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San Felipe - Archive of weather for June 1 through July 6, 2011.

  notice::::  NO REPORTS 7/6 - 9/10/2011

-------------------------------Tuesday, July 5, 9:a.m. The monsoons are still with us for the next few days.  Temperatures remain normal (around 100°F) but may rise a little through Friday. Heavy clouds hang around but do not seem a threat here.  We continue to have breezes 10-15 mph at times but nothing like Sunday night. Through it all that tropical sunshine remains strong through the days, but morning and evenings are great. It is amazing how everyone is out doing minor construction and chores.  They just keep their shirt on and heads covered.  Good advice for the rest of us.  We locals have learned how to live with it. ...ST (yesterday's ;Max 95°F Min 85°F)

I am leaving tomorrow morning for a small vacation.  So there will be no weather monolog for awhile.  Hope everyone enjoys the summer ahead. ST

Independence Day: Monday, July 4, 9:a.m. See important note above:
Thank goodness we did not have such strong winds last night, a chance for recovery and repairs to any storm damage from the night before (our roof for one). Yesterday was cooler here than expected and today will be just a little above normal. With few clouds in the sky the chance of rain here is little to none. Watch out for areas of blowing dust across the dry lake beds for those who have to travel home this afternoon. After today we will be into our summer season. Those of us who remain caretakers of our camps will find it rather quiet.  Our prayers go out for Jonie Kahn, of our camp, who is now on the mend from pneumonia. Our prayers also go out to the passengers on the ERIK fishing boat which capsized during the storm last night. ....ST

Sunday, July 3, 9:a.m. The winds picked up substantially about 11:00 p.m.and remained strong till about 3:00 a.m. I took my wind gauge out around midnight to get the reading: 21-27 mph (that means possibly 30+ mph gusts. And it was still hot for sleeping; the low at about 3:00 was still 85°F. The clouds are rolling in but there is no sign of rain. Expec t a lot of blowing dust, especially travelling across the dry lake beds. The prognosis remains about the same throughout the holidays...ST (yesterday's Max 106°F; Min 85°F

I took the liberty of printing the exact forecast for today from NWS: Today: Mostly sunny, with a high near 108. Heat index values as high as 113. Breezy, with a south southeast wind between 14 and 18 mph, with gusts as high as 25 mph.

It appears as a double sunrise.  This is the hottest day this year, 100°F at 9:00 a.
                                       Photo by Mel Bohnert

Saturday, July 2, 9:a.m. Clear skies, with just a few clouds and hot, hot, hot sunny weather today.  No relief expected. High pressure continues to strengthen over the SW.  We can expect the hottest day so far. Thank goodness humidity is on the decrease. Expect that to help lower the daytime temperatures a little starting tomorrow. However we can expect temperatures all this coming week to remain above normal. If you plan to enjoy the water be sure to wear sunscreen and a hat. WE..shall remain inside till this evening when the Saturday Singles head for a cool restaurant for dinner.. ....ST (yesterday's Max 103°F; Min 82°F

Friday, July 1, 9:a.m. The long awaited July is just beginning with a prognosis of very high temperatures today and tomorrow of 113°F and 118°F respectively with NW winds. We can also expect warm nights in the low 80's and 90's. We might as well plan to hibernate on Saturday if not expecting visitors. Watch out for brown-outs; everyone will be using their A/C.  I hope the city can handle it.  On Sunday we shall have a SW wind to help cool us down some for Monday, July 4th. In spite of all of this we expect visitors from the cities will find the waterfront breezes will moderate our temperatures and make this week-end an enjoyable one and productive for our little town. . ....ST (yesterday's Max99°F; Min 81°F

Thursday, June 30 , 9:a.m. They expect the weather to be extremely hot for the next 3 days.  But last night and this morning we found it a little cooler, and a little less humid. This will change quickly.  Amazingly we have many visitors in town to escape the heat from Mexicali,Calexico and El Centro.  The cities on the Pacific coast are enduring fog and cool weather, therefore San Felipe is a great get-away for S.D and L.A. residents if you'd rather be warmer than cool. We have the water and plenty of cafes and cool spots for those afternoon breaks.  See you there . ....ST (yesterday's Max 101°F; Min 78°F)

Wednesday, June 29, 9:a.m. With clear skies and a nice northern breeze this morning it is downright beautiful. We now have a temperature forecast for all next week, including Tuesday, July 4 (see the NWS forecast above). The average of 100°F is good through Thursday but watch out for Friday and Saturday. Opposite of this is freezing San Diego. ( see the NWS forecast above) Back here in San Felipe, we should return to normal for the 4th of July holiday, meaning...we who are lucky enough to be on the waterfront can expect a normal 100°F-to 106°F in town).  . ....ST (yesterday's Max 97°F; Min 80°F)

Tuesday, June 28, 9:a.m. Maybe the cloud cover is helping but we're grateful that it is even a shade cooler on the thermometer today. Expect it to climb quickly.  With excessive heat and rising humidity we may see some dry thunderstorms with lightening across the water these days. Moderating Wednesday and Thursday we expect it to again rise into the extreme temperatures for the 4th of July week-end.  Most of us who expect visitors will plan indoor activities during the afternoon resting period.  Mornings and evenings will be beautiful (as shown). Besides you can definitely wear skimpy clothing and get away with it as you come off of the beach for a thirst refresher. We'll have live music entertainment on Saturday and Sunday to while away the evenings and definitely, Mariachies on the malecon.  So plan accordingly and come on down.....ST (yesterday's Max 97°F; Min 80°F)

It's 5:00 a.m. The sun is just rising over light clouds. It's going to be another hot, but beautiful day in San Felipe.
                                                       Photo by M Bohnert

Monday, June 27, 9:a.m. We've now hit our 3rd day of 100+ F and expect more tomorrow. But as yet this morning I have not turned on the A/C...just fans.  That constant breeze makes all the difference.  More than likely, in town everyone is using it, especially the stores and businesses.  However, we cool the sleeping area for about 2 hours, then use only the fans for the rest of the night. It is really very bearable.They are forecasting highs of 100+ F today and tomorrow with increasing humidity. Sorry to say they expect a high on Friday of 113 °F (i don't yet know about the July 4th week-end as a whole)....ST (yesterday's Max 100°F; Min 78°F)

Sunday, June 26, 9:a.m. Hotter and hotter.  Is this the last week of June; where did the first half of this year go? After July 4th we'll have hot days and humidity to get through till September's Labor Day. Just a few miles away we can escape the roughest days by driving up to San Mateas or Trinity Valley, at the 3000' level, or go even further over the mountains to Ensenada and Rosarita on the Ocean side. But then you have the morning and evening fog, and sometimes heavy, cold winds and rains. The cost of motels, entertainment, and food & gas...is it worth it? Instead, we chose to swim and play in the mornings, hunker down in good air-conditioning during the hot afternoons, and share Happy Hour and BBQ on the patio with friends and neighbors in the evenings. Save your money! Where can you get a better, more economical vacation than right here at home. ....ST (yesterday's Max 98F; Min 80F) 

Saturday, June 25, 9:a.m. It's more of the same.  Above average temperatures are forecast to continue at least through next Thursday.  Therefore we expect the week-end to continue on the same path with high humidity. Here, on the waterfront side of San Felipe it is still very pleasant.  I took the dogs for their walk about 3:30 yesterday afternoon when you would expect it to be unbearable. But no! It was very pleasant with a 3-5 mph breeze coming off of the water as we walked and played.  Many families will take to the water this week-end; just be mindful of sunburns. A repeat from yesterday ...."The Record 250 Off Road Ensenada-San Felipe rally takes place this week-end. Everyone will be at the Arches, the finish line this afternoon. Don't forget to pick up a kitty or a puppy, free for adoption, on your way home (see calendar of current events on our home page" ....ST (yesterday's Max 98F; Min 80F)  

A note of interest found on google:  July is a month with 5 Saturdays, 5 Sundays and 5 Mondays.  This has not happened for 824 years. Also, if you take the year you were born and add your age today, you will get the restult of 1111.  How can that be?

Friday, June 24, 9:a.m. That strong, high pressure is still with us. This morning it is so calm out there, with hardly any breeze.  We have above normal temperatures that will stay with us through Wednesday and Thursday of next week. Then they expect a slightly lower daytime high but slightly higher humidity.  However, we on the Sea of Cortez side of Baja are enjoying the summer weather because we are prepared for it. All our heavy projects for the year have been conquered.  Now we look forward to any social events that may come along. The Record 250 Off Road Ensenada-San Felipe rally takes place this week-end. Everyone will be at the Arches, the finish line, tomorrow afternoon. Don't forget to pick up a kitty or a puppy, free for adoption, on your way home (see calendar of current events on our home page....ST (yesterday's Max 97F; Min 78F)

Thursday, June 23, 9:a.m. Another extremely hot day. High pressure persists over our area throughout the next 7-day forcast. Last evening we set the A/C at 72 F but by 2:00 a.m. it was too cool for our comfort. With clear skies, and not much breeze, and mostly from the south, it will again be in the 100F range and blistering in town. I hope all the schools have A/C or close early in the day.  I understand some schools are still open through tomorrow. Many restaurants will close during the 1-4p.m break and only some will re-open, today being a weekday. The laborers definitely take their breaks preferring to start work at 7 a.m. but returning to work in the evenings, sometimes till 7 p.m. OK, fit into this schedule where you can. ...ST (yesterday's Max 102F; Min 76F)

The hottest day of the year; so far
Wednesday, June 22, 9:a.m. Thank goodness the humidity has dropped back to normal. And the water is still cool enough to be refreshing. We even needed A/C for sleeping last night. This is hump day and the hottest day prophesized for this week with high presssure over the SW and our corner of the Baja. Yes, there is a southern breeze this morning but how long will it stay. Best get your chores done early and then plan the rest of your day accordingly. ...ST (yesterday's Max 102F; Min 82F)

The longest day of the year
Tuesday, June 21, 9:a.m. A 52% humidity is still with us. Yesterday the temperature reached 99.1 here on the waterfront; we expect it was 99F in desert areas. Without the breeze it would be torture under a blazing sun. The only real relief is to go swimming but one must cover with clothes or sunscreen. A/C are humming all over town and the Electric Co is fighting to keep up with the demand. My dogs are hidden in dark, cool corners.  And tomorrow is the hottest of these next few days, so be prepared. ...ST (yesterday's Max 92F; Min 77F) 

A hurricane warning was issued Monday night from the resort city of Zihuatanejo northwest to Cabo Corrientes. Watches and tropical storm warnings went out for other parts of the coast. Ports were closed in Acapulco, Manzanillo and Zihuatanejo.

Monday, June 20, 9:a.m. While preparing to write my comments the humidity rose 3 points to 52%.  The dogs came in this morning with wet hair. I'm sure everyone who can, will have their A/C's on early today even though our temperature is not yet in the 90's here on the waterfront.  With clear skies and soft, southern breezes, the sun will get stronger by the hour.  The water should be warming and soon will be great for swimming and boating. It is a busy work-week ahead for most of us, with Father's Day now behind us, and July 4th looming ahead. Let's get on with it. ....ST (yesterday's Max 92F; Min 77F) 

The second tropical storm of the season is creating the announcement of hurricane warnings over the Eastern Pacific and lower Mexico for the next few days. 

Father's Day in U.S. 
Sunday, June 19, 9:a.m. It's hard to believe our thermometer got up to 99F yesterday afternoon but stayed cool throughout the night. While walking the dogs along the waterfront the cool breeze made it so inviting; but when we stepped into a sheltered area where there was no breeze you felt the effects of sun-burning immediately. The water itself is so calm and cool to the touch we should enjoy every day because it will soon get too warm to be refreshing, in my opinion. With extreme fire conditions north of us we can certainly appreciate how wonderful we have it here...at lest for now. Happy BBQ Day for Father's everywhere. ....ST (yesterday's Max 99F; Min 75F)

Saturday, June 18, 9:a.m. Morning breezes, around 5AM or 6AM, are still cool and refreshing.  By 9:00 they seem to change to the south and we are starting to warm up for the day.  By the afternoon and evenings the breezes usually pick up. They are coming from the south today, are warm and sometimes very gusty. I suspect the water is warming a little but can't tell much from the color charts. By evening the winds usually die down somewhat, allowing for outdoor BBQ or Happy Hours. Wednesday we had a New Moon and still have high tides of 16' around 4 pm which tend to erode our sandy shorelines somewhat. Tonight they have a "Saturday Singles" dinner, a chance for those stuck here alone, temperarily or otherwise, to get out among friends. Invite your neighbor who might be also dining alone......ST (yesterday's Max 96F; Min 76F)

Friday, June 17, 9:a.m. Cool breezes from the north each morning belie the fact that the thermometer reaches the 100+ readings in town by afternoon. It was actually cool enough for blankets through the nite. It seems the winds change from north to south before lunch time and the direct sun in clear skies brings us indoors each day. They predict very little change from this picture through Father's Day.  In family tradition, most families will gather in their homes for tacos and burritos, etc while gringos will go strong on hamburgs and beer. Whatever, it will undoubtedly be outside picnic style in perfect weather.....ST (yesterday's Max 96F; Min 76F)

I couldn't help marveling at the photos from the News archives of the huge totoaba pulled out of the local waters in the 1950's.  Go to today's News section and see for yourself.  Thankyou Tony. st.

Thursday, June 16, 9:a.m. Oh, what wonderful weather we are having.  Although all the forecasts predict temperatures in the 100's in town, we on the waterfront are enjoying luxury. In fact the thermometer remained a shade lower all day than predicted. That solf SW breeze makes for dangerous sunburns.  If you are out on a boat enjoying the breeze right off the water, but are not completely shaded, fishing might become costly. We are still not using the A/C, rather keeping cool with just fans. If that is not an answer, go to town in the hot part of the day. Just a suggestion!!!....ST (yesterday's Max 94F; Min 93F)

Wednesday, June 15, 9:a.m.  We expect the temperatures to go down starting tomorrow.  We on the waterfront have not used our A/C yet this year, but I think that is going to change today.  It is already almost 90F We do have a soft north-western breeze off the water but any outdoor chores will definitely be post-poned today. I think we should just give in and go swimming.  ....ST (yesterday's Max 99F; Min 79F)

Flagday in USA...   Tuesday, June 14, 9:a.m. It's getting a little bit warmer each day, undoubtedly hitting the 100F mark in town and out in the desert area where many people do live, some without A/C even.  They rise early in the morning and get their chores done, going to town around 10:00 to visit where they can find plenty of A/C among friends or businesses and maybe their substantial meal of the day.  What do their animals do?  Hide under a box or makeshift shelter throughout the day. After 6 pm. you'll find most return home to gather for some sort of finger foods and the gossip of the day.  Even so, when the sun drops to the west below the mountain line, it gets dark and cools almost instantly here.   People retire early getting ready for yet another day. Mind you, school is still going on in San Felipe.  ....ST (yesterday's Max 96F; Min 75F)

Monday, June 13, 9:a.m.  Don't let the forecasts scare you. In San Felipe we rarely go over the 100F mark unless we are right in town or in the open desert areas.  Here it is absolutely gorgeous.  Clear skies allow the sun to sparkle on the rippling waters which are so clear these days.  We read the updates in today's News section about any polution that might occur here and know some people in town are really making a difference. We feel safe and our kids can really enjoy the beauty of San Felipe.  At this moment there is a soft, cool breeze from the north, great for outdoor morning chores.  By this afternoon the breezes will be from the south, time for Siesta.  That just means break-time to have lunch and indoor chores.  By 4:00 it will be reasonably temperate enough to continue the rest of the day outdoors. ....ST (yesterday's Max 96F; Min 72F)

Sunday, June 12, 9:a.m.  At the beginning of June we were still in the 80's and wondering just when the summer effects would hit us, but since June 4th we have been in the 90's and near 100's in town.  This is normal for June.  Next month is monsoon season and things will change again. Our humidity, which today is a high 49%, will begin to accumulate.  So enjoy our beautiful clear skies and calm blue waters for this period.  Have a picnic on the beach for lunch, but then join the traditional siesta break during the early afternoon hours. Next Sunday is Father's Day...time enough to plan something in town for that special guy. ....ST (yesterday's Max 96F; Min 72F)

Saturday, June 11, 9:a.m.  Although our thermometer read a high of 95 yesterday, it certainly must have been 100F or more in town.  Warm winds are continuing from the SW for the next couple of days.  Most activity has slowed except for fishing which continues all year.  However there is an old rule not to buy shellfish during the months without an 'R' in them because the warm waters make them milky. Soups and gravies are still popular, and fish is still on the menu.  We have plenty of fish in the freezer and it is on our menu at least once a week. If you do choose to go fishing, be sure to cover in clothing or sunscreen.  Sunburns are painful. ....ST (yesterday's Max 95F; Min 72F) 

Friday, June 10, 9:a.m. Warm breezes are now coming from the southern direction bringing up our temperature forecasts to the century mark.  Luckily we are so close to the water our readings remain in the low 90's, possibly 96 in town. The electric companies will be feeling the pressure these days as we begin to use our cooling appliances in the hot afternoons. Many families will be taking to the waterfront for their afternoon breaks. Just two more weeks of school in San Felipe. More and more families from Southern California and Mexicali areas are planning their vacation weekends in San Felipe because it is the nearest town to the waterfront. However, they are still within driving distance, meaning it doesn't help too much with our economy. ....ST (yesterday's Max 93F; Min 74F) 

Thursday, June 9, 9:a.m. Soft, cool breezes continue from the north keeping our temperatures in the low 90's.  In town it may be higher but still below the norm of 100 degrees..MEANING AROUND
THE CENTURY MARK FOR THE DESERTS per NWS: Everything is quiet; the skies, the water, and the air around us as we gaze out over the clear, blue ocean waters. Yes, we are fortunate not to live in the town or back roads of the desert front. However, they are not yet using air-conditioning.  Mexican work hours wisely break between 1:00 & 4:00, laboring in the early morning or later evening hours.  School continues approximately through the 4th week of June in San Felipe, so far not needing A/C. For us this year has been the best. ....ST (yesterday's Max 94F; Min 75F)

Wednesday, June 8, 9:a.m. Clear skies and wonderful cool north breezes continue here. While all around us they predict 100 degrees and more, we in San Felipe are enjoying the very best of spring weather.  Take a walk with us.  Although the direct sunrays are hot and create a sweat on your face, your back is being cooled by the northern breeze, almost like you're up in some tree covedred hills. If you go out fishing and not covered or protected by sunscrean you can be badly burned. We watch the reports of rainstorms in California and raging fires in Arizona, and feel so lucky that we remain in Utopia. ....ST (yesterday's Max 92F; Min 74F)

Tuesday, June 7, 9:a.m. It looks like we'll break into the 90's by this afternoon.  We expect a wonderful, tranquil week through Monday. Clear skies, and soft westerrly type winds, but still from the northwest in SF at this point, keeps us cooler than forecasts predict for the SE California corner. Glad we're not in Fresno where they had heavy rains, lightning and thunderstorms yesterday and it may continue into this morning. Here fishermen should be out enjoying the best of times and their families can be restocking their larders, what with the lift from Memorial Day week-end profits which helped San Felipe greatly. ....ST (yesterday's Max 92F; Min 73F)

Monday, June 6, 9:a.m. We are managing to stay just below the 90's each day although clear skies remain. There is a cool north brease continuing to dominate the picture, with rough waves on the water. With nothing on the calendar we are settling into a very satisfying summer pattern.  We will continue to get warmer each day and night but ony by a degree or so. This is uropi. ....ST (yesterday's Max 86F; Min 71F)

Sunday, June 5, 9:a.m Although some forecasts specify temperatures in the hundreds, San Felipe should remain in the 90's.  With the soft breeze coming in off of the water from the SE this morning the weather is condusive to outdoor entertainment for the day.  In Ensenada they will have the awards from the Baja 500. It is a quiet weekend here in San Felipe just made for the family BBQ's and our own entertainment. The kids will love the water, and some grown-ups also enjoy badminton and beach sports right along with them.  Enjoy .....ST (yesterday's Max 93F; Min 68F)

Saturday, June 4, 9:a.m  Clear skies with warm winds expected to change and come from the south, it's going to be a lot like summer.  We usually are about 10 degrees cooler than Mexicali and El Centro.  With the cool winds coming off of the water it will be tropical summer for the most of us. Some will be heading out to find a good spot to see the Baja 500 go by San Matais.  The rest of us will enjoy a shady spot for the week-end. .....ST (yesterday's Max 91F; Min 67F)

Friday, June 3, 9:a.m  It's already warming up and the skies remain clear. We have a steady north wind this morning but it is not a cool wind. The water is great for fishing; hope the catch is good.  Fish and seafood menus are very popular here but getting a little pricier.  Guess we'll have to go out and catch our own. On 6/3-6/5 there is the Baja 500 but it doesn't go through San Felipe itself. Some enthusiasts will be heading out to catch a glimpse of it going by - only they know the times. For the rest of us, we are getting ready for a nice warm week-end. .....ST (yesterday's Max 83F; Min 75F)

Thursday, June 2, 9:a.m  The clouds have disappeared and the breeze is again from the north, bringing us a few degrees cooler.  However with the clear skies the sun can do its job. We should have great weather through Sunday at least.  When I awoke this morning about 4:30 a.m. the surf was so loud I thought it might be raining, but was delighted to find another beautiful morning was just dawning. We missed the day at the Marina yesterday - hope you didn't.  On 6/3-6/5 there is the Baja 500 but it doesn't go through San Felipe itself.  So with everything at home, plan yourself a picnic or BBQ and enjoy summer quiet. .....ST (yesterday's Max 81F; Min 79F)

Wednesday, June 1, 9:a.m  Expecting temperatures in the 80's to continue with soft warm breezes from the west. The water is like glass.  It is perfect weather for those of us who are still here enjoying San Felipe's beginning of summer. Because it is already the middle of the week, many of us have to hustle to get through the list of those first of the month to-do's. With overcast skies (no signs of rain) it puts a slight spring in our step as we jump from one chore to the next. .....ST (yesterday's Max 86F; Min 71F)

Unfortunately my thermometer is on the eastern outside wall, directly in the rising sun, so my readings are just a little high till at least 9:00.a.m. So starting5/28/11 I shall change the posting time to 9:00 a.m.

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