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San Felipe - Archive of weather for June 2008.



Monday 30 June, 7 a.m. Not much change is expected through this entire week. Temperatures will continue to be above average and the humidity is the only thing that is saving us. Damp tee shirts and shorts, or just swim suits are the normal dress code these days as friends continue to greet friends on the tennis courts or around swimming pools, a very popular area for get-aways. Office or business dress code is very relaxed; shoes kicked off under the desks..tsk, tsk. But laborers and workers out in the field continue to wear long sleeves and head covers to protect them from the direct sun. No wonder they need their siestas, to dry out. How do they do it? (st) Yesterday’s Max 101 F, Min 82 F. Humidity currently 42%

Sunday 29 June, 7 a.m. Not a cloud in the sky, yet it is humid and it is hot! Only 7:00 and it's already 91 F. We've turned on the air-conditioners for 1/2 hour to help dry as well as to cool the house. With a southern breeze fanning us breakfast will still be on the western, shaded patio. We have to go to town soon, so hopefully we will not need the a/c in the house till noon when the real heat of the day descends upon us. By 5:00 p.m, if there is any breeze at all, we will turn off the a/c and have happy hour and supper on the east patio enjoying the activities of the waterfront. Finally, at nightfall, we will again use the a/c to cool the house for sleeping, but turn it off around 2:00 a.m. Total a/c use; 10 hours. Sorry, this turned into a financial report but may help others minimize their electric bills somewhat. (st) Yesterday’s Max 100 F, Min 80 F. Humidity currently 46%

A 3rd tropical storm called Cristina has formed far off Mexico's Baja peninsula. Will head out to sea.

Saturday 28 June, 7 a.m. The mountains are clearly visible this morning as we pause in a soft NE breeze. No doubt this will revert back to the SE as the tide changes. Nevertheless, I love the coolness from the north this morning, knowing that the heat will descend upon us very shortly. Amazingly this time of year is well-liked by the tourists and although there is no real activity planned until next week-end (July 4th) the town remains active with tourism, each with their own activities programs. It looks as if the weather will be perfect. (st) Yesterday’s Max 96 F, Min 74 F. Humidity currently 38%

Friday 27 June, 7 a.m. Again clear skies are with us this morning with temperatures high and increasing towards the week-end. Warm breezes from the southeast are the norm. Thank goodness the humidity has dropped somewhat, but the humidity also helps keep the thermometer readings down. All of this is normal for tropical countries and I'm sure many outings and BBQ's are planned by the locals here. Come on down and enjoy. (st) Yesterday’s Max 95 F, Min 74 F. Humidity currently 35%

Thursday 26 June, 12:00 p.m. Everything is clearing up. And some clouds are forming over the mainland. 7a.m. Observing the sky I was surprised to not be able to see the western mountains at all this morningl. This is high humidity at it's best. High humidity also saves us from the extreme direct heat of this summer sun. Last night was much more comfortable for sleeping. Today we shall have the warming, southern breezes. We expect the thermometer readings to rise a little again throughout the week-end. However, the low 90's is a great tropical temperature for a week-end get-away. Swimming is at it's best. (st) Yesterday’s Max 93 F, Min 71 F. Humidity currently 43%

Wednesday 25 June, 3 p.m. On the bay beaches Light easterly 5-8 mph breezes, 88 in the shade with 55%RH. Around 93 in town. Tide going out and the beaches are pretty much deserted. We expect this weather pattern to continue for the rest of the week.(ej). 7 a.m. I've been up in El Centro through the first of this week where it is really hot and humid. Temperatures reached 109 F and a low of 73 F. These are just slightly above average for this area. We're headed back to San Felipe where the temperatures average about 100 F, and you get the breeze off of the water or the mountains. The first chore will be to water the plants, which take a beating in this heat. Some of us are foolish enough to have other than cactus or tropical trees in our yards throughout the winters for our northern guests. Then we see how long they can survive in the summer heat. It's really a struggle but a challenge and a great topic of conversation. (st)

Tuesday 24 June, 2:30 p.m. On the beach: Typical light easterly breezes and 89 degrees in the shade. Clear skies but with a few clouds out over the Gulf towards Puerto Penasco. The tide is coming in and will be high later this afternoon.(ej) 7 a.m. High pressure continues. Maybe a few degrees cooler today but high humidity offsets this. It is tropical weather at it's best. We wear bright color shirts and shorts for dress and sometimes the most important plan of the day is waiting for happy hour at the neighbors before BBQ or Fish Fries. If I lived anywhere else, I would choose San Felipe for my vacation. st

Monday 23 June, 10 a.m. Another warm and muggy day, 88 on the beach with 60% RH. Very light easterly breezes are starting to blow onshore but the sea is calm. The water temperature is going up rapidly with this weather and we are already at 85F (ej). 7 a.m. I'm reporting from El Centro this morning where the humidity may be slightly lower than in San Felipe but the temperature is very acceptable overall. The maximum temperatures will come down a little over the entire area for the early days of this week. The winds should change to the SW by this afternoon; south winds overall are usually warm winds. (st)

Sunday 22 June, 7 a.m. San Felipe is still in the best location for vacationers. Yes, our humidity is extremely high right now, but our temperatures remain about 10 degrees below projected because we are right on the waterfront. Most activities have quieted for the rest of the week-end. So I too will leave you to the quiet of a great Sunday. (st) Yesterday’s Max 102 F, Min 79 F. Humidity currently 38%

Saturday 21 June, 7 a.m. Yesterday, the longest day of the year, was the hottest to date. Club de Pesca is sponsoring breakfast for the Centro de Atencion Multiple this morning. We expect much activity as the Ensenada-San Felipe 250 vehicles come into San Felipe this evening. We have not seen any fishing pangas for the last 3 days in the northern waters of San Felipe. I saw one in town in which the tourists had created a make-shift awning for their trip. Sometimes the pangadeers go out for their own sake, bringing in a load for sale on the malecon. We watched as they busily filleted their carch; they are neat and clean and you know the fish are fresh. With the many recipes available, fish is a once-a-week option; great for the healthy diet. (st) Yesterday’s Max 102 F, Min 79 F. Humidity currently 38%

Friday 20 June, 11:15 a.m The temperature already reads 97 F, heading straight for that 100 F mark. And the humidity is riding at 37%. It's going to be a hot one. 7 a.m. With our humidity up and our temperatures lower this morning I don't know whether to be happy or hesitant. Entrenched high pressure could bring some areas within a degree or two of record high temperatures, this first day of the Summer Solstice. Although we have clear skies the high humidity creates a haze overall, so that we can barely see the mountains to the west. That will clear as the day progresses. No publicized activities to report, let's go swimmng. (st) Yesterday’s Max 100 F, Min 82 F. Humidity currently 40%

Thursday 19 June, 7 a.m. Hooray, we dropped our humidity by 20%. However, temperatures already read 92 F and rising. Last night we had to turn on the a/c for comfortable sleeping. Our winds, will reverse to the NW later in the day; hopefully moderating the 100 degree temperatures a little. Yesterday we had 100+ degrees in town but whitecaps on the water during the afternoon, not good for our fishermen. Well, which way do we want it? (st) Yesterday’s Max 97 F, Min 80 F. Humidity currently 35%

Wednesday 18 June, 7 a.m. Still the humidity is the killer, although the moisture should thin a little today as drier air comes in from the west. But this will allow afternoon temperatures to rise. We can handle that. We still get just a little breeze each day, especially at the turn of the tide. Flies and mosquitos don't seem to be a real problem yet, which we expected with this humidity. Because of the humidity I can hardly see the mountains to the west. That high pressure system is still with us, at least for the next couple of days. (st) Yesterday’s Max 89 F, Min 77 F. Humidity currently 55%

Tuesday 17 June, 6 p.m. we watched the clear skies in the morning fill with heavy clouds coasting in over the mountains to our west. However, these seemed to disintigrate as they moved east over the water. We still see the fog bank off the mainland caused by the heavy humidity. 7 a.m. What can I say? A very strong upper level high pressure system is currently well entrenched over the N.W. corner of Mexico and SW U.S for at least the rest of the week. Clear sunny skies have not yet produced extreme heat. Our guests still enjoy the water sports in the mornings and the smell of the BBQ breakfasts under the palapas draw new friends to the picnic table. But the miserably high humidity is defeating me. An honest 1/2 day's work with honest sweat; there's nothing like it.....and a cool shower to follow. But if I start out in an a/c room watching TV I'll never get unglued. And with that high humidity that's where I'll be. (st) Yesterday’s Max 90 F, Min 77 F. Humidity currently 61%

Buttermilk Sky

Monday 16 June, 7 a.m. I awoke hot and sticky. I felt I was in a sauna bath, and hurried to turn on the a/c to dry us out. I looked out the window to see a solid covered, beautiful buttermilk sky, and couldn't wait to take a picture before the sun burned it away. This high pressure is sticking with us, resulting in hotter than average temperatures for mid-June. Thank goodness for the afternoon and evening breezes still from the south but life-saving (figure of speech). (st) Yesterday’s Max 90 F, Min 78 F. Humidity currently 63%

Sunday 15 June, 7 a.m. That strong, high pressure system seems to be anchored overhead. High temperatures will remain with us at least through Tuesday and then, maybe, recede ever so slowly throughout the week. Those few clouds hanging up there cannot do much to offset that brilliant sun. Then again, we are fortunate to have the breeze off the water daily. Yes still south, it swings from WSW to ESW but we appreciate it during the afternoon and early evenings. Visiting families love it. This heavy humidity creates an almost solid cloud illusion in the evening as we peer across the water to the mainland. Thankfully, today's humidity reading is starting 10% lower. (st) Yesterday’s Max 95 F, Min 82 F. Humidity currently 37%

Saturday 14 June, 4 pm. On the beach it is hot and sultry. Temperatures are hovering around 90 F and there is a southeast wind at around 5 mph but this is trying to shift more southerly and bring the hot air off the desert. The tide is halfway out and only a few people are in the water swimming. (ej). 7 a.m. Scattered clouds across the entire sky this morning, with heavy humidity, mean more of the same. But notice our recorded temperatures are not nearly as high as forcasted for the southern U.S. Granted, in town the high may have hit the 90's. That southern breeze is most welcome during the afternoon and evenings. The humidity is what we have to fight. Check here for a detailed description of the monsoon season soon to descend upon us. (st) Yesterday’s Max 87 F, Min 77 F. Humidity currently 47%

Friday 13th June, 7 a.m. Beautiful sunshine out there this morning. Yesterday, in spite of the heat, we had a cool breeze, first from the SE and later from the SW. Usually a southern breeze is considered warming, but against a 90 degree temperature backdrop things change. This high humidity is the killer. But we should complain? What with swealtering temperatures in the East, floods and tornadoes in the Central and snow in the northwest United States, we should be so lucky. A strong high pressure system is developing over our area peaking out on Sunday. Guess we'll plan accordingly. (st) Yesterday’s Max 90 F, Min 71 F. Humidity currently 45%

Thursday 12 June, 3 p.m. Sunny with 90 degrees in town, 85 on the beach. Southwesterly breezes and 65% RH. (ej) 7 a.m. An upper level ridge, currently in Mexico, is expanding northward. Some moisture associated with this high pressure will keep temperatures from soaring too high. Yuma may be the hot spot, they say. Last evening we noticed a dark ridge of moisture far off to the east coast of the Sea. This morning we see clouds expanding overhead from the east and extremely heavy humidity. However the sun is predominant. With winds changing to the south it will be a warm, humid day.(st) Yesterday’s Max 94 F, Min 73 F. Humidity currently 49%

Wednesday 11 June, 7 a.m. Some additional moisture is being driven up through the Sea of Cortez creating a hot, humid climate for our area. In town it has reached almost the century mark daily and many of us use air-conditioning to dry and cool the rooms for sleeping. However, this morning we will be out early watering and pruning in the gardens before we retreat back to housework or hobbies. The locals are more acclimated and continue to labor daily, retreating for siesta time at the peak of the heat. This afternoon we should get some of that lovely northern breeze, time for water sports. (st) Yesterday’s Max 93 F, Min 76 F. Humidity currently41%

Tuesday 10 June, 5 pm in town 93 degrees, 43 % RH. Not a bad afternoon! (ej) 7 a.m. From the Baja coast to NW Mexico the high pressure will cause further warming today moving north into the U.S. Last night the temperature and humidity remained high;, we used the air-conditioner to dry out the air as well as to cool. This morning it is a little hazy over the mountains to the west but otherwise clear, sunny and well on it's way into the 90's. We have learned to do our outdoor chores early. (st) Yesterday’s Max 93 F, Min 71 F. Humidity currently 42 %

Monday 9 June, 2:30 p.m. In town 93F with 45%RH. Siesta time. 9 a.m. It started out as a very cool, dry morning along the beach but I could see this huge fog bank sitting offshore. Around 8 a.m. the fog moved in and blanketed the town for about an hour. At my house the relative humidity zoomed from 28% to 84% ! Now the fog is moving out and I can see the peaks of the mountains across the bay as you can see in this picture from our tidecam. Currently 79 degrees, 84% RH and calm winds. (ej) 7a.m. Yesterday we came to El Centro where the temperature actually reached 98. pretty miserable with that high humidity. However, cars, stores, restaurants etc all have air-conditioning. There is a wonderful place to stop midway on that trip; at Campo EL MAYOR, right on the water front of the RIO HARDY. The father pioneered it and the son has elected to continue on. They now have planty of tables inside and out and they serve snack foods, coffee and beer. [And mind you they have clean rest rooms with paper]. As we proceeded on it was a one-hour wait at the border. We strongly suggest you don't use your air-conditioner while the car is idling. Our favorite stop after you finally make it through the border is the HOMETOWN BUFFET before you go on into the Union Bank area and Walmart shopping center in Calexico. This sounds like a commercial but today should be more of the same. Can't wait to get back to the breezy beach-front. (st) Yesterday’s Max 92 F, Min 71 F. Humidity currently 42 %

Sunday 8 June, 12:30 p.m. Shirley is right, we have a cool, humid day in San Felipe. On the bay beach we have gusty winds fron the northwest with 80 degrees and 70% RH in the shade. It is an ideal temperature to be out walking along the vast stretches of sand left by the receding tide. **South of town we had a 3.5 hour power outage that started around 7:15 a.m. No details on what went wrong. Typically we think of a drunk driver crashing into a utility pole but it could also be unannounced maintenance by the Comision Federal de Electricidad. Whatever; when the power came on I had a big surge at my house that overwhelmed my surge protectors so I am now trying to recover from another set of problems. A major problem for the electricity distribution system in San Felipe is that thieves have stolen all the ground cables on the utility poles that stretch down to Punta Estrella. As you drive along the road, look for the fourth cable that should be several feet below the three "phase cables". You will probably see the tails of each ground wire hanging down from the insulators on each utility pole. This means that every house has a different reference for "ground" and big transients created when the main circuit breakers are closed by the CFE can result in huge spikes of hundreds of volts while the equilibrium is established.(ej). 7 a.m. It's like we awoke in a cloud of humidity this morning; 54%. I can't wait to see what Tony reports right down on the beach. Although skies are clear and the sun is up doing it's job, I expected more of a haze to accompany this. We have a very soft breeze fanning our coffee cups as we assess this whole situation; expecting these to increase this afternoon and the humidity to decrease. With nothing on the calendar this week-end we will be lazy and stay inside at least for another hour. (st) Yesterday’s Max 88 F, Min 71 F. Humidity currently 54 %

Saturday 7 June, 7 a.m. Clear skies and warmer temperatures are with us for the week-end. No major events are on tap to mar our own activities as planned. For many that will be Happy Hour and BBQ's with friends and families who have chosen to come for what we think is the very best season of the year. The soft breezes in the afternoons are a plus. Our friends returning from a shopping spree in Mexicali said it was about 10 degrees warmer there and a little muggy, and they're glad to get back to the waterfront. (st) Yesterday’s Max 93 F, Min 71 F. Humidity currently 30%

Friday 6 June, 7 a.m. Everyone is settling in for a calm, summer week-end, welcoming the temperature and soft breezes we are promised. This should be about average for this time of year. Great for the fishermen and tourists alike. Most of us are still cleaning and pruning, at least through today. (st) Yesterday’s Max 88 F, Min 69 F. Humidity currently 22%

Thursday 5 June, 7 a.m. After yesterday's display we can expect only lingering breezes this morning tapering off into a cooler afternoon and a calmer week-end. Literally everyone will be cleaning and dusting after the harrowing effects of yesterday. No matter how tightly you are insulated that fine dust seeps in everywhere; including your computers, clocks, and cupboards. And the yard! We'll leave that till tomorrow after we return patio furniture and pick up the trash. (st) Yesterday’s Max 96 F, Min 69 F. Humidity currently 29%

Wednesday 4 June, 11:40 p.m. Very strong northeasterly winds sprang up and lasted for around 40 minutes. My patio chairs disappeared and I just went out to get them back. That was quite a gale. I saw some poor panga struggling against the wind to get back to the harbor. How they can fish in these windy conditions astonishes me. (ej). 6:30 p.m. South of town it has been beautiful all afternoon. Shirley noted that the winds were picking up, but here on the bay south of the harbor we have had just perfect conditions. Pleasant easterly breezes at 6-8 mph and temperatures on the beach just around 80 F. All that started changing at 6:30 pm when sudden gusts from the north began blowing and the temperature has jumped to 87 degrees within 10 minutes. Looking north towards town I can see quite a dust cloud and I know it is only a few more minutes before it hits me. I need to get the windows closed asap! (ej). 6:55 p.m. Yes, north of San Felipe we measured 28-32 mph with gusts of 37. Dust storms on the land and whitecaps on the water when you can see it. The dust storms continue out over the water so that you cannot see the horizon. It's scary to hear the trees almost bending over. (st) 12:20 p.m. The winds are rising but are not strong yet, readings only of 7-9 mph. Clouds are sweeping across the skies but the sun is still high and doing it's job. The temperature reads only 89 F but should rise into the 90's and the Relative Humidity now is 31 % Quite a change from this morning. (st) 7 a.m. Strong winds are likely after 11 a.m. with areas of blowing sand and dust. Yesterday it was quite pleasant to drive with just the windows down and that warm but comfortable breeze swishing through. But today we will use the air-conditioner if only to keep out the dust. Breezes might hit 25 mph this afternoon and for the next couple of days. The variety here keeps us hopping. (st) Yesterday’s Max 96 F, Min 75 F. Humidity currently 21%

Tuesday 3 June, 9 a.m. Upper level disturbances are kicking up breezes in our area and will stay with us the next few days. Early on this morning the winds were almost still but now have risen to a comfortable 6 mph. And coming from the south they will continue to keep our readings in the 90's. Clear skies let in that brilliant sunshine; everyone is in sunglasses. And it's great to see the pangas up and down the corridor and beach life so active. (st) Yesterday’s Max 90 F, Min 76 F. Humidity currently 28%

Monday 2 June, 3 p.m. The winds died down over the weekend and left us with hotter, more humid conditions. Today is ideal for those families who are able to spend the afternoon at the beach. We had a high tide a couple of hours ago and this flooded the estuary just south of the harbor. The wetlands there get these periodic floods with the very high tides. Many people who bought plots there many years ago did not realize how similar the conditions are to the Florida everglades. On the beach, it is very quiet with hardly a soul in sight. In town at the office it is 89 degrees with 24%RH. (ej)

Sunday 1 June, 7 a.m. Although the forcast is for WNW winds they do tend to change back to the east during the day. Right now they are coming from the NE at appoximately 3-5 mph and are expected to continue throughout the day. Amazingly we have not reached that 90 degree mark yet. Maybe today, before it is expected to again cool somewhat later ino this week. Heavy traffic is expected down at the pier for Dia de la Marina (Navy Day) again today for the annual Fishing Derby. Tony Reyes is offering a free trip on a shrimp boat as part of the ceremony. see our front page for more. (st) Yesterday’s Max 88 F, Min 71 F. Humidity currently 23%


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