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Archive of weather for October 2007.


Wednesday October 31, 3 p.m. Tranquil and very relaxing on the beach - fresh salt air away from the big city - just what the doctor ordered after surviving the fires in San Diego last week. Actually, a surprising number of San Diegans are down here opening up their cottages in the south beaches. Many of them have told me how good it feels to be away from the smoke and dust. We hear that the campos are going to organize a general pow-wow this fall to discuss the changes that are occurring in the real estate domain and the need for better security. We at The Net are also looking to hold another community meeting to introduce the local officials to the American community and to get them to give us an update on the plans for the town. Watch for announcements in the Thanksgiving-Christmas interlude. 75 F and 57% RH winds calm.(ej) 6 a.m.(7a.m.US time) It looks like that warm weather slipped during the night. I for one snuggled up a little tighter under an extra blanket. This is not supposed to have happened, and we're supposed to get back to warm weather today and this evening for the Trick or Treaters. (st) Yesterday's Max 92 F, Min 65 F. Humidity currently 31%.

Tuesday October 30, 3p.m. High cloud is drifting over town but it is calm and balmy with a very comfortable 79 degrees here. Out on the beach the sea has actually warmed up a couple of degrees since the weekend and swimming is again possible in the 76 degree water. (ej). 6 a.m. (7a.m.US time) A strong high pressure system has brought us unusually warm weather for the past several days and will continue to do so throughout the weekend. This is great for the Trick-or-Treaters tomorrow evening. The nights are cool, wonderful for sleeping. Winds are down; great for the fires still burning in Southern California. We mention this because so many of our residents and visitors are from this area. Some came to San Felipe just to have a place to while away the time till the fire scare is down in their areas. (st) Yesterday's Max 92 F, Min 65 F. Humidity currently 31%.

Monday October 29,6 a.m. (7a.m.US time) What are all these workers doing here so early? Oh, they are still on U.S. Daylight Savings time. This is our first full day on this new schedule. Yesterday was quite a bit warmer, and the night much cooler. A soft cloud covers most of the sky this morning and a soft, warm, gentle breeze fans the patio. We shall definitely eat breakfast outside and watch the work going on all around us. Later, I have a Spanish class; it too will be held on the patio. For the next month most of us will live our lives outside; BBQ's, Happy Hour, and just plain visiting - all outside. Mexico is the place to be (st) Yesterday's Max 89 F, Min 69 F. Humidity currently 30%.
Time.....I, along with many residents of San Felipe use a mixture of times for the next week. My house will stay on summer time until the clocks change in the USA next Sunday. So many of my appliances set themselves these days. My computer will automatically make the change when the time servers in the USA tell it to. I really don't have an option. My kitchen clock is one of those atomic clocks that listens to the signal from the National Bureau of Standards in Boulder, Colorado. I don't have an option on that either. My alarm clock is so difficult to change that I shall leave it alone. The television programs on my satellite get their orders from the US timezones. My VCR needs to stay on their schedule if I am to record the News Hour. I don't wear a wrist watch; I haven't worn one for years. I rely on the clock on my mobile. That, unfortunately, gets its time from the local cell tower that uses Mexican time so I have to do a mental double take when I get a call. On the other hand, it now makes sense why time is of such little importance in Mexico. (ej) (by the way, thetime on our camera picture is using Mexican time - just to add confusion.)

Sunday October 28, 6 a.m (Baja Time)(7a.m.US time). It's really back to normal today. High pressure is moving east across California and northern Baja. However temperatures will remain above average for the end of October. The fog came in and out throughout most of yesterday morning. However, shortly after noon it started to clear up and they did play golf. During the night it continued to warm up. Light, wispy clouds are all that remain of yesterday's nasty skies. The Sea is a rippling calm with no winds to ruffle it. Golfers will love it. (st) Yesterday's Max 82 F, Min 75 F. Humidity currently 35%

Saturday October 27, 2 p.m The Celebrity Golf Classic is underway out on the golf course at La Ventana del Mar and I hope that the visibility there is better than here along the beach where we have dense fog. Katherine will get some stunning pictures for later. Here, I can see a distance of maybe 100 yards! It is 73 degrees and 82%RH with light winds at 2-4 from the north. Water droplets are streaming down the window screens and salt air is condensing on everything outdoors - my Tecate pavers have turned a bright red as they get a drink of this humidity. In town, the fog is minimal and the sun is shining. (ej).

8:00 a.m. Note:I am checking the CNN weather report for San Felipe, Baja, Mexico which reads the temperature at 7:25 was 61 F Humidity 82%. I am looking at the Thermometer which now reads 71.6, about 10 degrees difference, and humidity 45%. Interesting!

Saturday October 27, 7 a.m. What a drastic change in the weather! This photo shows the sun trying to come up on the horizon but there is a heavy fog leaving no open window. At a mere 71 degrees out there, it looks and feels like Seattle waterfront; cold and very damp. I almost can hear a Ferry foghorn searching out there.

This one shows the low fog settling behind the houses across the arroya. (They are not on a hill). El Machorro is lost in the fog. We absolutely cannot see the mountain range to our west. Visibility is about 1 mile at best. The high temperature for the day may be even below 80. (st)
Yesterday's Max 80 F, Min 66 F. Humidity currently 46%.


Friday, October 26, 10:35 a.m. I can't keep up with the changes this morning. My windows were all open to let in that night air. But now I noticed how damp I was beginning to feel. Low and behold the Humidity now reads 42% with Temperature of 76 F. and no breeze at this moment. However, all my helpers are here working hard. Life goes on. (st) 7:00 a.m. Thank goodness the weather has all reverted back to normal here in San Felipe. This week-end we have the Golf Tournament and the Comedy Stage Show. Playing golf in the Santa Ana winds is almost impossible. But after some good, hard scrubbing the buildings are ready and the winds are down to a normal 7mp or less. We enjoy watching the many boats return to the water and the beaches are back to our normal activity. The temperatures normally climb fast in the first few hours of the morning, about 15 degrees. This morning it is just now 72 F and some clouds have descended upon us quickly, laying just on top of El Mochorro, our nearest hill(mtn).(st) Yesterday's Max 84 F, Min 65 F. Humidity currently 28%.


Thursday October 25, 7:00 a.m. Cleaning up after the dust storms, we can use water in our homes. But how we wish we would get a little rain. Other than right in town, where city water is available, water is the most expensive commodity in our budget. So we have to ration it as much as possible. Cactus is definitely the only practical plants for our landscaping. Even those haven't had a drink in a year, other than the occasional hosing down. These past few days people are stretching their budgets to water their plants, cleaning off the dust, and many places are shining again. (st) Yesterday's Max 84 F, Min 68 F. Humidity currently 22%.

Wednesday October 24, 7:00 a.m. I sipped coffee as we watched our beautiful sun rise out of calm waters this morning. All around us are clear skies and a soft, gentle breeze. A far cry from the Santa Ana terrors of the past few days. However, our work is not done. Have you ever tried to clean up silt after a dust storm sifts into your home for 3 days? But first, get the silt out of your nose, your ears, and your bedding. Then head for the office and do it all again. With all of our attention on the TV daily, it will feel good to get back to normal, and back into our daily schedules. (st) Yesterday's Max 84 F, Min 73 F. Humidity currently 22%.

The Associated Press
TIJUANA, Mexico: About 60 Mexican firefighters crossed the border to help fight the California wildfires — then returned home as a separate blaze roared up on the Mexican side.
About 30 firefighters each from the Mexican cities of Tijuana and Tecate headed north Sunday when the wildfires started in San Diego County, said Capt. Marco Antonio Garambullo, Tecate's Fire Department director. One of the California blazes burned more than 200 buildings just north of Tecate.
The Mexican firefighters returned home on Monday, however, as flames kicked up south of the border as well, Garambullo said.
" If we didn't have so much work, we would be over there helping them," Garambullosaid, adding that soldiers had joined the firefighters battling the blaze nearTecate, Mexico, which scorched hills and consumed four cabins of the "RanchoLa Puerta," a luxury spa popular with San Diego tourists.
School has been suspended since Monday in Tijuana due to the smoke from the California fires, and the same hot Santa Ana winds that have caused firestorms north of the border threaten areas in Mexico as well.
Today in Americas
California fires out of control as more than 500,000 flee
UN issues warning on violence against women in post-conflict countries
Poll finds less confidence in U.S. foreign policy achievements
Mexican Environment Secretary Juan Rafael Elvira said in a news release that 32 forestry experts were helping fight California's wildfires and that more could join if neccesary.
" For Mexico it is very important to cooperate with the United States insituations like these because these fires affect the environment on both sides," Elvirasaid.
Elvira said six fires that burned through 47 acres (19 hectares) along Mexico's border with California are under control.

Tuesday October 23, 7:00 a.m. The winds calmed some during the night and this morning it is almost normal. With all of the dry, dusty air people are having a little trouble breathing. Waters are calm under clear, sunshiny skies. Looking towards Mt. Diablo it is hazy, and I can only imagine the smoke from fires farther out west along the coast. We expect locally breezy conditions to return this afternoon for one last stand, but not as severe as we have been having. Then we can expect warmer weather Wednesday. (st) Yesterday's Max 81 F, Min 68 F. Humidity currently 21%.


With all of the devestating news of the multitude of fires up there in San Diego County, we have not heard much about the fires down here on the Baja. There are 2 major fires on the coast...actually one is a combination of 4 fires close together. Look at the smoke trail heading out to sea.

Credit given to www.reuters.com for this: U.S. fires cloak Mexico border cities in ash
Mon Oct 22, 2007 5:42pm EDT
By Lizbeth Diaz
TIJUANA, Mexico (Reuters) - Raging wildfires in Southern California cloaked neighboring Mexican cities in a fog of suffocating ash on Monday, shutting schools and businesses and a major U.S.-Mexico border crossing.
The normally bustling city of Tijuana, just 20 miles (32 km) from San Diego County, where seven fires burned, virtually closed down as residents stayed indoors and those who ventured out walked around with paper masks over their mouths.
A thin gray ash covered houses and cars and blotted out the sun in the Pacific port of Rosarito and the city of Tecate, where U.S. and Mexican officials closed the busy border crossing.
" You can feel the heat of the fires from here. There's ash everywhere,it is falling like rain," said 33-year-old secretary Lorena Morales, whoran out to the pharmacy to seek anti-allergy medicines for her children.
The world's busiest land border crossing between Tijuana and San Diego remained open but many motorists sat uncomfortably for hours in the heat with their windows up and without air-conditioning to prevent ash coming in, witnesses said.
Southern California is in the midst of its driest year on record after rainfall just a fifth of average levels.
Authorities ordered at least 250,000 people to flee their homes on Monday because of the wildfires, which destroyed hundreds of buildings.


Monday October 22, 1:00 p.m. North winds are still with us, sometimes rather strong and gusty. Whitecaps demand attention on the Sea of Cortez; absolutely no pangas are tempting the waters today. Clear skies and sunshine are actually with us offsetting any cooling from those strong winds. I too have searched the Web and so far cannot find anything about the fires shown below spreading down Western Baja from the Santa Ana fires in Los Angeles and San Diego. st

8 a.m It is a very serious situation here. Seven big fires are burning in San Diego. Major parts of the east county are under mandatory evacuation orders. The entire town of Ramona has been evacuated.
They are now ordering people just east of I-5 and north of State 56 (only about 5 miles from me) to evacuate. The I-15 interstate has been closed and the air is heavy with smoke. The sun is almost obscured.

The satellite picture shows that there are fires raging all down the Baja coast as well - yet nobody on the news here says anything about it. (ej)

Monday October 22, 7:00 a.m. Can you believe we are still down in the 70's this morning. The winds blew all night. A large branch blew off of our normally healthy tree. The waters are still rough and choppy. But we have clear skies, good visibility and lots of promises. (st) Yesterday's Max 85 F, Min 67 F. Humidity currently 27%.

Sunday October 21: 11 p.m. Update on the San Diego Fires. We are bringing you this update because so many of our San Felipe residents and visitors are from the San Diego county region.

Heavy smoke covers much of San Diego tonight. No stars are visible. The air quality is very unhealthful and everyone is complaining of itching eyes and breathing troubles. The Witch Creek fire, near Ramona, is expected to enter the city of San Diego boundaries around 2 a.m. Monday morning.

The Tecate port of entry closed at Noon on Sunday. The communities of Potrero, Tecate, Dulzura and parts of Deerhorn Valley have been evacuated, according to Cal Fire. The fire (called the Harris fire) was burning along two fronts to the northwest, with the southern "head" burning past Barrett Lake Road south of Highway 94 and the northern flank moving toward Mother Grundy Peak, Cal Fire reported.

A wind-driven brush fire, now called the Witch Creek fire, in the northeast part of San Diego County near the Santa Ysabel Indian Reservation swallowed up 5,000 acres and was threatening structures, authorities said. The blaze began burning for unknown reasons about 12:40 p.m. at Deer Canyon and Julian roads in the Witch Creek area, according to California Highway Patrol.
As of 7:30 p.m., the blaze had burned across Sutherland Dam Road to the west and Rancho Santa Theresa to the south, a Cal Fire official said. Evacuations were being carried out in the Witch Creek area, Old Julian Highway, and to the north east side of San Diego Country Estates, according to Cal Fire.
The heart of the fire was about five miles from Ramona, an unincorporated town of about 36,000 residents.
Highway 78 in the area of the fire was closed, as was Old Julian Highway between Ramona and Santa Ysabel.
Highway 79, north of the reservation, was also closed and traffic was being re-routed to Highway 76. Mandatory evacuations are in effect for the city of Ramona and San Diego Country Estates, Poway is in the line of the fire and even Escondido is potentially vulnerable. Many highways have been closed, or are one-way westbound to allow people to escape. Residents may call the City of San Diego Community Access Phone at (619) 570-1070 for additional fire information. A link to the Channel 10 TV news for San Diego is here and channel 8 news is here.The San Diego emergency information website here, is swamped and not responding at this time. The California fire website is also swamped and not responding.
An evacuation center was set up for displaced residents at Poway High School at 15500 Espola Road but this has now been moved to the Mira Mesa Highschool because the northeast section of Poway may be threatened by the fire.

7:00 p.m. While all of this is happening we now hear from Tony (ej) in San Diego who is worrying about fires and Santa Ana winds up there.

There are fires raging in San Diego and a huge one near Malibu. One started a couple of hours ago east of me here in La Jolla. You can see the plumes of smoke on the weather satellite picture to the left. The smoke passing over makes the sun a bloody orange color. Probably 30 miles east of me but it is still worrying for all those people in its path (Ramona and San Diego Country Estates). I hear fire engine sirens in the distance heading inland. You can smell fire in the air. Even Baja is burning. People in Tijuana are being advised to stay indoors as smoke and ash from the Tecate fire is falling on the city.
I am in and out and trying to stay calm.

Sunday October 21, 3:00 p.m Things are almost identical to my last statistics. The winds are still whipping through the trees with readings of 22 mph; meaning gusts up to 30mph continue. The water is ferocious even though we are at low tide, heading out. And visibility is still no more than 1/2 mile. All of our homes will be collecting at least some dust; you just can't keep this kind out. We have at least one cloth carport completely torn up. Most people closed up their awnings before it started. Although this is not favored weather, it does make one come alive. (st)

Sat: a.m.
MEXICO CITY (AP) — Residents in western Mexico prepared Saturday to be sideswiped by Tropical Storm Kiko, which picked up strength and was expected to gain hurricane force in coming hours.
Kiko was expected to become a hurricane by late Saturday, although forecasters at the U.S. National Hurricane Center said the storm's eye would likely move northwest, parallel to Mexico's Pacific coast before heading out to sea.

7 a.m. Strong winds picked up during the night. This morning it is so dusty out there you cannot see the mountains to the west, and visibility towards town, and to the East is limited. The wind is wild and the incoming tide is very stormy. Some reported that last night it felt like we had 30mph strength. This morning we have cool, north winds reading 22 mph but again gusts threatening to 25-30 mph. We will be watching this throughout the day. (st) Yesterday's Max 87 F, Min 68 F. Humidity currently 23%.

Here is the tidecam picture at 8:30 a.m. this morning. You could still just see the mountains across the bay. Now, at 10 a.m. the visibility is down to probably half a mile and we can see nothing but rough water. (ej)



Saturday October 20, 7 a.m. Although cool in the mornings, our temperatures will reach the high 80's this afternoon. Tomorrow is destined to be a little cooler with very dry air and gusty winds from the north. Then we will begin to warm up again during the early part of next week. Through this all clear skies and sunny days will stay with us. There's nothing on tap this week-end except the little Theatre, but most of the guys are finding time to clearn up and gear up their toys for all the activity expected with the return of the remaining snowbirds. (st) Yesterday's Max 85 F, Min 67 F. Humidity currently 27%.

Friday October 19, 7 a.m. A beautiful morning, a little warmer with soft breezes from the SW. Gusty to windy conditions will develope in Arizona late Saturday night through Sunday night along with much cooler temperatures for Sunday. Assuming this will affect our corner of the world we can expect a dip in the weather statistics through Sunday. It should then warm back up and by Thursday be back to today's great readings. Notice the nights are getting so much cooler (and refreshing). Tropical Storm Kiko is now headed out into the Pacific.(st) Yesterday's Max 82 F, Min 66 F. Humidity currently 27%.

Thursday October 18 7 a.m. Sunny days and clear skies shall prevail over the next two days. And the winds have quieted. We should return to Seasonal normals, and pass well above them on Friday heading into yet another October week-end. Tropical Storm Kiko is inching up to the Pacific side of the Baja, but does not appear threatening. It may even die out before it ever reaches the coast. (st) Yesterday's Max 92 F, Min 68 F. Humidity currently 35

Wednesday October 17, 1:00 p.m. The winds have completely died down and we just hit the temperature of 90 F with a humidity of 31%. We had an attendance of 80 people gathered at the San Felipe ARP meeting this morning, and the talk automatically turned to the Dune Buggy outings, so popular with many guys. This time they plan a dining-tour with polish-sausage with trimmings, all out there in the desert hills. In this weather everyone will want to go. 7:00 p.m. Strong, gusty winds from the west continued all through the night and will be with us at least through the morning. These are not cold winds, in fact it is very pleasant out there. We will watch it through the day. (st) Yesterday's Max 84 F, Min 71 F. Humidity currently 30%

Tuesday October 16, 7:00 p.m. As the sun was going down the winds came up. I swear the wind wistled through the limbs of the trees like it was going 25 mph. However using my wind-gauge I could only get a reading of 17 mph; strong enough to encourage us to gather our sweaters around us as we sat socializing around the table on the patio. The temperature reads 78 and the humidity 27. Who could ask for more. 7 a.m. Already the trees are a-rocking with cool, early morning breezes from the NW. We can expect blowing sand throughout most of the day and into tomorrow with slightly cooler temperatures; no moisture anywhere. However, it is all very invigorating. Wherever you have grass or cement it is actually very pleasant to be out there working, playing or just walking on the beach with the wind blowing through your hair. Some will even be out kite-flying or even para-sailing, unless the dust kicks up. It may be too strong for the Ultra-lites, enjoyed by most tourists. Enjoy! (st) Yesterday's Max 84 F, Min 68 F. Humidity currently 31%

Monday October 15, 7 a.m. Today our warm temperatures will be with us. Tomorrow should be cool and breezy, but then it will kick right back up there. They promise a warming trend Thursday through Saturday. At this hour it is still cool and quiet, kindof like Monday is creeping up on us. Many around town have picked up the flue bug, I one among them. However it only lasted 3 days over the week-end. Friends around me are all taking their turns. Flue Shots in town are limited as it is already too late. We're all looking forward to a good week now. (st) Yesterday's Max 83 F, Min 65 F. Humidity currently 31%

Sunday October 14, 7 a.m. No harm caused by the soft breezes of yesterday and throughout the night. In fact our dune buggy enthusiasts enjoyed it immensely. Today it should be calm with a warmer trend promising to be a beautiful day. (st) Yesterday's Max 82 F, Min 66 F. Humidity currently 37%

Saturday October 13, 7 a.m. Down with the humidity, up with the winds and blowing dust. This ought to raise the adrenalin for Pete's Camp Poker Racers which has become a huge event through the years. Many of the snowbirds set their summer schedules to return in time for this poker race. The weather couldn't be nicer. A ridge of high pressure will move across the area today bringing back the warmer temperatures by Monday.(st) Yesterday's Max 83 F, Min 67 F. Humidity currently 33%

Friday October 12, 7 a.m. The humidity is back up there this morning. A strong, low pressure system is expected to move across this area today, tonight and through Saturday bringing warm, gusty winds from the south and the southwest. Lower temperatures will likely follow, but by Monday this will all reverse back to normal. What a nice greeting for all of our returning snowbirds. (st) Yesterday's Max 83 F, Min 64 F. Humidity currently 34%

Thursday October 11, 7 a.m. A huge dark cloud lays down the stretch of the Sea of Cortez. It is not a threatening picture but definitely unexpected. And another Pacific low pressure system is approaching with gusty winds, possibly by late Friday bringing slightly cooler weather with it. This will all bring an end to the fishing scurry we have been having for the last 4 days, with 50 or more pangas out there daily. Indeed it has been an exciting phenomenom for we, on shore, who could be tempted to try our luck also. I am not a fisherman, but I did go on 'Tony Reyes Charter Fishing' boats last year and still keep up with his current reports. (st) Yesterday's Max 83 F, Min 64 F. Humidity currently 34%

Pangas, as far as we could see, north and south. We counted 50 and quit counting.

Wednesday October 10, 7 a.m. Clear skies and soft warm southerly breezes this morning. Stepping out onto the patio we can count 23 pangas already out for the day's fishing. Monday and Tuesday we counted 50 pangas out there. If you didn't know they were fishing pangas you'd think you were at Cabo San Lucas or some other tourist area. Some stayed out late in the evening, or maybe all night. We could see the lights flickering from the shore. The large Shrimp boats are not allowed this far north, but I'm sure some of the smaller boats go out for their little shrimp catch also. Alas, it's great to be in the midst of it all. (st) Yesterday's Max 85 F, Min 64 F. Humidity currently 35%

Tuesday October 9, noon. In town a delightful 80 degrees in the shade with light breezes. Out on the beach a very pleasant 76 F with the water temperature also 76. Very, very quiet. Snowbirds are trickling in for the winter season. (ej) 7 a.m. For 3 days our mornings have been in the 67 F range, but the highs are rising close to the 90's again. The humidity readings are staying dry, in the 20's. Sunday we left for the U.S at around noon and ran into a large dust storm just next to us on the Laguna Salada. Then it took us 1 1/2 to cross the border. Returning yesterday was in clearly pleasant weather, no trouble crossing back into Mexico. This morning the tide is out. Everything is so calm and the promise is for temperatures to go even higher; extending our short Fall, if you will. (st) Yesterday's Max 86 F, Min 61 F. Humidity currently 23%

Monday October 8, 8 a.m. It is Columbus Day in the United States and the post office and banks are closed. Here in San Felipe we had quite a windy weekend and Sunday gave us pounding waves and big swells from the northeast along with blowing sand across the highways. This morning is starting out fine and calm, which is good because we are approaching the new moon (Wednesday night) and that will cause very high tides during Tuesday-Friday. On this date in 1871, the great Chicago fire destroyed much of the downtown area and fires raged across Michigan and Wisconsin because of dry, windy conditions.(ej)

Sunday October 7, 7 a.m. Slowly returning to our normal warm weather pattern for this time of year, with even above normal daytme highs expected later this week, we shall recover from this cold snap thrust upon us from the north yesterday and today. The humidity readings have continued to go down since the high of last Tuesday & Wednesday, then in the 50's. Although traffic is getting heavier, the Malecon remained rather quiet yesterday. However the restaurants were very populated last evening; this cool weather really brings them in. (st) Yesterday's Max 78 F, Min 62 F. Humidity currently 23%.

Saturday October 6, 3 p.m. Fall is over. The winds of last night and today are cooling us down quickly. A week ago sleeping with a single sheet over you was great. Tonight will be two blankets.



The sea water has dropped another couple of degrees and the last swim of the season is close. Out on the beach the temperature is a pleasant 73 degrees with 39%RH. The wind is from the NW at 10-12 kt. Even from this unusual direction, we have whitecaps on the ocean and heavy, rolling swells hitting the shore as you can see from our tidecam. Note to all the people who wrote in today: the shrimp festival is 8-11 November, not this weekend.(ej) My apologies (st)

7 a.m. Wow! We're in the low 60's this morning and expecting a ridiculously cool day. We can blame that cold system coming down from the North. Yes, it will pass, and we should go back to normal next week. We may still have semi-strong winds this afternoon, but that too shall pass. This is a chance to go through your Winter wardrobes. As stated previously, San Felipe has a short Spring and Fall which is again proving true. We may want to take a sweater as we enjoy a walk along the Malecon today. (st) Yesterday's Max 85 F, Min 59 F. Humidity currently 30%.

Friday October 5, 6:00 p.m. Dinner on the patio is a normal ritual at our place. But tonight, within 30 minutes we had to gather up the food and rush into the house because the wind had picked up and is now registering about 20-25 mph. Although from the north it is not a cold breeze, and absolutely no chance of rain is in the forecasts. The temperature now reads 80 with 33% humitiy. (st) 10:30 a.m. The wind is picking up and the sea is showing whitecaps. 81 F on the beach and very pleasant. Heed Shirley's warming about blowing sand on the road to Mexicali across the Salada there are already gusts to 30 kt in the Imperial Valley as the low pressure comes down from the north. San Diego currently has a very cool 64 F 58% RH, gusts from the west 10-18 barometer 29.94 inch; San Felipe 81 F, 45% wind 8 NE. barom 29.68 inches and falling(ej) 7:00 p.m. It is forecast for drier, cooler air from the north, but very windy later today. If this happens, driving across the Laguna Salada area of Highway 5 could become very dangerous. The sand blows across the highway, building up piles along the way. For 7 miles, this is only a 2-lane section, with no shoulders, if even one wheel gets stalled in a sand-pile...that is dangerous! Add to this the poor visibility. The rest of the trip should be very pleasant and when you get to San Felipe, look at those weather temperatures. (st) Yesterday's Max 92 F, Min 74 F. Humidity currently 30%.

Thursday October 4, 7:00 p.m. Back to San Felipe's clear blue skies, soft rippling waters, and just a slight breeze to complete the picture. It is amazing not to see some clouds over the mountains to the west from Pacific morning haze. They do see more dune-buggies out in the valley, gearing up for the Fall Poker Races. The Snarling Chorros Group is planning to enter their one buggy in the Baja 1000 this year. To do this they will have a Fund Raiser to cover the cost of parts and supplies needed and of course, the cost of gas. Like the desert flowers, when the weather is right, we become active. (st) Yesterday's Max 92 F, Min 78 F. Humidity currently 43%.

Wednesday October 3, 7:00 p.m. It sprinkled on till midnight, and then the clouds just faded away. This morning we have a bright, sunshiny day, with just a few clouds left to burn off. We all enjoyed it while we could. Drier conditions and a weak low off of northern Baja are expected, resulting in temperatures cooling each of the next few days. (st) Yesterday's Max 86 F, Min 78 F. Humidity currently 54%.

Tuesday October 2, 7:30 p.m. It has sprinkled off and on throughout the day. The heavy clouds are still with us. And sure enough it has just started a heavy sprinkle, and now it has gone again. I do believe it will continue this way throughout the night. 7:00 a.m. It actually rained off and on all during the night. And heavy clouds still lay over San Felipe this morning. This is badly needed as we haven't had rain in almost 2 years, except for a surprise sprinkle now and then. With warm winds still from the south and high humidity we have a tropical atmosphere. Yesterday you could see heavy equipment taking advantage of the rain, smoothing off dirt roads both in town and in our campos. Shortly the Ocotillos trees should wake up and blossom throughout the area. And any plants that are not strictly Spring plants; those that lay dormant till the next rainfall, should sprout blossoms shortly. This is a shot in the arm. (st) Yesterday's Max 84 F, Min 77 F. Humidity currently 51%.

Monday October 1, 5:00 p.m. All day it lightly sprinkled, off and on. But the ground is a darker color where the sprinkles hit than under cars where they did not. The rain-gauge is barely wet on the bottom, The temperature has reached 83 and the humidity now reads 44 %. st 11:00 a.m. The sea is like a milkpond, smooth and quiet; as is the absence of any breeze. And if you look east, across the Sea, you can barely see the mainland; off to the west the haze is quite heavy over the mountains, suggesting rain in the valleys between here and the Pacific. Our camcorder photo says it like it is, here in San Felipe. The temperature is now up to 83 with humidity of 41%. We have had a light sprinkly off and on for the last 2 hours. A very strange, but welcome day here in San Felipe. st 7:30 a.m. Surprise! It's actually raining. Maybe for only a few minutes. I guess we are getting some of that moisture on it's way north into Arizona. The sky is completely covered with clouds from the middle of the Baja Peninsula north into the U.S. We may get a little sprinkle off and on throughout this entire day, but this is all scheduled to end by Tuesday as the low pressure system continues east. Tropical Storm Juliette is riding out in the Pacific, heading north, but is expected to stay away from land. Well, as expected, those drops ceased after just 10 minutes of pleasant activity. (st) Yesterday's Max 89 F, Min 76 F. Humidity currently 35%.







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