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San Felipe - Archive of weather for March 2008.



Daylight Saving Time began at 2:00 a.m. on the 6th.of April in Baja California (first Sunday). This is four weeks later than the start of DST in the USA (onSunday March 9th)...

Monday 31 March 7 a.m: I wondered why I was so cuddled up this morning. Come to find out the air reads almost 10 degrees cooler than yesterday, but the humidity is down. We were warned that we would have ups and downs throughout this week, the last few days of March. Yesterday during the day the breeze was up and sometime during the night I heard tapping on the window of a tree branch. Without a doubt those clear skies tell us it will be a good day. (st) Yesterday’s Max 75 F, Min 58 F. Humidity currently 35%.

Sunday 30 March 7 a.m: A few clouds have appeared on the scene. And we have a slight breeze with stronger breezes promised later in the day. But oh, the wonderful feel of spring. Out here at Campo Ocotillos it is so quiet you can hear the call of the sea gulls early in the morning and now the cuckoo birds guarding their nests. Later we will have the dune-buggies and 4-wheelers running up and down the dirt roads enjoying the feel of freedom and the challenge of soft sand here and maybe a hollow over there. During the week they are working on constructing the water system and noise is everywhere and maybe a break in the electric systems if they are not careful. But this is Sunday; the weather is perfect for BBQ's and picnics. (st) Yesterday's Max 78 F, Min 55 F. Humidity currently 60%.

Saturday 29 March- Morning report Very pleasant weather! The nights have been excellent for sleeping with cool and calm conditions and the days are perfect for a stroll along the beach towards Punta Estrella to have a look at the new housing going up there. I think that eventually we will have a whole new city of planned communities to the south. Downtown is still quite busy with the annual vacationers from Ensenada and Mexicali who are taking advantage of the school holidays to enjoy a relaxing visit. However, school starts again on Monday and everyone is getting ready to leave for home. All of the locals are taking a rest from the hectic pace of life of Easter week and soon we will be back to normal. The shrimp season is now officially over, though you can still get fresh catch if you ask around and the restaurants have some excellent fish and shrimp dishes that go very well with a glass of wine or beer. 72 F on the beach and 75 in town at 10 a.m. (ej)

Friday 28 March- Lunchtime update. Calm and pleasant on the beach with 71 degrees and 70% RH. Light easterly breezes. This week is still the period when the children are out of school and the Malecon is crowded. When I went for fish tacos yesterday afternoon, every restaurant was packed with happy families enjoying the weather and the laid-back atmosphere of San Felipe after Semana Santa. Local businesses stayed open long hours to take care of the Easter crowds but we are all thankful that the crush is over for another year. In town it is noisy with quads running up and down the streets with lots of kids on each one. 77 degrees and 45% RH. (ej)

7:00 a.m: We have a rather uneventful weather pattern into early next week. Clear skies with some high cloudiness, and soft breezes will be the norm. We had another beautiful sunrise this morning around 5:00 a.m.because there was a bank of clouds sitting on our horizon. As the sun passed these in it's path it became our normal glittering self with blinding reflection on the water. Again the cry of the seagulls rang clear and loud, enough to waken anyone sleeping on the beach. TGIF.(st) Yesterday's Max 81 F, Min 59 F. Humidity currently 29%.

Thursday 27 March - Afternoon update Very, very pleasant out on the beaches with 71 degrees and light easterly winds. In town we have a sweltering 77 degrees and it is time to go for a fish taco or two.

The spring break crowds take over the bay beaches.

Mid-morning update from the bay beaches. The tide is out and there is a huge expanse of sand with its little rivulets that drain the water back to the sea. Around the harbor and the Marina Resort there are maybe 40 people out walking or getting ready to go into the sea. It is still quite cool for the end of March. In past years it would be about 4 degrees warmer than it is today. Looking south to Punta Estrella there are maybe 20 people, one truck and a military helicopter in sight. Demonstrating good security is very important to our town and for our tourists and residents alike. The breeze is just light puffs from the east which brings in the cool air and higher relative humidity. 70 degrees with 82% RH. (ej)

7:00 a.m: My goodness it is almost blinding this morning. Clear, skies reflecting on the rippling waters. Earlier we had our usual beautiful red sunrise, which every visitor should plan to see. It is one of the greatest thrills of San Felipe because we are on an infinite beach with unlimited view across the waters. We headed for the border on Tuesday in temperatures of 90 F. After 1 1/2 hour wait to cross, unable to use air-conditioning, we were dripping hot, the car was hot and it was a totally unhappy experience. However the stores and restaurants all have air-conditioning. After a busy day, a motel never looked so good. Yesterday as we travelled home we noticed it was much cooler than in El Centro. Normally there is a 10 degree difference. It's always good to get home. (st) Yesterday's Max 82 F, Min 58 F. Humidity currently 29%.

Wednesday 26 March Afternoon update. On the beach 72 degrees with 60% RH and light easterly breezes. The tide is close to high. Some thin, high cloud is passing overhead and there are many jet contrails visible as traffic passes over our fair town on its way from Southern California to the big resorts of Mexico. Thank goodness they do not stop here and spoil our tranquility. In the garden it is 82 degrees and super-perfect for an afternoon barbeque. I scanned the beach again and we have around 100 people, five dogs and one Hobie in sight in the five mile stretch to Punta Estrella. Most of the people are around the Marina Resort and I expect that their palapa bar on the beach will be doing good business. (ej).

Morning report. It is calm and pleasant out on the beach this morning, 71 degrees and 60% RH. The tide is low and there are vast stretches of flat sand with small tidepools to explore. Already I can count fifteen people out on the five mile stretch from the harbor south to Punta Estrella. There are some spring break students in a condo down the street from me and I have to say that they seem very well behaved. No loud music and not a single firework let off during the night to disturb the sleep of our senior citizens. Reports are now filtering in about how many people visited Baja over the Easter weekend. In Rosarito the authorities reported that the town was packed, though people who live there tell us that it was actually very quiet. There were unbelievably large numbers reported in the Mexicali papers, 147 thousand visitors to San Felipe! (La Cronica, Mexicali: Según las autoridades municipales, San Felipe recibió durante la Semana Santa uno 147 mil vacacionistas, lo que representa más del doble de quienes visitaron este puerto durante el 2007, en esta misma temporada.) That number would be double anything we have previously experienced and seems totally out-of-line with what we saw for ourselves. I think that the people counting the crowds must have been drinking too much. I guess we will get a better measure of the economic activity when the figures are published for the revenues from the hotel occupancy taxes come out. (ej)

Tuesday 25 March Noon update. Out along the beach the temperature is 71 degrees with a very light easterly wind. Humidity is 65%. All is quiet. I see a few people sunbathing in chairs stretched out and pointing south towards the sun. Some high cloud is around but nothing over town at this time. At the office in town we have 74 degrees and 45% RH. Being just a few hundred yards away from the beach makes all the difference in the climate. Over at the airport which is 3 kilometers inland, the temperature is reported as 86 degrees and the relative humidity 20%. What I am illustrating is how local our climate is here on the edge of the desert. Bear this in mind when the summer comes; we will have moist air with 90 degrees on the beach but 110 F with bone dry conditions just a couple of miles away from the water. (ej)

7:00 a.m: Every day seems just a little warmer with the strong March sun doing its job. A few high clouds may mar the picture but temperatures might reach almost to the 90's today. Everyone I've talked to just loves it. We awoke to the heavy chattering of Sea Gulls enjoying the trapped fish and litter caught in the wake of the low tides. When they quieted, almost in unison, the sound of the bees in the early blossoms, and the mated birds tending their nests took up the chorus. Back to thechatter of the Sea Gulls. It never ends. With the Easter crowds behind us we are settling into the early Spring mode. Maybe we'll actually see the construction game get back into play.... it has been virtually nil for some time now. (st) Yesterday's Max 86 F, Min 62 F. Humidity currently 22%.

Monday 24 March 7:00 a.m: We have a soft NW breeze to fan our coffee this morning. It is lovely out here, all quiet after this past week of dune-buggy; three-wheeler; fireworks; and excited chatter. Today the action will all be down at the Marina Resort. And after the bulk of the action moves on, that too will be quiet. Even the police force will have moved out. Too soon to make a U.S. run though. The border will be too busy both ways, people still leaving and the work week has started. Above normal temperatures are the talk of the week and should last into the week-end, they say. (st) Yesterday's Max 84 F, Min 64 F. Humidity currently 21%.

EASTER Sunday 23 March 10 a.m. On the beach - The northeast wind is coming up (now 10 mph) and we have whitecaps developing on the sea. Tents, umbrellas and sunshades are flapping and people are packing up for the journey home. 72 degrees with 48% RH and cloudless skies.

7:00 a.m: Above normal temperatures are staying with us through our entire Easter week-end. Clear skies are only marred by the dust and sand raised by the many 4-wheelers and vehicle traffic who like to play on our famous sand dunes. Great for them, not too good for us. However, the police are doing a great job of keeping order allowing everyone to have a great time in their own way. Because the low tides read -1.6 these mornings we have lots of would-be clam & muscle diggers and shrimp is still available. Look around and you'll find many new recipes concocted by those BBQ-ing on the beach combining various sea-foods. Don't forget the 'SOLE Baja Travesia' events down at the Marina Resort actually starting tomorrow.(st) Yesterday's Max 82 F, Min 56 F. Humidity currently 21%.

Saturday 22 March 7:00 a.m: Caramba! We hit 80 F yesterday. And it is expected our warmest days will be Sunday and Monday. How wonderful for our Easter guests. Clear skies, calm waters and little wind for our beach lovers. What couild be better than that. The 'SOLE Baja Travesia' is the highlight for this week-end, actually starting on Monday, down at the Marina Resort. See our cover page for details. But I for one will not travel these roads during this mad week in town. I think we'll picnic on one of the northern beaches for today and attend an Easter Party at our friend's home on Sunday. By Tuesday we should be able to travel the roads safely again. (st) Yesterday's Max 80 F, Min 60 F. Humidity currently 23%.

Friday 21 March 7:00 a.m: The days are lovely, but we are not yet into the 80's as expected. That north-west wind, although not strong, cancells the love of sunbathing if you are not directly in the sun. Some friends of mine who were north of town enjoying the safety of the beach most of the afternoon yesterday say they did get a little sunburned and loved it. The 'SOLE Baja Travesia' coming to the Marina Resort on saturday is a good place to spend the days to stay out of the traffic this week-end. See our cover page for details.(st) Yesterday's Max 74 F, Min 61 F. Humidity currently 29%.

Thursday 20 March Noon. Town is very busy and cars, trucks and campers are parked everywhere. People are flooding in to San Felipe and we expect that some 40,000 visitors will be here this weekend. The authorities have apparently given permission to allow vendors to sell beer on the Malecon, though glass bottles are prohibited. There was quite a line at the police station to pay tickets this morning. In town we have thin cloud drifting over with light breezes and 70 degrees. Out on the beach there are quads and trucks racing up and down with temperatures around 66 Fahrenheit.(ej).

7:00 a.m. 1st day of Spring: The winds have changed back to a north-westerly flow which I think is keeping our promise of warmer weather to a minimum. However, high pressure and clear skies continue; we will have beautiful weather throughout the entire week-end. I witnessed 20 police cars lined up, with their sirens blaring, entering San Felipe's down-town malecon area exactly at 4:00 p.m. Wednesday. These were undoubtedly the increased police force we have received from Mexicali for the start of the long holiday week-end ahead. I also have heard of some serious accidents already. Please have respect for our little town. (st) Yesterday's Max 79 F, Min 56 F. Humidity currently 32%.

Wednesday 19 March 2 p.m. The crowds are coming in and cars loaded to the gills with camping equipment, barbeques, coolers and cases of beer are streaming down from Mexicali. Last night, I saw a steady stream of American cars heading north to the border - retirees who do not want to be caught in the noise and mayhem that is on tap for the next few days. Police patrol cars are going up and down the highway and there are many broken down vehicles on the soft shoulders already. The good news is that the four lane highway is open all the way from the Arches to the Villas de Cortez development just to the south of the Cerro el Moreno.

"This is one of the earliest Easters that I can remember. In fact, I think it is the earliest since 1913 and won't be this early again for another 220 years! Today is the vernal equinox and Friday is the full moon, which means that Sunday is Easter Day"

Of course, this early Easter means that the sea is still cool (66 degrees) and the weather is not as warm as usual. Right now in town we have 72 degrees with 42% RH. On the beach it is 67 degrees with breezes from the east at 4-8 mph. "Bracing". (ej) 7:00 a.m. The winds have changed to the SE today. High pressure continues, resulting in rising temperatures. Clear nights and sunny days are here again. The spring equinox actually occurs tonight at 10:48 p.m. but Spring officially begins on the calendar tomorrow, 3/20/08. The daylight savings date continues to lag behind the U.S. It is still on the winter schedule and will not change till April 6 in Baja. But nothing can dampen my spirits because we are back on sunshine schedule in San Felipe. (st) Yesterday's Max 78 F, Min 58 F. Humidity currently 31%.

Tuesday 18 March 7:00 a.m. Hallelua! High pressure brings welcome warming weather through Thursday. Then it will level off with clear nights and sunny days throughout Easter week-end. Clear, blue skies, calm waters, and no wind at this moment. Stepping out into 70 degree temperatures is so welcoming after the long cold spell we've been under. This is what visitors come for. Enjoy.(st) Yesterday's Max 70 F, Min 50 F. Humidity currently 22%.

3/17/08 Natalicio de Benito Juarez (observed) Monday .[Actual 3/21]] Banks closed

Monday 17 March 7:00 a.m. St. Patty's Day and Benito Juarez holiday celebrations may luck out. It is supposed to start warming in the desert areas, maybe even here today. We will still have some north winds but they too should be calming. It is blue skies everywhere and calm waters. Let the parties begin:(st) Yesterday's Max 64 F, Min 46 F. Humidity currently 31%.

Sunday 16 March 7:00 a.m. Hi guys. Windy conditions persist. We travelled Hwy 10 and Hwy 8 across Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and down through the Baja. It was strong winds all the way, some places quite dusty. I expected dust storms crossing the Laguna Salada down, but by evening that was not so. However I hear there were strong dust patches in the desert yesterday for the races and spectators. This morning we have one very heavy cloud sitting just north of San Felipe, and other smaller heavy clouds dotting the area around. Otherwise clear skies. Hoping for the best for today's races. (st) Yesterday'sMax 72 F, Min 48 F. Humidity currently 31%.

Saturday 15 March 11 a.m. A nice day for the Baja 250 - not too hot and not too cold. Thin, high cloud is coming over our region from the storm that is off the Pacific coast of California. We will get some windy conditions later with blowing dust on the roads, but this will be masked by the dust kicked up by all the racers. Not a soul on the beach, everyone is at the races. Mid 70's by the water, 80 in town, near 90 in the deserts. (ej)

Friday 14 March 8:15 a.m. It's a little overcast, but not by much and the sun is working its way through. We are promised a beautiful day for contingency on the Malecon. The wind is very calm however, the birds aren't singing loudly which I normally hear each morning. So race weekend is finally here. We should have 80 F today, so let's all enjoy it. (kh)

Thursday 13 March 9:30 a.m. Sorry for the late weather report. Although we may have some clouds here and there today, it's clear and sunny at the moment. We have no wind to speak of and it's already 68 F so I would expect it to reach at least 90 F today. How sweet. More racers haved moved in to San Felipe. We've seen huge trucks coming in and today there will be more. Friday morning at 9:00 ish is when contingency is on the Malecon. You can go down and check out the race cars. Let's hope the weather holds up for the race. (kh) Yesterdays max: 87 F; min 57F Humidity is at 37%.

Wednesday 12 March 3 p.m. On the beach. Surprisingly cloudy! A loop of the jetstream is bringing cloud and moisture down the California coast and swirling over the Colorado delta before heading into Arizona and northern New Mexico. Sprinkles are coming to San Diego and possibly even the El Centro-Mexicali area. No rain is expected in San Felipe in the next week. Calm water and 73 degrees on the beach. (ej)

8:23 a.m. I was told yesterday by Greeneyes, our local meterologist, that it couldn't have been 90 F in the last couple of days. He gave a good explanation of why it was impossible, but I read two different thermometers. So let's just say it got pretty warm. Today looks like a repeat of yesterday. There's no wind and the sun's shining brightly. Let's pray the weather holds up for the weekend. Pre-racers and their crews will be rolling into town the rest of the week to get ready for the big event, the Score-Tecata Baja 250. Be there or be square. (kh) Yesterday's high 91 F; min. 57 F; Humidity is now 32%

Tuesday 11 March 8:20 a.m. We have absolutely beautiful weather today. The wind is at a standstill and I see no clouds other than the soft, wispy kind. Did you see the high yesterday? Spring has definitely sprung and pre-racers report a desert full of wild flowers. Don't forget about the Steak in the Park at 1:00 p.m. today sponsored by the San Felipe Rotary Club - perfect weather for an outdoor picnic. (kh)

Monday 10 March 8:45 a.m. It's a little tough writing a weather report without a working thermometer. Mine isn't working unless you really believe it's 80 F outside right now! You'll be glad as well when our weather gal returns from Texas. We have zero wind today and lots of sun; at least for now. The wind will probably pick up a little bit, but other than that, we have a great sunny Monday in San Felipe. The cancer walk was a success and you can see photos in Kat's Gallery tomorrow. (kh)

Sunday 9 March 2 p.m. Sorry to be late with the weather but nothing is happening. The wind is calm, the tide is high and it is a pretty tranquil afternoon in San Felipe. Along the beach we have temperatures in the low 70's and slowly the water is starting to warm up. Easter is almost upon us and the crowds will be descending on our fair city for the Baja 250 next Friday. I hear that there are still good condos available for rent - check our business page. (ej)

Saturday 8 March 10:30 a.m. Thin, high, cloud with light but very pleasant breezes off the sea. A great day for the Cancer Walk this morning. The high for today should break 80 degrees as long as the winds stay the way they are now.(ej).

Friday 7 March 8:21 a.m. We have slight clouds to the south, a slight wind and the sun is peeking out from behind a cloud right now. It looks like the wind may pick up, but we should have a sunny day. I was reading the Weather Channel's page today for information and it said our humidty was at 72% I don't think so! Tomorrow is the 2nd Annual Cancer Walk. Be at the arches to register at around 8:00 a.m. and the walk to the Malecon will begin at about 10:00 a.m. Happy Friday! (kh) Yesterday's High 62 F; min 49 F; Humidity is 20%

Thursday 6 March 8:30 a.m. The wind is blowing like crazy but the sun's shining brightly and the skies are blue. We have a jet stream coming straight from the north, which means we'll have cooler weather until this stream passes. The humidity is at about 15% and the wind seems to be getting stronger. Hold onto your hats! (kh) Yesterday's Max 79 F, Min 54. Humidity currently at about 16%.

Wednesday 5 March 8:30 a.m. We had a drop in temperature last night and as you can see, our low was 47 F and it's a bit nippy out this morning. Hopefully, these clouds will split and we'll have a sunny, windless day. Oh, how I yearn for Spring! Although, if you take a drive out of town and into the desert, you can see the sprays of spring wild flowers. Very pretty. If you haven't heard a San Felipe Pod Cast yet, click here to listen. We've had some interesting guests on and we'll be recording one tomorrow with Steven from SFAR. Don't forget about the cancer walk on Saturday. (kh) Yesterday's Max 77, Min 47. Humidity currently 33%.

Tuesday 4 March 8:30 a.m. Our weather gal, Shirley, is out of town again so we'll cover for her while she's galavanting around the globe. We have slight winds, clear skies and a sunny day. It is a bit brisk out, but not windy like yesterday. The forecast is for warming trends towards the end of the week, but we'll just have to wait and see. Get ready for the 2nd Annual Cancer Walk on March 8. Happy Tuesday! (kh) Yesterday's Max 77, Min 51. Humidity currently 27%.

Monday 3 March 7 a.m. Strong north winds blew the entire night and are still whipping us this morning. The promise is that they will die down later in the day and we will begin to recover our warmer temperatures. This morning we can see the mountains, meaning the dust is a little more settled. Expect cooler, breezier conditions on Wednesday, but not like this. So we'll just pick up our lawn chairs and get ready for a new week.(st) Yesterday's Max 74 F, Min 56 F. Humidity currently 25.

Sunday 2 March 3 p.m. Oh my goodness! What a day. It is blowing like crazy out there. The sea is just a mass of whitecaps and big, heavy, swells while the skies are dark with blowing sand and dust. I went out briefly to hold my Kestrel up to the wind and we have 20 mph northerly breezes, 69 degrees and 37% RH. The Hobie Cat regatta people were lucky to get the perfect day we had yesterday.(ej)

9 a.m. My goodness but that is no longer a breeze. It is an 18-23 mph wind. White caps have appeared on the waters. What will that do to the Hobie-Cat Regatta? Temperatures now read 70.5 F and humidity now 31 % we will surely have sandstorms out over the luguna salada area along the highway 5 between Mexicali and San Felipe. Drive carefully. st

7 a.m. Clear but somewhat hazy skies greet us this morning, especially over the mountains. A soft northern breeze is expected to increase throughout the day with areas of blowing dust. We are then promised drier and warmer weather through Wednesday. This will please the Hobie Cat's final day of the Regatta. Yesterday there was a Home Show, especially interesting to the owners of many new homes currently in construction. Also Las Amigas sponsored an annual Poker buggy run. Last evening we gathered at Juanita's Restaurant on Highway 5 for a Saturday Singles night. No end of things to do.(st) Yesterday's Max 71 F, Min 57 F. Humidity currently 33.

Saturday 1 March 7 a.m. Completely quiet this morning; expecting some breeze later today but more through Sunday. Bummer! Stronger north winds with patchy blowing dust along the colorado river will be the norm tomorrow. We completed our 4 day fishing tour to the islands below Bay of Gonazaga and back to our own Island Consag yesterday. As we pulled into the harbor we could see that cloud bank from the other side. We also enjoyed watching the Regatta practicing from the other side. Then as we came through it everything was like home again, clear weather and lots of activity. (st) Yesterday's Max 72 F, Min 50 F. Humidity currently 41.




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