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Archive of weather for April 2006


Sunday , 30 April,7:00 a.m. Dia del Niño; Clear, clear skies this morning. High pressure above is bringing us this wonderful warm welcome these days. Sunny skies, very little breeze, all helping to bring the temperatures back up to normal. Yesterday afternoon we saw a bank of fog over the eastern seascape stretching from far north to the far south over Mexico's mainland. This morning the smooth waters just glisten under the brilliant sunshine, begging for the families that will populate the beachfront this afterfoon for 'Dia de la Niño'. Couldn't be better! st

Saturday 29 April,7:00 a.m. Finally! We will be looking forward to a very pleasant Saturday, warm and inviting. There will be a soft southern breeze on and off throughout the day. And it's going to get better for Dia de la Niño on Sunday. All the little girls will be in their pretty dresses and the boys will strut in matching outfits. The readings on our thermometer may go past the 100 mark by Labor Day on Monday a big, big day off here in San Felipe. The business world will be dead that day, but the beaches will be full with family entertainment and the air will be tantilizing with backyard BBQ's. Bully. st

Friday , 28 April,7:00 a.m. The clouds are still circling over lower Arizona with some lingering over the Sea of Cortez and the mainland. But all are heading off towards the east with no threats to us. High pressure aloft offers a substantial rise in temperature for this weekend's Dia de la Niño's. In fact we may be looking at 100 F on Sunday. My kind of weather. st

Thursday , 27 April,6:30 p.m. Well, It sprinkled and rained off and on throughout the day, nothing to register, but it seems to have let the sun have it's way. 75 degrees was the high, and it's now 68.5 with 36 % humidity. There are still heavy clouds to the south passing over the Baja, but we may now be spared. 9:00 a.m. A heavy downpour just started with strong west winds on shore. We do not have whitecaps at this point. We can expect intermittant rains throughout the rest of the day. 7:00 a.m. That strong, pacific low pressure system is moving across the northern Baja into southern Arizona with cool, windy weather expected at least to the week-end. A heavy cloud pattern moved over San Felipe during the night, bringing at least one cloudburst over our area on the beach, but no measureable rain. This morning sunshine is the more predminent amongst the heavy clouds still dotting our skies. Spring has really been topsy turvey this year. The reading of 52 F is the lowest since the 16th. Many of the snowbirds admit they left too soon. st

Wednesday , 26 April, 7:00 a.m. A strong, pacific low pressure system is moving in from the west, with cool, windy weather expected for the rest of the week. That is all relative to what you call cool. With temperatures expected to reach into the mid 80's in town where it is sheltered, I can't find anyone who is complaining. This system will move across Northern Baja tonight, however we shall keep the winds a little longer. st

Tuesday , 25 April, 7:00 a.m. A weak high pressure aloft, a few picturesque clouds in an otherwise clear blue sky, and a soft warm breeze from the SW is today's picture. It might warm up to normal, in the 80's. That's at least 17 degrees in just a few hours. Most of the town is settling down, readying for the summer months ahead. However, there is a big week-end coming up for the 'Dia de la Niño' (day of the child) on Sunday. The weather should be a little cooler, but great. st

Monday , 24 April, 7:00 a.m. Clear skies but a light eerie fog covers the town at this moment. Once it burns off we can expect dry weather and not much change in the overall temperatures until tomorrow. The breeze yesterday was downright cold. Many who went to the Las Amigas Luau wish they had worn sweaters. I almost went on a Ultralight ride, but with shorts and no sweater it was just too nippy. Much better to stay under the palapa tent and dance to Neal's excellent selection of music. Today it's back to the 9-5 grind. Have a good one. st

Sunday , 23 April, 7:00 a.m. That low pressure system moving across the Southern California mountains is bringing cooler temperatures and western winds which rise and fall during the day, mostly with the tides. I can get used to this weather very easily. The town is again spruced up and road maintenance which began before Easter continues. The beachfront remains active, the small food vendors are doing a great business. And in the camps we are still having good-bye parties to most of the remaining snowbirds. The rest of us are making our plans for summer activities, like Clammato Sunday gatherings, monthly birthday potlucks, dunebuggy picnics, etc. With more families choosing to stay in air-conditioned housing and the like, summer is becoming a year round thing. See you at the Luau today. st

Saturday , 22 April, 7:00 a.m. A low pressure system will bring breezy weather with cooler temperatures on into tomorrow. But we can't call the 80's cool. It will be lovely for the Luau tomorrow which is held on the lawns in the full sun. Can't wait to see all the fashions which this even brings out. Clear skies with bright sun will also suggest that many hats will appear with these costumes. Be prepared. st

Friday , 21 April, 7:00 a.m. Slightly chilly this morning. At least 10 degrees cooler and still lightly overcast. However, not to worry. We shall see a high in the 80's again today and the clouds shall pass. It should be lovely for the Luau sponsored tomorrow by the Las Amigas Association. st

Thursday , 20 April, 7:00 a.m. Tropical high clouds from the southwest will move across Baja this afternoon. But temperatures will continue to climb and breezes wil be minimized. Today and tomorrow should be lovely. Our baby birds have arrived sooner than I expected in the patio nest, and will be the center of our attention for a few weeks as we watch them grow and learn to fly. I am blinded by the brilliant sun reflecting on the tiny ripples which is the only movement at this precise moment. Thank goodness the babies are protected. st

Wednesday , 19 April, 7:00 a.m. A soft, gentle, and yes a cool northern breeze fans my coffee cup as I survey the Sea of Cortez from my patio. It may be a repeat of yesterday when the winds took front and center stage till around 2:00 p.m. and then settled down to a reasonable breeze. Out on the beach to the north the temperature actually climbed and we decided to eat supper outside with the rest of the world. We expect today to be almost the same as yesterday, calm in the morning, breezy by 9 or 10 and windy till 4 or so. st

Tuesday , 18 April, Noon Out on the beaches the northerly wind is blowing up a storm. The sea is covered with whitecaps. It is not bad by the water but as you move inland all the sand and dust picked up from the dunes is terrible. The road from the airport into town is really experiencing drifting sand, particularly in the usual trouble spots - the Marina Resort and the dunes above Club de Pesca. It is 72 F and 25% RH. 9:00 a.m What an amazing turn-around. The winds are up to 18 mph in town and sand and dust is everywhere. It's a shame to have papers and trash littering the very streets we just cleaned up on Monday. The water, which was calm and lazy now looks like a chenile bedspread as the wind sweeps across the surface. This will all change again as the tide starts back out around 10:00 a.m. 7:00 a.m. In the last 20 minutes the temperature climbed 4 degrees on the sunny side of the lodge. The birds are holding a seminar out there, discussing nest building and fighting over who claims which site. During the next six weeks we may hold a monolog on bird-watching as the babies appear, and shortly thereafter disappear. Full moon and low tides with clamming and grunion runs are just about over for this period. These beautiful mornings are the best times to manicure the gardens for the summer season, unless of course, you just plan to enjoy the desert wildlife this spring. My thoughts exactly. st

Monday , 17 April, 7:00 a.m. A refreshing, cool breeze greets us for our morning coffee. The flags are dancing as the winds pass from the North West corner of our world. We look forward to a warming trend all this week. Now to clean up the town and settle into the summer mode. Many of the snowbirds are, or will be, pulling out before the end of the month as the warm weather sweeps in behind them. My kind of weather. st

Easter Sunday , 16 April, Today's Grunion Run started just after high tide. Here is a closeup of the mating ritual. See last month's run for more information on these remarkable events:

4 p.m. On the bay beaches things have quietened down a lot. Probably 80% of the beach campers have left and are on the road north now. It is high tide and there is a 9 mph easterly wind blowing onshore. I have seen half a dozen people swimming but most are staying out of the water. Seventy two degrees Fahrenheit and 65% relative humidity. Every surface in the house (and more so outside) is covered with a layer of San Felipe "polvo" - the fine dust that gets everywhere. No door or window seal is a match for the polvo. It's mostly the very, very, fine sand that settles after any westerly sustained winds have whipped over the deserts to our west and transported it to the coast. This is the phenomenon that hit us on Friday when we had 90 degree temperatures on the beach and a dust cloud over our entire area. People are still coughing and wheezing.

The predominant winds at this time of year now become easterly and that means they blow from over the sea. They have crossed 100 km of water and that has a great cleansing effect. The dust from mainland Mexico has settled out and the breezes pick up the salt air which further washes out the dust. By the time the breezes reach the beaches of San Felipe they are purified and healthful. (I am an allergy sufferer and I can vouch for the fact that I find this a very beneficial place to live - when the winds are from the east.) However, these same breezes move on-shore and cross our streets, houses and trash dumps. They pick up dust and odors, they lose their salt water content, the humidity drops and the temperature rises - and the polvo settles on the furniture.

Travel Update: Feedback from friends who left San Felipe at 7 a.m this morning are that the military checkpoint at the Ensenada road was just waving everyone through without searches, and the line at the Calexico downtown border crossing was only 20 cars long. Everyone must have gone to church. The group arrived in Las Vegas at 3:30 p.m. (eight and a half hours for the trip) and said it was a very easy, but hot, journey.

7:00 a.m. Cool, calm, clear weather favors the Easter Bunny as he hides his eggs in the desert, under cactus trees and ground cover plants. The ground squirrels and the little lizards don't quite know what to make of it. Well, this is a scenario that might be played out in our dry, desert landscape, where rabbits, squirrels and tiny lizards make it all come alive. It has been a very busy Easter week, with the winds on Friday topping the agenda. Saturday and today it has come back to normal, although a bit cooler than anticipated. Many will choose to leave San Felipe today to avoid the heavy traffic on the only highway out of town. Drive Carefully. st

Saturday, 15 April, Noon Out on the beach there is a 6 mph easterly wind blowing and the temperature is 71 F with 50% RH. Skies are clear. Sea water is 70F and the tide is coming in.

8 a.m. What a beautiful Saturday morning we have after such an eventful Friday. Yesterday morning it was hot and uncomfortable. Then about 3:00 p.m. the winds whipped up to 28 mph on my windgauge. Sand and Dust were blinding. At 3:30 everything stopped, almost scary. But at 4:00 things returned to normal and it was great for the rest of the evening. This morning the birds are singing and people are again out clamming on the beach. Not so in town. Every parking place has been taken, tents are pitched on the beach and in empty mall lots and back streets. The town is filthy because of the wind and dust yesterday. The police are doing a good job of controlling traffic and everything seems to be orderly. I'm sure the town will pull together and clean up from the dust storm and our holiday will proceed. st

Friday 14 April, 10 a.m. Very windy, hot and dry in San Felipe. 84 F on the beach. Note that our line to Mexicali was broken by a traffic accident (see front page). The dust and blowing sand is terrible. At the office in town, it is difficult to see across to the other side of the street at times. Breathing is very difficult and this is definitely not a day for people with respiratory problems.

Thursday, 13 April, 2p.m. The crowds are pouring in. Lots of dust everywhere in town as ATCs and cars roar up and down the streets. The dunes above the club de pesca are covered with vehicles competing in the drag to the top. Out on the bay beaches we have around 80% of the ATC and bike riders roaring up and down and not wearing safety helmets. Very dangerous behavior!! 78 F on the beach, 84 F in town, variable winds around 5 mph. High cloud with tropical moisture is drifting up over San Felipe from the southwest.

7:00. a.m. The tide is out, the breeze is up, and the sun is now high in the sky. Surprisingly, many of our northern visitors are taking up clamming for this vacation. I think I'll join them this morning. All it takes is a bucket, a clam digger (anything will do) and the will to pursue one mud hole after another. It seems my 3 friends harvested 150 clams in about 2 hours last week. When finished, you just throw them in the freezer, shells and all, until you have time to clean them or until you want to prepare a big clam chowder feast. Tomorrow it will be in the 70's for sure at this hour in the morning. We'll see you out there. st

Wednesday 12 April, 7:00. a.m. Northern California has still got it all; the storm system, that is. Down here in northern Baja we have a strange phenomena. The wind is destined to change directions 4 times today. South, southwest, west, and becoming northwest after midnight. Winds will register in the 5 - 15 mph bracket. At 7:40 a.m. it is a low tide of -0.9 and there is no breeze at all. But as the tide changes the winds will come up and we will see all this happening. If you are swimming, kayaking, or on a catamaran, you can judge your time accordingly. The rest of us will enjoy. st

Tuesday 11 April, 7:00. a.m. A cloud path streaks across northern California and southern Baja missing us completely. Here the sun rose a deep red against the cool blue waters. With the soft, warming breeze coming in from the west it promises to be nothing but a nice day. It may even get up into the 80's early this morning. Our visitors from the north will love that for this Easter week or Spring Break, whichever the case may be. This morning the beachfront will again be populated with pup-tents and children amongst the smell of early morning breakfast. Later the boaters will be out in full force. It's going to be a great day. st

Monday 10 April, 7:00. a.m. It was a great week-end weatherwise, but will now dip back into the 70's with low clouds hovering over us for at least two days. Yesterday the malecon was crowded and many were sporting sunburns. We saw catamarans, sailboats, banana boats, and of course fishing pangas off in the distance. People everywhere were having the time of their lives. But in the evening, it cooled down quickly. Literally everyone had to run back to get a jacket. And today, it is a different world. st

Sunday 9 April, 7:30. a.m. A low pressure system is moving in from the southwest. Already the clouds are laying low across the whole town. They will dampen our spirits but the warm temperatures will offset that easily. In town the traffic is heavier than usual, but we expect much more as this week grows towards Easter Sunday. The skies will remain cloudy for the rest of the week, the winds will become stronger and the temperatures will become cooler. So enjoy today. st

Saturday 8 April,12:25 p.m. Soft clouds are rolling in from the west, now over 60 % sky cover, giving viewers the beauty of Baja. They are not a bit threatening, rather complimenting the sun over the Sea. The temperature has reached 76 and the humidity is riding at 32, a great day for the Tony Reyes fishing trip. 7:00 a.m. Calm mornings become quite breezy by afternoon, 5 - 15 mph in places. Clear skies everywhere. This is exactly the weather people came down this Palm Sunday week-end to enjoy, many of our visitors planning to stay through Easter next week-end. The traffic has already started to build on the highway. In town many streets have been repaved and others have been repainted with traffic paths, all freshened up for Easter. We now have several plant nurseries in this town, all prettied up vying for your attention. It is a great week-end. st

Friday 7 April, 7:00 a.m. Continuing high pressure aloft over the next few days. Mostly sunny skies and wonderful warming weather for the week-end running into Palm Sunday. We still have significant breezes from the Southwest. We have rising high tides culminating on Easter week-end, great for shelling and Clam Fests. Most hotel reservations are already planned, but many will camp on the beach and take advantage of these high tide activities. I look forward to the smell of hot coffee on the beach. st

Thursday 6 April, 12:30 p.m. High pressure has returned; we should have a warming trend through the week-end. Clear skies will definitely help, but cool, strong winds have been the order of the day, so far. Winds running within the 10-14 mph range at times. This made for choppy waters yesterday. The Tony Reyes fishing tour was postponed untill 5:00 this evening because of the winds. Right now everything is calm. We are all looking forward to a good week-end. st

Wednesday, 5 April , 11:30 a.m. San Diego is being hit with rain showers and there is a slight chance of showers up in the El Centro/Mexicali region as the latest Pacific storm moves east. Here in San Felipe we have pleasant conditions with light, variable, winds and temperatures in the low 70's in town. The beaches are quiet and the water temperature is starting to rise to a point where swimming will soon be possible. Easter week is coming up and this time next week we will see the crowds from all the big cities of Baja start to arrive for the annual holiday. Every year cars drive out on the beach and their owners get stuck; it can be quite a sight to see them struggling to beat the incoming tide.

Tuesday, 4 April 2006: 7:00 a.m. (dst): A strong low pressure system off the Pacific coast looms threateningly over the mountain range. The skies are dotted with heavy clouds, almost solid cover in some spots. Although it is only in the low 60's this morning, unbelievably, it was in the 80's yesterday afternoon. That will not happen today. In fact, we could see a bit of rain under a loaded cloud. Well, this is Spring. st

Monday, 3 April 2006: 7:00 a.m. (dst): Light clouds remain overhead although the temperatures continue to warm. As you step out onto the patio, it's like entering another room because the temperatures are the same and there is no breeze at this moment. A strong pacific low pressure system is expected to bring cooler weather tomorrow and Wednesday. Enjoy. st

Sunday, 2 April 2006: 7:00 a.m. (dst): Yesterday the clouds remained, but faded and the winds changed to the north. Out here on the beach it remained cool and breezy, but in town where it was sheltered and with lots of blacktop, it warmed up nicely: This morning light clouds remain with breezy to windy conditions again from the north. The dramatic reduction in the morning temperature readings is partly because we are today on daylight savings time. In spite of the cool weather people are pushing the dress code with shorts and summer attire, hoping that will bring on the warmer days more quickly. However another pacific low pressure system is on the way with the beginning of a cooling trend. Alas, that is what Spring is all about. st

Saturday, 1 April 2006: 7:00 a.m. A ridge of high pressure has moved into our area more quickly than expected chasing away those clouds of yesterday. It is a calm, whistful, morning and promises to stay that way for the week-end into Monday; In the still of the morning one can listen to the doves and the wrens chirping away, deciding where to build their nests for spring. Earlier, you could hear the waves lapping at the shore. Now it is quiet; the tide is almost out and the hardy amongst us will be out digging clams. APRIL FOOL} It is now 9:00 a.m. The clouds have moved back in from the west, and the temperature has already dropped to 67, the humidity has gone up to 44. In another hour I will probably have to change the statistics for the day.st




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