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December 2005 The San Felipe Weather Diary


Saturday, 31 December 7.30 a.m. Peeking out my window I was sorely disappointed to see a heavy cloud saucer hanging over San Felipe. Then I looked at the National weather forcasts for this area and could see why. That heavy storm that travelled all the way from Washington down the coast has a cloud tail that has now reached this area. Chance of rain has been set at 10 % today, 20% tomorrow and 30% the next day. After that they leave us guessing. We usually do not get it on the east side of the Baja mountain range. At any rate, this is NEW YEAR'S EVE day. One center of attention is a large gathering at Lou & Tina Wells. See you there. st

Friday, 30 December 7.00 a.m These temperature readings are destined to stay with us at least till Saturday night when the low will be about 5 degrees warmer. Figger that! The weather will favor us once again on New Year's Eve. Last year the high read 77 and the low was 46 for the night of December 31. The clouds are heading down from the north, and may reach the Pacific side, but not likely to have much affect on the Eastern side of the Baja in the next few days. We're heading into the week-end now. Everyone please drive carefully. st

Thursday, 29 December 7.00 a.m Well it's 5 degrees warmer this morning with just a few clouds hanging around. The word is that the town is more full of visiting guests than empty of residents leaving for the holidays. On lovely days like this, most will be doing those last minute shopping trips getting ready for the big New Year's Eve. Since fireworks are a popular thing amongst young visitors down here, there will be plenty of those sold for that big midnight bash. All week there are happenings going on at the various restaurants and bars. Today the weather will be at it's best. st

Wednesday, 28 December 7.00 a.m Clear skies but a cold breeze is keeping our temperatures down. This is hump day between Christmas and New Year's at the office. It's hard to keep focused on the important tasks which have to be completed before the end of this fiscal year. We find excuses to step out into the sunshine. Yesterday it was beautiful out there during the afternoon. Today it may cloud over somewhat. Be forwarned. st

Tuesday, 27 December 7.00 a.m Yesterday was drastically cooler than Christmas Day. It did warm up for a very short while but just as quickly cooled again. The clouds of yesterday have mostly disappeared. Ony a light cover remains this morning as we all head back to our offices, turn on heaters if you have them, and settle down to the last few days of work this year. st

Monday, 26 December 7.00 a.m. Drastic changes in our weather report today. A large cloud mass is moving in from the west bringing cooler weather through Tuesday. This morning we see a dark cloud rolling over the far east of the sea. Yesterday it was clear and exceptionally beautiful all day. At 4:00 when we sat down for turkey dinner on the patio it was still 74 degrees. It chilled down rapidly as the sun slipped over the mountains; our later reading was at 66 degrees. Many of the stores were closed as they should be, and it was almost quiet of traffic and pedestrians in the down town area. We hope you and yours had a Very Merry Christmas.st

Christmas Morning, a beautiful day at San Felipe

Sunday, 25 December 8:00 a.m. Christmas Day is almost unreal. It is so beautiful. The water is so smooth.  Look at those temperatures.  We expect to have Christmas dinner on the patio,.  My neighbors are going to the pool and the hot tub this morning. It is unbelievably warm for this day only. The water is like a lake, not even a ripple. Tomorrow it will start getting cooler (not cold), back to the norm.. The sea can make you a living, whether to catch fish for dinner or to sell for a different dinner. There is no reason for anyone in San Felipe not to have a beautiful Christmas Day.  We hope you do too.  st

Saturday, 24 December 8:00 a.m.

Christmas Eve day and all through the town, the sun is high, the winds are down.
Visitors from everywhere visiting families and friends, to enjoy the other side of life and it's unique trends.
As I walk down the malecon smells of breakfasts abound, the crackle of small fires and many of the sounds,
of early birds greeting strangers, many then become friends as they share their observances where this world ends.

While up at the border the governments bicker and fight over who lives on which side, who has the rights.
Politics get nasty as they try to control numbers in life, when all most of us want is our children and wife
To be safe and happy and enjoy the wonders of this land, some to iive rich and some to live mouth to hand.
Virtually all have smiles, because we came to visit them and that is the greatest of all gifts, just another friend. st




Friday, 23 December 7:00 a.m. The last work day before Christmas. Are you ready? The weather is and will be beautiful with clear nights and sunny days into the middle of next week. Yesterday we again had to run to the States. I dressed warmly for the trip, but shed as we went along. I swear it felt 5 degrees warmer in El Centro; or maybe it was frustration at the slow pace you had to maintain both in traffic and shopping. It took 1 hour and 10 minutes to cross the border. We're looking forward to the beautiful week-end ahead right here on the beachfront and hope to share it with you. st

Thursday, 22 December, 6:00 a.m. The daytimes are lovely here in San Felipe, and we are not complaining about the night times either. Last night we took a drive around town to enjoy all the christmas lights and decorated houses, even amongst the poorest of the poor. There seems to be a sense of sharing with thy neighbor in a lot of the different sub-divisions, not in presents, perhaps, but in sharing rides, or baby-sitting while Moms go shopping, or inviting friends and neighbors in to watch the ever-popular foot-ball games. These people are so kind and pleasant, I feel honored to be among them and to share their way of life, especially at this time of year. Hope you are all having a good time too. st

Wednesday, 21 December, 7:00 a.m. The shortest day of the year. It is bright and cheery for the camera, but cold and windy for the body. However, it promises to get warmer and maybe beat yesterday's high. They say it will be near record high for this Christmas week-end. Most of our restaurants and motels are geared up and ready for it. As many Americans go north for the holidays as those that come to San Felipe, so the traffic should be rather heavy both going north and south on Highway 5. Have a safe week everyone. st

Tuesday, 20 December, 8:27 a.m. It's chilly this morning! The sun is poking out through the clouds and there are wispy clouds covering our fair city. The forecast is about the same for the rest of the week. Highs of about 73 with lows of about 45. Everyone is running around getting last minute Christmas chores done. The road from Mexicali is sure to be overflowing. Drive with extreme caution! khm

Monday, 19 December, 7:00 a.m. There are light cloud streaks at various places in the skies this morning but mostly clear and sunny. Most forecasts I read state that it is going to be warmer through Tuesday, then level off. Mostly sunny days after that, with near record high temperatures for Christmas Day. Last year, Dec 25, 2004, the temperatures read high of 71, low of 48. I don't know what the record is. Have a great day today. st

Sunday, 18 December, 7:00 a.m. There is a fog bank over mainland Mexico this morning, and some clouds hanging over town. Otherwise the skies are clear, waiting for the sun to do it's job. This week-end is very busy with home parties; the restaurants are doing their thing and everybody is gearing up for next week-end's Christmas activities. The weather seems to be co-operating nicely. ST

Saturday, 17 December, 7:00 a.m. We are not used to this cold weather. It looks like this will stay with us for a few more days and there will be considerable cloud in the region. However, Dec 21 is the shortest day of the year and we will start getting a little more daylight each day after that. This morning should become bright and cheery but with hazy skies. This afternoon we will probably slip back into the cloudy conditions and overnight cloud should help keep us a little warmer overnight. Happy shopping. st

Friday, 16 December, 7:00 a.m. Although I took these readings at 7:00 I was unable to post them till 9:00. It is now 61°F, clear skies and a soft breeze. The sun is shining beautifully, a sign of a gorgeous day. I read of low temperatures early Saturday morning of below freezing at many lower desert locations between here and Phoenix. So tomorrow morning might be lower readings, but the daytimes promise to stay reasonably warm. This is the last week-end before Christmas; crowded sidewalks and many parties from here on out. Happy holidays. st

Thursday, 15 December, 7:00 a.m. Last night at 9:00 I was very surprised to find the teperatures still reading 61 degrees. As predicted, the sun will be bright and promising as it arises (out of the water) this morning at 7:24 a.m. but very shortly it will be buried into the clouds and remain there for most of the day, then start clearing from west to east. Right now we have a heavy cloud saucer laying overhead covering most of San Felipe which will keep the temperatures down. We will then look for the return of the sun. Nevertheless the temperatures will remain in the normal range of high, in the 60's and low,in the 40's throughout. Last year on this date we had readings of high 72, low 62. st.

Wednesday, 14 December, 7:00 a.m. As promised, we can expect the sun to shine to warm things up a bit. Today's high might get up to the 70's. However, don't get excited because the clouds may role in for Friday and Saturday and we shall again feel the cold. The winds are still coming from the north, northwest bringing some of that cold front with it. Sorry, this is not good news. Enjoy today. st

Tuesday, 13 December, 7:00 a.m. My goodness but we are really locked into that cold, cloudy, overcast weather. Hopefully we will get some of that sun that is forcasted for tomorrow, but they also warn that the clouds will return Friday and Saturday. We in San Felipe are not used to this 50 ° weather and look forward to the end of this stretch. With the holidays approaching, we have to think twice about our party outfits, silks or furs? Today we suggest you plan indoor activities. st

Monday, 12 December 7:00 a.m. Hello out there. I'm back from Branson; we have some great photots of winter & snow and Christmas decorations galore. The weather there was in the high 40's, low 14. Even though it is cold here, it is great compared to those readings. Yesterday and today are the exceptions. It has been foggy here, and fog may last all day today, but it should move on to the East by tomorrow and the sun will be with us once again. These are the days we get to dress up in northern clothes, you know....long johns and snow jackets. Tomorrow it will be warmer, according to all the forecasts I read.
p.s. Steel Magnolias was great. I enjoyed the last performance yesterday, immensely...some were in tears. Don't miss the next play put on by this group. They are great. st

Sunday, 11 December 10:24 a.m. There appears to be a fog bank over the Sea of Cortez, which has traveled inland. I can't see the mountains from my yard because of the clouds. At least today you can wear the same clothes all day. In the winter, many times you can wear shorts during the day when the sun is out and change to sweats when it goes down. The play last night was very well received. Today is our last performance. Matinee starts at 2:00 p.m. Tomorrow, our weather gal will be back on the job. khm

Saturday, 10 December 9:49 a.m. Sorry about posting the weather late. I overslept this morning. However, I awoke to what appears to be a beautiful day. Not much wind and the sun is shining. It's a little cloudy, but hopefully that will burn off as the morning progresses. It was cold last night. Even though the thermometer read 48, with the slight wind the real feel was about 30! Okay, I'm exaggerating, but it was cold. Juan tells me it's colder in the Net than it is outside. If you're going out to run errands, bring a sweater in case you're in the shade. I had a lunch meeting yesterday at the Red Lobster and we sat outside. It was very warm out of the wind - almost hot. We made it though opening night of Steel Magnolias. We had a great audience. Two down and two to go (performances). See you tonight at 7:00!! khm

Friday, 9 December 8:18 a.m. As I was putting on the weather, the wind picked up. It's sporadic, but we are getting spurts of cold wind. The sun is shining brightly and it looks like it's going to be a beautiful day. Dress warmly, as it tends to get a bit chilly in the shade. We had dress rehearsal last night (2nd one) for Steel Magnolias. Hope to see you in the audience tonight! khm

Thursday, 8 December 8:22 a.m. It's chilly this morning. Without the constant sun shining on us, it makes it colder. However, everything being relative, my aunt lives in Butte, Montana and it's 30 below there, so if she were to come here for a visit (she has one planned for January), it will be like summer! I'm just grinning and bearing it until Spring gets here. We had tourists at the Net yesterday, in shorts. I guess my point is: I'm cold, but others may not be! Dress rehearsal for Steel Magnolias today. There is still time to get your tickets for Friday, Saturday or Sunday. khm

Wednesday, 7 December 8:56. It's a beautiful day today. The sun is shining and the Sea of Cortez is as calm as a sheet of glass, although I've never run into an hysterical sheet of glass. The winds are calm, for now, but yesterday you could see white caps for about a mile. We are predicting 8-9 mile an hour winds for the next three days, according to Tom Blodgett, our weather man from Las Arenas. It was very chilly last night for the Parade of Lights. This morning, Tom's thermometer read 45 degrees! Now that's cold. khm

Tuesday, 6 December 10:00 a.m. You would never believe we had such strong winds the past few days. This morning, it felt like summer (well, almost). The sun is shining brightly and there is not much wind, so it looks like it's going to be a nice day. This is great as the Parade of Lights is tonight at 5:00 p.m. It will be a bit chilly when the sun goes down, so dress warmly. Last year's was really nice. Let's hope we have a good turnout today. Still time to get your tickets to Steel Magnolias on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. This presentation is brought to you by the San Felipe Players. khm

Monday, 5 December 9 a.m. - The wind is still blowing, but not as bad as yesterday. The sun is shining and if it weren't for the wind, we would have a nice sunny winter day. It was cold in the south beaches last night. The wind chill factor felt like 20 degrees. I said "felt like". I'm sure it wasn't anywhere near there. We are expecting cooler weather this evening. It certainly feels like winter, although we haven't reached the actual day (December 21). Bundle up!! If you didn't get a chance to see "Steel Magnolia's" in the south beaches yesterday, you can catch it December 9, 10 or 11 in the Audio Visual Room of Cobach. It's a great cast and a great play (I play Truvy and my daughter plays Annelle, my assistant). khm

Sunday, 4 December 9:58 a.m. - The sun is shining, however, the wind is blowing like crazy. The unpaved streets are blowing sand every which away. Great for Kite Surfing, but nasty if you have to walk around in it. It's not cold - just windy. We apologize for the delay in getting the weather on. Our weather gal, Shirley, is on vacation and I assumed she put yesterday's weather on before she left. That's what I get for assuming. The wind is blowing around plastic bags so tomorrow, we'll have grocery bags in all the trees. Dress warm today, as once you're out of the sun, it's a bit chilly. Today is the first performance of Steel Magnolia's, being held at the South Campo Community Center. See you there! khm

Friday, 2 December 7:00 a.m. Temperatures similar to yesterday, and probably tomorrow morning, remain in place. Skies are clear over all of Baja except in the San Felipe area and slightly north of us. Then it is clear till on up into the States. Why did San Felipe get it??? Oh well. It is expected to stay overcast throughout the day, clearing somewhat on Saturday when temperatures should again read normal. st

Thursday, 1 December 7:30 a.m. Due to technical difficulties I was unable to launch this report at 7:30. It is now 9:45. and the temperature reads 67.3 with the humidity up to 39. Yesterday we felt the temperature going down as we drifted in and out of the office. That north wind is staying with us at least through Friday. Get out the fur coats folks. st


The Pacific hurricane season started on Sunday, 15th May and will extend through 30 November this year. This is the strongest El Nino year we have had since 1997 (when Hurricane Nora caused major damage to San Felipe) and we shall be watching weather developments carefully on your behalf. Our most dangerous time of the season occurs in September when the waters of the Sea of Cortez are extremely warm and are an ideal source of energy for storms that come from the south. Drenching rains can hit this region and leave roads badly undermined and houses damaged because of poor, or non-existent, storm drains. Now is the time to take stock of the area around your property and make preparations for the storm season.


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