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San Felipe - Archive of weather for July 2008.



Thursday 31 July, 7:00 a.m. A large high pressure system will continue to give dry and stable conditions across Northern Baja today and tonight. We do have some soft clouds overhead and calm waters in the early hours of the morning. Sometimes the sun is so brilliant it's hard to look out over the Sea. We look for soft breezes during the late afternoon and early evenings when most of us enjoy camaraderie with our neighbors and families.(st) Yesterday’s Max 95 F, Min 82 F. Humidity currently 42%.

Wednesday 30 July, 7:00 a.m. Like streaks of cotton some clouds drift over the Sea still heading north-east. But mostly clear, warm skies are the norm and temperatures will probably rise quickly. However, most of us agree that anything up to 100 F is very comfortable unless the humidity gets too high. Over the century reading it is time to take a few days and go to the coast where it is cooler. The Sea is almost still and the clouds are being reflected on the waters in the brilliant sunshine. We hope the breeze will come up soon as most of us are doing outside chores early. (st) Yesterday’s Max 93 F, Min 80 F. Humidity currently 35%.

Tuesday 29 July, 7:00 a.m. From Sonora Mexico the high pressure is drifting slowly north-east. Our temperatures will continue to gradually warm up to above normal by this week-end. With clear skies and our typical afternoon soft breezes we have fallen into the summer pattern. More residents have chosen to stay this year as they have become acclimated. So we have more activities and get-togethers. And we seem to have a steady inflow of visitors, partly because of the gas situation and we are close enough to the border. However, business is down for many other financial and worldly problems. (st) Yesterday’s Max 96 F, Min 80 F. Humidity currently 30%.

Monday 28 July, 6:00 a.m. It feels much drier already this morning. Clear skies, very little breeze and calm waters are signs of a very normal, ambitious morning. I'm heading north early where it is always much hotter sometimes by 10 degrees. With no cloud cover, all we can hope for is a steady breeze in town. (st) Yesterday’s Max 96 F, Min 79 F. Humidity currently 31%.

Sunday 27 July, 1:30 p.m. Not a big surprise; the breeze has turned into a healthy wind of 11-13 mph and again we have whitecaps on the water. The temperature, like yesterday, reads only 92 with humidity now 37%. Yesterday we had a reasonable reading at 1:30 but the high for the day was quite a bit higher. I wonder what today will read. However, it seems like a great day to go for a walk on the beach. st. 7:00 a.m. Northern Baja will be under high pressure with a westerly flow over the next several days. That high pressure will move slowly northwest by the middle of the week bringing drier, more stable air. This morning very light cloud streaks are all that remain of the show we have had over the last few days. The temperature is rising rapidly and the humidity is already dropping and if the breeze picks up it will be a very pleasant Sunday. (st) Yesterday’s Max 103 F, Min 80 F. Humidity currently 31%.

Saturday 26 July, 5:00 p.m. Amazingly the temperature continued to rise until 5:00 p.m almost 10 degrees. The humidity has dropped similarly, about 7 % and still going down. st 1:30 p.m. Clutching my short blouse from being tugged right off of me, I just realized that that southern breeze has become a wind of 15 mph + gusts at times. I immediately glanced out onto the water where small white caps reminded me of merangue on lemon pie. The thermometer reads only 91.6 even though the skies are perfectly clear, but still hazy. It's beautiful out there. (st) 7:00 a.m. I guess we've seen the last of the remnants of 'Dolly'. This morning the skies are so clear, but hazy, that yesterday seems like fiction. Darn! We were counting on the rain-gauge seeing some real action for a change. Guess we'll have to get back out there and water those plants by hand. There is not even a breeze down on the beachfront. It is simply a balmy Saturday morning. (st) Yesterday’s Max 97 F, Min 81 F. Humidity currently 47%.

Friday 25 July,4:00 p.m. The heavy clouds have all but blown over leaving only samples of what was. Our temperature now reads 95 F but the humidity remains high. Waters are calm. It turned out to be a nice day. 7:00 a.m. As the sky lightens and the sun breaks through we can see the heavier cloud cover riding rather quickly from the east; apparantly pushing from east to west across our northern deserts. Dark clouds already lay solidly over the mountains. Clear skies remain to the south. The sidewalk is solidly wet with sprinkled rain, so we'll give the rain-gauge 1/16"at this time. The southern breeze has also picked up. Our water is calm. This is definitely a balmy Friday.(st) 5:30 a.m. I was awakened by a loud patter of rain on the roof. Apparantly there had been some action earlier, for there were definitely some wet spots that had collected on the side-walk. The rain gauge was wet but not measureable yet. The humidity reads only 44 but rising. With this complete cloud cover pushing across Mexicali and south-western U.S. we can expect to have sprinkles-to-rain off and on throughout the day. It is now 5:42, only sprinkles remain There is a soft southern breeze. (st) Yesterday’s Max 96 F, Min 84 F. Humidity currently 44%.

Thursday 24 July, 12:00 p.m. A wonderful, tropical breeze was with us at our Ladies Luncheon as it progressed on the patio of the El Cortez Hotel. An hour and a half passed by, and no-one was really ready to leave. The humidity is still high but that breeze creates the balmy sensation over-all. The cloud cover seems to be increasing (st) 7:00 a.m. Tropical Storm Dolly is affecting our weather too. Soft, sweeping clouds continue to hang over our skies. High humidity is sweeping across the southern U.S. and northern Mexico and will stay on tap for the week-end. We are also experiencing our hottest weather since the first of July. That being said, except for the middle of the day, it is still really pleasant in the evenings. We continue to dine out on the patio, not uncomfortably. Mornings are a little different. High humidity already this morning is keeping my coffee click indoors. Most of us in this campo have dogs. Night and mornings we are out there conversing with others who are walking their dogs. Life goes on. (st) Yesterday’s Max 101 F, Min 81 F. Humidity currently 46%.

Wednesday 23 July, 7 p.m. Sorry. Our day got messed up. It is hot out there and will take air-conditioning for sleeping tonight. The high reached 100 F and the humidity is torcherous. (st) 9:30 a.m. Our local weather report isalmost identical to yesterday. I will update as soon as I get back to San Felipe. (st) Yesterday’s Max 94 F, Min 78 F. Humidity currently 43%.

Tuesday 22 July, 7 a.m. Drier air from the west is bringing our humidity down somewhat. Today a weak low pressure system will begin to move east to west across northern Mexico helping to keep temperatures a bit below average. Light clouds hang across the east leaving clear every bit of the morning skies over San Felipe to the summer sun. We'll have light breezes only today. The waters are perfect for swimming and water sports I haven't mentioned the deserts and valleys lately which have been calling to the sporty guys among us. They couldn't be more perfect for dune-buggy and tough vehicles, for exploring, camping, and clan gatherings.(st) Yesterday’s Max 94 F, Min 78 F. Humidity currently 43%.

Monday 21 July, 4:00 p.m. Today's MAXIMUM only reached 94.3 with HUMIDITY of 40%. Not bad for a tropical paradise. Although we don't see but a few sleepy clouds stretched out across our hazy skies it did not warm nearly as much as expected. Businesses in town seem to be playing a little game, not in tune with each other. Rather, each closes on it's own time table, some operating only in the morning. Restaurants take their vacations and just close their doors till they get back. Businesses choose what hours are best for themselves. So everyone completes only half their shopping at any given time. Oh well! (st) 7 a.m. Again we have a soft cloud sky-cover moving ever so slowly with no winds to speak of. A low pressure system is swinging up through Mexico midweek which will increase the humidity somewhat. With this sharp morning sun streaking through dazzling on the water, much of the cloud cover will evaporate allowing the rays to become harmfull to one's skin. However, it is that humidity and cloud structure that is helping to keep our temperatures just below normal through all of this week. (st) Yesterday’s Max 95 F, Min 74 F. Humidity currently 45%

Sunday 20 July, 1:30 p.m. At 3:38 we will have a high-tide of 17.2. This wind, which has again risen to the 12-14 mph + gusts may be helping to create white-caps on the water. It would be dangerous for swimmers and boaters this afternoon as San Felipe does boast of a strong undertow at high tide. The clouds streaking on a quiet, lazy sky are not nearly as manacing as yesterday. Even so, our heat index has not risen today but about 5 degrees on the bluff overlooking the Sea, reading 90 F with humidity down to 43%. In the movies one would picture a liesurely stroll on a sandy beach with the warm, choppy winds from the south tugging at your hair. (st) 7:00 a.m. This morning the sun is breaking through soft clouds that almost completely cover our skies. Lower temperatures have prevailed, but higher humidity remains the top story.With no winds to speak of it's like stepping out into a light hazy sauna. The rule of thumb is to keep the air conditioners going mainly to keep the interiors dry. This picture will remain for the next few days. Wear sun screen! (st) Yesterday’s Max 94 F, Min 85 F. Humidity currently 54%

Saturday 19 July,5:00 p.m. If you had blinked you would have missed it. Those few drops were all there were. Now we are enjoying a soft breeze, a 'no sun' sky, but still 87 F with humidity stuck at 48%. (st) 2:30 p.m. We are now solidly covered with a few rain drops already hitting the windshield. In fact, to the south it is as if a menacing, dark grey blanket is being forced northward over this entire town. Winds are clocking now at 12-14 mph. High tide is almost complete, no whitecaps visible at this moment. Actually, it does not feel stormy, rather quite pleasant out there. Temperature here at the beach reads 89F with humidity up to 48% (st) 9:a.m. My goodness the winds have picked up dramatically, 11 mph with gusts to 14 mph. And the clouds have become more solid, but still not threatening. What will the day hold? (st) 7 a.m. Soft, light clouds streaking across much of our view will quickly burn off. The low-level moisture creeping northward towards Yuma is creating 70+ degree dewpoints. Temperatures are expected to rise significantly today. Soft breezes in the afternoon create a diversion; only then can we reduce air-conditioning. The evenings and our patio meals on the eastern side of the building may be in jeapardy for the next few days. We have a full moon; a low tide at 8:41 this morning of -1.7, while at 3:10 this afternoon it will read a high of 17.2. Our week-end visitors hopefully will choose air-conditioned restaurants and hotels and use plenty of sun-screen for outdoor activities. (st) Yesterday’s Max 104 F, Min 84 F. Humidity currently 43%

Thunderclouds over San Felipe Mts


Friday 18 July, 7 a.m. Daily, thurnderclouds appear over the mountains to the west, but about 4:00 they have all but receded out of sight. Last evening we once again noticed the dark bank of clouds over the mainland. This morning we have a soft cloud cover and amazingly, drier than expected, and 32 % humidity. It's supposed to be cooler through Saturday, but last night required air-conditioning. A cool Sunday, but humidity is again expected to climb. Back to the heat on Monday is predicted. With no major events on tap, this report is just fine for our visitors. (st) Yesterday’s Max 97 F, Min 90 F. Humidity currently 31%


Thursday 17 July, 7 a.m. Strong, high pressure is building over the region through Friday, resulting in lower humidity and warmer temperatures. However, the 'excessive heat warnings' should not affect our little paradise directly. Oftimes a bank of humidity appears over the mainland to the east in the mornings, but that soon disappears. The heavy. white clouds that appear over the western mountain range each afternoon, and likewise, recede each evening, put on a beautiful display but are harmless. This morning the brilliance of the sun through our soft cloud cover makes visibility difficult. The temperature is now rising and the humidity is going down. Have a great day. (st) Yesterday’s Max 94 F, Min 84 F. Humidity currently 51%

Wednesday 16 July, 7 a.m. Tropical skies with soft sweeping clouds to our east predict a lazy, hot, summer day typical for this time of year. However, the humidity should decrease with a slow drying trend as the week-end arrives. This is great for the baseball or soccor teams, also for the pangadaros who offer the popular fishing for the vacationers arriving anew each week. dune-buggy and four-wheeler sports enthusiasts are forever out there entertaining each other. This should be a perfect week-end for any activity. (st) Yesterday’s Max 97 F, Min 83 F. Humidity currently 50%

Tuesday 15 July, 7 a.m. Monsoon moisture is forecast to thin each day, translating into hotter afternoons and lower humidity through Thursday. Clear but hazy skies allow plenty of sunshine possibly raising the temperature reading to the century mark. There is lots of activity on the water these days for visitors with sailboats and catamarans, also the ultra-lights (the little aircrafts with the lawn-mower engines) entertain the more adventurous visitors. There seems to be a family of Ospreys that have a schedule including putting on a show each evening around 4:00 for our pleasure. Sure enough they appear in groups of 5-7 with 1 or 2 trailing by themselves, always heading south. Even when the wind is with a strong current.they seem to glide effortlessly. They must circle around behind us, as we seldom see them going in the opposite direction. But circle they must, for in about 1/2 hour they repeat the show. After 3 or 4 times we don't see them any more till the next day. (st) Yesterday’s Max 94 F, Min 84 F. Humidity currently 51%

Monday 14 July, 1:30 p.m. In Town. At the office on Av Mar de Cortez, hardly a whisper of air moving, 94 F with 60% RH. Definitely time to pack up and have a siesta. (ej) 10:45 a.m on the beach. 85 degrees F with 78% relative humidity. There is a steady easterly breeze blowing now and it is carrying the humidity cloud onshore. The weekend visitors have packed up their toys and gone back north. San Felipe will settle down to a state of tranquility until next weekend. I think that this variation is an important part of the lifestyle here. We enjoy having our liveliness and parties but then we can take a break and recover enough to be ready to welcome the next batch. We have people who come here and rent a villa for a month. They come to get away from their hectic existence in Mexico City or Silicon Valley. Many of these people may only go into town a couple of times during their stay. They might buy some fresh fruit, vegetables and fish in the market or stop at the liquor store for cold drinks. What souvenirs will they buy? Very little. Perhaps a straw hat or pair of huaraches. They have everything they need. For them San Felipe is a perfect place that is off the beaten track. It is a safe place, and this segment of our market appreciates that. (ej) 7 a.m. Monsoon weather continues to inch north over the region. But our weather pattern, although hot for July, is really quite normal, riding around 100 F, while our neighbors to the north swelter. Clouds travelling from the south and over the east may possibly reach us this afternoon, again shielding us from the direct sunlight. We are so fortunate to have the breeze each day. Now if the humidity lowers throughout the week as promised, vacation activities will pick up; great for our many visitors. (st) Yesterday’s Max 93 F, Min 82 F. Humidity currently 55%

Sunday 13 July, 7 a.m. With this drenching humidity vision is reduced. Through a heavy haze we can still see the San Felipe mountains to our west but cannot see cloud activity above them. Overhead we have just some sweeps of soft clouds dotting the morning skies and again it is hazy to our east. Warm breezes from the south will be with us later in the day. The sun has already risen to a high and sunrays are creating readings of almost 90 F as we speak. We are heading back to slow rising temperatures all of this week and the humidity should be dropping off. By Saturday we will again have high tides; great for water sports and shelling. (st) Yesterday’s Max 93 F, Min 80 F. Humidity currently 53%

Saturday 12 July, 7 a.m. A sweeping heavy cloud lies across our eastern skies close to the Baja border. At first I thought we were cloud covered once again, but the rest of the sky carries only scattered clouds unattached to this huge cover. With this sweating humidity it may or may not release a light rain in our area. Those heavy clouds over the mountains last evening seemed to have retreated during the darkness, or the haze is such that they are not yet visible this morning. With a little breeze this should be a wonderful week-end for any activity one might have on the calendar. (st) Yesterday’s Max 91 F, Min 81 F. Humidity currently 50%

Friday 11 July, 6 p.m. Earlier a most refreshing breeze was blowing across the water at about 6-10 mph as we enjoyed a late lunch on the patio. We watched a sailboat making it's way, against the breeze mind you, towards the harbor. I'm always amazed watching small birds seemingly undaunted as they soar against the wind current. Now huge clouds are billowing over the mountain range in this direction, but I don't think they will make it. Otherwise soft clouds linger in the area and the sun is still visible before it sets somewhere behind this picture. 1 p.m. A good breeze is blowing from the east at around 10 mph and this is keeping conditions on the beach very pleasant. We have 88 F with 65% RH. In town at the office it is 93 F and 60% RH.. (ej) 7a.m. The humidity is again creeping up there. That heavy cloud cover of yesterday did burn off somewhat overhead: we saw the stars although not clear and sharp like normal. This morning there are wet looking clouds over the mountains, to the north, and over the mainland. True, San Felipe has some clear sky with bright sunshine. Because the clouds are active we may see some rain, always welcome in this area. There is nothing exciting on the social menu this week-end. Most restaurants and motels will settle in for an average few weeks of summer. We will try out Playa de Oro's new management. We will definitely shop at John & Linda's new quarters, the Sundance Deli. (st) Yesterday’s Max 97 F, Min 85 F. Humidity currently 40%

Thursday 10 July, Noon. Overcast in San Felipe as cloud streams across the peninsular from the Pacific. There are rain showers in the mountains towards Ensenada. At the office in town we have 87 F and 70% RH. and a very light easterly breeze. (ej) 7 a.m A complete heavy cloud cover has now drifted north over San Felipe. I awoke at 5:30 to hear a light pitter-patter on the roof. Sure enough, it was like heavy humidity that couldn't hold any more. Not knowing when this started it lasted till only about 5:50. Now at 7:00 there is a soft, warm breeze from the SE added to the feeling of a sauna room out there. The temperature is rising but should remain well below average with increasing moisture throughout today and tomorrow. (st) Yesterday’s Max 97 F, Min 85 F. Humidity currently 40%

Wednesday 9 July, 11 a.m Partly cloudy with hazy sunshine in town. There are clouds drifting north from thunderstorms down south of Puertecitos and you can see the storm circulation over the central Gulf in the satellite picture below.

Some drops of rain are possible today. On the beach we have 89 F with 72% RH and easterly gusty winds 8-12 mph. (ej)

7 a.m High pressure continues over our area; and with that high temperatures and humidity However, we expect a break and hope it will cool to normal by Friday. Alas, as moisture level decreases our readings will again gradually rise into the middle of next week. In El Centro readings are at least 10 degrees higher, especially in town with all the buildings, blacktop and cement. We are so grateful to be near the water. Most everyday we do get that breeze that comes with the turn of the tide. And early morning and late evenings are lovely. (st) Yesterday’s Max 104 F, Min 85 F. Humidity currently 46%

Tuesday 8 July, 11.a.m Intense sunshine and sultry conditions on the beach. Ideal for advanced sunworshippers. There are clouds south of us as the monsoonal water makes its way north but here in San Felipe the skies are clear. 90 F with 72% RH and easterly winds at 12 mph. Low tide.(ej) 6 a.m Heavy humidity continues to linger so that again we cannot see the mountains to our west this morning. In spite of this our maximum reading for yesterday was at the highest I have recorded this month, the minimum reading at it's lowest. With clear skies we can expect more of the same for today. (st) Yesterday’s Max 103 F, Min 84 F. Humidity currently 46%

Monday 7 July, 6 p.m.The clouds that appeared over the mountains this morning, seemed to retreat as the day passed on. But the clouds to the east have strengthened. The humidity again creates a heavy fog bank visible all the way to the north and to the south along the mainland and at times we have the lightening strikes over the Sea.(st) 7 a.m The whispy clouds of yesterday have drifted to the east, becoming solid clouds towards the mainland. Our skies are hazy especially over the mountains to our west. That tropical sun will soon take care of that. By Tuesday or Wednesday we will probably reach toward the 100 degree mark once again. We've had a wonderful week-end; time to settle down once again, this time to start the long spell for the summer months. Unless you have a project going, watering the lawn and gardens are the biggest chore. Home-owners who are vacationing elsewhere all hire summer grounds keepers, if nothing else but for watering and security. Thus the park looks alive, but with borrowed neighbors popping up everywhere. (st) Yesterday’s Max 93 F, Min 80 F. Humidity currently 45%

Sunday 6 July, 7 a.m The humidity is going down as the day awakens. Only a few whispy clouds appear in the overhead this morning, meaning the sun can be free to raise that temperature quickly. The town is already alive with the smells of bacon and coffee coming from the tailgate or campstoves set up in the many impromptu campsites along the beachfront. There are not quite as many tents & palapas on the Malecon as we expected this 4th of July week-end. San Felipe is a great get-away, not that far from the border. With the many, many communities rapidly developing along Highway 5, from 20 miles north to 25 miles south of San Felipe, many have created a residence to escape to without the need of the large motorhome. Our summer population has certainly increased.(st) Yesterday’s Max 97 F, Min 83 F. Humidity currently 42%

Saturday 5 July, Noon. Oh what a beautiful morning! Considerable cloud over the town and the Bay of San Felipe is keeping the temperature delightful and shielding us from the searing power of the sun. You can see the cloud in the satellite picture below.

It is a great day for a walk. Right now on the beach the tide is low and the shade temperature is 89 F with 55% RH. Horses and quads are everywhere. Quite strong gusty winds are coming from the southeast. (ej)

7 a.m That humidity has risen to a miserable 59 % and the winds have calmed. We have a cloud covered sky which may help keep the temperatures down during the day. But I would suggest swimming be in your itinerary for the week-end. This is really tropical at it's best. (st) Yesterday’s Max 97 F, Min 82 F. Humidity currently 59%

4th of July Weekend

Friday,8:00 p.m. Those gusty winds continued into the evening, as if they were meant for all the BBQ's and Pot Lucks for the 4th of July. And the fireworks displays have already started. You can see them all across town. A great holiday. st Friday,4:30 p.m. A really superb afternoon on the bay beaches. All day we have had dry southerly winds at 5-10 mph and these have actually caused the sea water to cool a little. High tide was about an hour ago and I went for a swim. The water is a perfect 88 degrees and the wind-blown waves are manageable for even a weak swimmer. The condominiums around Playa de Las Palmas are full but other places around town still have rooms available. At this time of the year people want places right on the beach and this is about he only location in the San Felipe area where you can walk out of the house straight into the sea. 7 a.m. At 4:00 a.m. this morning strong, gusty winds rattled the trees and windows, unnaturally. I sat straight up, unbelieving. They must have been at least 10 - 12 mph and lasted about an hour. I understand storms last night in the SW greater Phoenix area produced upwards of an inch of rain. With clouds to the south and to the west of us, I wonder..hmmm. Actually there is enough humidity out there to feel like rain throughout the entire day. Yesterday, coming through the dry lake beds between Mexicali and San Felipe the dust, mixed with the humidity created a dirty haze; hard for breathing. Here in San Felipe we have the breeze off of the water periodically to cleanse our air. It is still very pleasant outdoors, both morning and evenings and should be great for the July 4th celebrations everywhere. (st) Yesterday’s Max 100 F, Min 82 F. Humidity currently 52%

I expect all the local residents will be kept awake tonight as the exuberant youngsters let off their M-1000's in an attempt to break the windows of the surrounding houses. Let's just hope that nobody gets seriously injured.(ej)

Thursday 3 July, 7 a.m Which would you rather have, less humidity and more heat or the reverse, as we are experiencing these days. If you plan to visit San Felipe this week-end pack 2 or 3 bathing suits for sports enthusiasts will be wearing them in lieu of shorts. High pressure will remain firmly entrenched in this area into early next week, resulting in well above normal temperatures. Motels with air-conditioning will be booked solid. Suggest you make reservations early, also fill up with pemex wherever you can to avoid long lines. With these worries behind us we are looking towards the 4th of July parties. We know they will be partying at the Beachcomber and Rockodile, and at Cantu Cove, on the 5th, a free Horseshoe Pitching Tournament. (st) Yesterday’s Max 93 F, Min 81 F. Humidity currently 47%

Wednesday 2 July, 2:30 p.m. 91 F and very humid on the beach - you can "see" the humidity in the picture below as you look out across the bay at high tide.

6 a.m. Yesterday afternoon we noticed the clouds floating over the western mountains again. This time they stayed. To the south it is almost solidly covered, drifting northward and to the east. It is so humid I might as well go swimming. A cool shower doesn't even help. So we turn on the a/c mostly to dry out the house as we start our day early. I have an errand to do. Will update later if I can. (st) Yesterday’s Max 97 F, Min 82 F. Humidity currently 52%

Tuesday 1 July, 7 a.m. Every morning the day starts out clear and promises to be another beautiful tropical day.Sometimes we see clouds appearing around noon over the mountains to the west, but they fade off as they move across the sky. Also, in the evenings the humidity causes a cloud bank to appear far off to the east, as if over the mainland. That too, dissappears into the darkness. We are looking now towards the 4th of July parties. We know they will be partying at the Beachcomber and Rockodile, and at Cantu Cove, on the 5th, a free Horseshoe Pitching Tournament. No doubt there will be fireworks everywhere. Visitors, take cover for your little dogs. They sometimes panic and run off in terror. (st) Yesterday’s Max 105 F, Min 84 F. Humidity currently 37%


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