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Archive of weather for December 2006



Sunday, 31 December, 7:00 a.m. NEW YEAR'S EVE. A little cooler, a little quieter. Not a breeze at this moment. This is going to be a beautiful 2 days for San Felipe New Year parties. With highs still reaching almost to the 70's in the sunshine the Malecon is crowded with parking places full, meaning the restaurants, stores and shops are all gleefully busy. Tonight all of the cafes and cantinas will be celebrating with loud music and festivities. Here at Campo Ocotillo, several small parties are planned for this evening; ours around a bonfire overlooking the Sea of Cortez. And I'm sure fireworks on the beach will be heard all around the town at midnight. Happy New Year from all of us at THE NET. st

Saturday, 30 December, 10:30 a.m. Cool on the beach - heavy sweaters are in evidence. However, in the courtyard, sheltered from the breeze it is a pleasant 68 F 7a.m. Clear, crispy cold weather greeted us as the sun rose. However it is quickly warming up. At 9:00 it is already 67 on the sunny side of the building. There is no wind to speak of, and the water is calm. We are still recouperating from a great wedding party of about 100 persons held inside a unheated lodge but which needed no heat as the music and euphoria were extremely high. Today we hear vacuums all around with residents attempting to clean the dust from the patios and yards after our, now past, last storm of 2006. Actually, it was mainly a cold, windy period with no rain. Now we can get ready for the last party of the year. st

Friday, 29 December, 7:00 a.m. Although we still have a cool breeze, this morning it is coming from the E. The water is pretty choppy with small white caps, but the stormy weather seems to have passed over. Our grand wedding party to be held this evening are grateful the winds have slowed as they are having 2 tents and lots of ribbon set up on the grounds for this ceremony. The weather should continue to be fair through the week-end. st


What can you do in San Felipe? Five of the nicest kids visited this town and accomplished in one day what most do in a week. They climbed El Machorro, they clammed for 300 clams, the toured our friend's new Condo in El Dorado, came back and cooked the clams to add to the hamburger supper now being served to 13 people. And...they even cleaned up the mess.

Thursday, 28 December, 1:00 p.m.
<<<Luke Cecotti on El Machorro, San Felipe, B.C. Mexico

Thursday, 28 December, 3 p.m. The winds are blowing up another storm, around 20 mph, and it is freezing cold if you are in the shade (well, around 60 F but it feels like 50 F). The only people that are enjoying it are the kite surfers. 7:00 a.m. Although we still have a cool breeze, this morning it is coming from the E. The water is pretty choppy with small white caps, but the stormy weather seems to have passed over. Our grand wedding party to be held this evening are grateful the winds have slowed as they are having 2 tents and lots of ribbon set up on the grounds for this ceremony. The weather should continue to be fair through the week-end. st

Wednesday, 27 December, 1:00 p.m. My goodness the weather has hit extremes today. About 10:00 I was going to write that the clouds had all burned off over San Felipe proper. Only those on the outskirts remained and it was truly a beautiful day.

Then the reverse: My face got peppered with beachsand as I registered the NW wind now gusting up to 32 mph. With construction on the 4-lane highway the dust is blinding and now makes for dangerous driving all the way into and south of town. Let's hope this dies down before the evening BBQ's planned all over town. Here is a photo of the denseness created by this storm. st ...Another reporte winds gusting to 49 mph at their place.

7 a.m.
A mean looking cloud cover faces us today. That strong pacific low pressure system is coming in. We can expect some increasing winds as today and tomorrow progresses. However we do not expect rains and the kids can continue to entertain us with bonfires and touch football throughout this last few days of the holiday season. st

Tuesday, 26 December, 7 a.m. Christmas week so far has turned out to be all that anyone could ask for. With high temperatures riding near the 70's our guests are encouraged to spend most of their time outside on the beach, in the desert, or, like one of our young athletes, climbing the local hills. However, a major change will take place Wednesday and Thursday as a strong pacific low pressure system will move down across the area by then, bringing increasing winds to SE California and SW Arizona. st

Monday, 25 December, 7 a.m. MERRY CHRISTMAS. A beautiful, clear and seasonably warm Christmas Day greets us. Everything is still, quiet, and almost in suspense outside. The house is full of Christmas music and the most wonderful family of 5 teen-agers I have ever met. Each is performing some task for the large breakfast planned for our group now of eleven and the larger Christmas dinner still of abouit twenty singles. With the weather co-operating so nicely our meals will all be outside. I can only wish the best for those of you in the colder climates. st

Sunday, 24 December, 7 a.m. We couldn't have asked for a better day leading up to the big one. The skies create a lazy picture with the soft streaks and pale blue color. This against the darker blue of the Sea which today laps calmly at the shore. My friends and relatives are already out on the patio enjoying the warm sun on their backs, and making plans for a busy, busy day with a party already of 11. Fish Tacos is a must for these guys. Later we may again have the winds, but at 64 degrees no-one is complaining. st

Saturday, 23 December, 1:00 p.m. A heavy fog has dropped in from nowhere. The breeze has become more northerly and is actually about 12 mph, creating choppy waves with whitecaps. It is not all that cold, temperatures running 62.8 F but feels really stormy with all that wind and fog. Maybe it will drop down in another couple of hours. st 7 a.m. What a welcome warming trend as we near towards Christmas Day. A high pressure system near the California Coast is responsible for this. That cool NE breeze encourages one to wrap tightly but you cannot say it is cold. The sun is doing it's part. The water is slapping at the shore but there are no whitecaps. Conversation is centering around a trip out into the desert sometime this Christmas holiday complete with a campfire and hotdogs for the kids. The rule is never to venture out with only one vehicle; if you lose just a bolt you need a second buggy just to get you home. I think it's a go. st

Friday, 22 December 7 a.m. Temperatures actually climbed into the 60's yesterday. High pressure centered west of Baja will expand over the south west with warmer temperatures promised for Christmas day. Today the skies are heavily dotted with white clouds, but lots of sun shining through should help warm things up quickly. With winds still coming from the north we are out drinking coffee wearing heavy jackets and ski-caps. These will be doffed shortly. st

Thursday, 21 December 7 a.m. Sunny skies and temperatures will still reach high into the 50's for the first day of Winter in San Felipe. Colorado's humungous snowstorm is so extremely the opposite today, we can truly appreciate our sunny skies and no longer fret the cold nights. Early morning breezes, still coming from the north, bring out the fur-lined jackets and ear-muffs which look silly on the beach where the sun is beautifully reflecting off of the lazy waters. This creates a Hawaiian scene cartoon. Back to reality, forecasts promised it would be a few degrees warmer through the week-end. We shall see. st

Wednesday, 20 December 7 a.m. It was a bitter cold night but high pressure to the north should gradually bring warmer temperatures over the next few days for Christmas. We look forward to being back into the 60's before then. I noticed several bonfires out in the countryside, which brought many memories to my mind. I hope we have at least one big get-together around our bonfire during the holidays. st

Tuesday, 19 December 3 p.m. Pleasant northerly breezes (5-8 mph around town, higher on the beach) with 59 F temperatures and gloriously clear skies. People are getting into the Christmas spirit already with red jackets and fur boots! 7 a.m. At this moment everything seems still. As we saunder down the beachfront in the quiet of the cool morning, the only sound and movement are of the Seagulls swooping down on an unlucky fish. We are at high tide right now but even the waves seem quieter than usual. We expect the cold north breezes to pick up shortly. I'll run in to open the office as everyone else is on a separate mission this morning. My reward may be in heaven. st

Monday, 18 December 9 a.m. The cloud banks have shifted south and it is now 57 F on the beach with "brisk" breezes. 7 a.m. Only 17 degrees between the high and the low yesterday. Stormy looking clouds may blot out the sunshine for most of this day. We do not see any fog bank across the water....yet. A strong, low pressure system will continue to develop over southern California and a dramatic drop in temperatures is expected through Wednesday. Only then will it start to warm back up, hopefully in time for the holiday week-end. st

Sunday 17 December 9 a.m. Winds whistled through town around dawn this morning as the cold front from the Pacific made its way into our region. There is a lot of heavy cloud but it seems unlikely that there will be any rain here. Occasional sunshine is breaking through at this hour but I expect that it is going to be a cool and breezy day. The sea water is very rough and the large shrimp seiners from Puerto Penasco have taken shelter in the shadow of Machorro at the north end of town. A good day to stay inside and watch the tube. (ej)

Saturday, 16 December, 3:30 p.m. Well, the cloud cover never really burned off and the town is still mired in a patchy fog that is bumping up against the mountain as the wind blows it down from the northern gulf. I just came back from lunch at Rosita's at the end of the Malecon. I sat by the window nursing a cup of hot coffee, staring at the empty Malecon. Town is almost deserted; bars are empty and parking spaces are readily available. This is definitely not a tourist weekend and the souvenir vendors are hurting. It is 63 F 74% RH with winds from the north at 7 mph. (ej) 9 a.m. Overnight we had fog banks develop offshore and this morning there are clouds and fog hovering over Machorro and along the coast. The humidity is also very high and the windows and the screens have been dripping with moisture. At this hour the sun is breaking through and should burn off most of the fog in a couple of hours. A cold Pacific front is moving through Southern California and rain is expected in San Diego today, moving steadily east towards Arizona. We may get the very southern fringe of this trough as the day progresses. (ej)

Friday, 15 December 3 p.m. In town 68 F with 48% RH. Winds calm and pleasant sunny skies. 7:00 a.m. With horror stories of bad weather up north, we certainly appreciate our beautiful sun breaking right through that light blanket this morning. By noon we should be heading right on up there, almost to the 70’s. Just right for those Friday evening affairs this close to the Christmas season. And this year everyone seems to be into the holiday mode at all the major nightspots. Enjoy. st

Thursday, 14 December 7:00 a.m. Storm stories as far down as Portland today discouraged some travelers from coming south for the Christmas holidays. However, with temperatures still hovering around 70 F in our fair town, we are reveling in Christmas festivities all around. A few light streaks across the skies will burn off shortly; we shall have another nice day.st

Wednesday, 13 December 7:00 a.m. While up north in the Seattle area a major storm is brewing here in Baja this was the scene at 6:28 a.m. About a one-half moon was still high in the clear blue skies. The red sun had just popped up over the horizon, actually the calm water/skyline of our beautiful sea of Cortez, spreading a red reflection across the waters. This is the normal photographic view that greets our visitors this time of year. You can’t beat it. St

Tuesday, 12 December 7:00 a.m. With all that attention to the four-storm pattern progressing into the Seattle area over the next few days, we of course are watching as the area moves further south. Today, in Baja, it is beautiful. Highs are still almost 70 F, very little winds and a great time for all the Christmas gatherings everywhere. st

Monday, 11 December 7:00 a.m. Wake-up, stretch, dress, coffee,; then check the skies. Clouds from the south have drifted up our way, but should burn off shortly. We cannot complain about this winter weather; it is absolutely perfect. Dress appropriately for beach play, desert runs, shopping or the office. That’s the secret of comfort. Oh dear, I’m in play clothes today? st

Sunday, 10 December 7:00 a.m. Some great visitors from Prescott, Arizona came to San Felipe yesterday, loaded with toys & clothes to donate. They marveled at the red moon that rose out of that water last night, and the spreading sunset early this morning. They did not see Mercury, Jupiter and Mars huddled together on the eastern horizon. They left saying they would return to San Felipe, a fantastic town, as soon as they had another load. We will welcome them. (st) Update from the hood: 8:06 p.m. We have relative humidity of about 40% and an evening temperature of 67 F. The warm wind has picked up NNE 5-6 mph. The weather today was just about as perfect as anyone could ask for, with a mild, warm breeze and a hot sun. My laundry, hanging out in the back yard, was blowing around like crazy when I woke up from my four hour nap this evening. It's 80 F in my house (poor man's solar panels - the windows), so I have no complaints. Happy Holidays from the neighborhood in town. (lg)

Saturday 9 December, 9:30 a.m. Yesterday the winds changed and we immediately started to warm up. Gatherings for the Virgin de Guadalupe walk held throughout the week would have enjoyed a little more warmth. Last night the town held a Santa Claus parade, much to the delight of the hundreds of children. Christmas gatherings everywhere around town this week-end will enjoy a southern breeze and lots of sunshine. st

Friday, 8 December, 7:00 a.m. Thank goodness we are now back into the 70’s and loving it. Christmas decorations are everywhere and at night we do not see the skies quite as clearly for all the lights on the ground. But if someone has their Christmas music, on we forgive. ‘Tis the season. st

Thursday 7 December 7:00 a.m. Darkness seems to fall early these days. Crystal skies this morning, my gaze is on the moon, still poised high in the sky to the west. The Snowbirds are already outside watering their newly planted annuals, hoping to bring fresh color to their cactus gardens. (They don't even have on jackets???) (st) Update from the hood: The wind gusts have increased drastically (I love that word) to about NE 15-17 mph. It is 73 F (my thermometer is out of the wind and in the shade) so if you're into sunbathing, find a wind block and use sun block and you should be all pink by the days end. The wind is not cold and it's warmer outside than it is inside my house. Happy Holidays! (lg)

Wednesday 6 December 7:00 a.m. For those of you who check the weather early, mea culpa. It's a crisp, sunny day and Shirley is off to the Wednesday morning coffee click and then to the SFARP meeting held at the lodge at Shirley's house in Campo Ocotillos. I'm sure it was a beautiful sunrise at the beach, as it always is. (lg for st). From the hood at 8:46 a.m. the wind has picked up a bit and it's a bit chilly but my thermometer reads 63 F outside which is warmer than it reads inside my house. The cloud cover is still to the south and we are having small wind gusts of about NW 5-7 mph but again, the sun is warm, so I guess I'll get in the shower and go to the office. (lg)

Tuesday, December 5, 7:00 a.m. What a beautiful wintry day. It should stay warm at least through Thursday. I checked back on last year's records and believe it or not, these are similar statistics. This is normal winter weather, folks. We get to wear our jogging suits and all those other clothes in the back closet. Compared to the stories our snowbirds bring of weather up north, this is heaven. st

Monday, December 4, 7:00 a.m. Just one degree warmer this morning. Otherwise we still have those cold, strong winds from the north. Soft clouds dress our skies; no whitecaps on the Sea at this time. If you dress warmly, you can enjoy a clear, crisp, friendly day because your friends are all clapping their hands with you. st

Sunday 3 December 1 p.m. Well, it looks like the start of another very windy week in San Felipe. Currently we are experiencing gusts to 30 mph from the north. We can expect some significant beach erosion with each high tide under these conditions. (ej) 7:00 a.mt now at 47 F. Warming just a little more each day brings smiles of encouragement to our winter visitors. Strong, gusty winds 10-20 mph raised havoc last night on my motion lights and are still with us. White caps still appear daily, making it rough for the small fishing pangas, many of whom are happy to have the days off, but this hurts their Christmas income. The Shrimp fleet is not affected. Shrimping and fishing are reported to be excellent this season and prices are very reasonable, accordingly. st

Saturday 2 December, 2006 - 7:00 a.m. That frigid weather snap that has captured the United States is now breaking up. And in San Felipe, temperatures are climbing back to more normal readings. Last evening, the Streppels showed off their first Christmas and fully decorated home. With the great optimistic atmosphere this year throughout San Felipe, this little city should soon sparkle for December. We're sure the weather will cooperate. (st) In the hood, it's 7:41 a.m. and our weather gal just called in her report from the beach at Campo Ocotillos. It's now 60 F in town and although there was no wind at the beach, my Palm tree was moving three minutes ago and now it's stopped. Go figure. As long as the wind doesn't start freaking out, it looks like we'll have a nice day today and the Hoe-down benefit at the Las Manitas doggie shelter will go on as scheduled. Remember, if you want a nice little family of dogs, stop by on your way out and take mine. Reporting from the hood in San Felipe. (lg). 2:31 p.m. The wind has picked up dramatically, however, the sun is shining brightly and if you get out of the wind, it's almost hot. A great day for wind surfers. It's 71 F in the shade, out of the wind and in town.

Friday 1 December, 2006 - 12:52 p.m. It's much warmer today than yesterday, however, when you're out of the sun the wind chills you to the bone (as in the Carole King song), or at least my bones. It's windy at the beach and in town, as I have just returned from trying to help our weather gal with her machine. We're hoping by tomorrow the weather will be back to normal (warmer) for the benefit at the dog shelter. If not, dress with a couple of layers of clothing. There are more businesses open today than was expected, although all governmental offices are closed. I'm getting ready to break my back lifting a tree that the wind blew over, so unless you've made other plans, have a good day. (lg)



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