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San Felipe - Archive of weather for APR 2009.


Thursday 30 April, 7 a.m. Much cooler temperatures greeted us this morning. However a cheery, bright sunshiny day seems to be on tap, with southern breezes which are usually much warmer. So we expect that temperature to rise quickly. May Day is fast approaching. But many planned activities that were planned for this week-end have been cancelled because of the 'swine flue' scare. I have seen no cases reported in San Felipe. Let's keep it that way. (st) Yesterday's Max 78 F, Min 59 F Humidity currently 29 %.

Wednesday 29 April, 7 a.m. Average temperatures have stayed with us for the most of this week under cloudy skies. However, promises of sunshine are now with us for the rest of the week. The night time temperatures are now back into the 60's and hopefully will stay that way. There is so much on tap this week-end; May Day (5/1), Chilie Cook Off (5/2), Cinco de Mayo (5/5) but probably we'll have light traffic for a holiday week-end due to the Economy and the Swine Flue scare. No matter, the more for us to enjoy. (st) Yesterday's Max 78 F, Min 62 F Humidity currently 33 %.

Tuesday 28 April, 2 p.m. We have 71 degrees, 77% RH with 5 mph easterly breezes. Not Bad! (emm) 7 a.m. Decreasing cloud cover should be more rapid today, bringing that thermometer reading up by a few degrees and for the next few days to follow. High pressure building across the eastern pacific is gradually moving eastward into the mountain areas and will again cool us a little for the week-end. Today the campgrounds are empty with little activity expected until the next week-end. It has been mostly the mexican population that are enjoying this as their get-away from the big cities of Ensenada, Tiajuana and Mexicali. Spring fauna is always relaxing. (st) Yesterday's Max 77 F, Min 60 F Humidity currently 41 %.

Monday 27 April, 7 a.m. Light clouds overhead make for a dull morning. Nevertheless we are expecting these to burn off quickly allowing the sun to do it's job. In fact we expect higher temperatures throughout the rest of the week. We will have western breezes and gusts up to 15 mph at times. These will not deter the fishermen but maybe discourage the tourist/would-be fisherman for today. We saw more tourist activity, tenting and camping on the beach fronts this past week-end, hopefully setting the pace for the coming summer here in our home-front. We have not seen any sign of the dreaded swine-flue in Baja, in San Felipe in particular. (st) Yesterday's Max 82 F, Min 62 F Humidity currently 30 %.

Sunday 26 April, 7 a.m. It seems that the temperatures have even'd out for the next couple of days. Light breezes remain. Nights have been cool and the days are very pleasant remaining in the 80's; who could fault that? We expect it to warm up a little before Mexico's Labor Day week-end. However, it looks like the swine flue scare will hamper the tourist trade once again. We have no problems here in San Felipe so far. (st) Yesterday's Max 82 F, Min 63 F Humidity currently 25 %.

Saturday 25 April, 7 a.m. During yesterday the winds did change to the west but again this morning we have flags fluttering from the north, but from the north-east. Undoubtedly this will change back to the north-west by noon. The thermometer readings are another 4 degrees lower and will continue on this trend for a few more days. However we're still in the 80's and dining on the patio. Low, low tides; we shall have clams for dinner tonight. (st) Yesterday's Max 82 F, Min 65 F Humidity currently 38 %.

Friday 24 April, 7 a.m. Although our flags are flying lazily from the NW this morning the forcast is for gusty west winds through the next 2-3 days. Also lower temperatures are expected each day through the week-end, getting us back to normal or even below normal readings for the end of April. We have a full moon with extra high and low tides for the next few days. (st) Yesterday's Max 86 F, Min 65 F Humidity currently 40 %.

Thursday 23 April, 7 a.m. Back to reality; we are seeing more normal temperatures for the end of April. The heat wave has moved on to the east, leaving cooler weather on tap here for the week-end. That heat spell was enough to start the final snow-birds to packing, if not vacating. Last night at the Playa del Oro "Don't need no reason to party" autograph signing shinding the weather couldn't have been more co-operating. But today it is starting out with far less humidity and promises to be at least 5 degrees cooler. (st) Yesterday's Max 85 F, Min 68 F Humidity currently 24 %.

Wednesday 22 April, 7 a.m. This low pressured system produced muggy conditions in Fresno and isolated thunderstorms in the mountains of lower California. However, despite the higher humidity, there is no chance of rain for us. Those soft clouds will burn off quickly. After today temperatures should reduce about 4 degrees each reading through the rest of the week. Forcasts say the winds are from the south, however our flags still show a nice breeze coming from the north, at least for this morning. (st) Yesterday's Max 92 F, Min 66 F Humidity currently 55 %.

Tuesday 21 April, 7 a.m. Sleeping under the stars is a good option during this heat spell. The skies are so clear; reaching for those sparkles is almost a reality. A soft breeze climaxes the picture even though it is still from the NW. After today it should change to the south, it's always warmer from the south. This heat spell should be leaving us and we should be back to normal temperatures, high 80's, for this time of year. (st) Yesterday's Max 95 F, Min 66 F Humidity currently 22 %.

Monday 20 April, 7 a.m. Not surprisingly, our temperature gauge read a high of 93 degrees out here at Campo Ocotillo where we get a constant breeze right off of the water. In town it probably read about 5 degrees higher, (or 98 degrees) because of the pavement and cement buildings. So we chose our daily walk on the beachfront yesterday. Out here there are plenty of clam beds, but jelly fish also. I have not seen any stingrays recently. The beach is clean from the recent high tides and so beautiful. (st) Yesterday's Max 93 F, Min 78 F Humidity currently 26 %.

Sunday 19 April, 3 p.m. on the beach. What a beautiful day on the beach. There are 4-8 mph northerly breezes and we have a shade temperature of 87F with 32%RH. In town it is just touching 92 degrees and it definitely feels hot. The sea water is now inching up in temperature and we can see the beginning of the swimming season looming. For those of you allergic to jellyfish, we recommend you bring a bottle of vinegar to dab on any sting. The acid breaks down the toxins. I made a wonderful paella with shrimp for lunch guests - a surprise 11th. Net anniversary party. How lucky we are! (emm). 7 a.m. Waking up this morning to a gentle, warm breeze found us looking forward to breakfast on the patio, for the first time this year. The water is glistening under clear skies, almost blinding you as we chat sipping a hot cup of coffee. We definitely look for temperatures in the 90's today as we prepare to go for a Sunday ride. Spring is definitely reaching into summer. (st) Yesterday's Max 86 F, Min 71 F Humidity currently 25 %.

Saturday 18 April, 7 a.m. Maybe this is it! Maybe we will reach into the high 90's by Tuesday before it cools back down into the high 80's, more normal for this time of year. Although the wind is still from the northwest, thus offsetting the warming sun, the breezes should reduce each day to a whisper by early next week. Summer usually arrives around May 15 here in San Felipe, but maybe it will be earlier this year. (st) Yesterday's Max 78 F, Min 61 F Humidity currently 25 %.

Friday 17 April, 11:30 a.m. The wind is coming up again and on the bay beaches we have NE breezes at 12-18 mph though there have been gusts up to 28 mph. Nice for kitesurfers. The shade temperature is up to 72 F but it is unlikely to go much higher while this breeze persists. Whitecaps are on the water and I see a couple of pangas speeding towards the harbor from the direction of Punta Estrella - no more fishing today. (emm) 7 a.m. It's almost 10 degrees warmer this morning. Some areas in the northeast Baja may see 3-digit readings by Tuesday. A typical morning is with us; clear skies with a warm sun but a cool northern breeze marring the picture. While some people are leaving town for the summer Walt and Carrie of Playa del Sol were glad to be back in San Felipe once again. (st) Yesterday's Max 72 F, Min 56 F Humidity currently 25 %.

Thursday 16 April, 7 a.m. At last we see some really warm weather on tap starting this week-end. This morning at 5:17 a.m. we watched the beautiful red sun rise quickly into the cold atmosphere giving us a sense of warmth even with jackets on. By 7, everything was bright and cheery even though we had only a 60 degree reading. But hold on, it got almost to 80 degrees yesterday, maybe today we'll be lucky. Clear skies and calm waters complete this picture. (st) Yesterday's Max 78 F, Min 52 F Humidity currently 29 %.

Wednesday 15 April, 4:30 p.m. At Playa de Las Palmas the wind is blowing up a real storm with NNE gusts from 18 up to 30 mph. Out on the highway there is a veritable sandstorm as you come south past the Club de Pesca sand dunes. The water is very rough and fishing boats have been dashing for cover since this squall started around 3 p.m. Still, it is pleasant with 71 F and 28% RH, the wind chill is 64 F and the barometer is rising from 29.83 inches. (emm) 3 p.m. This morning we were busy setting out new plants in a warm, western breeze. But by now it's not fun any more. We have gusts up to 21 mph, blowing dry sand and blinding twisters, sending anything loose on down the road. In spite of this it's still a pleasant 75 F with humidity 26 %. This may all calm down by the dinner hour. (st) 7 a.m. Last night, around 9:00, we were beginning to worry about a windy night. It didn't happen. Surprisingly our thermometer's high for yesterday reached another notch. That strong pacific low front is sticking around with the western winds carrying cooler temperatures for the next couple of days. We may find areas of blowing sand on the highway from Mexicali or in the desert areas here. My sister and some of our residents have already headed into Washington state and north, but are still finding traces of winter hanging on. With 80 degree temperatures here we should complain? (st) Yesterday's Max 81 F, Min 61 F Humidity currently 31 %.

Tuesday 14 April, 7 a.m. What a difference a day makes. Yesterday we reached 80 degrees but don't expect that to happen again until maybe next Sunday. Even though the winds are from the west they are cooling dramatically because of the low pressure system off of the Pacific. It's a good time for us all to play catch-up and clean-up from the very busy Easter week-end. Sadly, clean-up on the beaches is handled by the high tides practically overnight. This morning all wheel tracks and human tracks were gone; the beaches were pristine clean. (st) Yesterday's Max 80 F, Min 63 F Humidity currently 33 %

Monday 13 April, 8:15 a.m. Sorry I'm late. It has already reached 78 degrees in the last hour. You can notice the nights have warmed steadily for the last week even though the daytime temeratures have remained almost steady. It has been an eventful Easter, with Thursday being very breezy and chilly; Friday it actually rained for about 20 minutes in the El Dorado area. Saturday it began to clear for a beautiful, warm Easter Sunday. Enjoy these days, it may not last. (st) Yesterday's Max 75 F, Min 60 F Humidity currently 34 %

EASTER SUNDAY 12 April, 7 a.m. One couldn't ask for a more beautiful and calming day than this Easter has brought us. With all of nature's torrents and destruction in the States we are so greatful to be at this place at this time. Of course, in town last night it must have been a madhouse of excitement. However on the outskirts all was serene and beautiful, as indeed is all of Baja this day. The tide is again very low and our guests have fun walking out about 1/2 mile to the tide line. Some are actually clamming. On shore we see family tents everywhere and enjoy the smell of hot coffee. The mexican women do a great job of supplying anything or everything for breakfast, hot and ready to eat right there on the beach. It should warm quickly.(st) Yesterday's Max 75 F, Min 54 F Humidity currently 38 %

Saturday 11 April, 1:15 p.m. First it was clear with temperatures of 68, humidity now only 36. Then we had a few snowy white clouds which in turn caused the water to have various blue colors pretty enough to take a picture. We didn't expect to get all of the cactus garden as well, but there it is, typical landscaping in Mexico.(st) .......7 a.m. Yesterday's high actually reached into the 70's even though just north of San Felipe we still had cloud cover. In fact, at about 8:30 p.m. it actually rained lightly over Campo Ocotillos. But it lasted only about 20 minutes. The clouds have disappeared almost completely this morning and the air smells so fresh under bright blue skies. We're actually going to try a small BBQ for our homeowner's meeting this afternoon. These rapid changes should now end and Easter week-end will be warming up very soon. (st) Yesterday's Max 73 F, Min 54 F Humidity currently 41 %

Good Friday 10 April, 11 a.m. The clouds have cleared over San Felipe and south. It is a bright, sunny, morning on the beach. However, there is still a cool northerly wind at around 5 mph blowing and it is keeping the temperatures in the mid-60's at this time. Beach traffic is building and there are quads and trucks racing up and down on the wide expanse of flat sand now that the tide is out. I have seen three, and even four, kids on a single quad, and not one of them has a safety helmet on. The police helicopters are flying up-and-down the coast and there are naval vessels patrolling offshore to help in case of emergencies. Campers are setting up tents wherever they can find a stretch of beach that will be above the high water mark. Clearly, this is a more economical vacation for most this Easter. Many people are making the choice to camp rather than rent rooms in local hotels or apartment buildings - particularly since all accommodations are priced in dollars.(ej) 7:00 a.m. Yesterday started at 60 degrees but reached into the 70's when the wind was down. Then the clouds rolled in and by this morning the humidity has risen into the 40's. It is now a solid cover over most of the town and could possibly drop a bit of moisture. Banking on the weather forcasts we are still looking for a warming trend, back into the 80's, starting Easter Sunday. So for today, wear jackets and lay low. Let the visitors have the town. (st) Yesterday's Max 72 F, Min 56 F Humidity currently 43 %

Thursday 9 April, 3:30 p.m. It is very breezy and chilly out on the beach. Currently we have 67 degrees with 60% RH and southeast winds at 12-15 mph. The Coco Loco truck patroling the beach should be selling hot rum toddies! 11 a.m. Out along the bay beaches we have visitors playing on the wide expanse of sand exposed by the low tide. There is a cool easterly breeze and the shade temperature is 68 F. 7 a.m. Although we are basking in 70 degree daytime weather, the nights have been downright cool. The winds are still mostly from a northern direction but that too will soon change. Surprisingly we now expect a great Easter Day on Sunday with an 80 degrees forecast. Our guests can expect to enjoy the tropical side of our Baja weather. Yesterday's clamming at about 7:30 a.m. yielded about 50, but small clams. The challenge was not getting stuck in the muck when you edge out so far before hitting the -2.4 tide waters. Actually, some harvested more in and around the many rocks on the shore. Whatever your pleasure, Sunday will be perfect. (st) Yesterday's Max 74 F, Min 54 F Humidity currently 28 %

Wednesday 8 April, 11 a.m. On the beach. Windy with NNW breezes at 6-8 mph and quite cool with increasingly rough seas. Thin, high, cloud is keeping us from fully benefitting from the suns warming rays. 70 degrees in the shade. Not the weather for a swim. 7 a.m. Although calm at this hour we expect windy conditions throughout the day and cooler temperatures. Cloud covered skies are holding the sun hostage this morning as it tries to break through. We are going to attempt to harvest little butter clams; the tide chart reads -2.4 tide at 7:37 a.m. Dolores is a whiz at findng the little devils and filling her bucket quickly. This is one project that will keep us away from town as it begins to fill for the Easter week-end. (st) Yesterday's Max 79 F, Min 62 F Humidity currently 41 %

Tuesday 7 April, 7 a.m. Daylight Savings Time is already comfortable. But did it have to go back to being so cold? Gusty winds will be from the west which usually represents a warming trend. However this bout is off of the Pacific and may last throughout the week. So don't break out those Easter duds too soon. Traffic is moving in now. Security is going to be stiff. Time for us locals to spend more time in our homes unless you are into entertaining these crowds. (st) Yesterday's Max 82 F, Min 60 F Humidity currently 23 %

Monday 6 April, 7 a.m. Daylight Savings Time and Easter Week is upon us. We're settling into our new early morning ritual. At 5:00 a.m. we were up and planning our week. Although cooler than we would like, it reaches almost 80 degrees in town. Traffic is beginning to move in and businesses are in hopes that the media deluge will have subsided and we can again expect to entertain our guests from the north. Later in the week we will expect many from Tijuana, Ensenada and Mexicali to get away with their families from the tensions of the work-week rituals to this most relaxing part of the Baja if only for a few days. We welcome them all. (st) Yesterday's Max 73 F, Min 56 F Humidity currently 23%.

Sunday 5 April, 10:45 a.m. Daylight Savings Time is now in effect. As we awoke at 6:00 a.m. the sun was just rising with all its beauty. Yesterday morning we worried that the winds would cause havoc with the baloons and festivities of the day. By afternoon you couldn't have asked for better weather for a very successful Luau here at Campo Ocotillos. Earlier this morning all was quiet, but now the winds are up and there are white caps on the water. This erratic weather is expected to continue for a few more days. (st) Yesterday's Max 73 F, Min 56 F Humidity currently 23%.

Saturday 4 April, 8 a.m.(U.S.)....[still 7:00 Mex time] Daylight Savings Time in Mexico will go into effect tonight. Because of the cold fronts passing over this area it is still cooler than normal for April. Treee branches were clapping on the window panes during the night, but this morning everything is promising to co-operate for the big Luau party this afternoon. Easter vacationers are rolling into town for the start of a grand Easter week prior to next Sunday. We are ready. (st) Yesterday's Max 82 F, Min 56 F Humidity currently 29%.

Friday 3 April, 8 a.m.(U.S.) .... .[Still 7:00 Mex time] Daylight Savings time change in Mexico will go into effect this Sunday morning. Yesterday we went to Algadonas for glasses (it took only 2 hours). While there we shopped around the back malls, just full of good odds and ends. We remind you that you must leave the U.S. by 4:00 p.m because of all of that construction for the 10-mile stretch just this side of the check-point at Hiway 3, and to get home before dark.Then we have the Luau, sponsored by Las Amigas this Saturday. There is always something for everyone. (st) Yesterday's Max 77 F, Min 55 F Humidity currently 42 %

Wednesday 1 April, 8 a.m.(U.S.) .... .[Still 7:00 Mex time] Dailight Savings time change in Mexico will go into effect this Sunday morning. With such good weather we are certainly ready for it. The calendar is still full of events for April. Some of this camp are already out into the desert in their various sports vehicles. Also there is some activity going on in the Sand Golf Course at the front of this camp. Then we have the Luau, sponsored by Las Amigas this Saturday. There is always something for everyone. (st) Yesterday's Max 79 F, Min 56 F Humidity currently 30 %




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