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San Felipe - Archive of weather for October 2008.

Standard time in San Felipe, 1 week earlier than in California, influences our weather statistics just a little. It will be a few degrees warmer by the time the clock reads 7 o'clock time in the U.S.

Friday 31 Oct - 7:a.m. Std Time; Enjoy this wonderful weather while you can. After two more very warm days, a strong cooling trend will commence Sunday and continue through the middle of next week. This heavy fog should now reduce; we can see soft, low clouds appearing to be swept across the blue skies directly above us. We may have more cloudy conditions starting Sunday. And more breezes are expected. Great weather for Hallowe'en is for the kids.(st) Yesterday's Max 86 F, Min 69 F. Humidity currently 40%

Thursday 30 Oct - 10:a.m. The temperature is now reading 82 and the relative humidity is only 50%. The cloud has dissipated but the humidity is the killer. We can now see some soft, individual clouds in the otherwise clear skies. There is just the tiniest of a breeze in our palms. I forgot to mention that last evening there must have been 100 pangas or shrimp boats, up and down the northern section of San Felipe, in the Sea of Cortez. Many of the pangas stayed out with their lights burning until early this morning. It must have been another good run. (st) Yesterday's Max 88 F, Min 66 F. Humidity currently 60%

lost in a cloud with 60% humidity. Very wet!!



7 a.m. Std time. San Felipe is truly locked in a cloud this morning. For that reason I cannot tell you where the wind is coming from nor the true temperature. But if you step out the door for very long you are going to come in with very damp clothing. More as the cloud clears. (st) Yesterday's Max 88 F, Min 66 F. Humidity currently 60%


Wednesday 29 Oct - 7 p.m. Std time. We are amazed that the fog is rolling in so rapidly. No chance to sleep under the stars this night. 7 a.m. Earlier, at 5:00 standard time we lazily watched the sky turn to red on the horizon causing the water to become a more vivid blue, then marvel as the sun rose up over the eastern water line and the skies fade to a light blue morning hue. The few clouds that have appeared helped create a more dramatic picture to all of this. With very little breeze out of the west it is already warm and friendly. However, the unseasonably warm weather is finally on the way out later this weekend. It will soon be back to our normal Autumn readings. (st) Yesterday's Max 88 F, Min 67 F. Humidity currently 27%

Tuesday 28 Oct - 7 a.m. Std time. Again we find it 2 degrees warmer both max & min. The breezes switched to the north yesterday and this morning are riding gently from the NE. The water may not be as warm, but we find hardy young ones out there ignoring the goosebumps. With clear but dark skies promised for the rest of the week we should have a great Hallowe-en for the youngsters on Friday partly due to the change of the clock and early darkness. Also, we have something new, the Masquerade Ball & Dance Party at the Beachcomber. Tropical weather sure brings out the best in us. (st) Yesterday's Max 88 F, Min 68 F. Humidity currently 22%

Monday 27 Oct - 7 a.m. Std time. It actually warmed up some during the night. We arose early and watched the many fishing boats and pangas with lights still on out on the early morning horizon. Then slowly the red sky started to appear creating bluer waters for a bit. Finally the sun rose out of the water and daylight became official. There is very little breeze, absolutely clear skies and still waters. A perfect setting for an Autumn monday morning. (st) Yesterday's Max 86 F, Min 66 F. Humidity currently 21%

Sunday 26 Oct - 7 a.m. std time. Daylight came later today in San Felipe, at least according to the clocks, so there may be a discrepancy of a couple of degrees in your findings if you are in the U.S. reading this. It's absolutely perfect for the would-be stars in the Golf Tournament at the El Dorado Charity Golf Classic. For the rest of us, Horshoes or Volley Ball remain favorite sports on the beach. At the same time, those interested in the Baja races will be out there running trial runs in the desert, each in a class of their own. This warm weather is superb for any choice of recreation this entire week.(st) Yesterday's Max 85 F, Min 59 F. Humidity currently 24%

Saturday 25 Oct - 2 p.m. A perfect weekend in San Felipe for the golf tournament at El Dorado. I can imagine the thousands of people on the course cheering for their favourite celebrity in the 70 degree temperatures.Undoubtedly Katherine will bring back some classic photos of Tiger Woods playing caddy for a film star.

Out on the beach it is a superb 76 degrees with light variable winds. High tide was a couple of hours ago and now there is warm, firm sand for a stroll down to Punta Estrella. The sea is also cooling off and the near-shore waters are also at 76F. I noticed a bunch of Canadians that had just arrived and rented a condo - they were sweating profusely and saying how hot it was. On the Malecon, there are plenty of vendors selling shrimp for about $12/kilo for the U14 size, the U12's are going for $15 at Reubens fish market.

Don't forget that tonight the clocks in Mexico go back one hour as we return to Standard Time. In the United States the shift is a week from now so there will be confusion as peoples clocks differ. (ej)

7 a.m. Continued high pressure will remain with us over Baja through the week-end and into next week. This means well above normal highs with clear skies. But the night temperatures are cooling a bit, almost into the highest 50's. Sleeping under the stars is coming to an end. The volumn of fishing pangas has reduced from a multitude in the 80's to maybe about 40, but it is still a phenomenon to us on the northern sea-shore. Previous years have not allowed such a path this far north. We heard yesterday the fishing was so good they were giving the extra catches away on the Malecon. But we were at Mike's Sky Ranch, 20 miles into the mountains. What a view. And what a drive (a bruising drive). (st) Yesterday's Max 87 F, Min 61 F. Humidity currently 20%

Friday 24 Oct - 7 a.m. Dry conditions with mostly clear skies are reaching across from the Pacific into the desert southwest. Our warming trend should return this week-end in town for plenty of new arrivals. The town is beginning to feel like old home week with small caravans of RV's and their toys streaming into the few RV parks that are left. Too many have been taken over with dreams of condominiums so a few new ones have sprung up, mine included. Some of the beachfront has changed with the various recent tide activity. A few have had to move their palapas back onto land more, but most are up and ready. (st) Yesterday's Max 86 F, Min 65 F. Humidity currently 20%

Thursday 23 Oct - 7 a.m. The Santa Ana's may continue somewhat today bringing us stronger winds this afternoon and the dusty atmosphere that goes with it. However, we have warm temperatures and lots of sunshine, creating a romantic, tropical atmosphere. The waters have cooled; swimmers are fewer, but the fishing/shrimping activity is phenomenal. Most every day we see 50 plus pangas and shrimpboats out there stretching into the waters north of town. The catch is very rewarding this year. And you are allowed to take a goodly amount home with you. (st) Yesterday's Max 89 F, Min 69 F. Humidity currently 21%

Wednesday 22 Oct - 1 p.m. The weather has changed significantly in the last few hours. In California, a Santa Ana condition has kicked in and northerly winds are now blowing in the San Felipe region. On the beach we have 84 F and strong winds 10-20 mph blowing sand down the coast. Strong waves are hitting the beach but there are no extreme tides today. (ej). 7 a.m. A slight cooling trend is expected through today and tomorrow, with gusty winds possible. However, we do not expect this to mar the normal range of temperatures we have been enjoying overall. More conversations are turning to trips in the desert valleys and our first picnics in the arroyas. Some even talk of Mike's Sky Ranch, a desireable and easily accessible location in the mountains just south of Highway 3, San Mateaos area. Dune buggies are the vehicles of choice. (st) Yesterday's Max 94 F, Min 70 F. Humidity currently 26%

Tuesday 21 Oct - 3 p.m. Sunny and calm on the beach with 79 degrees in the shade...perfect! (ej) 7 a.m. No clouds to mar our clear vision of stars throughout the night. And the lights of the mass invasion of pangas taking advantage of the truly great shrimp run this year shone all night long out there on the horizon. The waters are calm, with almost even tides; attracting even the inexperienced boaters to test the waters. It is truly a remarkable period for weather watchers. (st) Yesterday's Max 90 F, Min 65 F. Humidity currently 26%

Monday 20 Oct - 7 a.m. Skies are absolutely clear except for a small cloud bank on the eastern shore, the mainland. Around a week ago we had major waves which changed our shoreline dramatically. Gone is the wide beach creating a different lagoon and island, our landmarks for swimming. This will undoubtedly change again shortly with fresh sands and shells. Last evening we again enjoyed the beautiful outdoors, watching 80 plus pangas along the horizon. It looked almost like the city lights of Puerto Penasco. On week-ends we enjoy the antics of neighbors and visitors around individual bonfires playing guitars, singing and enjoying life to the fullest. (st) Yesterday's Max 92 F, Min 68 F. Humidity currently 31%.

Sunday 19 Oct - 7 a.m. We are supposed to have some high clouds in the area, but these have disappeared early. Unseasonably warm weather will continue today before temperatures slowly cool down through the remainder of the week. Around 8:20 p.m. we lay on the upper deck watching the harvest (orange) moon rise among the vast expanse of stars in the altogether clear sky. With temperatures still in the 80's campers were parked all around and children played with sparklers while another group entertained with guitars and attempted solos. There were approximately 25-30 pangas out on the horizon fishing with lights throughout the night. We don't need TV do we? (st) Yesterday's Max 92 F, Min 70 F. Humidity currently 30%.

Saturday 18 Oct - 7 a.m. A few more high clouds are developing overhead. So far this has not deterred our wonderful warming trend which should remain at least through the week-end. Then, with the clouds, it is supposed to cool, bringing us back to the true Fall picture for northern Baja. That full, orange harvest moon is the topic of conversation these evenings. Each day the moon rises one hour later; last evening at 7:19 p.m and all of our guests remained spellbound with it's beauty. We actually saw a satellite and a falling star while enjoying this scenery. So much to see here in Baja. (st) Yesterday's Max 92 F, Min 72 F. Humidity currently 23%.

Friday 17 Oct - 7 a.m. A weak pacific disturbance will bring more small clouds throughout the week-end. The Santa Ana winds should die down and the warming breezes from the south will create the tropical weather we so much enjoy here in San Felipe. The full moon which arose about 7:30 last evening and remains all night completes the picture. (st) Yesterday's Max 85 F, Min 69 F. Humidity currently 22%.

Thursday 16 Oct - 7 a.m. The wind has changed direction to the southwest, and with it comes warmer weather. The high pressure will remain with us through the week-end as everything seems to return to normal. Returning snowbirds with little welcoming parties are popping up all over. The San Felipe AARP and the local Las Amigas groups are back into full swing with plans and ideas for the coming season. The full moon rising at about 6:30 last evening was a big topic of conversation as of course the beautiful sunrises each morning, now around 6:45. (st) Yesterday's Max 84 F, Min 69 F. Humidity currently 22%.

Wednesday 15 Oct - 11 a.m. On the beach we have 75 F with light 5-8 mph breezes from the north. In town it is just about 80 in the shade. The tide is coming in and will be high in a couple of hours. (ej)

7 a.m. This morning everything seems back to normal. A quiet low tide plays on the beaches with calmer waters lapping at the shores. There was a bit of a fog bank on the eastern shoreline before the brilliant sun rose at about 6:35 a.m. It is so interesting to time that sunrise; about 1 minute flat and it is fully up. A soft north-westerly breeze is still with us. After today we are expecting warmer weather to kick in through the week-end. (st) Yesterday's Max 81 F, Min 66 F. Humidity currently 21%.

Tuesday 14 Oct - 2 p.m. Well it is still windy, but not as bad as yesterday. Northerly gusts 10-15 mph and 74 F on the beach. Actually the tidecam picture still shows the rough water with big rolling swells with the tops blowing off.

Today and tomorrow are two of the highest tides for this month so we might get some erosion. For travellers from Southern California, we recommend that you check with the highway patrol about driving conditions. There has been a fire east of Tecate and the Interstate 8 lanes between Alpine and the Imperial County line were closed for a while this morning. Also, I-5 through Camp Pendleton was closed temporarily due to the wild fires in that area. LA area residents might want to come via the inland route through Palm Springs. Not much to burn that way.(ej)

7 a.m. Santa Ana winds of over 10 mph are knocking tree branches at the windows, and have been all night. Visibility is dusty below clear skies. With a low tide of -2.0 at this moment the waters are calm; great for clamming. We have a full moon tonight drawing a high tide at 2:a.m. of 19.3' and probably very stormy waters. Expecting the Santa Ana's to last another day or two. (st) Yesterday's Max 74 F, Min 65 F. Humidity currently 22%.

Monday 13 Oct - 5 p.m. The wind is still blowing like crazy. On the beach we have 72 F with 20% RH. Not a night to be out on the road!! (ej)

11 a.m. Increasing wind, now around 15-20 mph along the beach with rough water and extensive wind-blown waves. Offshore boats are reporting 30-40 mph gusts. You can get a flavor of the situation from the photo below from our tide camera:

We have blowing sand on the highways as the high pressure system to the north generates very strong Santa Ana winds in California. You can even see the cloud of blowing sand and dust being carried from the north and out over the sea in the red circle that I have added to the 11 a.m. satellite picture below. Expect this to continue for the next 24 hours. It is only 68 degrees on the beach and the water temperature is now in the low 70's. Windstorms like this always produce a marked change to the climate of San Felipe - the significant chilling that they cause to the sea heralds the onset of the winter season and the shift from beach-related activities to desert-related ones. It is time to break out the Uggs and hot water bottles and to air out the sweaters and jeans that have spent the summer in mothballs. (ej)

7 a.m. Columbus Day: A clear morning with winds still from the north sometimes up to 15 mph throughout the day. Yesterday's high reached only 74 on our thermometer. We actually wore a sweater last evening as we stubbornly ate under the trees discussing the full moon coming up Tuesday evening and a 19.3 tide on Wednesday morning at 2 a.m. The visiting RV's are disappointed that this week-end chilled so rapidly, however it is forecast to warm up somewhat after Tuesday. (st) Yesterday's Max 74 F, Min 58 F. Humidity currently 21%.

Sunday 12 Oct - 7 a.m. Cool noth-east breezes tell us it is Fall. That haze from yesterday has completely disappeared. I'm visiting another Campo this morning where I can see approximately 12 RV's just awakening to a low tide where they can send the kids out to find souvenier shells and sea life to take home for Show 'n Tell. It is so quiet from last night's fireworks show. Small beach fires with the smell of coffee has replaced last nights BBQ savory fumes. What a life. (st) Yesterday's Max 84 F, Min 64 F. Humidity currently 23%.

Saturday 11 Oct - 11 a.m. It has turned into a wild and windy morning in San Felipe with 15-20 mph gusts from the north east and the beach air temperature has dropped to 72 F. Looking across the bay towards town I cannot even see Machorro because of the dust in the air - see the picture below. There could be beach erosion as the high tide will be here around noon. The water temperature will drop significantly as a result of this weather.

Meanwhile, in southern Baja, Hurricane Norbert is just coming ashore and the National Hurricane Center issued this statement:


The overall situation can be best seen on the map below from NOAA that shows the intense cold front (blue line) from the north that is now passing over San Felipe causing our winds and the location of the hurricane in the south. These two atmospheric phenomena will result in very strong wind conditions and the possibilities of thunderstorms south of our region in the next 12-18 hours. (ej)

7 a.m. Around 5 this morning we awoke to see lightning flashes above the thunder clouds over the mainland. Off to the west it was quite hazy over the mountain range. We settled on the patio with a hot cup of coffee. Very soon a cool, gusty breeze came up. We had to dress in a warm jacket for goodness sakes. This cool weather should last into Tuesday when it will start to warm up some for the rest of the week. (st) Yesterday "s Max 94 F, Min 66 F. Humidity currently 31%

Friday 10 Oct - 7 a.m. San Felipe is enjoying sunshine and soft breezes while we only watch the news of Hurricane Norbert nearing the southern coast of Baja. One report says it should hit landfall before 7 a.m. on Saturday; it will then cross the tip and weaken to a tropical storm. We have no change in the weather up north as it cools about 2 degrees both Maximum and Minimum. It is absolutely gorgeous. The snowbirds are beginning to return; the town is starting to bustle. (st) Yesterday "s Max 94 F, Min 74 F. Humidity currently 22%

Thursday 9 Oct - 7 a.m. Hurricane Norbert is the big story today. Although it is far to the south of us the NHC reported a category 3 hurricane travelling NE to N through Thursday and Friday making landfall on the sparsely populated southern coast of the peninsular around dawn on Saturday. Up here in San Felipe we continue to enjoy the good life, swimming and playing on the beach daily, lounging on the roof-tops with friends enjoying "can you top this" stories. The weather should cool rapidly for the next few days. Time to enjoy clothes again. (st) Yesterday"s Max 98 F, Min 75 F. Humidity currently 24%

Tropical Storm Norbert 8 a.m. 10/09/08


Wednesday 8 Oct - 7 a.m. Continued warm and sunny, with soft westerly winds swinging SW-NW direction by the hour. Hurricane Norbert should hit landfall on the tip of the Baja today, but is travelling across the Baja and onto the mainland; it should have little affect on our waters to the north. Breezy to windy weather will build significantly with a cooling trend over the week-end. (st) Yesterday"s Max 94 F, Min 75 F. Humidity currently 23%

Tuesday 7 Oct - Noon - A superb autumn day in San Felipe with pleasant northeasterly breezes on the beach and 88 F in the shade. Hurricane Norbert is becoming stronger in the Pacific south of the tip of baja but its projected path indicates that it should only provide stormy conditions across the tip of the peninsular this weekend. Any effect on our weather in San Felipe is very unlikely. See the map below.

7 a.m. Now is the greatest time for playing on the beach or taking a tour out into the desert, for the weather was at it's coolest point over the week-end , now returning to tropical heat, maybe with above normal readings through tomorrow. Heading out into the ocean you tingle as you hit the cool water, still reading about 88 F. In minutes it is the opposite; you prefer to stay under it's warmth before stumbling back out into the cooler breeze. On the week-end visitors created some very artistic sand-paintings hidden on the arroya walls which only the adventurous can see if riding on an all-terrain vehicle. There is no end to vacation time in San Felipe. (st) Yesterday"s Max 89 F, Min 75 F. Humidity currently 27%

Monday 6 Oct 7 a.m. Great weather continues. With the low tides families are out there daily looking for a good clam feast. The water is still warm enough for boating, swimming or just building sand castles. Further out the shrimp pangas are out in numbers. I hear you can get a kilo for around $14 Dollar (about 165 pesos) or 2.20 pounds. Today we should have normal temperatures, then above normal Tuesday and Wednesday. With a soft southern breeze this will be an extensions of summer for sure. (st) Yesterday"s Max 88 F, Min 72 F. Humidity currently 32%

Sunday 5 Oct , 7 a.m. The last 3 evenings have been dramatically tropical. However sometime early in the morning we found ourselves back to reality, turning off indoor fans and actually snuggling up into a sheet. A soft breeze from the north cooled things off dramatically. Yesterday afternoon we were swimming in the high tide of the still tepid ocean waters. But this morning's swim would be with a down-right chilly northern breeze. However we can expect a warming trend to return through Wednesday as high pressure once again builds in from the west. (st) Yesterday"s Max 99 F, Min 69 F. Humidity currently 36%

Saturday 4 Oct , 7 a.m. A low pressure system moving from the Pacific Northwest down into the southern area may reach the northern Baja before it spreads east past Arizona and the mainland. Increasing clouds and a stronger breeze is expected this afternoon, bringing temperatures down just a little. Early next week this will all pass, and the temperatures may rise again, but probably still in the normal range. The water is just great for swimming. (st) Yesterday"s Max 99 F, Min 79 F. Humidity currently 30%

Friday 3 Oct , 7 a.m. A small band of clouds appeared over the horizon just where the sun comes up each morning, making a beautiful display for the camera. Sorry, I didn't get it. It takes only a few minutes from nothing to everything with a sunrise. We have a lovely SW breeze to fan our coffee as we count the shrimp pangas now appearing upon these waters. This is the first year they have been allowed this far north, sometimes 25 or more are out there. The prices are right but will soon increase with the demand. A great treat for all of us. (st) Yesterday"s Max 99 F, Min 79 F. Humidity currently 30%

Thursday 2 Oct , 7 a.m. Many small clouds dot our skies but these will not last long. They now forecast cooler, drier temperatures through the week-end with a little breeze. That's what we all like to hear. However, it is sad to think that the lazy summer is waning, to be replaced with the hustle and bustle of the Snowbird Season. This wonderful time of the year lasts through the end of October, sometimes November, and is what draws the crowds to our little corner of the world. (st) Yesterday"s Max 98 F, Min 81 F. Humidity currently 33%

Wednesday 1 Oct 7:00 a.m.We awoke at dawn and at 6:33 we watched our beautiful red sky slowly appear over the horizon this morning with not a cloud anywhere. A gentle, warm breeze from the south is all that is left from yesterday's activities. That high pressure system slipping eastward across California will continue bringing warm and dry weather through Sunday. Early next week the hope is for cooler breezes from the north. (st) Yesterday"s Max 96 F, Min 79 F. Humidity currently 45%




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