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San Felipe - Archive of weather for April 2011.



To see a wonderful day in our life close to San Felipe go to this link.
Our short trip to Puerto Penasco by photos

Saturday, April 30, 8:00 a.m. Throughoutcontinuing this morning. Skies may be clear but it is hard to see through the blowing dust which is now creeping into our homes. Yesterday winds from the south brought beautiful, warm weather for Karen's outdoor birthday party last evening. The temperature has now dropped 10 degrees from yesterday morning's readings and stormy winds prevail. We expect cooler weather througout the week-end. Fishing is out. .....ST (yesterday's Max 98F;Min 69F)  

Friday, April 29, 8:00 a.m. Truly a summer day in San Felipe with highs forecast to be in the 90's again today. Still it is cool for sleeping with a fan on. Skies are clear with a soft warm breeze from the south. Yesterday we went to the Island to fish for large Trigger Fish.  Although there were many Sea Lions and Seals all around us none seemed to get away with stealing our fish. The water will be warming through this next week with both the sun and the winds favorable.  We expect it to cool just a tad through the week-end but great for fishing and water sports. .....ST (yesterday's Max 91F;Min 73)  

Thursday, April 28, 8:00 a.m. With that bright sun streaming in the window I can hardly read the statistics.  There are a few soft clouds floating across our view, almost no breeze at this moment, and the chatter of birds has already quieted for the morning. The water is almost as smooth as glass , although still rather cool for bare feet. In town most everything is clean and ready for the week-end. This is still perfect weather for those who don't like the extreme heat. Traditionally it doesn't turn hot till after May 15. .....ST (yesterday's Max 91F;Min 64F)

note:  Wednesday, the trip to the states was back to fighting your way through the detours at road construction sites.  At 8:00 a.m. we came to a muddy spot in the detour, so bad an ABC bus and some 14-wheelers were burried up to their axles. On our return Thursday evening all had been cleared and the sinkholes filled. The other detours were all passable. ST

Wednesday, April 27, 8:00 a.m. We still have local breezes, but they are western, warm and friendly. In between these bouts the sun stretches down and can leave a mean sunburn if one is not careful.  Back again to the evenings in the high 70's with a soft gentle breeze.  Many of our neighbors are getting ready for their return north, so BBQ/'s are often on the spur of the moment. Most of our Easter holiday guests have returned to their homes; the malecon and beaches are being quickly cleaned up.  Most of the businesses have taken it upon themselves to clean the streets directly in front of their stores and restaurants. Most are smiling because they had a good week.  Now it's back to the struggle to survive the hot summer. . .....ST (yesterday's Max 98F;Min 64F)

Tuesday, April 26, 8:00 a.m. Midnight last night brought the winds, and at 1:30a.m. they were still going strong.  This morning it is necessary once again to sweep the patio grounds, or try to ignore it for the rest of the week. Aside from the winds the weather is warming daily.  By Thursday it could hit 99F; winds will be minimum. But on Friday we will head back into a little cooler weather and higher breezes for the week-end. For most of us this is a great forecast heading into the May summer calendars. . .....ST (yesterday's Max 90F;Min 63F)

Monday, April 25, 8:00 a.m. Around 5:30 a.m. the loudness of the water rushing in for high tide against the silence of the town after the Easter week activity caught us unawares this morning whem I opened the doors. It was already 68F, coaxing us to have coffee on the patio. In a large tree housing approximately 30 families of sparrows the noise was competition to the cooing of the dove families in another tree and the gushing of the waters on the beach. Nature is alive this morning as the town begins to settle from the influx of 30,000 visitors, most of whom have made the trek back to their homes. It's back to the daily routines for most of us, and clean-up time for the maintenance crews.. .....ST (yesterday's Max 84F;Min 63F)

EASTER SUNDAY, April 24, 8:00 a.m. Still in the 70's but promising to warm each day.  Watch out for next Thursday when it is forecast to be 100F. Last evening there was merry-making in the streets with loud music and fireworks.  This morning all is extremely quiet, some sleeping it off, others enjoying the beautiful quiet of the morning in San Felipe.  Sad to say, some are having to gather themselves readying for their return to the busy life at home. As for the rest of us, the songs of the birds all around seem louder; and on the beach the laughter of children greeting other children so early in the morning creates memories you will never forget. It's EASTER in San Felipe.

Saturday, April 23, 8:00 a.m. Whatever is on the menu for today, the weather is not it's cheery self. Although we don't expect rain, it is cloudy and 7 degrees cooler this morning.  We can expect breezy to windy conditions off and on throughout the week-end. Everyone is either holding their breath or bustling around getting ready for tomorrow, Easter day.  Some are at the Swap Meet early this morning to pick up a plant or tidbit for an Easter present.  Some are primping their yards getting ready for company and BBQ's. Take a sweater for those on and off periods throughout the day. .....ST (yesterday's Max 89F;Min 66F)

Good Friday
Friday, April 22, 8:00 a.m. Earth Day on some calendars falling on Good Friday this year. The temperature this morning is almost 80F and not as damp. With that weak, lower pressure system passing to our north we expect it to stay warm through Easter Sunday. Of course it may get a little cooler and breezier but suffice it to say we are not experiencing any of the storms or fires of our neighbors to the north. Visitors are out camping and playing in perfect relaxation as the holiday week draws to a close. We think businesses are happy as well. .....ST (yesterday's Max 85F;Min 64F)

Thursday, April 21, 8:00 a.m. Yesterday morning and this morning I noticed the dogs came in with damp fur from heavy humidity in the air.  At this hour we still have water drops from the roof from condensation. And there are a few low clouds hanging near the base of the hills.  These will all burn off quickly and let the warming sun do its job.  With no breeze and calm waters, we look forward to another beautiful spring day in the last half of Easter week. The Malecon beachfront is packed solid with vacationing tent families enjoying the warm water. (Notice I have added the water temperature in the statistics)... .....ST (yesterday's Max 82F;Min 64F)

Wednesday, April 20, 8:00 a.m. Everything is calm this morning.  No major winds last evening and almost nothing this morning.  We notice we are waking to a little bit cooler weather, down in the 70's each morning but it is reaching almost into the 90's by afternoon. The low pressure systems and soft winds will continue through Easter Day. The town is doing well; all hotels are mostly filled and the restaurants and shops in town have no complaints. There are enought ATM's available, and enough gas stations to handle the exodus next Sunday... .....ST (yesterday's Max 83F;Min 64F) 

Tuesday, April 19, 8:00 a.m. We awoke about 11:00 p.m. last night to hear the ferocious winds banging our screen door.  And this lasted at least though 2:00 a.m. (when I awoke the second time). This morning TV tells of the winds in Texas fanning the many huge fires there. Everything is now calm, as if it never happened. We can expect more western winds and then calm periods throughout this week. Temperatures will remain in the 90's; summer dress is appropriate for any and all activities throughout this Easter week.. .....ST (yesterday's Max 95F;Min 66F) 

This Full moon shot is almost identical to the Sunrise shot below. Both are spectacular, here in San Felipe

Photo by Mel Bohnert


Monday, April 18, 8:00 a.m. It appears that we have cooled off faster than predicted. A very soft breeze flutters across the calm waters. Last night we sat out in the warm evening, still relaxing from the full week-end now behind us. With clear skies we enjoyed the stars and the full moon as we listened to CD's of the 60's & 70's. This morning we begin the Easter week vacations entertaining friends and relatives, some boating, dune-buggyin, even swimming in waters around 65 degrees. San Felipe is spruced up for our visitors. We shall enjoy a quiet Easter vacation for the rest of the week......ST (yesterday's Max 85F;Min 64F)



Sunday, April 17, 8:00 a.m. We awoke to a very calm morning with Doves cooing, Sparrows chirping, and way off in the distance a dog barking....but narry a car yet on the highway. The wind is still, the water limpid; so different from yesterday when we had to sweep twice to keep up with the blown leaves. The Gift and Crafters Show will be held today at Rumor's and they expect a great turnout also. Everyone is dressing now in summer attire, all enjoying the first feel of summer one month earlier than the rest of our neighbors who are still experiencing rain, wind and tornadoes. After the Easter week our visitors will start their trips home before the gas prices eat them alive. .....ST (yesterday's Max 101F;Min 72F)

With an ocean background and drumming hawaian music these hipmovers completed the Las Amigas LUAU fundraiser (and it's all for the students of San Felipe) .



Saturday, April 16, 8:00 a.m. Today is another fabulous day, weatherwise, for the middle of April. We invite everyone in the States who is still suffering snow, tornadoes, rain, mudslides etc. to come to San Felipe where today we have Hawaian Hulu Dances, Tavo's Revolution band, Silent auction and choice Hawaiian food. The breeze may come up this afternoon but suffice it to say the entire week-end will be like early summer for all of us here in San  Felipe. .....ST (yesterday's Max 94F;Min 72F)


Friday, April 15, 8:00 a.m. No-one could ask for better weather for the Las Amigas LUAU this week-end and for Easter Week which is folllowing. We expect it to reach well into the 90's throughout Saturday and Sunday. Soft breezes sway the branches; Warming waters ready for the braver ones. The State Secy of Tourism says the construction area of the Hwy 5 "will be ready for transit", meaning usable for the Easter holiday traffic. Come on down folks. Bring the family.  With scenes like this to wake up to, who could ask for better. .....ST (yesterday's Max 93F;Min 62F)

6:09 a.m... a spectacular sunrise in clear skies................................photo by Mel Bohnert 

Thursday, April 14, 8:00 a.m. You've got to get up early to catch these beautiful shots. This is almost to the phase of the new moon and on such a clear morning. Yesterday we did go fishing. The breezes came up after 2:00 p.m. and we expect them to come up again today. These are warm, western winds. As they change more to the north, it will cool some but temperatures will still be in the 80 to 90 F for the rest of this week and into Easter week.  .....ST (yesterday's Max 88F;Min 61F)

Wednesday, April 13, 8:00 a.m. The weather statistics much the same as yesterday but with soft, western, blowing winds later this afternoon.  It would be a great morning to go fishing; maybe not so good for desert dune-buggying with the blowing sand and all. The weather is forecast to warm up for the rest of this week.  We are expecting traffic to increase dramatically by this week-end for the coming Easter week. .....ST (yesterday's Max 80F;Min 64F)

Tuesday, April 12, 8:00 a.m. This morning the birds are signing and the temperatures are rising to normal again. Everyone I talked to is getting ready for a wonderful Easter week, even though it is forecast to cool just a little. Many have friends and relatives coming from the States. I know the Las Amigas LUAU is expecting a great turnout on Saturday. Many visitors bring dune-buggies for the desert or play toys for the beaches. Whatever, the weather should call for spring clothing and BBQ's.....ST (yesterday's Max 94F;Min 60F)

Monday, April 11, 8:00 a.m. As promised the weather is warming.  There is still that clean, damp smell to the air, but that will change quickly as the day warms up. Clouds are staying mainly to the north-west of us; nothing but sunshine is in our forecast.  This morning the winds and the water are very calm. It's great for morning chores.  By this afternoon we expect to see the 80's again. I hope we are on track for a great Easter week-end coming soon....ST (yesterday's Max 83F;Min 54F)  

Sunday, April 10, 8:00 a.m. Good-bye Pacific storm, hello to spring again. It is so much warmer this morning we have our doors open. Everything is calm; the water, trees and plants. We expect it to warm gradually throughout the day back to seasonal norms. And we expect above normal temperatures for the coming week-end...great for the Las Amigas Luau and other good-bye parties for the leaving snowbirds.  Easter week is practicaly upon us; weatherwise everything seems to be on track.  Let's dig out those spring clothes again. ...ST (yesterday's Max 83F;Min 54F)


04/09/11 The storm on the map.............................vs....... The storm in the morning sky in San Felipe

Saturday, April 9, 8:00 a.m. Look at the stormy weather we woke up to. According to the map we should experience showers all day. A few minutes ago I checked my raingauge from the night but it was not measurable. However a downpour followed immediately, lasting only a few minutes. And that's the way we expect it to go for the rest of the morning. We did turn on the heater and added a sweater for the morning chores. The winds and water are calm throughout and it should start to clear up this afternoon, hopefully....ST (yesterday's Max 87F;Min 52F)

Friday, April 8, 8:30 p.m. This morning in Puerto Penasco it was cool enough for sweaters, but not too windy and no rain. However, we set out for San Felipe about 9:30 a.m., arriving home about 3:30 p.m.  There was no report of rain here, (maybe a sprinkle or two) and the wind was not bad.  However, just before I sat down to write this report we have had a couple of showers lasting no more than 5 minutes. That large storm that is supposed to move in tonight, with widespread showers may tell the story. Don't look for good weather for Saturday, either....ST (yesterday's Max 83F;Min 63F)

Thursday cont'd: As I was not on line anyway, we had an offer to go to Puerto Penasco overnight and return Friday.  We did and had a wonderful day; weatherwise also.  It grew colder & windy in the evening but sweaters were all that was necessary. During the night the wind kicked up but we had no rain. ....ST

Thursday, April 7, 8:00 a.m. Yesterday, as well as starting colder, and with a few drops of rain especially in El Dorado, it all stopped almost before it started.  It dried up and warmed up considerably, not following the expected path. Today a storm system from the Gulf of Alaska may bring more raindrops and stronger winds, also it may lower temperatures significantly. We can expect this to continue into Saturday. With nothing on the calendar this weekend it's a good time for such a report. ...ST (yesterday's Max 85F;Min 67F)

p.s.  I am having work done on my computer Friday, so the report may be late. 


How would you like to wake up to a sky like this?

photo by Mel Bohnert 04/06/11

Wednesday, April 6, 8:00 a.m. As yesterday drew on, the clouds thickened.  By last evening the temperatures had lowered.  This morning it is 12 degrees lower to start. We are hearing thunder and see lightning streaks in the skies. The photo best describes it. The breeze is calm and silent .....It is now 8:40 and we hear raindrops on the roof.  The San Felipe AARP meeting should be exciting this morning. ...ST (yesterday's Max 85F;Min 67F)

Tuesday, April 5, 8:00 a.m. A few insignificant, light clouds dot the skies but no clew as to the storm that is coming from off of the Pacific to our west.  We shall definitely enjoy today and Tuesday before Wednesday starts to threaten us.  Watch out for Friday and Saturday. My sources project an 80F Thursday, but then 66F Friday;70F Saturday, with a (slight) chance of showers either day. Yesterday's winds died to nothing by afternoon and today is dead still.  A good day for repairing beach damage. . ...ST (yesterday's Max 94F;Min 64F)

Monday, April 4, 8:00 a.m. Skies are a bit hazy this morning behind very strong and dusty winds. I cannot say it is cold at 80 degrees. Yesterday was absolutely beautiful for McMurren's Sunday housewarming here in camp. Today will not be a day for fishing on the stormy waters.  Suggest we will get back down to business to start the new week.  For many it is the final month of their stay in San Felipe.   We still have several important events on this month's calendar to complete their stay; the Las Amigas LUAU, Easter Week and Spring Breaks, the CHILI COOK-OFF, and I belief some race event. So brace for the winds and prepare for another cool week. . ...ST (yesterday's Max 96F;Min 65F)

Sunday, April 3, 8:00 a.m. Yesterday's clouds have moved on, but another set is coming in tomorrow. Today is definitely for us to enjoy. We awoke to the song of birds in the trees, and especially our two white pet doves cooing over their nest. Everything is still; no breeze this minute although we can expect soft, windy conditions later in the day. We will possibly reach only 89F for a high today and tomorrow, but who can fault that. With fewer scheduled events on the calendar now we can enjoy more of the good-bye neighborhood potlucks as people are starting to head home for the summer. We sincerely hope the highway construction project is completed before too much traffic heads north. The detour at Rio Hardy is almost dangerous this week. Plan an extra 15 minutes of very slow, bumpy driving en route to the border. . ...ST (yesterday's Max 93F;Min 68F) . ...ST (yesterday's Max 93F;Min 68F)

Saturday, April 2, 8:00 a.m. Picturesque clouds are forming in our skies ahead of a cold front moving across the northwest this morning. We have a soft WSW breeze expected to increase in strength this afternoon and evening with cooler weather to follow. Calm waters are nevertheless inviting to the visiting tourists who bring catamarans or hire pangadeers just to get out on the Sea. The 16' high tides bring alternate low tides of -01, great for clamming and beachcombing. Warming up for the rest of the week we can definetly pack away our winter garb and bring out the colorful, summer costumes ahead of the rest if the country. Enjoy your day! . ...ST (yesterday's Max 98F;Min 67F)

Friday April 1, 8:00 a.m. Breathtakingly beautiful April Fool's Day.  Everyone is in summer attire enjoying the first summer day (still in early springtime, mind you). Clear morning skies, calm winds and waters make the outlook for today almost scary. Expect to wear sunscreen if you are in the direct sun for it promises to be hot! We expect it to cool down to normal tomorrow, but today may be a record for us. Notice yesterday's high reading of 102F on our thermometer.  Only group events listed on the calendar till the Luau on April 16. . ...ST (yesterday's Max 102F;Min 62F)




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