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Archive of weather for Aug 2006

Thursday, 31 August, 7 a.m. Forecasts say temperatures will be heading down throughout the week-end. This morning our skies are completely clear, so we may have difficulty in getting those lower temperatures. Schools started last Monday. The holiday is upon us. Traffic is heavy. All of this takes our attention away from the weather and everyone seems to be in high spirits. No changes in Hurricane John to report from here....yet. st

Wednesday, 30 August, 7 a.m. That's more like it. Clouds are still visible far to the south and the humidity, at this point, is much friendlier. Of big concern is tropical storm John which is gaining strength as it's travelling across mainland Mexico far to the south of us. It may exit around Acupulco and actually cross the southern tip of Baja. Any deviation of it's path could send it north sooner than expected. Tropical Kristy is already headed out on the Pacific, no problem there. Back to beautiful San Felipe. The cloud pattern is still heading up the western mainland of Mexico, and subsequently over our area later today, hopefully, which will help cool us just a little for the holiday week-end. No rain expected. st

Tuesday, 29 August, 7 a.m. It didn't last long. This morning at 7:00 you can see the humidity read 67%. About 7:45 it was down to 48 %, but it is definitely back. Looking far to the south I can see the clouds reaching this way from a large patch still centered over mainland Mexico. It has nothing to do with Tropical Storm John which is heading on out into the Pacific. Forcasts encourage us that the temperatures should gradually lower by about 5 degrees by the holiday week-end. That report will make our hotels and guests happy to hear. st

Monday, 28 August, 7 a.m. Humidity 35%. Can you believe that? This is supposed to last for a couple of days. Cloudy weather is building to the southeast of us, mostly over mainland Mexico, however those clouds are travelling up our peninsula. Although the humidity will return, the clouds, when they get here, will help keep the temperatures down for the rest of the week. That's good news for the upcoming holiday week-end. st

Sunday, 27 August, 7 a.m. That low pressure system to the north is supposed to bring in drier air into the desert southwest over this week-end. This should result in sunny days and clear nights with above normal afternoon temperatures. Then the system is supposed to shift to a southerly direction and a slight chance of increased humidity may return to the area by midweek... along with cooler daytime highs. We shall see. st


Saturday, 26 August, 8 a.m. High humidity day in and day out tends to make one sleepy. A low pressure system to the north is bringing drier air into the desert southwest over this week-end, resulting in a break in this humid monsoon mode. At this hour there is plenty of activity on the waterfront. Vendors are setting up their wares, vehicles cruising up and down the Malecon looking for the best place for a bite to eat, while still a few robust ones who spent a night on the beach sand, are tailgating it with tacos and sodas off the back of the truck. You can smell fresh pineapple and fresh shrimp all around you. Inside Rosita's you have choices of over 30 different breakfast menus. The week-end has started. Look for a return of Monsoon weather around Wednesday. st

Friday, 25 August, 7 a.m. And the story continues.... I stepped outdoors and found myself feeling like I was in a clear-cloud; I can see everywhere, but it is so wet. Needless to say I retreated quickly to the comfort of air-conditioning. Forcasts state that a dry southwest flow will be with us starting Monday. Hopefully we can then begin looking towards our Fall season. Past history does report of a bad week even into late September, and real cooling not until mid-October. But come Monday we will have more cheerful reports. st. I learned yesterday from the Smiths that you must take the relative readings at the same hour to create the Heat Index. Since I can't do both at the same hour at the heat of the day, I leave it for you to figure.I use this chart=

Thursday, 24 August, 7 a.m. Very muggy conditions still exist, creating a heat-index that is almost unbearable. Again we will spend most of the day indoors, under air-conditioning to keep drier. On July 22nd we had a record 119 F in town. It feels like we're headed in that direction again, but no reports yet. Tomorrow it is supposed to cool a few degrees, then back up for the week-end. Plan accordingly. st

Wednesday, 23 August, 7 a.m. Typical August weather pattern has settled in. A solid, although light cloud swept in from the west and covered San Felipe yesterday afternoon keeping the temperatures down just a little, but the humidity has remained high. If you are brave and right out in it, you get used to it. But if you are citified office workers, it hits you in the face when you leave the air-conditioned buildings. Forcasts call for a shade hotter today and tomorrow, then cooling a shade by Friday. st

Tuesday, 22 August, 7 a.m. Humidity readings make one want to melt. Although the heavier clouds are off to the west and to the far east with mostly clear skies overhead, the animals furr tell us the wet stuff is back. Temperatures will remain status quo at least until Friday. Those 3 hurricanes playing tag in the Pacific are all heading west, no problems here at home. The desert plants seem to like our weather pattern for there is a lot of green, mixed in with the usual darker shades of black. Great for the artist's pallet. We all are starting to look for cooler weather to mark the coming of Fall. st

Monday, 21 August, 7 a.m. A typical monday morning, the humidity is back. With the increasing cloud pattern through Wednesday we will slip to lower readings, by a degree or two, but by the end of the week it promises to be hot once more. Not like July 26 & 27 when we had record readings up to 119 in town. Warm winds are coming from the south at least through Wednesday. st

Sunday, 20 August, 7 a.m. Check out that Humidity Reading!! It's absolutely lovely this morning. A gentle breeze from the northwest, hardly enough to move the leaves on the trees. But enough to fan cool air across the deck. The skies are absolutely clear; the ocean is gently lapping at the shores. Last evening we searched for entertainment with music, but most of the small bands are off for their last summer breaks. A friend of Bert's pointed out Mars, which was truly a disappointment. So much for that. st

Saturday, 19 August, 7 a.m. The thermometer readings have each inched up by 2 degrees. Still it was cool enough for sleeping, and morning and evenings will continue to be lovely. Find a store or office for air-conditioning during the heat of the day, or, except for 12:00 - 2:00, get out and enjoy the soft breeze that comes off of the water along the beach front. No major events are scheduled for this week-end. I have yet to see Mars, which is supposed to be a little bigger and a little brighter, at it's max on Aug 27. From my patio this morning the world is still. Coffee anyone?

Friday, 18 August, 7 a.m. A beautiful day lies before us, with very normal, summer conditions. A few soft clouds appear on the eastern horizon, clear on the west. I can't believe Labor Day week-end is just around the corner. Sorry, we can't say yet what the weather will be 2 weeks from now. Make plans to enjoy this week-end and the next, because they are the last for this summer season. st

Thursday, 17 August, 7 a.m. Mostly clear skies are staying with us these days. Early this morning there was a heavy fog bank off to the East over mainland Mexico area. I'm glad to report that a dry flow of air from the SW will continue our normal temperatures for the next few days and nights. Then Monsoon type moisture will seep back into this area from the south resulting in a degree or two of warmer temperatures, but nothing to worry about. st

Wednesday, 16 August, 7 a.m. Clear skies this morning, but last evening around 5:30 p.m. a solid, dark cloud reached over the mountains from our west to completely cover San Felipe. As darkness fell we lost interest, and it certainly didn't leave any moisture. Today will be a repeat of yesterday; quiet, clear, and normal temperatures for San Felipe. I'm afraid all forcasts say the thermometer will be inching back up a little by the week-end. They also warn that monsoon moisture is forecast to spread back into the area next Monday and Tuesday. That new pacific storm, "Hector" is heading straight out to the west. No dangers there. st

Tuesday, 15 August, 7 a.m. We watched a small lightning storm play across the mainland horizon last evening while enjoying Mel's shrimp-pasta dish on the patio before our friend Dale has to leave. We discussed how the weather will remain the same for the next few days, and that by late this week-end, the monsoon moisture will spread back into SE California and the Colorado River Area. We also discussed the astronomical phenomenam that is playing out between Mars and Earth this month. Today will be another one of those great, summer, San Felipe Days. Enjoy. st

Monday, 14 August, 7 a.m. Before the day ended yesterday there were solid, white clouds rising over the mainland to our east and over the mountains to our west. There was a breeze all day, and 'WE' did not use A/C's. This morning everywhere the skies are clear. A soft breeze is fanning the trees and if we didn't read the statistics we could say it is going to be a nice day. Anything under 100 is very liveable in San Felipe because we have the breeze off of the water most of the time. Thoughts are turning to Fall programs, starting of schools and the return of the snowbirds. Some Summerbirds are taking advantage of these last weeks to get in more dunebuggying, and I saw a 'Hobiecat' showing off outside of Club de Pesca. We're looking forward to this last 2 weeks of summer. st

Sunday, 13 August, 7 a.m. A very loud surf slaps at our beaches this hour, or maybe it is the quiet of a Sunday morning. The weather still remains sultry and temperatures will not change. A light cloud cover may help to keep the temperatures steady and the south wind, although warm, is the only pleasant thing to report. We will need the air-conditioners again today while dreading the electric bill next month. Think I'll go beachcombing while it's still reasonably comfortable. st

Saturday, 12 August, 7 a.m. That heavy cloud pattern has gone north-east into the U.S. The humidity is much lower today. With no clouds overhead the high temperatures will remain, but we can handle up to 100-105 without complaining as long as the humidity stays reasonable. Cooler breezes are with us this morning making the outdoors much more pleasant for any sand-rail outings. We are being blessed with the prospect now of a good week-end. Enjoy. st

Friday, 11 August, 7 a.m. Continue with our pattern of high heat and heavy muggy weather. Last night we watched a lightning show over on the mainland to our east. Later I looked for Mars, which is supposed to be very visible this month due to it's close proximity to earth. But my timing wasn't right I guess. The high tides, the highest was on Wednesday, are now also subsiding but still very enjoyable for the week-end. So hit the water or find an air-conditioned hotel at least for another day or two. st

Thursday, 10 August, 10 a.m. On the beach it is incredibly muggy. We have relative humidities of over 80% with 92F temperature. Winds are calm. If you leave an air-conditioned room or car and you wear glasses, they will immediately fog up. Be very careful during the first minute of "fogging" as you may be almost blind to obstacles or hazards in your path. I stumbled on the curb as I walked out to dump the garbage in the bin on the street, and that three minute effort caused me to return to the house absolutely soaked with sweat. Vacationers here will want to be either in the water or in their air conditioned hotel rooms. If you are staying in a condominium not on the beach, or without a swimming pool, you will want to bring plenty of DVDs' and books to read. Outdoor activity is not only very exhausting, it could be hazardous if you have any health problems. Watch your party for any signs of heat stroke. Drink plenty of purified water!!! ej 7 a.m. Continued hot and muggy. A soft breeze from the south is most welcome but it too is hot. That heavy cloud cover gives an ominous view across the still waters, like the calm waiting before the storm. Chance of rain only 10%, but possible. Good tides are drawing crowds to the water, if only to watch the highest waves come up over the retaining walls to douce the bystanders there. The rest of us are staying in air-conditioned restaurants or work-shops, to stay dry more than to stay cool. I'm afraid this is destined to last a few more days. st

Wednesday, 9 August, 9 a.m. Out on the beaches we have 90 F temperatures and zero wind. The humidity is a very sticky 77% and is only tolerable because we have high cloud that is helping to block the searing rays of the sun. The moisture drifting over us from the tropics could result in occasional rain showers for the next several days. Very high tides for the next 4 days. 7:00 a.m. We're at the outskirts of that stormy, muggy, cloudy pattern you see creeping up the coast. The center is hovering over on the mainland, just to the north-east of us. The fact that it is creeping so slowly means we will have at least a couple more days of this. We are looking forward to those southwest breezes maybe this week-end. The water is the most popular spot these days, with parents and friends settling on the air-conditioned or breezy patios looking on. This too shall pass. st

Tuesday, 8 August, 7:00 a.m. Ugh. We're back with that high humidity; really high. Last week's 55% was high enough. We are watching that stormy, now just heavy clouds, creep up the Baja, but no threat there. This week-end we may see an end to the monsoon weather we're having as the southwest breezes take over, bur temperatures are expected to remain about the same. st

Monday 7 August, noon Out on the beach it is a pleasant 88 F with southeasterly breezes at 8-10 mph. Everywhere is deserted. Not a soul is out walking. The sun is very strong and the humidity is way up there at 72%. In town the office reports 99 degrees. The best place to be is on the beach patio at the El Cortez or the Marina Resort, enjoying an icy Cuba Libre. 7:00 a.m. That stormy weather pattern has moved over to the Baja peninsula and is creeping up the Sea side. With it we have that very muggy humidity. Although temperatures and soft breezes fom the west and southwest remain much the same in the daytime, the temperatures at night have crept up since Friday and it is no longer great sleeping weather. Today the prediction is 4 degrees higher than we expected. Sorry folks. We will be watching that stormy weather pattern throughout the day. st

Sunday, 6 August, 7:00 a.m. I stepped out onto the patio to a calm, cool, Sunday morning. I watched the sun rise out of very calm waters, counting 2 minutes and 22 seconds, as I savored my coffee. The flag is limp but later will signal a western breeze. To the southern tip of Baja we see stormy weather, mostly on the mainland. We shall be watching that for the next few hours to see what is developing. Right now our clear skies will allow the temperatures to rise just slightly but this week we should remain in the normal range of 100 F tempered by the cool breezes. Great sleeping weather. st

Saturday, 5 August, 7:00 a.m. Since the first of August we have remained in the 80's for the morning readings. Yesterday about 5:30 p.m we were surprised to see strong white-caps on the water and the stronger winds hitting the larger trees. Once again we are reminded this happens at the change of directions of the tides and only lasted about an hour. Last evening we sat out on the patio enjoying a cool, tall one, discussing the brilliant stars we see in our southern skies. The cooler nights have been really great for sawing logs. What to do for a Saturday... non-work day... For starters, I will take my dog for a walk along the beach, and feel the sand and water between my toes, watching for anyone who might be starting their butane 2-burners and will share a cup of java. st

Friday, 4 August, 7:00 a.m. This morning is even nicer than yesterday morning. Temperatures 7 degrees lower. It was great sleeping weather with a soft cool breeze coming in through the half-opened window. This is a little lower than average and it will get back to normal next week, still very acceptable. It has been this writer's experience that we would have one more hot spell later in August or first weeks of September and that will be it for the summer. So we are now in the thinking mode of Fall already. st

Thursday, 3 August, 7:00 a.m. Everything is quiet this morning; water is calm, a few clouds like baby lambs in the sky. I was supprised to see so many customers in at George's Restaurant yesterday morning. The inflow of tourists should start today. But we should stay with average to below average temperatures throughout the entire week-end and this will draw them. The heavy moisture we see is off to the East, mainland Mexico. No help there. st

Wednesday, 2 August, 7:00 a.m. A very calm, quiet morning invites us to coffee. Just a few whispery streaks in the sky, and calm waters - what more could you ask for? Two Pacific storms are headed off to the west, nothing heading our way from east or west. And just the tiniest breeze to keep the day alive. Wish I could have breakfast on the beach this morning because I can almost smell a bonfire somewhere close. But no, I'll head for town and breakfast at one of the many great choices we have here in San Felipe. st

Tuesday, 1 August, 7:00 a.m. Soft, cool, gentle breezes, at this moment from the North, liven the tree branches. Soft ripples on the water roll up onto the beaches. All under a picturesque blue sky, streaked with light clouds which hover over San Felipe itself. Last night we had heavy clouds roll over from the mountains to the west, but they have completely disappeared. The breezes will no doubt rotate clockwise again, to end up from the south-west by late this afternoon. All in a day's weather folks. st

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