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San Felipe - Archive of weather for December 2009.



Thursday, 31 December, 7 a.m.
It's going to be great weather today and for this evening's entertainment. Furs are out, finery is in. What a change in plans. Most of us will be watching for the midnight countdown in Times Square on the television at 9:00 our time. Many of the larger Night Clubs have High Definition TV's, and will be partying through midnight. Have a great New Year's Eve everyone. ST (Max 66F; Min 50F; RH currently 33%)

Wednesday, 30 December, 7 a.m. On New Year's Eve we will have what they call a BLUE MOON. This is when we have two full moons in the same calendar month. We expect a little warming trend (but cooler nights) through the entire New Year's week-end; great for all the parties planned to bring us into the new decade. Some of us actually plan to wear furs for the late night parties and we do not think we are out of line. However we're still hoping to see temperatures closer to the 70's during the days. ST (Max 66F; Min 41F; RH currently 29%)

Tuesday, 29 December, 7 a.m. Finally we can look forward to a warming trend starting today. As the clouds drift off to the NE our daytime temperature readings could climb back into the low 70's by New Year's Day. Already today the sun is high and doing it's best. Everyone is gathering their final resources, money, energy or ideas, getting ready to close out the old and ring in the new. Restaurants and Cafes are doing their best to lure in visitors. However many are planning to stay within their campos rather than to drive on the Highways. There have been 2 major accidents on the highway 2 miles south of the checkpoint. Let's make this a safe and sane holiday week-end in San Felipe. ST (Max 63F; Min 46F; RH currently 27%)

Monday, 28 December, 11 a.m. Overnight the cloud from the approaching Pacific low pressure system to our south moved in. It had a blanketing effect and kept the low temperature in the mid-50's but we awoke to a grey morning. Even now it is totally overcast and heavy cloud is covering the entire northern gulf. Doppler radar shows that there are rain showers out there near Puerto Penasco but, so far, we have not had any precipitation. I have seen a few people taking their morning walk on the beach - all dressed in hoodies or ski jackets. I would definitely say that it was a good day to stay indoors and watch the box (if there were anything worth watching!). (TC)

Yesterday I had to make a trip into town to get flu medicine from the pharmacy. It is unnerving to see the number of stores that have closed their doors, and many others are operating with very little stock at all. Expect to see a lot more shops closing as the leases expire. (TC)

Sunday, 27 December, 1 p.m. We had a big power outage overnight and Shirley cannot get on line at the present. It is unusually cold and windy today - definitely a day for staying in and huddling round the propane heater while drinking hot rum toddies. The flu is going around here.(TC)

Saturday, 26 December, 7 a.m. The current temperature is below the 50 F mark this morning. With lots of sunshine and just a slight breeze, although a northwest breeze, to just step out into it does not feel all that cold. Because I bundled up for this step, I am truly comfortable. Today should be a beautiful day. We expect increasing cloud cover through the night. This should raise the temperature a few degrees through tomorrow. Now to get ready for the new year. We hear of a couple of Polar Bear exhibits to be on tap for New Year's Day around 1:37 p.m. with the high tide of 16.3'. Water conditions at 66 F should be acceptable this year. We hear also that whale watching season has already started along the Pacific side. ST (Max 63F; Min 44F; RH currently 27%)

Friday, 25 December, 7 a.m. A sunny, picturesque sky with soft clouds here and there will make for great camera backgrounds. However, most of us are bundled up in jackets and hats, as the weather continues to cool even more. In the afternoons we have been having strong winds, whitecaps and strong waves, keeping the fishing boats home for the holidays. Most stores and businesses will close. However 'touristy type' stores and some grocery stores and gas stations will alternate their hours to keep the city running smoothly. May you all have a very, MERRY CHRISTMAS. ST (Max 62F; Min 49F; RH currently 29%)

Thursday, 24 December, 1 p.m. My goodness, it is getting windy out there. We have gusts to 30 mph from the north as another fast-moving front goes through. The weather service is now watching an unusual Pacific low pressure system which is moving towards Baja from the southwest. It should hit the peninsular Sunday night-Monday morning and bring us a chance of rain as the moister air hits this cold, dry, climate. Currently 61 F on the beach. (TC) 7 a.m. We will continue to have cold (by our standards) but sunny weather through Christmas Day and Saturday here in San Felipe. High clouds are moving in from the west, the result of a pacific low pressure system, with possibly a slight chance of showers Monday through Tuesday mostly to our north. The strongest winds seem to be in the southern central Arizona region, but the residual affect on the desert highways can continue. We have reports of strong sand dunes across the dry lake beds coming down from Mexicali. These are all minor compared to the cold and snow reports in the U.S. Remember:THERE ARE NO BAD DAYS IN SAN FELIPE. ST (Max 68F; Min 53F; RH currently 35%)

Wednesday, 23 December, 11 a.m. Still chilly along the beach with 60 degrees at this time and northerly winds at 5-10 mph. Overnight we had 0.01 inches of rain from the very cold front that is passing over the region. The big picture shows frigid conditions in Southern California with early morning ice on Interstate 8 in the mountains between San Diego and El Centro - chains were recommended but not mandatory. Strong winds have been battering the desert region, and Mexicali reported overnight windstorms with 45 mph gusts that toppled trees and created driving hazards. Further east, Phoenix and much of southern Arizona also have been reporting very strong windstorms and drifting sand on the highways. The outlook for the next several days is for some of the coldest weather of the season to stay with us - windy conditions can be expected with high temperatures in the low 60's and lows overnight around 45 F. Be very careful driving and watch for sand drifts on desert highways. (TC)

7:00 a.m. Greeting us today is a breezy but cold, dry morning. The sun is doing it's best but try as it might, we need the heater on full force to warm us up. I swear I heard a light rain on our skylight at about 3:30 this morning, but there were no signs of such by 4:30 a.m. And the heavy clouds are now to the south and east of us. We're looking forward to one of those neighborhood Christmas gatherings, a Posada, sponsored by Salvador and his family here in Campo Ocotillo. So glad we don't have snow. ST (Max 75F; Min 53F; RH currently 32%)

Early morning sunrises in San Felipe,

Photo by Mel Bohnert

Tuesday, 22 December, 4:00 p.m. There is a fog bank over themainland and the wind has picked up pretty noticeably this afternoon. I can say it seems to have warmed up some. However there are white caps and strong winds on the beach so we will not walk the dog there tonight. ST 7 a.m. The thermometer temperature might have risen but it's pretty gloomy out there with windy weather expected this afternoon. That pacific low pressure system will bring much cooler weather through the Christmas holidays; possibly rain in Yuma and the colder desert areas. Could we see snow on Mt. Diablo, our 10,000' mountain to the west? Nevertheless, there are many parties planned throughout the week and all of the restaurant and nightclubs are vying for your attention. We get to wear our cold winter finest. ST (Max 68F; Min 53F; RH currently 35%)

Monday, 21 December, 7 a.m. The timing of warm weather has changed. It now looks like we'll have cooler, breezier weather through Christmas Day because of a pacific low pressure system slowly approaching us. This morning our skies are completely buried in clouds with only a light where the sun should have broken through. Thankfully there is no breeze at this moment. Well, put your jackets on folks, it's the last week before Christmas and there is much to do. ST (Max 68F; Min 52F; RH currently 31%)

Sunday, 20 December, 7 a.m. High, soft clouds which bring these beautiful sunrises are still with us. This morning we are back into the 50's. The clouds are again rolling in from the Pacific side with the promise of cooler and breezy weather. However there is enough sun to warm the days, with about a 20 degree spread on the charts. It looks like we'll have warm days for Christmas. ST (Max 73F; Min 55F; RH currently 31%)

Saturday, 19 December, 7 a.m. Yes, it is a little warmer this morning but the breeze being from the north is a bit chilling. We needed a jacket to step out and view this morning's sunrise, always thrilling, as only these soft clouds can do. We can expect more of the same through the week-end, returning to cooler weather next week. There are many private parties planned through this holiday season, mostly to keep the costs down. And many of the hot spots are being creative as competition gets tougher. Border crossing difficulties and the unemployment problems are really taking their toll. Who knows; someone may come up with a brand new idea of how to celebrate the holidays in a financial crises. ST (Max 68F; Min 55F; RH currently 32%)

Friday, 18 December, 7 a.m. Soft, high clouds have returned to our area. However they should burn off early and return us to the beautiful sunshine we are used to. From the SE we have a very soft breeze which also will die. We take our evening walks earlier in the day; the tides are almost always still coming in. The most amazing thing are the jelly fish we find on the beach; some about 6"-10" across. These would sting you if you were in barefeet. Some will survive to return to the waters if the high tide reaches them. So much for beachcombing. ST (Max 71F; Min 60F; Humidity currently 33%)

Thursday, 17 December, 7 a.m. It's clear as a sky can be although just a few degrees colder this morning. The sun has already started its warmups...hoping it will break the 70 degree mark today which is all that is expected for the desert. Our windguage is registering from the east but we have no breeze at all. The water is cool and calm. Christmas music is playing in the background at our house and visions of snowmen dance in our brain. It's a lovely time of year. ST (Max 70F; Min 55F; Humidity currently 33%)

Wednesday, 16 December, 7 a.m. Those high clouds this morning are the result of a weak upper level weather system passing over SW California and across the northern Baja. Through the week-end though high pressure will build over us which will keep temperatures to near seasonal levels. Almost no breeze from the SW, and 61 degree weather makes San Felipe my choice for the holidays. Tonight we have a new moon. This evening at 7:12 we will have a low tide of -1.1' and at 4:46 a.m. the highest tide for December of 16.8'. Since sunset is 4:38 p.m. clamming by strong flashlight will be a little difficult. But they are so delicious; I'll buy some at the market tomorrow.I understand that the price of shrimp has gone up some...ST (Max 67F; Min 54F; Humidity currently 33%)

The weather department sends condolences to Katherine (of Kat's Korner) and her family upon the death of her sister. We wish her a speedy and safe trip to Washington.

Tuesday, 15 December, 7 a.m. Clear, sunny, normal San Felipe skies are back with us today. The rainy clouds have gone far to the south of mainland Mexico. A soft, warm breeze is straight out of the west at this moment.. The tide is on it's way out. It is forcast to remain mostly clear for the rest of the week. Unfortunately I do not have the wisdom to tell you what I think next week will bring. It's all I can do to keep up with the local events between now and Christmas / New Year's Days. There are dinner appointments, class schedules, Parties and Parties. Very busy.....ST (Max 66F; Min 54F; Humidity currently 33%)

Monday, 14 December, 7 a.m. While nights remain in the low 50's our days should warm up almost to the 80's. Although there are cloudy patches to the south and west of us most of the skies remain clear and sunny. Those heavy clouds have travelled further across mainland Mexico and snow storms remain far to the north and east in the U.S. As we walk along the beach around 4:00 each day, we are reminded that on Dec 16 we have a new moon with high tide of 16.9' and low tide of -1.5'.The waters are calm and inviting. In just 7 more days we will have our shortest day and longest night before we start back up the chart. Where do the days go? ST (Max 69F; Min 51F; Humidity currently 37%)

Heavy clouds make for great photos. This morning we have a solid cloud overhead sweeping from north to south, breaking to the southeast. As the sun rose we felt we were still in bed peeking out under a heavy blanket.


photos by Mel Bohnert

We panned around to El Chinero portrayed in line with the moon above, the heavy clouds now drfting off and the sun in a higher position; not quite as colorful.

Within minutes all of this is gone and we are in full daylight for this Sunday morning. Maybe we'll even get a drop of rain.

Sunday, 13 December, 7 a.m. You have to get up by 6 a.m. to catch all these beautiful sunrise photos. This morning we feel as if covered by a warm, thick comforter. The humidity is only 33; can't even guess if it will rain at all. As the day breaks all these beautiful colors are lost. There are so many things to get ready for all the scheduled activities you will find on, "Val's Christmas & New Years Events" found in the left column on Kat's Korner. If it doesn't rain this will be a beautiful day. If it does rain it will be a delightful day....chores can wait. ST (Max 67F; Min 49F; Humidity currently 33%)

Saturday, 12 December, 7 a.m. What a beautiful morning. There are a few high, light clouds but mostly it is a bright, warm, sunshiny day. I think any thoughts of rain are not in our picture. There is no wind and we are looking out on smooth waters. There are lots of places of entertainment this evening being a Saturday so close to Christmas. With weather warming up again one feels like dressing up for the holidays. ST (Max 62F; Min 47F; Humidity currently 30%)

Friday, 11 December, 7 a.m. Yes, it is still in the lower 40's here, and gloomy for the most part. Calm winds and water are with us this morning. Maybe that sun will break through later today. The last system is forcast to come through Sunday with a return to our normal, warmer weather next week. ST (Max 58F; Min 41F; Humidity currently 31%)

Thursday, 10 December, 7 a.m. Clear but cold skies this morning and winds slated to change to the North. However 48 degrees here compaired to temperatures in the north is rewarding. Clouds may increase, beginning today with light rain possible Friday and/or Saturday night especially in the mountains of Southern California and Northern Baja.Thank goodness the forecast is not for Thursday and San Felipe's "Parade of Lights". The month of December is in full swing. ST (Max 58F; Min 42F; Humidity currently 31%)

Wednesday, 9 December, 7 a.m. A large batch of high clouds is moving from west to east over a vast area of northern Baja. It sure looks like rain may come sooner than Thursday in our area. However there is still a large clear blue sky north of us. We are in a fast moving system, the last and strongest moving through this week-end bringing an even better chance for rain. We are in the middle of re-doing our entire roof on the house and are racing against the clock to get the first coat on. Any bets? ST (Max 70F; Min 48F; Humidity currently 32%)

Tuesday, 8 December, 7 a.m. I dreaded stepping out into what I thought would be a cold and hazy, dreary morning. But to my surprise the haze was a remainder of our dust storm from yesterday and the temperature was 4 degrees warmer than yesterday morning. In fact we were back into the 70's yesterday afternoon and the 50's last night. Wonderful! Hopefully it will clear as the day progresses and we will have our wonderful sun heater back in place for a few days. Rumor has it that it might threaten rain again Thursday or Friday. But we never seem to get it on this side of the mountains. ST (Max 71F; Min 54F; Humidity currently 31%)

Monday, 7 December, 1:30 p.m. Suddenly, the wind has sprung up - 15 mph from the southeast and there is a dust storm over Punta Estrella. Up to this point, we have had a beautiful, tranquil and sunny day in San Felipe.

Now clouds from the Pacific are leaking over the mountains and we could be in for a little stormy weather shortly. There are around 20 large shrimp seiners in the bay and they are all moving to shelter in the lee of the mountain. On the beach 71 F with 35% RH. (TC)


On Pearl Harbor Day 2009 we arose to the most beautiful sunrise. This photo is probably 10 minutes into the breathtaking scene before our eyes.


photo by Shirley Thompson

As about 10 minutes more progressed, the sun burst upon the horizon, accenting the heavy storm clouds above. Within minutes this scene is transformed into a the start of another new day, albeit this one is slated to bring us a little rain.

photo by Mel Bohnert


7 a.m. We couldn't resist taking photos of the dramatic colors produced by troubled skies. Storm clouds overhead; and the promise is of a cool winter day with possibly a bit of rain. Cool, as in the mid sixties. Again it is warming fast, about 5 degrees at this writing. We can expect it to remain into tonight as the system moves across southeast California eastward and out of our area. Luckily we have no winds and the water is calm. ST (Max 68F; Min 42F; Humidity currently 32%)

Sunday, 6 December, 7 a.m. More of the same. The skies over the north and east of us are covered with high, light clouds but it is clear to the south and west. It is warming fast; already it has risen about 8 degrees at this writing. Hopefully those clouds will mostly burn off during the day, but we can expect them back tonight and tomorrow. ST (Max 62F; Min 45F; Humidity currently 27%)

Saturday, 5 December, 4 p.m. The skies have clouded over and I swear we felt a couple of raindrops as we walked along the beach this afternoon. But the wind and waters are calm and it is pleasantly warm. 7 a.m. A crispy, cold morning, 12 degrees cooler than yesterday has descended upon us. The skies are cloud covered but plenty of sun is breaking through with hopes for a better day. We have just a light breeze and calm waters. I count approximately 12 large boats out on the horizon. I'd hate to be those fishermen wrapped up in heavy jackets and boots and out so early in the morning. ST (Max 63F; Min 43F; Humidity currently 26%)

Friday, 4 December, 4:30 p.m. A cold north wind has ascended upon us with active whitecaps on the water. So we walked in the arroyas where it was sheltered and actually enjoyed the quiet and the extremely different view of the landscape. 7 a.m. Clear skies all around this morning. But 59 is pretty cool for us. Low temperatures at night are expected to go much lower as winter weather sets in. Soft, north breezes will assure us to that. However, it should be clear weather for the Desert Mothers Benefit this afternon with many, many local artists.They expect a huge turnout. ST (Max 69F; Min 54F; Humidity currently 34%)

Thursday, 3 December, 7 a.m. That dark cloud yesterday moved around over our little Mt Chorro and finally burned off in the late afternoon. This morning it is appearing as a light cloud again over the horizon but will no doubt burn off early. We are definitely into winter weather here in San Felipe. We are at the foothills of the famous Mt. Diablo which shelters us from the Pacific side and also cuts off our sunlight around 4:30 p.m. So travellers should plan to cross the border no later than 2:30 to arrive in daylight. Plan warm clothing for this weekend .ST (Max 69F; Min 52F; Humidity currently 37%)

Wednesday, 2 December, 7 a.m. Clear skies above but a cloud bank over the horizon, and yes, some clouds to the SW of us. A soft breeze and calm waters make for a perfect humpday for the week. Last evening we needed jackets for an outdoor get-together, especially when the breeze picked up. We expect it to stay this way for the Desert Mothers Benefit Friday which is drawing constant attention for it's changing program. ST (Max 72F; Min 54F; Humidity currently 31%)

Tuesday, 1 December, 7 a.m. Today we are already in the 60's and 70's. With clear skies, just a whisper of western breeze and calm waters, everything is looking good. We expect it to stay this way to start our December, at least through Wednesday. With clear skies it is warming quickly. Now around 8:00 it has already warmed to 69 F and the day is promising. ST (Max 71F; Min 59F; Humidity currently 28%)

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