will be out early to the Swap Meet ...a great place to congregate and swap stories. At this point it certainly does not look like rain over San Felipe. st (yesterday's Max 67F; Min 50F)

What planet are you on?
Photo by Mel Bohnert

Friday, 5 Feb, 7 a.m. A totally overcast sky with clouds blocking out most of the sunrise, leaves us expecting at least a chance of rain today. This morning seemed warmer, however it was the night that had reached the 53 - 56 degree area throughout that felt so good. The water is so calm and quiet it feels eerie. Everything will probably come alive within the next hour or so. st (yesterday's Max 68F; Min 53F)

Thursday, 4 Feb, 7 a.m. No clouds,no beautiful photos. Although skies are clear it will take awhile for the sun to warm us up, hopefully into the 70's. So many activities are planned for our San Felipe winter guests there is hardly any time for outside chores. Many like to walk on the beach with their best friends, their dogs. Every day the high tide marks reach a new height leaving new discoveries for beachcombers. Desert runs are very popular if there is no threat of rain. The rest of us are involved in so many projects there is no time to smell the cactus. st (yesterday's Max 71F; Min 52F)

Wednesday, 3 Feb, 7 a.m. Yes, the sun is trying to force it's way through but a persistant low cloud cover has spread it's blanket over all. It is not cold, nor breezy although the direction is from the NW. In fact everything is placid like the water itself. We did not get rain last evening and will likely not see rain today. By tonight we will be clear of threats till the next wave comes through. st (yesterday's Max 72F; Min 54F)

6:22 a.m. A cloud covered sky produces an exploding sunrise. One sure feels small in all this grandeur .....................photo by Mel Bohnert

Tuesday, 2 Feb, 7 a.m. Tuesday, 2 Feb, 7 a.m. Did you see it, this morning? It's in the 50's but oh, so beautiful. In minutes this scene changes. Clouds will continue to increase with a possibility of rain drops by late tonight. Soft, warm, western breezes will keep the temperatures up near the 70's, very normal for us this time of year. st (yesterday's Max 67F; Min 51F)

Monday, 1 Feb, 7 a.m. A dull, complete overcast, and otherwise quite chilling morning to wake up to. No sunrise today. We expect it to stay chilly for a couple of more days. A soft, western breeze causes one to hug that jacket closer even though it is not really all that cold. High tides have swept most of the beach tire tracks leaving a nice clean beach. Before I finish this report it will be up to the 60's.st (yesterday's Max 67F; Min 51F)

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