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Archive of weather for September 2007.


Sunday September 30, 7:00 a.m. The humidity factor has almost settled for a little here, as any moisture moves north into South-Central Arizona. It is expected to be cooler on Monday but then back to our normal sunny early October weather pattern. The clear skies with sparkling stars is a common topic of conversation at our evening strolls or gatherings. Last evening as we dined at the outside edge of Baja Mar's garden patio we admired the people, the water, and then the stars, just starting to come out for the night. This morning all is calm and bright. (st) Yesterday's Max 89 F, Min 68 F. Humidity currently 30%.

Saturday September 29, 7:00 a.m. We watched the moon trying to rise through thick clouds on the horizon last evening, but when it got up overhead the skies were mostly clear. Meaning that the heavier clouds were heading NE over mainland Mexico. Buttermilk skies greet us this morning in some areas, soft clouds drifting to the northeast in other areas. These will all burn off quickly throughout the day. Soft breezes from the north and north- east remained with us throughout the night and are still with us this morning. By Sunday or Monday we should return to normal temperatures for this time of year; that is - highs in the low to mid nineties, lows in the seventies. (st) Yesterday's Max 89 F, Min 70 F. Humidity currently 31%.

Friday September 28, 7:00 a.m. Last evening we watched as the clouds started rolling in from the southwest, across the mountains. This morning we are under a heavy saucer cloud, solid and mean looking. Could we possibly have a drop or two of rain? Yet our humidity has stayed low since Wednesday. As usual, in the mornings we have very little breeze which will pick up with the changes of the tide. Expect gusty breezes throughout the day and lower temperatures through Saturday. (st) Yesterday's Max 91 F, Min 72 F. Humidity currently 25%.

Thursday September 27, 7:00 a.m. We're waiting for the breezy conditions to kick in, probably tomorrow. Also it is expected to be a little cooler. Then High pressure will begin to expand northwest and bring warmer weather back again by Sunday to start us off for October. Look at that humidity! Dry autumn air should be with us for awhile now, which is just what our vacationing residents are waiting for to come home. (st) Yesterday's Max 90 F, Min 71 F. Humidity currently 23%.

Wednesday September 26, 7:00 a.m. High pressure will remain with us through the end of the week. Then a weak low pressure will give locally breezy conditions and a bit cooler weather except for the afternoon highs. Fall is definitely here to stay. There is heavier traffic on the malecon this morning as the pangodoras are very busy taking people out fishing. And of course the restaurants are busier as residents are slowly returning, thanks to the cool weather. I can't wait for my first taste of fresh shrimp.(st) Yesterday's Max 85 F, Min 69 F. Humidity currently 30%.

Tuesday September 25, 7:00 a.m. Mornings are back in the 70's from last week's 60's but the high's are still in the 80's. Shrimp season is in full swing and everyone is looking forward and gearing up for October when we, the people, will be in full swing. Those 30 - 40 pangas out there on the water are very busy catching fish and early shrimping. And the restaurants are avidly advertising seafood menus. Fresh garlic-shrimp is on my menu for tonight. With the drop in temperature it is great to again 'dress for dinner' instead of the shorts and teashirt styles so cool for summer. Do you catch my optimism? (st) Yesterday's Max 85 F, Min 69 F. Humidity currently 30%.

Monday September 24, 7:30 a.m. SHRIMP SEASON BEGINS :We're getting back to normal temperatures for this time of the year. But it will not be quite as hot, nor humid. All eyes are on the Shrimp Fleet as the season begins. Today, many of the families and friends will gather at the pier to say good-bye to their loved ones who will be gone 2 to 4 weeks at a time (till they catch a full load). The priest will bless the ships, There will be taco stands and maybe music as the ships pull out of the harbor one at a time to anchor out in the deep. At Midnight they will all lower their booms and the season is really on. This is a big day in San Felipe. (st) Yesterday's Max 85 F, Min 68 F. Humidity currently 32%.

Sunday September 23, 7:00 a.m. Clear skies and fast warming temperatures greet us this morning. It's supposed to be back to normal statistics by tomorrow. Yesterday, at 4:00 p.m. we counted 40 pangas out in the open waters. We plan to visit down at the Marina today, expecting much activity as the large shrimp boats make final preparation to push off Monday when the season officially opens. After the priest blesses the fleet, boats ease out of the harbor one by one heading out to the open waters; At 12:00 p.m. they all lower their booms in unison and the "Season Begins". It is the ritual. The weather couldn't be more perfect. (st) Yesterday's Max 84 F, Min 65 F. Humidity currently 34%.

Saturday September 22, 9:00 a.m. The clouds are fast burning off. The temperature is now 79 and the humidity has gone down to 41%.We can see approximately 15 shrimp panga boats out there ahead of the opening date, Monday, for the larger boats. However they are too far out to get a good photo.

7:00 a.m. Ivo is now headed for the mainland. However, a strong low system is moving across southeast California heading east. We are experiencing heavy cloud patterns across our skies here at San Felipe as shown in this photo taken this morning. At 69 F we can expect another great day. (st) Yesterday's Max 79 F, Min 65 F. Humidity currently 44%.

Friday September 21, 7:00 a.m. This morning the temperatures have really dropped and the sky is heavy with clouds from the south. We also have some light clouds appearing from the north. The heavy clouds may be a risidual from Tropical Storm 'Ivo' much farther to our south whose uncertain path is heading north 1pm on Tuesday. We shall be tracking it's path throughout the day. (st) Yesterday's Max 86 F, Min 67 F. Humidity currently 32%.

Hurricane Ivo, Over Pacific, Heads for Mexico's Baja California
By Alex Morales
Sept. 21 (Bloomberg) 5 a.m.

Hurricane Ivo churned Pacific waters with winds of 81 miles (130 kilometers) an hour, heading on a course that may take it to landfall over Mexico's Baja California by Sept. 24.
The storm was located about 900 miles northwest of Acapulco, and heading toward the north-northwest at 81 mph at 5 a.m. Miami time, the U.S. National Hurricane Center said on its Web site.
Weather models differ over Ivo's potential track, with some suggesting the storm will dissipate over sea, and others forecasting landfall in Mexico, the center said. It maintained its central forecast for Ivo to head northeast over the next three days, weakening to tropical storm force, with winds below 74 mph, before hitting Baja California early on Sept. 24.
``Given the extreme uncertainty present in the official forecast at this time, interests in southern Baja California should closely monitor the progress of Ivo,'' the center said.
To contact the reporter on this story: Alex Morales in London at amorales2@bloomberg.net .
Last Updated: September 21, 2007 05:47 E


Tropical Storm 'Ivo' , Latest path Tuesday 1 p.m

Thursday September 20, 7:00 a.m. Yes the temperature went back up a bit, but it is with the much lower humidity and the cooler breezes are now very tollerable. We see a hint of Tropical Storm 'Ivo' just south of the Baja; no threat to San Felipe. Decorations from last week's celebrations remain across the city streets and everything is looking cleaned up again. At the 'NET' office they will be gearing up for the return of the snowbirds. Where did the year go? (st) Yesterday's Max 95 F, Min 79 F. Humidity currently 26%




Wednesday September 19, 7:00 a.m. We got our 5 degree drop in yesterday's readings. Oh Joy! We again can have our breakfast out on the patio listening to the lap of the water on the Ocean's shores. A soft coooool breeze may cause some to even put on a light sweater. The humidity remains in the 30's. I heard dune-buggy talk yesterday and people are asking about the Calendar of Events. It doesn't take much to rev up interest in Fall activities. E-mail from Snowbirds wanting weather information suggest they too are planning their Fall return. Alas, we are having breakfast inside at the Lighthouse Restaurant this morning. But where else could be second-best? (st) Yesterday's Max 91 F, Min 72 F. Humidity currently 31%

Tuesday September 18, 7:00 a.m. That strong low pressure system will bring cooler temperatures each day throughout the rest of the week. This morning I was amazed at the drop in readings and that wonderful low humidity. What a joy to get out early and water all the plants in the cool, cool breeze. Although the charts don't show it yet, the high should drop about 5 degrees by the week-end. Our thoughts go out to replanting those that didn't make it in such a terrifically hot summer. Alas! We must spruce up for the Snowbirds (our winter tourists) who will begin to arrive shortly. (st)

Monday September 17, 5 p.m. Yes. The weather is changing. The beaches are virtually empty. In the distance, Beatriz is strolling and reading her novel. She does it every day and you can set your watch by her. The two dogs are behind here sniffing at the band of wet sand the tide is leaving behind.

9 a.m. Gusty winds have been with us overnight as the weather patterns change. Low pressure is moving across California into Arizona and this should bring dryer air to the entire southwest with cooler temperatures later this week. This appears to be the first of the northerly fronts that come down from Alaska during the winter that signal the transition to autumn weather for San Felipe. Our long-time residents know that the fall in San Felipe is beautiful but very short. Generally it starts when a tropical rainstorm comes north and gives us a drenching at the end of September. The following day we find the temperatures have dropped several degrees. This year we seem to have remarkably little tropical weather activity and the Pacific hurricane season has been blessedly mild. (I will probably jinx things by saying this - after all, we have another 2-4 week "window" for developing storms to be born off the coast south of Acapulco.)

This September is also the tenth anniversary of the devastating hurricane Nora that hit San Felipe on 24 September 1997 and I will pull out some of the old photos of San Felipe in that storm to mark the occasion. Storms of this severity come to the northern Sea of Cortez about every 30 years but we do get major rain storms on a 3-5 year basis - or at least we used to. With the rapid change in the global climate that is occurring, it seems all bets are off. The climate experts in both Mexico City and in the USA say that the entire Southwest US and Northwest Mexico are destined to become much dryer and warmer. This gives us something to mull over as we design our new housing for this region - we need far better water efficiency, including recycling of grey water, and we need to give much more attention to the way we design our houses to keep them cool in summer without breaking the bank on electricity costs for air conditioning. (ej)

Sunday September 16, 7:00 a.m. Indepencia de Mexico: Yesterday the clouds did burn off and last evening the sky was brilliant with stars. The Saturday Singles enjoyed a very special dinner at Miguel & Paco's in the Ejido. Although they did not have air-conditioning the use of many fans made it very comfortable indeed. This morning temperatures remain about the same here on the beach, as expected. The humidity is still high; in fact it is a little hazy as we peer across the water. But all is ready for a busy day in town.(st) Yesterday's Max 98 F, Min 79 F. Humidity currently 52%.

Saturday September 15, 7:00 a.m. Yesterday morning the skies were clear. But as the hours passed the clouds gathered. By evening from over the mountains almost to the sea, dark, heavy clouds spread over most of the area. Again we hoped in vain for a drop of rain. This morning residual clouds remain but they will probably disappear as the sun does it's job. The high humidity is doomed to stay with us at least through Monday. So we plan accordingly and start yet another summer week-end.(st) Yesterday's Max 96 F, Min 83 F. Humidity currently 53%.

Friday September 14, 7:00 a.m. Last evening around 6:30 we noticed heavy clouds passing overhead from west to east, and hoped for a drop of rain, at least. That was not to be. In fact during the night that entire mass passed on across the waters and this morning we awoke to see it laying over the mainland. Alas, this morning our skies are beautifully clear, and the temperature, which has dropped 3 to 5 degrees each day since Tuesday should continue to drop some through the week-end. Humidity will stay high. (st) Yesterday's Max 96 F, Min 83 F. Humidity currently 51%.

It has been reported that the Monsoon weather has officially ended.
Thursday September 13, 7:00 a.m. However, our humidity is reading back up to 50% this morning. The electric Co. will not be happy to have everyone using their air-conditioners so early in the day. A Pacific low pressure system is expected to bring slightly lower temperatures Sunday or Monday. (st) Yesterday's Max 100 F, Min 83 F. Humidity currently 50%

Wednesday September 12, 7:00 a.m. Those readings kindof made a liar out of me. This is the hottest we have been since the 4th of September, and possibly 10 degrees hotter in town. We found ourselves staying indoors most of yesterday and now we know why. Alas, it will again be hot with warm winds from the south. (st) Yesterday's Max 102 F, Min 84 F. Humidity currently 43%

Tuesday September 11, 7:00 a.m. Just a smidgeon higher readings on the thermometer this morning. We are very happy to have it holding steady, and hopefully it will go a little lower throughout the rest of the week. With no clouds overhead, it stayed a little warmer throughout the night also. We had travelled to Puertecitos on Sunday and had hoped to get some pictures of the vast development* in progress to the south. The roads were perfect all the way to within about 2 miles of the Port itself. But the restaurant and gas stations were closed. Everything is optimistic this morning. (st) Yesterday's Max 97 F, Min 84 F. Humidity currently34%

*vast developments: It has been a year since we last went south and this is summer, probably no activity for the last 3-4 months. I was actually speaking of the build-up all down the coast. We stopped at Casa del Mar in La Hacienda where several new homes have appeared since last year. We stopped at the old AquaMarina site, where they are now constructing a condominium. Then to Los Suguarros which really blew me away, with many new homes in prorgress in that development. On down to El Vergel where we stopped for a soda. You can see construction in action there; they don't give up for summer. The rest of the way to Puertocitis it seemed most of any land along the waterfront has been spoken for. No wonder I was enthused. st

Monday September 10, 7:00 a.m. Our weather pattern seems to have smoothed out. We are back to normal. Now if the medium daily highs would just be a bit lower we would be in heaven. Guess we'll have to pour water to the cactus, as there seems to be no rain in sight. (st) Yesterday's Max 98 F, Min 80 F. Humidity currently33%

Sunday September 9, 7:00 a.m. As usual, the sun is already too bright to see past it and the Rock Consag. Skies are completely clear, warm winds from the south are calm and the water is just shimmering. We see heavy rains on the charts just south of the Baja over on the mainland. No chance of rain here for the forseeable future. This week-end was very quiet of traffic compared to last week-end, the Labor Day traffic. (st) Yesterday's Max 96 F, Min 82 F. Humidity currently 40%

Saturday September 8, 7:00 a.m. One landmark we don't always see in the morning is Rock Consag, out there 25 miles across the waters. This morning we were watching the sun rise; I counted 120 seconds for that episode. The rock was clearly visible as this morning ritual again took place. The breeze was actually cool to the skin, really pleasant. Alas, we had to retreat into the house as the sun quickly turns on the heat. It is already too late to go to the 2nd of our great Swap Meets, which is held about 6:00 a.m. every Saturday throughout the Snowbird Season. Early; because by 8:30 it is too hot to be comfortable. Everybody is gone. (st) Yesterday's Max 95 F, Min 80 F. Humidity currently 42%.

Friday September 7, 7:00 a.m. TGIF: We had hoped to put this heat behind us. Indeed, we began thinking of Fall subjects, like sprucing up the yards, greeting snowbirds, events of Fall. But hold off folks; Although this week-end is absolutely great for that trip to the desert, we cannot say yet that the tide has turned. (st) Yesterday's Max 92 F, Min 80 F. Humidity currently 46%.

Thursday September 6, 7:00 a.m. Say good-bye to any chance of moisture from now fading Tropical Storm Henriette. See summary of the damage here. We can see the white cloudy sky over there on the mainland, but alas none of it has escaped to our side. We have bright, clear, skies with very little breeze at this moment. Winds will pick up by noon with the changing back to then outgoing tides. With temperatures returning back to normal we find groups of guys talking about dune-buggy days back out into the desert terrains. Some are asking for the next year's Calendar of Events. Hold on guys. It's just been too hot to toil. (st) Yesterday's Max 97 F, Min 82 F. Humidity currently 42% (yesterday's max 60%,Min40%)

Wednesday September 5, 1:40 p.m. Again the skies have become hazy, obscuring Mt Machorro somewhat and almost obliterating our view of Mt. Diablo ( our 10,000' landmark). A solid low cloud has moved in from the south-west not a part of Tropical Storm Henriette. She is still advancing from the south but to the east of us. The temperature is 95 F, with Humidity at 52 %. The wind now reads 5-7 mph and again there are white caps on the water. This is the view we shared as we enjoyed lunch on the patio in tropical weather we so much enjoy. st 7:00 a.m. Weakening hurricane Henriette pushes northward into the southern part of Sonora. It will not hit San Felipe at all, but what spin-off will we get? Be careful what you wish for, they say. It gives us an increasing chance for just a little rain. Skies are clear overhead, a bright sun reins over calm waters. Just a slight breeze is with us this morning. A great day ahead. (st) Yesterday's Max 98 F, Min 86 F. Humidity currently 51% (yesterday's max 54%,Min30%)

Tuesday September 4 12:30 p.m. The skyline looks pretty hazy out there. I'm looking out over the water which is now a little choppy with whitecaps. On land the breeze is now 7-9 mph. The Thermometer now reads 95 F, the Relative Humidity reads 54%. st 7:30 a.m. We are waiting to see where Tropical Storm Henriette will be by Friday. If the pattern stays the same, we could be on the outskirts of the winds at least. In the meantime the strong high pressure system will begin to break down later today and temperatures will generally cool back to normal. We can go back to playing water sports.(st) Yesterday's Max 104 F, Min 84F. Humidity currently 48% (yesterday's max 71%,Min31%)

Monday September 3, 7:00 a.m. LABOR DAY: Tropical Storm Henriette is indeed heading north, but not presently forecast to threaten San Felipe. And it will weaken. It would be nice if we did get just a little rain, but any moisture will reach Arizona from the then dying Henriette. Our weather has been over 100 F, even out here on the waterfront, since last Wednesday and will continue to be hot, hot, hot with high humidity through this Wednesday at least. Luckily San Felipe has miles of white sandy beachfront, the most popular spot for hot days like this. Last evening we joined others for a wonderful Labor Day BBQ at Ken & Margie's outside on the patio; everyone found it very, very comfortable indeed. (st) Yesterday's Max 101 F, Min 86F. Humidity currently 36%.

Sunday September 2, 7:00 a.m. A strong high pressure system will continue over the region this week, resulting in well above normal temperatures and humidity through Tuesday. Monsoon moisture continues to flow north across Mexico. In addition we are watching the latest Pacific Storm Henrietta, the 8th this year, as it originates just off of mainland Mexico South of the Baja. The suggested path could lead north this time. All of this we take in stride as many backyard BBQ's are planned for today and tomorrow, Labor Day. (st) Yesterday's Max 104 F, Min 87F. Humidity currently 41%.

Saturday September 1, 7:00 a.m. On our way back from Yuma, at El Mayor restaurant (our favorite stop after a long day ending in testy traffic through Mexicali) we saw that it had rained that morning leaving a pond for everyone to see. Lucky guys. Here it is continued dry and hot, and should remain so into the middle of next week. We crossed the border coming south about 2:00 p.m. with no blockage problems. I am glad to be home and settled before the onslaught of the Labor Day week-end traffic hits. (st) Yesterday's Max 102 F, Min 87F. Humidity currently 40%.

Friday August 31, 7:15 a.m. Our weather gal took a quick trip to Yuma so I'm reporting from in town. I read on the weather channel that we may have a chance of rain this evening, which would be a welcome treat. The streets need packing and the desert needs a drink, so I hope it rains. Although the wind register reads 9mph, my Palm Tree is not moving. Give it a bit and I'm sure the wind will pick up again as it always does. We should be seeing traffic coming into town this afternoon noting the beginning of the influx of Labor Day Weekend guests. Be safe and sane this weekend. It's a good idea to stay clear of the San Diego borders at San Ysidro and Otay Mesa as they may be blocked as the result of a demonstration. See our news page for details. kh for st - Yesterdays max 96 F, Min 83 F, Humidity currently 66%.

Thursday August 30, 6 a.m. We're drenched this morning. At this early hour the humidity is very high under a partly cloudy sky. Not much relief in sight. In fact temperatures are predicted to remain high most of next week. I hope the humidity is not the same. The breezes off of the water are our saviour here in San Felipe. Storm activity is off the southern tip of Baja, heading out to the Pacific. (st) Yesterday's Max 102 F, Min 87F. Humidity currently reads65%

Wednesday August 29, 7 a.m. Yesterday's high was almost unbelievable for this weather station. With heavier cloud activity all across the skies, and with the heavy humidity we are experiencing, we might be better off to stay inside today. All of southeast California through south-central Arizona will be under strong high pressure which, during the next few days, will drift very slowly toward the north. This will help our area to return to normal temperatures; a little lower by the week-end. (st) Yesterday's Max 103 F, Min 87F. Humidity currently reads 36%

Tuesday August 28, 7 a.m. Light clouds may cut the heat some. Yesterday temperatures were over 100 in town and, of course, in El Centro. We have the breeze off of the water to save us. This will continue at least through Wednesday and maybe Thursday. We will not project past that. So the air-conditioners will continue to work over-time through August and most of September. Summer in San Felipe continues usually through the early part of Ocober. On the cooler days we will have many projects to get ready for this Fall's many activities. (st) Yesterday's Max 98 F, Min 85F. Humidity currently reads 40%

Monday August 27, 7 a.m. My computer/internet problems are solved. OK! Since August 23 our Maximum temperatures have inched down; humidity still in the 40's. Our nights continue on the warm side, air-conditioners suggested for sleeping. Forcasts hint that temperatures will again rise for the next few days to slightly above normal. Clear skies and southerly winds do have their effect. As we drift into September, and the rainy season we can expect some lowering of temperatures but don't count on it until early October. Most of our snowbirds have learned this by experience. We are still just 'thinking' about sprucing up our area and planning our programs for Fall...if we escape projected hurricanes. (st) Yesterday's Max 94 F, Min 86F. Humidity currently reads 42%

Sunday 26 August. 3 p.m. A superperfect afternoon at the beach. The sea is 91 degrees; wonderful for a lazy swim before my siesta. In the shallow water there are schools of baby fish, each about as long as a toothpick. My first impression from childhood memories is a school of stickelbacks but I think that these have a more exotic name. It is what I would call cool and humid this afternoon, 91 F with 75%RH and there is a steady easterly breeze at 5 knots. There are big, black clouds over west in the sierra, and extreme weather warnings in California between the border and Palm Springs. Here in San Felipe we have our bubble of peace and tranquility. Why would you want to be anywhere else? (emm). 10 a.m. Shirley reported in this morning that out at Campo Ocotillos it was 89 F at 7 a.m. with 52% RH and light southerly breezes. Now the temperature is inching up but it is still relatively cool for August. Moisture from the dead hurricane continues its journey north and we heard from a friend in Escondido that northern San Diego county received 2 inches of rain in half an hour this morning. Surely we here in San Felipe will eventually get some rain which we so badly need to recharge our aquifers for the future. (ej). Yesterday's Max 96 F, Min 83F. Humidity currently reads 43%




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