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San Felipe - Archive of weather for April 2010.

Friday 30 April, 7 a.m. We have a complete reverse this morning. During the night the winds howled through our sparrows apartment tree and the temperatures dipped. It is now still below the 70's and we're back into sweats to keep warm. Jackets and sweaters will be the uniform of the day at the Chili Cook-Off tomorrow. Hopefully the weather will warm again early next week. ST (yesterday's Max 84F; Min 58F)

Thursday 29 April, 7 a.m. How good it is to awake and stretch in the early morning sun with the soft breeeze gently blowing the smell of coffee across the patio as we diiscuss where best to vierw the vintage cars that should be passing through San Felipe today. We have 50 or so little sparrows noisily chirping in their large tree (apartment) as they prepare for their day also. Later we expect stronger breezes. We do not expect it to cool much in spite of that weather pattern to the north. We do expect it to warm further next week.ST (yesterday's Max 83F; Min 65F)

Wednesday 28 April, 7 a.m. We see soft streaks of cloud formations across our skies this morning but rain is not in the forecast. Rather, colder, stronger winds are expected as the day progresses. Within this full moon period we will have higher, stronger tides. I love the sound of those waves hitting the shore. Another day off for would-be fishermen. We are looking forward to seeing those vintage cars to come through San Felipe tomorrow on their way to LA Paz although I can't say where we should be to see them. They will be facing a head-wind while heading south, not good for their gas mileage.ST (yesterday's Max 88F; Min 68F)

Tuesday 27 April, 7 a.m. Ah, today it is really spring in San Felipe. We have a low tide of -3.2' and expecting a high tide of 18.7' this afternoon around 2 p.m. With a full moon tomorrow night, our extreme tides in the bay of San Felipe are a phenomenom of the Sea of Cortez. Great for clamming but in just 8 hours the high waters will clean our beach area to a solid strip of sparkling, white sand. This morning our huge eucalyptus tree which is like an apartment house to the birds, was alive with chatter as early as 5:30 a.m. By 6:30 each family had vacated and all now is quiet. Mel captured a photo of his favorite doves pairing up for spring time romancing. ST (yesterday's Max 75F; Min 59F)

Monday 26 April, 7 a.m. Disappointed that it did not warm up here as much as expected, but so optomistic as we arise for another stupendous morning with brilliant sunshine reflecting on clear calm waters. A soft, warm wind is fanning us from the south-west and I can't wait to have coffee out on the patio. Spring fauna is anywhere there is ground cover in yellow and purple. And the air is so pure after the rains of last week. We're very glad we scheduled outdoor chores for the first 3 days of this week . ST (yesterday's Max 75F; Min 59F)

Sunday 25 April, 7 a.m. Another gorgeous day is before us. Although it did not warm up yesterday as expected we have warmer nights. The humidity has built to a 43% but because it is cool, it is not uncomfortable. We have the sparkling waters under the clear blue sky and no winds. Wonder how our little Fishing group is doing on the Jose Andres 3-day trip. ST (yesterday's Max 75F; Min 59F)

A spring daybreak in San Felipe after the refreshing rains of yesterday. .......................................................................Photo by Mel Bohnert

24 April, 7 a.m. The rains are gone. The picture below is 'not the norm. Above, our sun reflecting on shimmering waters speak for themselves. We are sorry to hear of the tornadoes back east, the rain and snows still in the mountains and the earthquake stories from everywhere. Here mostly clear skies are building across the Pacific north-east and this translates into warmer, drier weather for Baja.ST (yesterday's Max 75F; Min 57F)

Friday 23 April, 7 a.m. Our Baja sunshine is back! Yesterday's rain mark showed 0.15 inches for the last 24 hours. But today should dry everything out quickly. Roof repair guys ought to be out in full swing next week throughout town. Earthquake reports are now more to the north. A few heavy clouds remain as they leave our skies heading east. Now that we are back to a southerly winds direction we expect nothing but sunshine and warming weather for the next few days, hopefully in the 90's by the week-end. ST (yesterday's Max 75F; Min 50F)

Mean looking clouds hovered overhead with very cool temperatures and the threat of rain .4/22/10 - 5:00 a.m; . ......Photo by Mel Bohnert

Thursday 22 April, 7 p.m. Yesterday we had only a light shower (0.06 inches). All day long today it has sprinkled off and on. However the temperature did rise to 75 degrees for a very little while. At times the breezes became a strong 9 mph. It is still heavily clouded over the entire area, and again.....sprinkling. We're looking for a warmer, drier day tomorrow. ST 7:00 a.m. Winds and water are calm. This morning the sky was covered with mean clouds. The temperatures in the high 50's is not the norm. However we expect it to remain cool throughout the day, hoping for the first sign of warming by tomorrow. Some of our guys are leaving for a 3-day fishing trip on the Jose Andres for the week-end which promises to be back into the warm climate of the Baja. ST (yesterday's Max 70F; Min 52F)

WE'RE BACK FROM A WONDERFUL VACATION TO THE SAN FRANCISCO AREA AND TO FRESNO TO WITNESS MY GRANDDAUGHTER RECEIVING HER BS DEGREE. What a surprising turn of events in this northern Baja. We had the earthquake problems in Mexicali (and indeed, all around the world), then the ridiculously cool weather pattern dipping this far south.4/21/10

Saturday 10 April, 7:00 a.m. Soft cloud streaks are all that appear in an otherwise clear, blue sky. The water is clear and warming. And what could be better than south, warm breezes? Everything is normal here in San Felipe, but not for the Cucapah Indians about 40 miles south of where the earthquake hit in Mexicali. Their roads are now preventing them to finish their fishing season, their livelihood for the year. Donations are really needed there. This is the day of the LUAU and the weather couldn't be more co-operative. ST (yesterday's Max 82F; Min 58F)

Friday 9 April, 7:00 a.m. What a beautiful morning in San Felipe. Not a cloud in the sky. The little breeze we have is from the south and the water is placid as if a lake. Might as well break out the summer wear. Most of the Easter visitors have left our little city. The highways have been patched where needed and traffic is moving more or less normal again. What a wonderful Saturday is expected for the LUAU. ST (yesterday's Max 82F; Min 61F)

Thursday 8 April, 7:00 a.m. Everything seems back to normal, internet service as well. The skies are clear and sunny and the north winds have died down to a reasonable breeze. We are expecting the winds to change to the south tomorrow. Even so, the temperatures are definitely back into the high 70's - 80's. This will be great for a LUAU Saturday out here at Campo Ocotillo, being sponsored by the Las Amigas; profits to go towards education for University scholarships. ST (yesterday's Max 76F; Min 61F)

6 p.m. Various places are now receiving internet services through Mexicali. We are one of the lucky ones. 7:a.m. Mexicali is still handling it's earthquake damages but we are all intact. San Felipe is a subsidiary of Mexicali who now has electrical problems. Therefore we have very few internet outlets in San Felipe.

Wednesday 7 April, 7:00 a.m. We have a cold, north wind out there, but when the wind dies down the sun is keeping our temperatures up. Not good for boating. So we use the quads. But the winds are so strong that sand gets in your hair. Yesterday we had white caps on the water. Today will be the same. ST (yesterday's Max 74F; Min 55F)

Tuesday 6 April, 7:00 a.m. Another gorgeous day out there. At this moment everything is so calm. The water is sparkling with reflection. The town is almost cleaned up from the heavy Easter traffic and businesses are still congratulating each other on the great lift in their economy of this past week-end. Mexicali is still handling it's earthquake damages but we are all intact. ST (yesterday's Max 74F; Min 55F)

Monday 5 April, 9:00 p.m. Apparently the internet service is more localized in our area as we are still down but others in San Felipe are up. 7:00 a.m. Shining sun, smooth waters, no breeze......but we do have TV. Everyone is talking about the strong earthquake (7.2) and the strong damage it did to Mexicali. San Felipe is a subsidiary of Mexicali, therefore what affects them sometimes affects us. In this case, our area still has no internet service. Therefore, suffice it to say this is a beautiful, laid back day, where everyone is grateful that we have no major damage here. ST (yesterday's Max 76F; Min 56F)

Easter Sunday: Earthquake Day, a strong 7.2 .......
The reaction from everyone we talked to was at first...disbelief..., then reaction...then realization that it really can happen here. There was no major damage reported in this camp yet. However power is out in Mexicali, meaning no electricity for hospitals etc. Therefore we have no internet connection through the telephone service.

Sunday 4 April, 7:00 a.m. It couldn't be a more beautiful day, weather-wise. The warm wind is from the south. The beaches are full and many of the younger group are out there swimming. Hotels and Motels will be emptying out today from what was a wonderful week-end for them. The police are patrolling the highways and biways keeping traffic under control, including those pesky quads. All in all we hope everyone has a safe trip home. ST (yesterday's Max 74F; Min 52F)

Saturday 3 April, 7:00 a.m. Thank goodness the stormy threats are behind us. What a great week-end for Easter. With winds now to the west, sometimes to the south, and clear skies above the thermometer should climb nicely. We went out on the boat yesterday and found ourselves amongst many of all sizes, everyone getting a great sunburn. Some came in from the Island reporting 38 fish of all kinds. As we drove home we were amazed to see such a crowd at the sand dunes. This morning many will be at the Swap Meet. No matter, be sure to wear sunscreen and a hat. ST (yesterday's Max 71F; Min 51F)

Friday 2 April, 7:00 a.m. We saw a few drops of rain off and on yesterday. And the north wind was up to 15 mph at times, and cold. But today promises to be a better day. The sun is already peeking out through a soft, overcast sky, burning off much of it. The winds have changed to the west for the most part and hopefully more to the south as the day passes. We're in a very high/low tide period and we see more than a few braving the waters in play when the tide is just right. It should be a great week-end for dune-buggying in the deserts now that any chance of rain and flash floods have reqressed. Think I'll go fishing. ST (yesterday's Max 73F; Min 50F)

Thursday 1 April, 9:30 a.m. The clouds now have progressed far to the south. San Felipe is almost completely overcast with what could give us some rain. The winds have now kicked up to 7-9 mph. The water is now a little active but no white caps yet. .........7 a.m. A heavy, solid cloud mass lays over the entire area but strangely enough the entire mass draws a line just north of San Felipe. It may drop more south yet, but it also may start to clear heading back north. Winds and waters are calm at this moment but are supposed to activate more as the day progresses. All of this could happen north of here leaving us with the start of that promised beautiful easter weekend. A sorry report for would-be fishermen who wanted to go out today. Tomorrow the weather promises to co-operate. ST (yesterday's Max 75F; Mi


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