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San Felipe - Archive of weather for December 2010.

Saturday, 1 Jan, 8:00 a.m. I haven't seen it so cold for years. However, we cannot complain. 57F is still springtime weather in most of the U.S. If it wasn't for that cold north wind, we could celebrate the New Year exhuberently. We had a great camp party last evening, warming up the lodge room with a hot fire in the fireplace, something we haven't used for two years. This morning it is beautifully clear, crisp and cold. But if it gets close to the 60's we will probably BBQ supper outside, however maybe not eating on the patio. Somewhat milder, dry air will return by tomorrow, yet still below normal. I think our guests must have brought this freeze from their homes. Happy New Year everyone. ......ST (yesterday's Max57F; Min 40F).

Friday, 31 Dec, 8:00 a.m. Yesterday as I headed towards the water, facing east, I bundled my jacket tighter to my neck. But as I headed back up a sheltered arroya I became warm and comfortable. After all, in our area, 68F is almost spring. And if you choose to be sheltered from the wind and out in the sun, you can even take your jacket off. The many clouds and the whitecaps we had yesterday have all but gone. Today is going to be cool but wonderful. We are ready for New Year's Eve. We will tune our TV to New York to watch the ball drop (9 o'clock our time) and then head for slumber looking forward to January 1, 2011. Happy New Year everyone. ......ST (yesterday's Max68F; Min 42F).

Thursday, 30 Dec, 8:00 a.m. Unseasonably cold and miserable, and worse still when you look outside. Tree limbs and patio covers are on the ground. Although there are no clouds it seems hazy. Our flag is being torn to pieces. The howling wind has died down some, but still about 20 mph and gusty. White caps dot the stormy waters; there will be no fishermen out today. They say a very cold air mass is forecast to settle over this area tonight so we can expect a cold New Year's Eve tomorrow. Some might even sport fur coats tomorrow night......ST (yesterday's Max68F; Min 49F).

Clouds make for beautiful sunrises.12/29/10
Wednesday, 29 Dec, 8:00 a.m. It tried hard but could not inch past that 68F high yesterday. By 4:00 p.m.it was cooling down quickly and I had to bundle in my trusty jacket just to walk near the beach. A few clouds were heading our way and the wind was cold and definitely wavering back to the north-east . However, we are greatful to see the warmer wind now coming from the SE although under very cloudy skies. I doubt if we see any sunshine today. This is the left-over of a rain-storm passing through South Central Arizona. There is expected a partial clearing in SE California by tonight. Cold weather, heavy jackets, and physical activity is required for these next few days. Hopefully the New Year will ring in with a warming trend. Notice the quake activity in the last 2 days.....ST (yesterday's Max68F; Min 51F).
Tuesday, 28 Dec, 8:00 a.m. We reached 68F yesterday but according to the forecast it is not likely to continue in this trend. There seems to be no fog across the water this morning; we can see Rock Consag clearly. At this moment we are fortunate enough to have the wind change to come from the south. Walking through the garden I have shed my jacket in that warm sun. With very few, light clouds above, we should have a chance to hit that 70F mark today. Most of us are relaxing after the Christmas rush, getting ready for the many local New Year parties in the area. Watch out for NY firewarks. They scare visiting dogs. . .. .....ST (yesterday's Max68F; Min 53F). Monday, 27 Dec, 8:00 a.m. It doesn't look good folks. Both north and south of us have heavy clouds, but in San Felipe?? It is clear and oh, so beautifully bright, and actually warm in the sun. After all it is now 67F; warmer than yesterday's high in this camp. Over at Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point) there is again that pescy fog bank, but from there over to here it is almost all clear. And if you get out there directly in the sun you can actually take your jacket off. The water is deep blue, beckoning for the fishermen, our breadwinners. I hear some hearty guys are taking off in their dunebuggies for a desert run, always a thrill in our lives. I would rather go on the quads to the beach front. Whatever your pleasure, have a great week this last week of 2010. .. .....ST (yesterday's Max66F; Min 52F). Sunday, 26 Dec, 8:00 a.m. Brrrr! It's going to be much cooler this week starting today. There is a very heavy fog bank across the water to the east at Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point) and many clouds dotting the skies blocking that warming sun. What breeze we have is from the north, wavering from east to west. All in all this is not a pretty picture. On Dec 21 we had 4 days of high tides of 18'. We are still at 15'/12' leaving not much sand bank to jog on. The waves have gotten a little stronger and a little dirtier at around 5:00 p.m.so now I walk my dogs much earlier. Yesterday's high probably reached above 70F in town but it may not make it today.. A good day for making left-over turkey soup.. .....ST (yesterday's Max68F; Min 52F).. Saturday, 25 Dec, 8:00 a.m. Merry Christmas : Today should be the warmest day of the week. Although the forecast is gloomy for the area north of Yuma we are miles to the south with nothing but clear skies and lots of sunshine. I can see Consag Rock out there against an endless sharp skyline. We could easily reach the 70's. Many gringo block parties actually take place out on someone's warm patio while in town the locals gather together in huge family gatherings. However, we are reminded that December 12th, the Dia de Guadalupe (Day of Mary) and again on January 6, Dia de Reyes (day of Kings) are their busiest religious days. Many families hold off their gift giving until Jan 6th. Merry Christmas everyone. I'm going to put the turkey on. .. .....ST (yesterday's Max68F; Min 52F)..

No Snow, or rain, or hail or sleet can honestly compare with this tripical heat.
Friday, 24 Dec, 8:00 a.m. Christmas Eve: It's truly going to be great weaer for this Christmas Eve. Although the high for yesterday on my thermometer reads only in the high 60's, we were sitting in the sun at the Posada held here in camp and actually shed our jackets for the first hour. The brilliant sun has chased away any sign of inclement weather for the holidays. The horizon is a sharp border line between the sparkling blue of the water and the faint blue of the sky. I think we'll have a fresh fish dinner tonight (the fishermen's bounty) before we gourge ourselves tomorrow. .. .....ST (yesterday's Max66F; Min 53F)..
Thursday, 23 Dec, 8:00 a.m. Hooray! We have beautiful clear, warming skies shining on us this morning, We actually reached into the mid 70's yesterday, with a promise of a warmer Christmas. The only clouds visible on the map are to the north and on the southern tip of the Baja moving east. In fact all of the Pacific coast will get a break from the horrendous stories we have been hearing. In San Felipe the breeze has died for the moment and the water is so calm. I hear rumblings from some of our friends about taking part in the various Polar Bear plunges on New Year's Day. Last year the water temperatures were in the 64 degree area. Today we are looking forward to the 3rd annual Posada walk in our campo followed by a feast and celebrating with piñatas for the children. I'm sure it will be cool but comfortable. .. .....ST (yesterday's Max74F; Min 53F)..
Wednesday, 22 Dec, 8:00 a.m. The above Yuma forecast is pretty gloomy. Most of the heavy rain appears to be now heading for Arizona with very little moisture left over for us. Last evening about 6:30 we actually had a downpour and expected the worst, but it lasted only about 20 minutes. I notice it did not even show on the weather charts, so maybe it was only here, the northern part of San Felipe. The heavy fog and clouds throughout the night has left dampness on some plywood in our yard. But the sunshine belies any trace of wetness on the grounds. We should only see light clouds now as this whole storm passes through Arizona. .. .....ST (yesterday's Max 69F; Min 58F)..

Tuesday, 21 Dec, 8:00 a.m. The weather charts show dampness of .01" for a large part of yesterday and heavy clouds remain over San Felipe. However our temperature readings manage to stay between 60F & 70F. It will quite likely remain like this through Wednesday. On Thursday our campo will hold it's 3rd annual Posada walk followed by a feast and celebrating with piñatas for the children. There are similar festivities all over town as Mexican families gather together with their neighbors, including gringos who happen to be near, especially children, to share tamales and tacos. Literally all of the local activities have participated in some way to reach out to the families most needy. .. .....ST (yesterday's Max 69F; Min 58F).
Monday, 20 Dec, 8:00 a.m. A light fog lays over us. We can tell it has either been very thick or we had a spot of rain, as the ground is damp all around. Heavy, white, low clouds are all around us. But we should continue to have mild temperatures through Wednesday. Hopefully then it will warm up for a nice week-end. As long as the wind remains from the south we're happy. They continue to report mild earthquake activity along southern california/north western border of Baja though mostly less than Mag.3.0. I have my emergency suitcase planned, but not packed. Let's look forward to Christmas first.. .....ST (yesterday's Max 70F; Min 50F)..

Sunday, 19 Dec, 8:00 a.m. Again we have that heavy fog bank over the mainland to the east and probably 1/2 across the Sea. Heavy white clouds dot the sky, in some places rather thickly. But this is nothing compared to the rain along the U.S. pacific coast and the ultimate snow as it falls east of the Rocky Mountains. A southern breeze with a temperature of 67 is fine by we on the Baja. Christmas and New Year's Eve parties are now just aheaad of us. Last evening the Saturday Singles turned out in full force to dine at a new restaurant, the Hacienda Coral. Unless we get inclement weather through tomorrow it should dry out and be warmer for a wonderful week-end ahead. . .....ST (yesterday's Max 69F; Min 54F).
Taken from Campo Ocotillo facing west.
Saturday, 18 Dec, 8:00 a.m. There is a heavy fog with clouds laying over the mainland to the east, some of it extending to our side of the water. To the west we see a low-lying cloud bank resting /below\ the mountains.There is a gentle breeze from the southwest giving us hope that today will not feel that raw. All of this is supposed to stay with us through Wednesday hopefully clearing up for Christmas week-end. No matter, we have calm waters and the fishermen will continue to bring in their loads. We daily have small earthquake aftershocks to the north. This is becoming the norm, and is causing no damages.. .....ST (yesterday's Max 71F; Min 54F).
Looking over the eastern waters
Friday, 17 Dec, 8:00 a.m. Being in the 60's for San Felipe is truly winter weather. There is not much chance of any rain in our area but a dampness feeling persists. The sun is shining high in clear skies directly overhead but to the north heavy clouds still persist and over to the mainland and north we do see some lingering cloud cover. The skyline is clear. In fact I can see Rock Consag which is 25 miles across the waters, about 1/2 way to Puerto Penasco (or The Rock, as some peole call it). The water is really calm, great for our fishermen. There are no major earthquake reports for this morning. . .....ST (yesterday's Max 67F; Min 51F). Thursday, 16 Dec, 8:00 a.m. I don't think the fog and clouds ever left us yesterday. In fact it looked like it had rained during the night. This morning we have a very heavy overcast. It's much like winter has finally hit here with cold temperatures likely to remain for awhile. Finally, we dig out our jogging swets. No coffee outdoors today. In fact I think I will put on the oven and bake cookies. Nothing big scheduled on the calendar till Christmas, but I'm sure there are a lot of local parties going on. Also, just small earthquakes on the docket......ST (yesterday's Max 70F; Min 50F).
Wednesday, 15 Dec, 2:00 p.m. Since about 11 a.m. the fog has again rolled over us in San Felipe. It again came only about 1/2 mile ashore in San Felipe, the rest of the town being clear and comfortable at 64F with humidity of 46%. 8:00 a.m. It was bound to get cooler. We heard from some in town that it actully rained last night, around midnight, but they did not know how long it had rained. We now still have great sunshine but over there on the mainland there is a pretty dense fog bank. Monday morning and again Tuesday morning a thick fog came onto our side of the water but dissipated within 2 hours. A few clouds have settled to the east and that north wind continues to stay with us. However this morning it is warm enough to enjoy coffee in just a sweater. Calm waters prevail so the fishermen will be out in force. About 70 people will gather at the lodge for the Christmas SFARP meeting this morning which will be followed by their Christmas luncheion in town. By then we should be near 70F. You couldn't ask for better than that. Earthquake activity continues every day.. . . .ST (yesterday's Max 71F; Min 51F).
Love is in the air
Tuesday, 14 Dec, 8:00 a.m. We continue to have excellent winter weather here in San Felipe. People say they shrug off their cold weather gear and their problems when they hit the border and instead get set for vacation fun and games. It's getting here that is the problem with rain and snow stories from everywhere. Outside our window we have 2 white doves that are cooing and making this year's plans in the same nest as last year. Of course we have 20 more around; they are all grey doves and come just for feeding time. They think it is spring.. . . .ST (yesterday's Max 75F; Min 56F).Monday, 13 Dec, 8:00 a.m. The temperature is rising rapidly each day. Yesterday it reched a maximum of 77F, probably 80+F in town. This is utopia when most of the rest of the states are freezing or in deep snow. Clear skies today should allow the sun the best possible chance to bring us that promised record temperature. Today is the 12th day before Christmas. We marvel at the decorations at a few residences in town but not too many stores are really decorated this year. Prices have risen all around, groceries, medicines, gas etc. Not leaving much for celebrating. There are two group Christmas parties this week and probably numerous private gatherings, nothing major. . . .ST (yesterday's Max 77F; Min 57F).Sunday, 12 Dec, 9:00 a.m. Already it is 76F, very warm for this time of day in this time of year. It warmed up dramatically through the night. At 4 a.m. I was awakened by the birds which have filled the large tree outside my window. And we have 2 white doves already claiming the same nest as last year. I guess they don't have any premonition of earthquakes as do dogs and other wild life. Already we have had 2 this morning, although San Felipe has not felt them. And I hope this is not a false Spring for animals and plants in the area. Winter is not officially here yet, not until Dec. 21st. This morning they will have their parade for Our Lady of Guadalupe from the Arches to the Catholic church. It couldn't be better weather. . . .ST (yesterday's Max 76F; Min 66F).Saturday, 11 Dec, 8:25 a.m. Already we are at 72F hoping to reach that inevitable high of 80F.... maybe today. Because this thermometer is right above the waterfront of the Sea of Cortez and we have a constant soft breeze we may be reporting a little cooler than at the airport in the valley desert. Most times the breeze does not affect the water which remains calm and inviting for the fishermen. My mind is constantly on the alert for the next earthquake which, calculated from the above statistics, is happening about 80 miles north of us. We have reports of small quakes constantly. In the south camps today is the Las Amigas' Casino Day. With this warm sunshine it should be well attended. Tomorrow is the day of Our Lady of Guadalupe, a religious Day in Mexico. . . .ST (yesterday's Max 75F; Min 59F).Friday, 10 Dec, 8 a.m. With a high yesterday of only 69F and now 73F this morning it is still promising. We have a northern breeze, however it is still at this moment. That bright, warm sun hopefully should change things shortly. This morning we had another magnitude 3.7 earthquake16 miles WSW from Calexico. They are all up and down the coast line, sometimes reaching closer to our side. OK,Yesterday I attended the ceremony at BBV, awarding the gentleman who won the car raffle by BBV; the first time in 15 years that a car was one by someone in San Felipe. Check the local newspaper for more details. Today the San Felipe AARP group is having a BBQ Baby Back Rib dinner ticketed in advance by it's members. Tomorrow is the Las Amigas Casino Day held in the south camps which is very popular. All of this in great weather compared to the rest of the world. . . . ......ST (yesterday's Max 69F; Min 62F).
Our sun coming up over the water
Thursday, 9 Dec, 8 a.m. Today we'll try again for the promised low 80's. No matter; the sun is high and warming. The winds have changed to the South which are always welcome. Clear, calm waters are music to the fishermen's ears. Last evening we had happy hour on the patio but went inside to eat. Maybe tonight we can eat outside. Coming up: we are looking forward to the Las Amigas Casino Day held in the south camps on Saturday. . . ......ST (yesterday's Max 74F; Min 65F).Wednesday, 8 Dec, 8 a.m. Now as that veil of clouds has lifted, letting the sun shine through, the outlook is so much better. We're looking forward to that record high temperature promised by the National Weather Service above, through next Tuesday. Today we are only looking for a high in the low 80's. The breeze is still from the north-west over blue-blue waters When it comes from the south we are much warmer. The Las Amigas Assoc is having their bi-monthly meeting today. Many families have decorated their homes around town bringing in the cheer. Coming up: we are looking forward to the Las Amigas Casino day held in the south camps on Saturday. . . ......ST (yesterday's Max 70F; Min 68F).Tuesday, 7 Dec, 8 a.m. Brrrr. It is actually getting cooler as I sit here. They promised warmer temperatures but unless this overcast burns off quickly we will be the exception to everything they have forecast. If you check the charts you will see unsteady readings especially with the direction of the wind; which is altering from the south and the north. We continue to have earthquakes in the vicinity. They recorded another 3.0 earthquake 32mi SSE of Mexicali this morning. I know of no activities planned for today. . . ......ST (yesterday's Max 73F; Min 68F).Monday, 6 Dec, 8 a.m. Yesterday's high of 74 is very encouraging and it could reach into the 80's by this weekend. That bright sun is so warming I took off my jacket. That is, until I stepped back into the shade. Any breeze is coming from the north keeping it cooler for now. With such calm waters the fishermen should be out in full force today. A small group has gathered to head out for a desert buggy run and another week is underway. We have a full docet to choose from and the greatest of winter weather to share.. . ......ST (yesterday's Max 74F; Min 65F)Sunday, 5 Dec, 8 a.m. As I look out over the Sea it is hazy, hard to tell where the skyline is. But as I look over to the mountains, Mt. Diablo in particular, it is very, clear. The cold remains in the 60's but we're hoping it will warm up today and early into next week before another cold front hits us. Many snowbirds are enjoying our "winter weather" as compared to where they have come from. Our 60F-40F spread is like summer to them. 3.0 earthquakes are a daily regular within 100 miles of our surrounding area, but nothing major. Activities are plentiful as the local groups and associations each advertise their specific Christmas programs. By golly you have to pick and choose, there are so many. Come on down---you'll see.. . ......ST (yesterday's Max 65F; Min 42F)Saturday, 4 Dec, 8 a.m. Heavy clouds are staying with us for at least another day. Yesterday's high reads only 70F but we enjoyed a higher temperature out on our sunny, eastern patio for about an hour. I heard from two more snowbirds just arriving that this was next to heaven for them, coming from Washington State and Canada. The water is almost placid with no winds to speak of. The fishermen usually layer their clothing so they can strip off some at mid-day. Last night they had a Fund Raiser for the Child's Garden Assn. honoring Dr. Abasolo, whom many of us Gringos have come to love and who works closely with that Assn. Medical care here in San Felipe is great. . ......ST (yesterday's Max 70F; Min 44F)Friday, 3 Dec, 8 a.m. Those heavy clouds seem to be walking across the Baja Norte, keeping us cold and snugly dressed for the last week. The leaves are still, the water is calm and there is not much chance of warming past the low 70's today. I see no fishing boats. Little birds seem to be snuggled on the electric wires, not ready to start their day. Many older houses built in San Felipe do not have that much insulation and usually heat with electricity. Those bills will surely go up this month. Warm clothes and blankets are being gathered for the needy at various outlets through town. Let's hope we truly see more normal weather by early next week. ......ST (yesterday's Max 68F; Min 44F)





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