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Archive of weather for April 2007

Monday, 30 April, 7 a.m. Still cool weather lingers. We will have a high pressure system through Tuesday. However we've had a northern breeze keeping San Felipe a might cooler than most places north and east of us. Clear skies and almost a full moon, with good high and low tides; great weather for clamming and shelling. Our Marina is coming along nicely which will encourage more boat-owners to enjoy the water sports so available in this area. (And this used to be a quiet little fishing village!!). st

Sunday, 29 April, 7 a.m. Continued clear skies yesterday but this morning we do have a few buttermilk clouds moving in. Temperatures reached near the 90's and will surely reach that height today. A soft, cool breeze fans the patio this morning while we assess the day's schedule. It is surely heading towards summer weather now. st

Saturday, 28 April, 7 a.m. Well, it did not cloud up yesterday but the temperatures did not rise over 81 as expected. And the winds this morning are still from the North, although expected to change to the South during the day. North breezes ultimately bring us cooler temperatures, as with all day yesterday. We notice that the temperatures during the night became 5 degrees higher. Great weather for the birds and the bees, both competing for ownership of the large Eucalyptus trees full of blossoms this week. It's very musical out there this morning. st

Friday, 27 April, 7 a.m. It may cloud up this afternoon and evening over northern Baja but over the week-end we can expect temperatures to be a little bit warmer. If we do not cloud up over San Felipe, it could reach 90 F today or over the week-end. This seems high to some people but with the breeze directly off of the Sea of Cortez it is really pleasant. Some families will be celebrating early 'Dia de los Ninos', which is really on Monday. This is the 'Day of the Child'... and boy do they get spoiled this day. st

Thursday, 26 April, 7 a.m. Good morning. So glad to be home. Tony is OK, it's not heart problems. With this weather how can anyone take time off to be sick? In San Diego it actually rained lightly and we wore sweaters. But here we're back to shorts and tank-tops enjoying the scenery much as Tony wrote it on Tuesday. The sun is already high in the sky watching over the almost placid waters of the Sea. Along with the birds, the bees are creating a steady hummmmm in our Eucalyptus Trees. I'm sure it's just as beautiful in your town but I love San Felipe. st

Wednesday 25 April, 10 a.m. A Carbon copy of yesterday. Shirley is still not back from San Diego and I am still having the arm and chest pains so I will go to San Diego to get help. Out on the beach this morning we have calm conditions and a very pleasant 76 F. I hope that the crossing at Tecate is fast! (el mero mero).

Tuesday 24 April, 11 a.m. Sorry to be late with the weather today. Shirley went up to San Diego to pick up her gentleman friend from the hospital and she is not yet back. Anyway, the morning started of as one of those incredibly still days with not a ripple on the waters of our sea. It was like a sheet of glass reflecting the mountains across the bay from my house. Birds chirping and building nests in the chollas cactus plants were the loudest noises to be heard. How they survive without being pricked to death by these hazardous cacti is a miracle, but it does seem to protect them from my neighbors cats. Now a southerly breeze has sprung up and there are ruffles on the water but I think it will be an ideal day for lunch on the patio at the El Cortez hotel just next to our office. (I plan to go there as soon as these pesky chest pains subside.) This is one of the gems for a dining location in San Felipe - one of the very few places that is only feet from the water on a beautiful bay. Incidentally, one of the new real estate developments to the south (Casa Blanca) has bought the land which contains the small lighthouse on the rocky point at Punta Estrella. I was talking to Russ Farrel, the marketing director there, last week and they plan to put a first class restaurant out on the point. It will be a truly spectacular location for such a business and I can already predict that it will become a focal point of dining for this region. One of the things that every visitor seems to ask us is for a place to drive to that is out of town, away from the noise, that has a great restaurant with a great view. Developers take note!! (emm)

Monday 23 April, 3 p.m. Occasional cloud drifting over, 75 F in town, southerly breezes at 6-10 knots. 9 a.m. A calm and pleasant late April morning with 73 F. Out on the beach the tide is low and our local residents are re-setting their nets for the afternoon catch. I watched one man pull around twenty nice fish out of his net just after dawn. They looked like 2-3 lb curbina, around 18 inches long and he filled his bucket in ten minutes. Lots of smaller fish were left for the gulls to pick at later.

Visitors who were here for the weekend called back from the border last night and told of the huge waits to cross to Calexico from Mexicali - one and a half to two hours at 8 p.m. The government website was showing long waits (1-2 hours all day) at all the California crossing points and this was not even a big tourist weekend. It seems to us that the border checkpoints are becoming slower and slower; we wonder if this is a deliberate attempt by the US government to discourage people coming to visit the Mexican border region. As a reference point, we note that the Mexican military checkpoint on the road north from San Felipe does a very good job of searching each car in under two minutes, whereas the US border guards are sometimes taking 3-5 minutes just to question the car occupants. (ej).

Sunday, 22 April, 7 a.m. A beautiful, warm sun is nestled among soft white clouds, a picture perfect for camera buffs. This is in stark contrast to the earlier morning hours while it was still dark and I was huddled under very warm covers because last night was really cold. As promised, today will be warmer. There should be a big turnout for the Luau. Alas, a low pressure system is again building over the Pacific bringing temperatures down some tonight and tomorrow but they say that by Tuesday this should reverse. and high pressure will again bring much warmer temperatures. We can certainly use that. st

Saturday, 21 April,1 p.m. Skies are as clear as a bell and we have a pleasant 70 F temperature with 33% RH in town. Breezes are coming from the southwest at 6-10 knots.(ej) 7 a.m. That second band has now passed over leaving us with soft breezes coming from the south. A high pressure system is rapidly building in the west to give us lots of sunshine today and through Sunday. This morning dark blue waters lie calmly below a distinctive light blue, clear sky. Do you get the picture? It's a great day for the fishermen who will take tourists out for their one big chance to bring home a good catch. These pangaderos teach even teen-agers, guys and gals, how to persevere. They know most of the hiding holes where a good catch can be made in a very short time. Clamming is also popular within this high/low tide period, at least for a few more days. So grab your jacket and have some fun. st

Friday, 20 April, 3 p.m. The first band of cloud has now passed over San Felipe and we are enjoying a sunny afternoon. However, the second band is advancing from the west and should be over us this evening. No rain is expected and if this band continues at its present pace, we could have a sunny, but cool, Saturday. In town, 73 F. 1 p.m. It is a cloudy day in town. The main weather fronts are to our north but the spinoff from the low pressure system off the southern California coast is going to affect us probably through mid-day on Saturday. The wind is coming from the north at 5-8 knots and we are only showing 70 F outside at present. The sea water has cooled considerably from the winds of the past few days. (ej) 7 a.m. Earlier this morning I was able to see the mainland but a solid saucer-style cloud hung over San Felipe. Coming from off the California Coast cloud cover has now expanded over the entire area, bringing a slight chance of 'rain', something we hardly ever see here. It is about 10 degrees cooler this morning. The air is still, the Sea is like a pond. Although calm at this time of day, west winds may become gusty again before noon. Forecasts expect this all to clear and warmer weather to be with us by Sunday before yet another cooler period begins early next week. st

Thursday, 19 April, 7 a.m. That beautiful sun is reflecting upon the water so sparkling you cannot see the horizon. It is a good sign for today. However it is doomed to cloud-over tonight. Areas to the north-east of us may see a little rain, but not San Felipe. This will pass and we will again have our Sunshine for the week-end crowds and Sunday's Luau. st

Wednesday, 18 April, 10 a.m. In town a pleasant morning with 72 F and 48%. The streets are quiet and it is definitely the lull before the weekend crowd arrives.(ej) 7 a.m Although our days are now sunny and clear that dry southern end of a pacific low pressure system will continue to bring us breezes and sometimes gusty winds throughout today and maybe still tomorrow. Another low pressure system will move in on Friday but hang on, warmer weather is expected again on Sunday. Yesterday's high did reach 80.2 and our low was 59.7. Was I right in my estimates yesterday, or not? The water remains calm through all of this, great for clamming in the early mornings at this new moon period of low tides. We're starting to look forward to the Las Amigas Luau planned for this Sunday. Hope our weather forecast is correct and it will be warm. st

Tuesday, 17 April, 7 a.m Winds, now from the south and south-west, will continue through tomorrow. Gusts up to 25 mph are still possible. The temperatures may rise above 80 F throughout today and tomorrow before settling back down. That is a large spread from cool nights of below 60 F. Layered clothing is still the norm for outside activities. Many of our snowbirds are heading north, not by choice of weather but by personal necessity. For this reason the calendar of activities is not as full. We can begin to settle into our summer routines a bit early. As the volume of residents remaining year-round increases significantly more and more groups are planning to continue weekly activites throughout the summer. If only the town's infrastructure could keep up with the town's growth, electricity and air-conditioning.....st

Monday, 16 April, 7 a.m South-west breezes are much more acceptable this morning. Although temperatures are holding steady for at least one more day, it is pleasant to stand in protected areas to share coffees with the neighbors. We all agree to hold off the clean-up from this week-end's turmoils until another day. Our camp held a clean-up day last week, but we certainly shall have to do it again. Unacceptable plastic litter is everywhere. No-one is complaining when we compare our weather reports to some of those in the U.S. We'd rather watch from here. st

Sunday, 15 April, noon As Shirley said, we still have the strong gusty winds and low relative humidity. High tide is approaching and the edge of the sea is churning with sand. Out on the beach 71 F 32%RH and NW winds 15-30 knot gusts. In the open waters, winds up to 50 knots have been reported this morning. Probably not a good day for fishing. Mike Labriola was reading our weather report and sent us a picture of a real sandstorm from Iraq. I will put it on the news page shortly. (emm). 7 a.m. Strong, gusty winds out of the west are battering against my open windows and sending dust and leaves everywhere. No use to clean; this is expected to last through early next week. On Tuesday we have a new moon with a clam-digging low tide of -4.5 scheduled for 8:00 a.m. Many of the hardy will try their luck, but with these winds? Our many visitors, especially those who wanted to camp and play on the beach, are finding it hard to keep their BBQ's going and the coffee hot. So it's off to one of the restaurants or cafe's around town for an early breakfast. Then maybe a buggy ride out across the valley to find a sheltered area in the arroyas at the foothills of those mountains. There's always a story to be told on those trips. st

Saturday, 14 April, 1 p.m. Still quite breezy in town with northerly gusts up to 15 knots. However, the temperature is a pleasant 75 F and 48%RH. There are plenty of visitors down town and there are also lots of ATVs out on the beaches.(ej) 7 a.m. Strong, gusty winds are still predicted for later today. In some areas the draft is forced down the aroyas of the mountains toward the Sea and communes are greatly affected, while close by another area is hardly touched. Out here at Campo Ocotillo we are more viable to the winds from north and south. No damage has been reported here, however the sand has invaded every nook and cranny. No use to fight it today; maybe tomorrow, when it begins to die down we will clean more extensively. st

Friday, 13 April, 3 p.m. The winds are still brisk but nothing like yesterday. In town 77 F with 32 % RH and northerly breezes at 5-10 mph. Ther are still reports from boats out in the gulf of wind gusts up to 40 mph but we are relatively sheltered here in town. Damage reports from yesterday's gales are coming in from around the region - see the news page. 7 a.m. Our nights are still cool, the kind you bundle up in blankets still. The skies are clear, the sun is already rising but so is the wind. High pressure will begin to move into our area this morning supposedly bringing warmer temperatures starting today. But forecasts are not promising this will stay through the week-end. More later. st

Thursday 12 April, 7 p.m. This is your weather gal writing now. We arose this morning in Ensenada to a drisly wet fog and decided to leave early. True to form, within two hours we escaped the dull wet morning to reach the sunny San Felipe weather as soon as we came over the mountains. But, gradually the easterly breezes have become more northerly. By now the winds have picked up. Using my handy-dandy wind gauge I have measured northern gusts as high as 35 mph here at Campo Ocotillo. Cold, and fierce. White caps are coming in strong, almost like the Pacific Ocean we left behind this morning. I guess we can expect more of the same tomorrow. st 3 p.m. Moderate, easterly breezes with 78 F and 33% RH in town. Out on the bay, the wind is picking up and there are whitecaps on the water from the 15 knot gusts. 10 a.m. We missed most of the windy weather - it just slid by to the north of us. Today in San Felipe has started off as a perfect Spring day. There were a few joggers on the beach early this morning but otherwise it is very tranquil. The municipality has done a good job of moving most of the mountains of garbage that were left by the weekend revellers and now the detailed cleanup can begin. We are suffering from graffiti on some of the downtown public buildings and I hope this is painted over asap. On the way into the office, I stopped to talk to one of my neighbors that is in the real estate business and it looks like the winter doldrums are past. Sales are picking up and people are definitely coming into town and searching for that little bit of paradise on the beach.(ej).

Wednesday 11 April, 11 a.m.We had a very pleasant night. Sleeping weather is ideal at this time of year now that the dust from Easter activities is settling out and we can keep the windows open. This morning has been brisk but beautifully sunny. We expect the winds to pick up later today as a big low pressure trough moves across Southern California and Arizona over the next 24 hours. Very strong winds with blowing sand are expected across the Laguna Salada today so be careful driving down from Mexicali. (ej).

Tuesday, 10 April, noon Much, much quieter in town this morning. The skies are clear, though with a light haze, and we have a pleasant 77 F with 50% RH at the office in town. Low pressure from the Gulf of Alaska is moving down over California and is expected to bring us breezy conditions on Wednesday and Thursday.(ej). 9:19 a.m. Our weather gal is off again, this time to Ensenada so I will report the weather from the hood in downtown San Felipe. It's a bit breezy out today, although the sun is shining brightly. We may experience stronger winds as the day progresses. The City of San Felipe was busy cleaning up the town after last week's festivities. We are back to our normal, laid back pace. kh

Monday, 9 April, 7:00 a.m. All is quiet again this morning here at Campo Ocotillo. We expect gusty winds off and on for the next few days with slightly cooler temperatures. Many exhausted families have left, but many more will leave today. The traffic streaming out of town will continue at least till noon (if gas is still available). We have enjoyed trermendously the entertainment and they certainly enjoyed our beaches. I shall try to fend my way downstream to the office and back to normal later this morning. st

Sunday, 8 April, 2:30 p.m. Out on the beaches we have quite a strong wind from the east at 12-15 mph. Great for Hobies. The temperature is 74 F and the RH is also 74%. Looking around, I see that people are packing up their camps and a steady stream of vehicles is coming up from the South Beaches towards town. A few tacos and then off to Mexicali....7 a.m. A little bit cooler weather has moved in but still in the 80's. Southern breezes, sometimes rather strong winds, required a change in plans for bonfires and BBQ's last evening. We may have gusts this afternoon up to 40 mph, according to the forecasts. That photo on the front page of the multitude of tents staked out on the beach gives one a sense of how dense our population became overnight. By this afternoon, those should all but be gone. If there is enough gas in town, most all the visitors will be pulling out shortly and we will be given back our peaceful lives. Now comes the clean-up and repairs. st

Saturday, 7 April, 1.p.m. Wow! it is getting hot! Already 84 F on the beach and 88 in town. The breeze has shifted and is now from the south at 8-10 mph. The beaches are packed. (ej) 11:30 a.m. The tide is out and there is a vast expanse of beach for the visitors to play on. Out on the bay beaches we have 77 F and 70%RH. Winds are southeast at 5-8 mph. Luis is getting ready to launch his Hobie cat and do some serious sailing. (ej). 7 a.m. Again, all is quiet on the northern beach fronts. The birds are singing their mating songs of spring and the water laps quietly on the shore. But in town it is a far different story. Traffic was still pouring in at 5:00 p.m. last evening when we were out on Highway 5, and I presume till the wee hours of the morning. Where they were putting another thousand or so I cannot guess. Today visitors from the Mexican side of the border will also come and some families here will finish their week's vacation and begin to leave. There will be long lines at the pumps for a few days. Last night we had Dune Buggy frazzle on the sand hills at Club de Pesca until the wee hours of the morning. In town, the loud music of each of the bars were competing with each other. But many chose to head out of town to the nightclubs where things were a little bit more orderly. The weather is certainly co-operating with slightly above normal temperatures for the week-end. st

Friday, 6 April, 2:30 p.m. Out on the beaches the crowds are beginning to build up as people arrive from the border region. Clouds of dust envelop the dunes above Club de Pesca as the hardy drag racers challenge each other to the hill climb. Out on the bay beaches we have a pleasant 75 degrees with light easterly breezes, 80 % RH and crystal-clear skies. What a releif to be away from the cold and fog of San Diego! Last night a big Chevy got stuck in the sand on the beach near San Francisco and this morning it was full of water. It was quite a job to free it from the sand and get it back on the highway.(ej) 7 a.m. Clear skies as far as the eye can see. Just the slightest of a breeze. All is quiet out here on the northern beachfronts. But in town it is a circus just awakening from a very busy evening. Every vacant lot on the main streets is taken up by trucks, cars and tents. There is not a parking place to be found in town, and back up the side streets for maybe 10 blocks. Some people have put up signs renting space in their own yards for parking and toilets. There are 2 police cars parolling every block and everyone is minding their p's and q's. Down on the malecon it is jammed with tents and sleeping bags. However, even this early the kids are up building sand castles and examining skeletens of the sea that may be in their front space. The smell of coffee completes the picture. It's going to be a beautiful day. st

Thursday, 5 April, 2 p.m. Out on the bay beaches it is a pleasant 77 F with 85% RH - brought on by a staady easterly breeze. Thin, high cloud dominates the region. Motorbikes and quads are racing up and down and last night we had a whole squad of people with 2-stroke engines who roared up and down the beach south of the harbor at around 2 a.m. I bet nobody got any sleep, I certainly didn't! (ej)

7:00 a.m. High clouds appearing as a light cloud cover over the entire area is expected to move eastward during the day, clearing over San Felipe. In fact, the heavier cloud pattern is now more to the north of us altogether and we should see only more sunlight as the day progresses. San Felipe is humming with activity; the beachfront at the malecon is full of tents holding sleeping visitors who wish to enjoy the breath-taking sunrises, the lapping of the waters, and the call of the seagulls in the quiet of the new day. I guess they had been lulled to sleep by the music oozing out of the many bars and nightclubs along the waterfront until the wee hours of the morning. Very soon now the clanging noises of the fishermen with their pangas will signify the start of yet another new day. And Spring Breakers will be leaving. st

Wednesday, 4 April, 1:00 p.m. Our fog/cloud never really left us today. Although not as dense, it winds it's way along the horizon and onto the land below that mountain even though the sun shines directly over San Felipe as it always does. It may remain with us through the rest of the day. st 8:23 a.m. That fog cloud is quickly being burned off by the rising sun. I can already see the mountain top, and the beachfront as the tide comes in. Apparently the fog burned off from the south first, then moving north. The temperature is now 71.8 F. It shall be a great day. st 7:00 a.m. My goodness! We are literally locked into a fog which is covering the northern part of the Baja peninsula. It feels like we are sitting on the top of a bluff within a cloud. Looking down the bluff which is 3 residential plateaus high, we can barely see the roof of the home on the first plateau below us. I have watched this fog for about 2 hours now and it has not weakened. The rays of the rising sun are breaking through but as of this moment (7:36 a.m.) it has not burned off any of this heavy fog. st.

Tuesday, 3 April, 7:00 a.m. A shade cooler yesterday but not that you would notice. Buses are caravanning down with yet another load of Spring Breakers mingling in with Easter visitors on roads boggled with construction crews. But if and when you make it, and reach camps either north or south of town your life completely changes. It's a great place to let kids get in touch with nature before they go back to society at home. And the weather is co-operating so well. I think we might also try our luck at fishing and relaxing on a south beach, if it is not already crowded. st

Monday, 2 April, 7:00 a.m, Well, our great week-end has ended. But not our beautiful weather. This week we shall all be preparing for Easter. It looks like skies will remain clear and temperatures are slowly on the rise. San Felipe town is still sprucing up the streets, an annual ritual around this time every year. A new group of Spring Breakers is expected. All in all this week is one of the busiest of the year. Because of the heavy traffic, many businesses will close Thursday through the week-end. Time out to have fun in the desert, or retreat to the smaller communities north and south of San Felipe. st

Sunday, 1 April, 7:00 a.m 1 April,, 7:00 a.m [April Fool's Day] A beautiful day out there, albeit one hour earlier than this time yesterday. The water is like glass, the air is still, and it is yet reasonably quiet in town. A good time to have coffee on an open patio before the crowd and traffic gets going. Very shortly the children will be up and running through the sand on the beach while tail-gaters fix breakfast. Over by the BeachComber they will start setting up again for the second/last day of the Art Show. Yesterday the music inside the BeachComber was lovely complimenting the Art Show. This afternoon the San Felipe Tiburones, our young football team will be showing their stuff. And all of this while yet another Spring Break group arrives before Easter week-end coming up. The weather is certainly co-operatying. st

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