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San Felipe - Archive of weather for August 2009.




Monday 31 August, 7:00 a.m. Our skies are literally covered with individual white clouds but these do not appear as storm clouds. All eyes are on the hurricane weather reports. It is expected to veer off westward, but if it doesn't it could go straight up our Sea coast. For today our temperatures will remain hot and humid. Waters and winds are calm this morning. st (Max 106 F; Min 81 F; Humidity currently 39%)

Sunday 30 August, 3:00 p.m. Strong winds and whitecaps now draw our attention; no swimming tonight. st

7:00 a.m. Clear skies this morning belies the fact that there could be hurricane activity over the Baja by the middle of the week. Here we are still on excessive heat warnings at least through today and the humidity is again creeping up there. We again took advantage of swimming when it was only a 6.5 low tide around 6:30 p.m. yesterday. That seems to be the only real relief one can get these days. st (Max 106 F; Min 81 F; Humidity currently 39%)

Saturday 29 August, 7:00 a.m. We have some cloudiness overhead but hardly enough to change the excessive heat readings. Last night about 6:30 we swam in waters too warm for refreshment. The tide was out so the shallow waters were that much warmer. Our A/C are working to the limit these days. And there seems to be no let-up in the forecasts for Sunday. Better plan to lay low for the week-end. st (Max 105 F; Min 84 F; Humidity currently 33%)

Friday 28 August, 7:00 a.m. With clouds over the mainland we had a very pretty sunrise this morning. It was also very hot for this early in the day. In fact, yesterday it was extremely hot again, probably 110 F in town. The Electric Co must really be feeling the pinch. The water is so calm and peaceful you can hardly tell where the sky and water meet. We're expecting a hot week-end. st (Max 102 F; Min 81 F; Humidity currently 34%)

Thursday 27 August, 7:00 a.m. Awakening to a beautiful red sunrise each morning is a highlight of our day. If you rise after 6:00 a.m. you will miss it for sure. A display of clouds makes the sunrise that much more beautiful. We know that Ignacio is now out of the picture, so everything is calm and beautiful. But it is hot!! Looking forward to a nice week-end. st (Max 102 F; Min 81 F; Humidity currently 34%)

Wednesday 26 August, 7:00 a.m. Last evening we noticed clouds on the horizon, and again this morning. But otherwise our clear skies have returned. Our humidity reading is dropping. We should have a drying and warming trend for the next few days as the ridge strengthens to our west culminating on Friday. After that it should again cool down for a lovely week-end; our last for August. st (Max 95 F; Min 82 F; Humidity currently 41%)

Tuesday 25 August, 7:00 a.m. Last evening we watched lightning flashes across the Sea and there was a nice breeze to enjoy. This morning there is no breeze. No rain; but is it ever humid. With the currect temperature almost 90 F we will be turning on the A/C early just to dry us out. We had no warning of this humidity and it may not last. But we can expect higher temperatures Wednesday through Friday. st (Max 99 F; Min 77 F; Humidity currently 53%)

Monday 24 August, 7:00 a.m. All the signs of rain have disappeared. A wind-torn canvass carport lays in ruins but no other sign of damage in our area. It was a terrific week-end in San Matias celebrating their 40th Anniversary with a Rodeo, Carnival and Dance. In San Felipe this morning skies are clear and we can expect warmer temperatures as the week progresses. st (Max 97 F; Min 79 F; Humidity currently 38%)

Sunday 23 August, 7:45 a.m. If it's 85 F at 7:30 a.m. I would imagine it's going to get a bit warmer as the day goes on. We did have thunder and lightening early evening, but if it rained, I didn't see any evidence of it this morning. The winds should pick up a bit and we may have some scattered clouds, but for the most part, it will be a nice day. kh (Max 101 F; Min 80 F; Humidity currently 66%)

Saturday 22 August, 10:30 a.m. We have very high humidity today and slight winds, but it's not that bad. It sprinkled throughout the day yesterday and there are reports of an actual storm down south, but we didn't get any big drops until later in the evening. It wasn't enough to avoid watering. Great weather for the rodeo up in San Matias, where our soon to retire weather gal is camping. Drink lots of water and try not to work outside during the hot part of the day. kh (Max 97 F, Min 81 F, Humidity currently 56%)

Friday 21 August, 7 a.m. Yesterday morning we had light clouds over the mountains which dissappeared early. Last evening the sky lit up but there were no lightning strikes, as such. This morning we awoke to a cloud-covered sky. At 5:30 the sky again lit with lightning flashes but not streaks. And we actually felt just a few drops of rain. Showers and Thunderstorms are possible over this week-end as the monsoon moisture becomes more vigorous for the next 24-48 hours. We can expect cooler temperatures for this period. st (Max 96 F, Min 86 F, Humidity currently 43%)

Thursday 20 August, 7 a.m. Yes, the humidity is again creeping up there along with higher temperature readings. This will not bother the Rodeo participants in San Matias this week-end, a little village-town about 50 miles from here on Highway 3. But here in San Felipe it will be a calm, hopefully cooler week-end. Normally a great time for clamming, what with the low tides. However they are soft shelled at this time of year, not the best for harvesting. Guess we'll just enjoy our week-end as we slip nearer to September. st (Max 101 F, Min 81 F, Humidity currently 43%)

Wednesday 19 August, 7 a.m. At least a couple more days of dry, hot weather before monsoon moisture returns. Again, last evening around 7:30 p.m. we walked out onto the low-tide mark of -0.2 (per our tide calendar here >>>). Yes, I sank into some soft sand and needed help to get out, so be careful out there. On shore some energetic persons went to a lot of trouble to write names etc. into the new, soft cliff created by the decomposed granite soil falling away daily. This morning we have already retreated inside as there is no breeze, and it is already 91 F. st (Max 96 F, Min 79 F, Humidity currently 37%)

Last night, almost the first items to appear,we could see the last of the old moon with venus nearby. This morning we watched the rising of the sun just over the horizon. What a life!!

Tuesday 18 August, 7 a.m. Our August temperatures remain constant and inviting to outside activities. Last evening, about 7 we went for a walk on the beach, out onto the low tide mark about 1/4 mile. The water was noticeably cooler, notice the statistics above. Later we were out watering the plants until too dark to see. I guess it was so comfortable we just didn't want to come in. This morning we have a soft cool NE breeze under clear skies, and the tide is again a way out there. On Thursday morning we will have a new moon and a low tide of -4.5 at about 8 a.m. Check our tide calendar here >>>

Monday 17 August, 7 a.m. Our humidity has not changed but the current temperatures are slowly coming down. We are enjoying a modest decrease in the temperatures daily and the skies remain clear. Our winds change throughout the day, but this morning it was beautifully cool. This will change with the tide. st (Max 95 F, Min 79 F, Humidity currently 39%)

Sunday 16 August, 7 a.m. No change in the weather pattern is anticipated through early next week. But notice it did cool into the high 90's and 70's, hopefully cooler by the middle of the week. We are now over the hump for August and it is going to be busy most every week-end from here on out. But expect hot weather to continue through September, as normal. st (Max 98 F, Min 79 F, Humidity currently 41%)

Saturday 15 August, 8 a.m. Since 7 a.m. we have gained 3 degrees fahrenheit, and it promises to heat up fast. However we have a nice easterly breeze. A great day for dune-buggying out to the desert and the arroyas on the far side of the valley. It is usually about 10 degrees cooler there under the ironwood and the palo verde trees, especially in the afternoon because the arroyas are on the eastern side of the mountains and there is shade. st (Max 100 F, Min 82 F, Humidity currently 35%)

Friday 14 August, 7 a.m. Those clouds of yesterday burned off in the early afternoon and we saw lovely breezes. This morning we see light clouds on the horizon but clear skies above. We hope for a return this week-end to normal August temperatures, high in the 90's and low in the 70's. And hopefully those wonderful breezes will stay with us. st (Max 95 F, Min 81 F, Humidity currently 37%)

Thursday 13 August, 7 a.m. As we drove into town yesterday we were amazed at how the clouds were moving in. By evening it was obvious they were here to stay. This morning the sky is mostly cloud-covered and yes, although still hot, it seems to be cooling. At this writing it is now down to 88 F but humidity is up to 38 and going in those two directions. st (Max 107 F, Min 81 F, Humidity currently 35%)

Wednesday 12 August, 7 a.m. Don't go out there! These mornings are humid. Last night the temperatures did not get low enough to turn off the air-conditioner. Still we see no clouds. We expect much drier air by this week-end as the low pressure system moves back in. Day temperatures will then stay around normal for this time of August. We welcome the daily breezes, especially if they happen around meal times so that we can eat on the shaded patio.st (Max 96 F, Min 82 F, Humidity currently 38%)

Tuesday 11 August, 7 a.m. Last evening as we sat on the patio we watched a lightning storm play out over the mainland across the waters. This morning the sun had to rise above a fog-line over there before we could view its brilliant red sunrise, so common here. San Felipe is generally cooler than the border towns because it sits directly on the waterfront. We can look for favorable weather as early as Friday and expect a welcome, cooler & drier weekend ahead as the thermometer drops down into the lower 90's. st (Max 96 F, Min 78 F, Humidity currently 42%)

Monday 10 August, 7 a.m. We had a terrific, cool and pleasant week-end. We could once again enjoy the patio for breakfast, the cool walks in the evening on the beach and restful nights without the air-conditioner going at full pace. But bear with us for another week of hot, slightly humid weather as conditions persist. By the week-end an area of low pressure will settle across the western front and begin to bring us some relief. There is still plenty of action in San Felipe, most of it in cool a/c restaurants throughout the week. st (Max 97 F, Min 76 F, Humidity currently 30%)

Sunday 9 August, 7 a.m. These below normal temperatures and very dry conditions will not last. By Monday we shall be back to a warming trend for the rest of the week. But everyone is truly enjoying this break. We only wish the water were a little cooler. At 95 F it is not very refreshing. Those with small boats are loving it, with breezes coming and going every day and warm bath water to play in. It's a great week-end also for dune-buggies in the desert areas. Nothing like a picnic in the arroyas on the far side of the valley hills. Enjoy! st (Max 96 F, Min 75 F, Humidity currently 24%)

Saturday 8 August, 7 a.m. This is truly a return to our normal, beautifully cool evenings and mornings. Everyone is out and about with smiles as they get back to normal. You can bet there will be backyard BBQ's and Potlucks this week-end, knowing we will be back by Monday to the above normal hot weather for at least another week of August. We hope the rest of you are fairing as well. st (Max 98 F, Min 77 F, Humidity currently 29%)

Friday 7 August, 7 a.m. Last evening was truly back to comfort as we know it. With a soft breeze blowing off of the water we went for a long walk on the beach. We noticed what erosion is taking place on the sandy-pillared imbankment. As a new chunk breaks away, leaving a new clean slate, there always appears some new scripts or love notes. But too, the shoreline is receding as the high tides of July has left its mark. Nature on the move. st (Max 98 F, Min 77 F, Humidity currently 29%)

Thursday 6 August, 7 a.m. Wow! It was extremely hot in this neighborhood yesterday but we're looking for a better reading today leading into a more normal week-end. Soft breezes are expected throughout the day from the north-west although right now the flag is unmoving. We should have cooler, drier weather with near normal temperatures starting tomorrow and through the week-end. st (Max 107 F, Min 83 F, Humidity currently 33%)

Wednesday 5 August, 7 a.m. We are looking forward to some cooling off starting this afternoon. However we are not complaining. It has remained around the 100 F mark in San Felipe, through this last week of torture, especially on the bay beach. Some are complaining of higher humidity in town, which is just miserable although temperatures have remained steady. Yesterday we watched some cloud formation coming off the mountains from the west but, alas, it did not remain. Still we have enjoyed evening walks on the beach. st (Max 98 F, Min 84 F, Humidity currently 36%)

Tuesday 4 August, 7 a.m. A carbon copy of yesterday greets us this morning. And we are not out of the excessive heat warning danger yet. Nevertheless, San Felipe is far luckier than the border towns to the north which usually ride about 10 degrees hotter. At least we have the cool breezes off of the water periodically throughout the days. I can't speak for the town of San Felipe which invariably holds the heat. Most buildings that remain open have air-conditioning...the rest close at least for siesta time between 1-3 p.m. Lucky us. st (Max 96 F, Min 84 F, Humidity currently 36%)

Monday 3 August, 7 a.m. Thank goodness the excessive temperature dropped yesterday. We were able to get out around town a little and hopefully today will remain similar. Maybe we will start to cool even before Thursday. Yesterday a few clouds began to gather, remaining here this morning and we have a little stronger breeze coming from the cooler north-east. It's only 3 days till Thursday. st (Max 96 F, Min 83 F, Humidity currently 34%)

Sunday 2 August, 7 a.m. Strong, high pressure above is not helping us against the excessively hot weather we are having. This is pushing up from SE Mexico keeping us in the high heat warning zone of yesterday's 105 degrees, on the beach mind you. After tomorrow we have a chance of slightly cooler readings, but it will then hold steady throughout next week. However, there is still daily activity on the beach; people with all kinds of toys want to go for it...banana boats, kayaks, quads and the like. In the evening we see the ultralites still attracting a few tourists for an exciting ride in the lower hights over the waters. Most of us hide out till Saturday night for the restaurants and bars where you can expect it to be air-conditioned. st (Max 105 F, Min 82 F, Humidity currently 33%)

Saturday 1 August, 7 a.m. It's going to be dry and hot today, and maybe through the entire next week. Clear skies with no clouds. A rather low grade monsoon will remain in effect through the middle of next week. With no relief in sight the city Electric Co. will be working hard to keep us all in Air Conditioning. Thank goodness we still get a slight breeze off and on from the Sea of Cortez. I am always amazed how the locals keep going, with long sleeve shirts and head covered for protection. For the rest of us....stay cool. st (Max 96 F, Min 80 F,



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