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San Felipe - Archive of weather for February 2009.


Saturday 28 February- 9 a.m. Thin, high, cloud is still with us and is likely to remain through the weekend. The north wind has started blowing again but, at the moment, it is a modest 5-8 mph and is only lightly ruffling the sea. However, expect it to get stronger over the weekend. Last night in town there were a large number of Baja 250 race trucks and bikes. The big day is only a couple of weeks away and serious practice sessions are now starting. Along the Malecon there were plenty of crews eating and drinking in local restaurants and it is providing a welcome stimulus to the economy. Yesterday's Max 73 F, Min 61 F. Humidity currently 39 % (ej)

Friday 27 February- 9 a.m. The high cloud persisted all day yesterday and it looks like it will be with us again today. At least it is not windy so the temperatures, while not record-breaking, feel comfortable. Another day of big tides. Right now, the water is way out and I can see a couple of people walking their dogs and picking up shells along the low water line. Yesterday's Max 71 F, Min 55 F. Humidity currently 42 % (ej)

Thursday 26 February- 9 a.m. Thin, high, cloud is passing over the town this morning but I expect this to be gone in a couple of hours. Out on the beach we have hazy sunshine, 67 degrees and calm air. The tide is way out. No significant changes are on the horizon and we should have very pleasant weekend weather in San Felipe. Yesterday's Max 75 F, Min 54 F. Humidity currently 41 % (ej)

Wednesday 25 February- 2 p.m. High tide with very calm waters - hardly a ripple. In town it is an absolutely beautiful, early spring, afternoon. The office thermometer reads 73 degrees and 30% RH. It only gets better from here-on. On the Malecon, the cleanup crews are collecting the mess and dismantling the Carnaval sets. Our collectors do a great job in keeping the downtown area clean. Out on the road south to Punta Estrella, however, we seem to accumulate all the plastic bags and trash that blows south as the northerly winds hit us. They collect on the trees, ocotillos and bushes along the road and they litter the desert floor. If only we could organize a town-wide cleanup effort for a day to make the place a showcase before the Baja 250 film crews arrive in March to publicize our town....

9 a.m. A beautiful, calm, morning in San Felipe. The tide has just turned and will be high in the early afternoon. Pangas are fishing in the bay and it makes a picture-perfect scene. Out on the beach it is 70 F and it should warm further as the day progresses. You should be here to appreciate the fresh air and tranquil times. Yesterday's Max 77 F, Min 58 F. Humidity currently 44 % (ej)

Tuesday 24 February- 9 a.m. Dia de la Bandera and also Mardi Gras. We woke to considerable cloudiness again this morning but it is now breaking up and the skies are already partly sunny. It is these mornings when we have cloud that the sunrises over the Sea of Cortez can be so beautiful. I am rarely up early enough to check, unlike Shirley who is out of bed at the crack of dawn. (She is currently on holiday exploring Southern Baja and you can see her diary at the very bottom of the page here). Out on the beach it is already 71 F and the winds are calm for a second day in a row. Out in the deserts today you can expect highs in the 80's but we will see more moderate temperatures in the 70's along the coast. We have the final parade for the Mardi Gras celebration this afternoon and there will also be celebrations to give the pledge of allegiance to the Flag. Yesterday's Max 76 F, Min 58 F. Humidity currently 40 % (ej)

Monday 23 February- 1 p.m. The cloud front is moving east as you can see in our tidecam picture below. Sunny skies and a warmer afternoon are in store. In town at the office it is already 75 F with 25% RH.

9 a.m. Lots of cloud is passing over us this morning but things will clear up later and we should have a sunny, pleasant, afternoon. The sea is calm and an old shrimp seiner is steering into port. The shrimp catch is still good but the cost is increasing all the time; the super-colossals (U-10) are 240 pesos/kilo in town at the moment. Yesterday's Max 75 F, Min 60 F. Humidity currently 67 % (ej)

Sunday 22 February- 9 a.m. Thin, high, cloud continues to drift over and there is no wind. The sea surface is absolutely calm at this hour. On the beach we already have a very pleasant 73 F. It should be a beautiful day in Paradise. Yesterday's Max 68 F, Min 50 F. Humidity currently 34 % (ej)

Saturday 21 February- 3 p.m. A wonderful afternoon for the Paella Festival - and this is one of the best yet with some incredibly inventive dishes. The El Cortez is hot and shorts with T-shirts are the order of the day - 75 degrees with very light northerly breezes and blue skies as you can see in this snap looking towards Punta Estrella:


9 a.m. We woke this morning to thin, high, cloud drifting over our area from the west, giving us less warming by the sun. This cooling is offset by the fact that the winds have died down and it is absolutely calm along the beach. Already the thermometer outside is almost at 70 F and in town it should get even higher today. The Carnaval celebrations will be continuing today and we all look forward to the Paella festival at the El Cortez this afternoon. Yesterday's Max 66 F, Min 50 F. Humidity currently 32 % (ej)

Friday 20 February- 2 p.m. The Carnaval people are setting up their stands along the Malecon at this hour. If you are sheltered from the wind, the temperature is a delightful 75 F. On the beach we have 66F.

11:45 a.m. The north wind is coming up again, now the whitecaps are forming on the sea and thin, high, cloud is coming over our area. 66 F on the beach.

9 a.m. After yesterday's winds and blowing sand, this morning is a beauty. Conditions along the beach at 9 a.m. are very light northerly breezes, 64 F and an almost perfect relative humidity of 52%. I believe the high pressure over the southwest US will give us somewhat warmer temperatures for the weekend but it could be windy at times. The tide is on the way in and neighbors are walking their packs of dogs by the water. Though it is still too cool for humans to venture in, the dogs don't seem to mind getting wet and then trying to spray the owners. I see one local worker walk south from town to Villas de San Francisco every morning along the beach - it must take him an hour. I wonder if he would do this if our town had a bus service; at least it is excellent excercise. Yesterday's Max 66 F, Min 53 F. Humidity currently 52 % (ej)

Thursday 19 February- 9 a.m. Clear and very breezy on the beach this morning with 63 F and 38% RH at the moment. Whitecaps are picking up on the bay waters, no fishing boats in sight. High pressure is building over the southwest US and this will bring us a strong dry flow of air with falling relative humidities. Yesterday's Max 65 F, Min 56 F. Humidity currently 38 % (ej)

Wednesday 18 February- 9 a.m. We are getting back to normal now that the storms have passed off to the east. Clear and sunny on the beach with temperatures in the mid-60's this morning and a slow warming trend as the weekend approaches. The Carnaval celebrations start this Friday and we should have continued good weather for the entire festival - culminating next Tuesday in Mardi Gras. Bring a sweater for the evenings. Yesterday's Max 68 F, Min 50 F. Humidity currently 37 % (ej)

Tuesday 17 February- 9 a.m. A clear, brisk, morning with a few people already strolling along the beach with their dogs. There is a moderate breeze from the north that will likely keep the temperatures in the 60's for most of the day, though we do hope for a warming trend now that the big storms over California have passed on to the east. Yesterday's Max 71 F, Min 50 F. Humidity currently 60 % (ej)

Monday 16 February- 3 p.m. A pleasant afternoon with the thermometer touching the 70 degree mark for the first time in over a week. There is cloud trapped in the mountains to our west and north but here in San Felipe it is sunny. Winds are coming from the southwest at around 8-12 mph. Rain has been falling this morning from Ensenada north to San Diego and beyond. There is also light rain in El Centro at this hour. We may yet escape any bad effects..... (ej)

9 a.m. The cloud moved south overnight and we woke to a clear, sunny, morning in San Felipe with calm seas. The storm from the Pacific is on track to send its cold front over the El Centro region later today and we will likely see breezy conditions as it moves east. Heavy rain is still forecast for the mountains of Southern California and northern Baja in the next 24 hours so drive carefully if you are on your way to the States. Yesterday's Max 64 F, Min 45 F. Humidity currently 45 % (ej)

Sunday 15 February- 9 a.m. Heavy cloud has come in over San Felipe during the night and it looks like this flow, brought in by the southerly branch of the Jetstream combining with the storm dynamics off the California coast, will continue for today and into Monday. Some scattered showers are showing up over the Upper Gulf waters. Our sea is calm and currently it is low tide. Yesterday's Max 65 F, Min 45 F. Humidity currently 40 % (ej)

Saturday 14 February- Valentines day , 9 a.m. The low temperature was close to 40 F just before dawn when the air was calm. For the past two hours, a band of cloud has been moving across our region and the northerly breeze is coming up again. This should warm us to the mid-60's by noon and we expect a clear, cool weekend to continue. The storm forecast has been modified and the weather service now expects only isolated rain in the mountains on Sunday night and Presidents Day. Yesterday's Max 65 F, Min 41 F. Humidity currently 45 % (ej)

Friday 13 February, 9 a.m. Pretty much a carbon copy of yesterday with light, northerly, zephyrs along the beach and clear, sunny, skies. Nobody on the beach yet but there are lots of seagulls gathered around the pools of water left behind with the low tide. The big cold front from the Pacific is on schedule to bring rain and snow to the mountains of Southern California and the high peaks of northern Baja on Sunday night and Monday but, apart from some wind and cooler conditions, we should be fine in San Felipe. Yesterday's Max 68 F, Min 46 F. Humidity currently 37 % (ej)

Thursday 12 February, 3:30 p.m. Not a bad afternoon at all. Clear and sunny on the beach, 68 F with light northerly winds 5-8 mph. Not a soul in sight. High tide.

9 a.m. Not as cold last night - only down to the mid-40's. This morning we have a bright, sunny, day and the thermometer is already near 60 F. The steady breeze from the north continues and this will keep the humidity low and, potentially, give us sparks from the doorknobs. This is the long "Presidents Day" weekend where some lucky people in the USA get Monday off. For those travelling to San Felipe from Southern California, we expect that they will enjoy cool, partly cloudy, conditions here but there is likely to be heavy rain in the mountains on Monday and Tuesday when they head home. Yesterday's Max 68 F, Min 45 F. Humidity currently 37 % (ej)

Wednesday 11 February, 9 a.m. Chilly - lots of steaming coffee needed today. Outside it is cool and in the low 50's at the moment though it should warm up into the low 60's as the day progresses. At least the wind is mild at the moment. Thin, high, cloud is starting to drift across our area from the west. There is a lot of cloud out off the Pacific coast of Baja that is being dragged onshore by the upper level jet stream. Southern California will continue with a forecast of showers for the next five days, with a possibility of heavy rain and snow in the mountains Sunday-Tuesday of next week. Here in San Felipe we should continue to escape the bad weather but sweaters and Uggs will be the dress for the next few days. Yesterday's Max 64 F, Min 38 F. Humidity currently 39 % (ej)

Tuesday February 10, 2 p.m Continued cool but beautifully clear. Winds from the west at 6-8 mph with 64 F on the beach. The bay waters are calm and it is high tide.

9 a.m. The storms have moved east and we have clear, cool conditions in town this morning. It was quite cold last night and an extra blanket is good to have for these late-winter periods. Extreme high tides are expected again today and there is a chance of some beach erosion if the winds pick up in the noon-3 p.m. period when the water is highest. For the rest of this week, conditions should be similar to today. Another Pacific storm will hit California by Saturday but it is unlikely that it will bring us anything but high cloud and increasing wind. Yesterday's Max 64 F, Min 49 F. Humidity currently 37 % (ej)

Monday February 9, 9 a.m. It is clear and sunny in San Felipe this morning but the southerly winds continue, making it feel quite chilly along the beach. The forecast is for a series of Pacific low pressure systems to hit the California coast over the next seven days. Although it is unlikely we will get any rain, there will be occasional blustery conditions and travelers across the Laguna Salada could see quite a few dust storms. If you will be heading along Interstate 8 towards San Diego today you can expect to see snow flurries and rain for much of the day. We have very high tides here for the next couple of days and south-facing beaches could see some erosion if the winds continue. Yesterday's Max 65 F, Min 55 F. Humidity currently 60 % (ej)

Sunday February 8, Noon It was breezy overnight and this morning is cool and clear with blustery conditions on the beach. The large low pressure is now centered over Arizona and there are bands of cloud from the next storm waiting to come ashore on the Pacific coast. We expect that the next few days will be cooler than normal but, again, it is unlikely we will get any rain. Yesterday's Max 67 F, Min 55 F. Humidity currently 54 % (ej)

Saturday February 7, 3 p.m. Well, the high for the day, 67 F, has probably passed. We are having periods of sunshine and cloud and the wind is coming from the south at 8-12 mph. Showers are reported on the Mexicali road north of the Ensenada junction but El Centro is in the clear. This arm of the storm is moving east and Yuma is getting light rain with 52 F. The next band of cloud with potential rain, possible thunderstorms and much cooler temperatures is expected tonight. (ej)

9 a.m. Clouds are now starting to come up from the southwest as the large storm sitting off the California coast rotates counterclockwise and its bands of cloud interact with the Baja peninsular. Although we are in a sunny period at the moment, we expect considerable cloudiness on and off during the next 24 hours but only a small chance of rain. The expected high today will likely be in the low 70's - not bad when you look directly west from San Felipe and see snow accumulating on some of the peaks in the mountains. Up at the observatory on Piccachio del Diablo, they have a chilly 24 F.

Around the region: there has been heavy rain overnight in San Diego and snow levels on interstate 8 to El Centro lowered to 4000 feet in places. In El Centro it is 51 F with light rain, and Yuma is partly cloudy with 58 F temperature. Yesterday's Max 73 F, Min 55 F. Humidity currently 77 %.(ej)

Friday February 6, 9 a.m. Clear and sunny out on the beach with a calm sea at the moment. There is even a group out in shorts and bikinis taking a walk - probably Canadians. Over to the west you can see the storm clouds trapped in the mountains and, with luck, they will not be able to make it here. A light breeze is starting to come up from the south and the forecast is for the wind to increase during the day as the Pacific troughs press south and east following heavy rain in San Diego. For the border region, stormy conditions are expected this afternoon and Saturday with a 50% chance of rain in the deserts to our north. I think that very little will get this far south to San Felipe. Yesterday's Max 76 F, Min 50 F. Humidity currently 67 %.(ej)

Thursday February 5, 1 p.m. Hazy sunshine, 75 F with breezes from the southwest at 8-10 mph. The first line of showers is approaching San Diego. In El Centro 71 F. (ej)

9 a.m. Increasing high cloud over San Felipe ahead of the Pacific low pressure system now approaching central California. This is the first in a series of systems that are expected to come onshore over the week ahead. In town we expect this to be a hazy sunny day and the temperature should still hit the low 70's in sheltered places. Yesterday's Max 74 F, Min 50 F. Humidity currently 47 %.(ej).

Wednesday February 4, 2:30 p.m. Still calm out on the beach with 69 F (74 in town) and the relative humidity has increased to 60%. We got a report from Kelly down at km 41 that there is an orange algae bloom on the water in that region. I would not recommend swimming in it. Also it could be hazardous to pelicans that are fishing in the region. (ej).

9 a.m. This morning we awoke to absolutely calm conditions - the sea surface is glassy like the proverbial millpond. Lack of breeze also means that the relative humidity is higher and it makes conditions much more pleasant for those of us with dry skin and chronic sinus conditions. This lull is likely to be short-lived and we can expect breezy conditions to arise on Thursday as the Pacific storm approaches California. In the meantime, enjoy today's tranquil conditions and take a walk on the beach. Yesterday's Max 77 F, Min 53 F. Humidity currently 40 %. (ej)

Tuesday February 3, 12:30 p.m. Well, we have probably seen our high for the day, 77 F, as cloud from the south is now drifting over town. Still a moderate wind from the north at 8-10 mph. (ej)

9 a.m. Around 3 a.m. last night the temperature dipped briefly to 49 F as the northerly breeze calmed for a while. Now the wind is back and it has increased substantially over the past hour with occasional gusty periods to 15 mph. Overall, you don't notice it much if you are downtown because of the wind shadow created by Machorro and Kila. The early settlers knew what they were doing when they put their first camps on the bay just south of the mountains! Today should be another fine day with temperatures in sheltered locations reaching close to the 80 degree mark. The Pacific weather front is still on schedule to cause some changes to our weather by Friday and the chance of precipitation has increased to around 20%. Yesterday's Max 78 F, Min 49 F. Humidity currently 28 %. (ej)

Monday February 2, 9 a.m. We had another cool night in San Felipe with northerly breezes at 5-7 mph. Today we expect the temperatures to climb into the low 70's in sheltered locations but the breeze will continue to keep the beaches and the ocean water cool. Whitecaps are already developing on the bay waters. A Pacific storm is affecting the border region with Canada and this weather system will dip south into California by Thursday. We could see some effects of it in San Felipe by next weekend though rain is unlikely. Yesterday's Max 74 F, Min 51 F. Humidity currently 35 %. (ej)

SuperBowl Sunday:1 February 7:00 a.m. Yesterday was terrific, but last night the thermometer plummeted by 7 degrees. As long as that high pressure continues to dominate we shall have mild afternoons, but with cool nights. Clear skies with very light breezes allow the sun to warm each day. If the waters would calm the fishermen would be happier. Tampa Florida, forcasts a mostly sunny afternoon for the game today. Many visitors will group together to watch on TV with plenty of snacks on hand.(st) Yesterday's Max 73 F, Min 53 F. Humidity currently 32 %.





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