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Archive of weather for February 2007

Wednesday, 28 February 9:43 a.m. There's a breeze coming out of the North - Northwest at about five miles an hour that makes working in the yard unexpectedly chilly. However, we do have partly sunny skies, for now. We are expecting cooler weather as the day moves on and for the rest of the week. El Jefe has written a very good commentary on the loss of the 250 on our news page. I believe the town is still in shock. kh

Tuesday, 27 February 3 p.m. Getting cloudy as the front approaches. In town it is very calm, 70 F with 50% RH but changes are on the way. Already Calexico is experiencing 30 mph breezes and they will arrive here this evening with blowing sand likely. No rain is expected.(ej) 11:11 a.m. The hoped for spring around the corner seems to be blowing in the wind. We had hoped this warming trend would be the start of a long awaited spring. It looks like the front from Canada is moving down towards central California and although it's sunny and warm at this time, we may have cloudy and windy days the rest of the week. We are all still reeling from the loss of the Baja 250 but the Tequila Festival is still on for this weekend, beginning Thursday on the Malecon. kh

Monday, 26 February 2 p.m. Not much change in the conditions since Kat did the weather this morning. However, the wind is now blowing off the sea and keeping us cool. In town, at the office on Mar de Cortez, we have 65 F with 50% RH and winds from the East at 5-7 mph. We have all been stunned by the sudden cancellation of the Baja 250 race in San Felipe in March. This is a major economic blow to the region and will result in several millions of dollars lost to the economy. Hotel and condominium owners are furious as they will have to give significant refunds. On the other hand, casual visitors may be able to negotiate some very favorable deals to come for the March 9-11 weekend. (ej). 9:42 a.m. We almost hit 80 degrees yesterday and I think in some places it did. Another gorgeous day in San Felipe! The weekend weather held up for the outdoor activities and those who went to the beach or out to the desert weren't disappointed. It's going to be nice for the next couple of days, so make your plans to come to San Felipe for the Tequila Festival coming up this weekend. kh

Sunday, 25 February 8:55 a.m. We have slight winds this morning, but otherwise, a clear and sunny day. I predict we'll see 80 degrees today, but what do I know. It's a great day for outdoor activities like walking the beaches or a trip out into the desert. Bring a jacket in case the wind picks up. Yesterday, out at the harbor, there were many people fishing from the pier. Try something new! kh

Saturday, 24 February 7:16 a.m. It's a bit brisk this morning, but the skies are clear and the sun is shining. It looks as though we missed the storm brewing in the mountains, at least for now. The Paella Festival is set to begin at noon and you can get your tickets at the door. Let's hope the weather holds up. I'm off to the harbor to drop some baby Totoaba's in the Sea of Cortez. kh

Friday, 23 February 8:54 a.m. Not very good news weather wise. There is a chance we may be seeing some long awaited rain, however, not too welcome this weekend as we have the Paella Festival tomorrow. The powers that be were going to require chains to go over U.S. Highway 8 from San Diego and it looks like we are getting the remnants of the storm in Los Angeles. If you're driving down today, be cautious and try and drive during the day. If we get any rain, I'll post an update as rain is forecasted in Mexicali and Calexico. In the meantime, happy Friday! kh

Thursday, 22 February 10:18 a.m. We have slight winds but a sunny day today. I apologize for the late posting of the weather. Our weather gal normally has the weather statistics at 7:00 a.m and posted by 8:00 a.m. I'll shoot for 8:00 a.m. tomorrow. It looks as though spring is just around the corner. Be sure and attend the Paella Festival at the El Cortez Hotel this Saturday at noon. kh

Wednesday, 21 February 8:32 a.m. Not too much change from yesterday's weather. It's a clear, lovely day. Last night was the end of Carnival 2007 and we couldn't have asked for better weather. The Malécon was packed with families listening to the music and watching the last parade of Carnival. All in all, it looks like this year's Carnival was a great success. The circus is still in town if you haven't seen it yet. We have no wind at this time, but if today is a repeat of yesterday, we may have slight winds by noon. Forecast for the next few days are cloudier mornings with slight winds and rain in Mexicali tomorrow. kh

Tuesday, 20 February, 9:00 a.m. Our weather gal has gone to watch the whales, so I'll be reporting the weather from in town for the next week. It's a beautiful day today, with barely a trickle of wind. Today's the last day of Carnival, so we are blessed with a great weather day. Yesterday, on the way back from the U.S., there were a few sand storms across Highway 5, which led to practically zero visibility. It's pretty strange to come out of the sand storm to sunny skies. Another lousy day in paradise! kh

Monday, 19 February, 7:00 a.m. We could really use some rain here; it has been another year of far below normal rainfall. No big September hurricanes or January storms for several years. California and Arizona also are suffering a drought, but their drinking water comes from the Colorado not from local rainfall. San Felipe has no river to depend on and our aquifer needs a long, slow drink if it is to keep pace with the future explosive development of this region. This evening, we might get a shower or two but it will not do much to water the flowers. Out on the highways though, particularly the road between San Felipe and Ensenada, there could be some flash floods in the arroyos that run down from the mountains - drive carefully and stay off the roads at night! (ej) (Sorry that our internet connection is so slow today but our web server is being swamped by heavy traffic.-ej) 7 a.m. It did not reach as high as expected, but it was a beautiful day yesterday for the parades and entertainment everywhere. Today promises to be the same, although cooler again, then returning to our famous spring temperatures here in San Felipe. Spring fashions are sprouting out everywhere. And Mardi Gras continues. Myself, I think we'll take a vacation and head down to see the Wales at Guero Negro. st

Sunday, 18 February, 7 a.m. That more substantial system is moving on across the Baja into the mainland and our clouds could possibly lighten today, letting in lots of sunlight, and ultimately warmer weather will take over. We are grateful for that for the Mardi-Gras parades and SFARP'S SENIOR CITIZEN SUNDAY, a day 120 of us will enjoy a full day of entertainment, crafts and good food. San Felipe is a retirement commuinity, the center for this kind of fun. And of course there is the circus in town, and all the other events finishing up with MARDI GRAS Tuesday. Ah yes! st

Saturday, 17 February, 7 a.m. That warm, sunny day promised us seemed to be for the rest of Baja. Over San Felipe this morning it is cloudy and threatening. There is a Pacific Low pressure area pushing across the southwest U.S. and northern Baja bringing these changes through Monday. However Life goes on. Bring a jacket and don't miss the first parade this evening at 5:00 on the Malecon. st

Friday, 16 February, 7 a.m. Dry and warmer, maybe it will hit the 80's today. Amazingly we were throwing off the covers last night as the thermometer never went below the 60 mark. This morning as I stretched my hand out the door I could not tell the difference inside/outside. This utopia will last through the rest of the week with a low pressure system slowly approaching starting Sunday. Great weather for a great week-end almost upon us. st

Thursday, 15 February, 7 a.m.A ridge of high pressure is out there this morning. This will bring warmer temperatures to offset the cool north breezes with temperatures rising during the days up to 15 degrees or more. By Saturday it may be into the 80's. This is great for the Carnival Parades. Also, the San Felipe Association of Retired Persons is holding it's 16th Senior Sunday, a day we celebrate ourselves with over 150 participating. The weather is co-operating beautifully for all of these activities. st

Wednesday, 14 February, 7 a.m. Happy Valentine's Day. Higher pressure from the Pacific will bring warm, dry weather for the next 3 days. It will be in the 60's by the time I finish this report, and promises to warm up quickly through the rest of the morning. Clear skies, calm waters, what more could you ask for. Those who wish to party to-night will be able to stay comfortable in Spring clothes, if not rushing it a bit. On Friday Carnival starts with parades and activities going all week-end and into next week. Although we may see clouds, our temperatures should remain comfortable through the whole carnival event. st

Tuesday, 13 February, 7 a.m. A calm, quiet morning beckons us outdoors early this morning. It is already in the 60's and promising to reach into the 70's. We're planning to clean up some of our camping gear before the season hits, just to get the feel of our early spring. We checked out a lot of our road information from the front page of this web-sight. Other important items we still need to check are the gas prices, tide charts, and weather forcasts for a week or two from now. Tonight will be great weather for the Las Amigas Valentine party. st

Monday, 12 February, 7 a.m. Today is much more promising. The sun's rays are actually reflecting brightly off of the water which itself is two colors. The azure blue ripples for about 20 miles, then a baby-blue, smooth bathtub effect for about 20 miles; back to the blue ripples. The sky itself is hazy especially on the far side of the Sea, and threatens to descend as a layer of fog before burning off and returning to it's beautiful self. All in all, the temperatures may again reach the 70's and it should be a beautiful day. st

Sunday, 11 February, 5:30 p.m. Well the skies cleared and the sun came on strong. In fact, if you stood directly in the sun's rays you had to shed those jackets quickly....but not too far, because standing in the shade was still chilly. The evening has descended and temperatures are expected to go down to the 50's. st 7 a.m. Last evening around 5:00 we actually felt a drop or two of 'humidity' as we walked the dogs. And it has stayed humid throughout the night although I am not aware of rain. This morning one looks out on a very gloomy picture, cool and uninviting and very possibly rain. Forecasts are for cooler weather through most of this week. North winds may become western soon, and the waters will remain calm. Not a very encouraging report today. st

Saturday, 10 February,4:00 p.m.My goodness the skies changed from partly cloudy, to almost clear and then it thickened with humidity rising to 54 % and the temperatures lowering back down from 68 F cooling to 64 F in just a few hours. I'll be wearing a jacket as I take my dog for a long awaited walk. Let's hope I don't come back and tell you that it is raining out there. st 7 a.m. Soft south-west winds and humid north-east moisture keeps us in the cross section of a cool, partly cloudy pattern for this week-end. However, 77 F is not what you call cool when you compare to some areas in the U.S.. Throw on a jacket and head out for yet another busy week-end here in San Felipe and shop among stores decorated for the Valentines holiday next week. st

Friday, 9 February, 7 a.m. A shade warmer at this hour today but definitely cooler as the week-end arrives. However, although skies are streaked with soft white clouds, the sun shines strong. We instinctively are drawn to the patio with our hot coffee to discuss all the minor events of this week-end. Valentine's Day only 5 days away has crept up on us. I know of at least one large party that is planned, sponsored by the Las Amigas Association, a popular Fund Raiser group that works all year to supply a few Scholarships to the University for deserving young students in San Felipe. The weather will be cool, but not cold. st

Thursday, 8 February, 7 a.m. Slightly lower temperatures each day thru this week-end is forecast, but still remaining above average for early February. Yesterday's high cooled to a 10 degrees below Tuesday, but the night remains around a very comfortable 50 F. A dune buggy run out to the desert scheduled for tomorrow promises to be a popular choice of activity for this week-end. Sometimes they have a picnic lunch out there or a trip up to one of the few waterfalls known mostly to the guides. With Valentine's Day fast approaching, followed by Carnival week there will be lots of activity and apparently very good weather ahead.st

Our daily sunrise

Wednesday, 7 February, 7 a.m. I couldn't resist taking this picture; what we see most mornings if there are soft clouds in the sky. Yesterday was warm and inviting but during the night the temperatures dropped significantly. A series of weak weather disturbances is moving inland from the coast. We can expect lower temperatures each day into a cooler week-end. Soft winds this morning will change to a more south-westerly direction later which to me are not as cold as those from the north. Calm waters still invite good clamming for my friends who are visiting from Canada. They have really enjoyed a good week and will take back many memories. st

Tuesday, 6 February, 2 p.m A pleasant, calm afternoon with 70 F, 50% RH in town. Thin high clouds cover the region.(ej) 7 a.m. A strong upper-level high-pressure ridge over the desert southwest is keeping our temperatures almost to the 80's for another day. But we are under a cloud cover this morning which may moderate this reading if it doesn't burn off early. No matter, everyone is enjoying this touch of early spring. st

Monday, 5 February, noon in town. The warm winds are finally paying off - it is up to 78 F in town with 15% RH and Northerly breezes at 6-8 mph at this time. Perfect for the Constitution Day National Holiday in Mexico. (ej) 7 a.m. Día de la Constitución: A beautiful Spring morning, with unseasonably warm daytime temperatures. It may get up into the 70's today and the nights are now up into the 50's. North winds offset all of these statistics, with whitecaps appearing on the water at times, creating a cooler illusion and encouraging one to wear their jackets. With tides heading out, low tides at 8:35 and very little winds, we should have a great evening ahead of us. st

Sunday 4 February - Clear skies but with brisk northerly winds along the beaches. A good day for walking the dogs. There is a dance scheduled on the Malecon this evening for the 82nd. birthday of San Felipe. I hope the breezes have moderated by then. There will be plenty of gatherings this evening for the games, some setting up outside with BBQ's and bonfiresTomorrow, Monday, is the Día de la Constitución, an official holiday that commemorates Mexico's Constitution. Banks and government offices are closed.(ej).

Saturday, 3 February,1 p.m. At the office in town we are starting to notice the increasing winds as the high pressure builds over the southwest US. On the street we get 8-10 mph northerly winds - enough to start the sand moving. A really nice 68 degrees and a very dry 28% RH with crystal-clear skies. Out over the open water there are 20 knot winds so I expect to see the shrimp trawlers come in to the bay for shelter this evening. 11 a.m. Those on again/off again clouds have all disappeared and our famous blue skies are again with us, allowing warm sun and the warmer weather that follows. Many of our neighbors are out doing yard work today, planning for a lazy day tomorrow to watch the game. Because this is the most popular entertainment among San Felipe's tourists, mostly seniors, there is nothing notable this week-end on the Calendar of Events to interfere. The locals will join us at our gatherings for hot-dogs and hamburgers this time. Thank goodness the weather is co-operating nicely.st

Friday, 2 February,11 a.m. The humidity has risen steadily since 7 o'clock and there are low coastal clouds in places along the coast. Over our two mountains at the north end of town there is swirling cloud but in town it is sunny and pleasant with 60 degree temperatures.(ej) 7 a.m. Those heavy, cumulus clouds are again riding over the coast of Sonora, clearly visible from this side of the Sea of Cortez. Our skies are clear and sunny. A soft, cool breeze is out of the North. That high pressure over the Eastern Pacific will bring us warmer, sunny days for the week-end. Many of us will take our TV's out on the patio for the Superbowl games. What a life!

Thursday, 1 February,11 a.m. Clear and calm in San Felipe. A solitary shrimp trawler sits in the Bay, large cumulus clouds are visible over the coast of Sonora. A pleasant morning for a stroll on the beach with 60 degree temperatures. (ej) 7 a.m. Mostly sunny skies will be with us for a few days now, and warmer weather is promised for early next week. Low tides this morning will encourage would-be clam diggers out onto the beach. With water conditions calm and 59 F there is no fear of cold feet and the group ought to be able to stay out longer and bring in about 100 at least. I'm Looking forward to clam chowder this evening. Or maybe we'll save them for Superbowl Sunday coming up. With less winds now we can really plan our week-ends. st



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