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July 2007

Tuesday July 31, 7:00 a.m. Light clouds cover most of the western view, and again over the mountains. We did not have a beautiful sunrise this morning as it had to rise at least an hour before it appeared from behind the heavier cloud cover over the mainland. When it did appear to San Felipians, bright and hot, it burned off our lighter clouds quickly. The temperatures have already risen one full degree, and will rise quickly throughout the rest of the morning. The waters ripple quietly across our view as we sip coffee and enjoy the light southern breeze across the patio. Within the hour we will have to retreat to our air-conditioned homes to prepare for another, the last day, of July. st ....Yesterday's Max 96 F, Min 82 F. Humidity currently reads 46%.

Monday July 30, 7:00 a.m. That heavy wet cloud from yesterday moved over the mountains and out to the Pacific Ocean. A low light cloud now covers over the mountains, and light clouds over our area greet us this morning but should probably burn off early. We are now showing above normal readings once again for the last few days in July. Our bright sun is there, reflecting across the smooth waters of the Sea of Cortez. A soft, warm breeze from the south will be with us on and off throughout the day.st ....Yesterday's Max 97 F, Min 84 F. Humidity currently reads 45%.

Sunday July 29, 7:00 a.m. A huge, low, wet cloud approaching from the east has cut off our sunshine completely. Normally sunrise is at 5:50 a.m. It is now 7:14 and that heavy cloud has reached almost entirely across the water to San Felipe, heading for the mountains, and cutting out any rays from the sun. I swear it looks and feels like rain out there. With the tide out and the waters so calm I feel a stillness in the air. Tree limbs are barely moving and the humidity readings are holding steady in the 40's. This is more like a scene out of the northwest . We will post a weather watch if necessary. st ....Yesterday's Max 97 F, Min 84 F. Humidity currently reads 45%.

Saturday July 28, 7:00 a.m. The humidity seems to be reducing in statistics but you wouldn't know it from the view out over the mountains again this morning. That light cloud cover is pretty solid from east over the mainland to west over the Pacific and all across the northern Sea of Cortez. It seems to be moving ever so slowly to the north and east, possibly through the next few days. Visibility is not all that bad here in San Felipe at this moment. We will post a weather watch if necessary. st ....Yesterday's Max 93 F, Min 83 F. Humidity currently reads 40%.

Friday July 27, 2:00 p.m. I was shocked to find the mountains to our west going north had all but disappeared behind a solid fog although the skies overhead and to the east, my regular view, had plenty of sunshine through a very light cloud cover. st 7:00 a.m. The morning skies appear hazy, and the air continues to be heavy with humidity. Light, low clouds are almost completely covering the area including the mountain area. Of course the sun could burn these off early. The thermometer is expected to read almost to the 3 digits through the week-end before settling back to normal. In spite of the high humidity, absolutely no sign of rain clouds in this area. We saw on CNN a snap shot taken in Arizona of a wall of dust which looked like a tsunami, caused by the up/down action of storm clouds. Wish we had a little of that horrific Texas rain that now has subsided. Back to Friday and reality; We continue to have an influx of visitors through the summer. Already the traffic is starting to move in from the north for this, another great summer week-end. st ....Yesterday's Max 93 F, Min 82 F. Humidity currently reads 46%.

Thursday July 26, 2:00 p.m. The temperature which did read a high of 93 F now reads 89.8 F with humidity rising to 52%. Looking east, out towards the mainland, the skies are heavy with fog over the Sea of Cortez but clear as our view arches upward over the San Felipe sky. Then as our vision reaches the mountains to our west we are very surprised to find large, beautiful, solid white clouds all up and down over the mountain range. There is a soft breeze from the SE about 5-7 mph and the Sea is dotted with whitecaps, maybe not related. There appears to be heavy storm activity far to the south, just off the toe of Baja. st 7:00 a.m. This monsoon type humidity is still with us. Hints of drier air moving into our area by the middle of next week are most welcome. They claim that it is difficult for southeast california to maintain deep moisture for more than a week....even in a monsoon. The high humidity is uncomfortable, but the thermometer readings remain around 100 F which most agree we are well prepared for. Air conditioners still work overtime but we are handling it. st ....Yesterday's Max 93 F, Min 82 F. Humidity currently reads 43%.

Wednesday July 25, 7:00 a.m. A slow warming trend is returning to the area with continued high humidity. However the pleasant breezes daily gives this tropical picture; many families on the malecon enjoying water sports and swimming, with the street behind almost impassable because of parked cars. If they are not on the beach, families may be in one of the many eateries across the road offering delicious sea-fare combinations and beer or sodas. Clouds overhead may be dangerous, giving the illusion that one will not sunburn. Wrong; sunscreen is strongly advocated. st ....Yesterday's Max 93 F, Min 83 F. Humidity currently reads 46%.

Tuesday July 24, 7:00 a.m. Storm clouds, similar to the ones in the picture, now cover the entire central Baja all the way up and including the San Felipe area. However, the clouds should thin out while pushing off towards the north by later this morning leaving our afternoons bright and sunny. The temperatures will slowly rise throughout the week, if only by a degree or two each day. We're still in the normal range. The Pacific storm, Dalila, is still on the map but heading west. Absolutely no danger to the Baja. st ....Yesterday's Max 96 F, Min 82 F. Humidity currently reads 49%.

Monday July 23, 8:30 p.m. Those thin clouds seemed to split their direction, some going north and south over the mainland, and some going north and south over the mountains to our west. Tonight, as the skies turn red, sliding to rest over the mountains, the breeze has risen almost to 10 kt. Believe me it is just wonderful. 7:00 a.m. NWS reports that yesterday was the third day of at or below normal temperature in the Yuma area, and I dare say in San Felipe as well. We still have low level moisture and the humidity remains high. But all in all, these temperatures sit well with the residents who have chosen to remain for the summer. Evenings are superb, conducive to plenty of neighborhood gatherings each day around Happy Hour. This leads to shop talk and passing around ideas on how to proceed with a construction or mechanical project or computereze; whatever. And sometimes an unlikely friendship develops. This morning it is already hot, so not much will get done beyond 11:00. Manana!!! st ....Yesterday's Max 93 F, Min 83 F. Humidity currently reads 54%.

Sunday July 22, 5:00 p.m. Those storm clouds moved on up north. Very light clouds remain overhead and a soft breeze continues to sway the tree limbs; including this one that looks like a horse galloping across the top of the gully. It actually got up to 93 F this afternoon. Across now very calm waters we can clearly see Consag Rock on the horizon. This famous rock seems to change shape in accordance with the reflections of the sun and the time of day. Right now it looks like a beautiful white sail-boat with it's sails fully extended. A beautiful picture indeed. st 7:00 a.m. Lightning flashes on the mainland played throughout the night. With heavy storm clouds dominating the skies at times, some even reaching our way, we could have some surprises today. With so much moisture in the atmosphere light showers are a possibility; I make no promises. We often have that 8" rain [8" between drops] that lasts barely a few minutes. At this moment all is still, the clouds are heavy, the sea is very calm and it feels like we are in a sauna bath because of the never-ending humidity. I notice the 4th Pacific storm of the year, Dalila, is making it's way up the Pacific coast, but far enough away to be no trouble to Baja. st ....Yesterday's Max 93 F, Min 82 F. Humidity currently reads 50%.

Saturday July 21, 3:30 p.m. Gusty south winds up to 18 mph are whipping through the trees and the waters once again have white-caps. The clouds have moved right on up the coast, leaving mostly clear skies. With all of this you might think it was hot again. Not so. It is only 89.4, with humidity of 46%. A lively, boisterous Saturday afternoon. st 9:11 a.m. Things are changing rapidly. The breeze is a little stronger from the south, chasing those clouds right up the Baja. At 6:00 skies were mostly clear. At 7:30 I changed it to read mostly cloudy. Now we see a heavy fog bank all along the mainland coast, as far north and south as I can see. Over the mountains it is still mostly clear. Where I saw the fishing panga out there this morning I am not seeing any now. st 7:00 a.m. A reading of 83 F is rare for this time of year. With skies now clearing the sun will change this all too quickly. There is a possibility of thunderstorm activity in the forecast through next week. Temperatures should remain normal but humidity will remain high. The fishing pangas are back out on the water treating our visitors to one of the highlights of San Felipe. If whitecaps again come up this afternoon, even though fishing may be great and the catch good, they must cut the day short and return to shore. Our pangaderos do everything for you. They have the fishing gear, the bait, the knowhow, and even offer to filet the fish for you when you get back to shore. Not as payment, but if you're a sport fisherman only, they will take part or all of your catch off your hands. That's my idea of fishing. st ....Yesterday's Max 97 F, Min 80 F. Humidity currently reads 52%.

Friday July 20, 1:00 p.m. It is now 88 F with 53% humidity. The winds have picked up tremendously and now reading 10-12 mph with whitecaps on the water. The skies have become murky with cloud cover; San Felipe is lightly fogged in and so humid. We have doors and windows closed, not because of the temperature but to use the air-conditioner to keep the dampness out. The heavier fog is on the Pacific side of the Baja, with the mountains clearly between. st 7:00 a.m. Very light clouds over the Baja, but heavier clouds and some spotted areas of rain lay over the mainland to our east. South-east winds could become very active later in the day, causing some dust-storms over the desert areas. Travelers heading south on Highway 5, be careful over the Luguna Salada area where sand mounds up on the highway. We could use some rain, but it is not likely. At 5.30 the high tide would have been around 11.5 feet. We are just 2 hours later as the tide goes back out. I love the sound of the water as it softly laps on the shore, especially in the mornings. We are slipping back into more normal temperatures for the week-end. Have a great one. st ....Yesterday's Max 95 F, Min 82 F. Humidity currently reads 49%.

Thursday July 19, 10:40 a.m. I attended swimming pool excercises. Just returned to find the server up and running so I am updating the weather report. It is now 93 F with 49 % humidity. Tree limbs are jostling in the soft breeze of the morning. At 11:00 we have a low tide of 2.2' so the water is quiet, as opposed to the loud sound of the waves lapping at the shore last evening. st 7:00 a.m. Checking back on the weather records for San Felipe, it is almost the norm that we report humidity in the 50% area. Temperatures in the area of the 80's and 90's we can handle, but because of the humidity, we need the help of air-conditiioning to keep us dry. For morning outside chores the tee-shirt, the usual work outfit, soaks up the sweat and then becomes the barrier between you and the hot sun. Travelling by dune-buggy or four-wheeler, with the cool breeze speeding by, is a popular mode of travel. Our water jug is our constant companion, more important than beer. We all keep the picture of 4:00 Happy Hour in front of us because evenings are still great. We and our company spent more time on the patio last evening than we did inside dining. It's our way of life. st ....Yesterday's Max 95 F, Min 81 F. Humidity currently at 51%

Wednesday July 18, 7:00 a.m. Hot and humid daytime temperatures are continuing but the hope is for a return to normal readings over the week-end. st ....Yesterday's Max 97 F, Min 80 F. Humidity currently at 42%

Tuesday July 17, 7:00 a.m. More of the same. Hot and humid, and not likely to change before Thursday. We learn to live with these readings. It's like a full-time vacation, paying for air-conditioning when necessary rather than gasoline on the road. We keep our homes around 82 degrees, quite comfortable for inside projects. We do outside chores early in the morning or after 7:00 at night. We drive to the office in air-conditioned cars and work comfortably in their air-conditioning. Or off to choose one of the many restaurants or lounges during the hot part of the afternoon. Myself, we plan to go to the pool to play water VolleyBall or just sit with a cool drink and watch the activity under their cool awnings. There is no reason to say, "What is there to do in San Felipe?" st ....Yesterday's Max 99 F, Min 82 F. Humidity currently at 41%

Monday July 16, 7:00 a.m. It's already hot and humid. Although the readings are below 100 F the humidity is the problem. Men are working out there in light tee-shirts which help absorb the sweat. Visitors are warned to wear a light cover over bare skin because ultra-violet rays in humid air can quickly become dangerous. Each day we have the southern breezes which give the tropical effect over the beaches and on the patios. As the sun goes down and the breezes come up we again become active. Maybe we'll go to a nightclub this evening. What a life. st. ....Yesterday's Max 98 F, Min 83 F. Humidity currently at 42%

Sunday July 15, 8:00 a.m. I'm running late this morning. And it's already heating up. With clear skies all around it might reach 100 F on the beach today.st. ....Yesterday's Max 95 F, Min 80 F. Humidity currently at 54%

Saturday July 14, 3:19 p.m. We have almost clear skies, a nice breeze whistling through the trees, and small whitecaps on the water. The malecon and in town are filled with people enjoying every bit of this.

2:00 p.m. My partner got his wish. At 12:00 or so, we actually felt and saw on the hood of the car a sprinkle of rain drops. But nothing since. The heavy clouds have now reached the northern part of the Baja and are still drifting off to the north-east. Heavy clouds still remain directly over San Felipe but maybe by this evening they will drift out of our range. The breeze is riding 10-12 mph from the Southeast and the tide is almost in, pounding loudly on the beach. There are no whitecaps at this moment; the water is considered calm. Temperatures are only at 86 F, and the humidity is riding at 56%. I hope I have painted an up-to-date picture with words, as I sit on the patio enjoying all of this. st

7:00 a.m. High humidity and heavy clouds over the mainland, with some lagging over us this morning here in San Felipe hiding any sunrise that might have been. The clouds were supposed to be leaving us, travelling toward the north-east. And we expected the humidity to stay in the 40's. Oh well, as the day progresses, clear skies should prevail with temperatures similar to the highs of yesterday. Today will see calm waters, low tide of -2.6' at 8:09 this morning and high tides of 18.2' at 2:45. Great for clamming and beach-combing. Please respect the high tides this afternoon which could create undertow which can be dangerous. st. ....Yesterday's Max 101 F, Min 83 F. Humidity currently at 55%

Friday July 13, 7:00 a.m. Could Friday the 13th be a bad omen? An almost solid cloud mass has centered on the eastern side of the Northern Baja State. This entire mass is moving slowly to the north-west into southeast California and southwest Arizona. Some increase in low level moisture may bring intermittent rain, but if not, we may see dry lightning this evening or through the night. All of this shall pass. By tomorrow (Friday 14th) we should have again clear skies with our bright sun, back to our normal San Felipe weather.st ....Yesterday's Max 100 F, Min 80 F. Humidity currently at 41%

Thursday July 12, 7:00 a.m. Not a cloud in view! Notice the wind direction changes throughout the day and with the tides. This morning all is calm; the winds will undoubtedly change to the south about 12:00 when the tide is highest and begins to change. And the humidity has really dropped. These temperatures will stay with us for a few more days, with some clouds possible through the week-end. Yesterday the sun's direct rays sent many visitors to the pharmacies for sunblock and other medicines for sunburns already severe. Hats and sunglasses are a must. One should stay only 10 minutes in the direct sun the first day, increasing this throughout the week as their skin conditions. Swimming is great, but the sunscreen gets washed off. Learn how to really enjoy your visit. st ....Yesterday's Max 99 F, Min 80 F. Humidity currently at 32%

Wednesday July 11, 11 a.m. On the beach. Quite a nice breeze from the northeast at 3-5 kt. with 88 degrees and 72% RH. Tide is approaching high as shown by our tidecam:

7:00 a.m. We are back to taking our readings from our trusty thermometer which is situated under the protection of the patio roof on the east side of this weather station. Another thermometer, just 10 feet out, gave us extreme readings, we now feel is not representative of the true situation. No matter which one we choose, this weather is normal for July in San Felipe. Of course with soft breezes literally every day we find this atmosphere most delightful. Yesterday we spent hours in the pool playing volleyball and swimming..with dinner on the patio overlooking the Sea of Cortez. It couldn't get any better. st ....Yesterday's Max 95 F, Min 80 F. Humidity currently at 59 %

Tuesday July 10, Noon. Out on the beach we have a delightful day with 85 degree shade temperatures and 61% relative humidity. There is a steady breeze from the east at 5 knots and there is occasional high cloud moving over from the south. (ej) 7:00 a.m. Quoting from the weather forcasts of the National Weather Service, "We feel the wave of monsoon humidity is coming, like a slow building ocean wave from the south today...the humidity wave will crest...then crash against the Mogollon Rim about midnight." Here in San Felipe one heavy cloud lingers directly over San Felipe his morning, but should move on later today. We should then have direct sunlight but with the lingering high humidity.Our breeze is from the north this morning. This scenario seems to be the norm these days inviting swimming and water sports as the popular activity among our visitors and the locals. Even the dogs get to enjoy the ocean with their families. Swimming pools are very popular for gatherings of friends and backyard BBQ's. For the rest of us, find that A/C restaurant or office to visit this afternoon. We suggest you keep the thermometer set at about 82 degrees in your homes during the daytime. Note: With lows reading below 82 F there is no need for A/C at night. st ....Yesterday's Max 89 F, Min 78 F. Humidity currently at 53 %

Monday July 9, 1 p.m. A superb day along the beaches. Partly cloudy with unusually dry conditions. The breeze is East at 5 knots and the temperature is only 87 F with 59% RH. What a relief to have some cloud! (ej) 7:00 a.m. Heavy clouds east of us, directly over Sonora County on the mainland and heavy clouds west of us on the Pacific Ocean side are keeping our skies overcast but not heavy. A large complex of lightning strikes has been entertaining us nightly. The reason, they say, is becase a convective complex of large closed low clouds centered along the central Baja coast is moving slowly northwest; luckily not directly over San Felipe. Our humidity remains very high and only the breezes from the southeast save us. In fact yesterday was delightfully cool and comfortable. This morning there was again no beautiful sunrise, in fact it is quite hazy over the hillside to the south of us. We are waiting for the breeze to come up, usually at the change of the tide, probably around 10:30 this morning. st ....Yesterday's Max 98 F, Min 79 F. Humidity currently at 63 %.

Sunday July 8, 7:00 a.m. *At around 4:30 the winds kicked up to a reading of 20-25 kt and plastic patio chairs were being blown around abit. At 4:35 the power went out for 6 minutes. Finally everything settled and most of us went back to sleep. This morning all is quiet and delightfully cool. However, heavy moisture from the south-east and over mainland Mexico is now drifting toward us across the Sea. This same mass will flow north by the middle of next week affecting border towns. Our normal orange sunrise is colorless as it pushes it's way through this cloud-like atmosphere, racing to beat the cloud's path over Baja. Which one will win? st ..Yesterday's Max 106 F, Min 80 F. Humidity currently at 70 %.

Saturday July 7, 7:00 a.m. Yesterday we spent a very comfortable day picnicking under the awning and diving into the cool waters of El Dorado's swimming pool. Cool is comparative; it was probably at least 90 degrees warm, as is the ocean waters these days. At least 40 people enjoyed the day with us. Maybe we'd have been better off in our own ocean front. Unbelievable strong breezes greet us this morning. Without air-conditioning through the night, the house was truly uncomfortable by morning at 94 F. When we opened the doors and let in that cool breeze things changed rapidly cooling us down to 91. But now we have the humidity to deal with. Sooooo, on goes the air-conditioner to dry and cool things down. We will set our thermostat to 82 degrees. Some say that if you set the A/C and leave it day and night, it is as inexpensive as the cost of cooling down a warm house intermittently. st ...Yesterday's Max 106 F, Min 80 F. Humidity currently at 72 %.

Friday July 6, 11 a.m. Shirley is right. The weather here depends critically where you are. As you can see, at Campo Ocotillos, on the bluffs above the sea and 200-300 meters inland from the water the temperatures can be around 100 F. However, if you are staying at a hotel right on the beach (like the Marina Resort) it is far, far more moderate. I just went out to check and at my house (right on the beach - 20 meters from the high tide line) it is 85 degrees with 77%RH. There is a great breeze at 8-10 kt from the southeast and it is going to be an absolutely fabulous weekend with that 92 degree water! (ej) 7:00 a.m. Temperatures are unreal, depending where you are standing. This thermometer, temporarily placed under a tree on property at the top of a bluff, already reads 100.4 F at 7 o-clock in the morning with 60% RH. I'm sure in the desert areas and in town it will be 5-8 degees higher still where buildings and pavement make a huge impact. Later when the breezes come up one feels much more comfortable. Residents in San Felipe have found ways to cope with this daily, from swimming or early morning showers, to using three-wheelers to get around in the campos or dune-buggying towards the hills across the valley. Travelling in dune-buggies create such a nice breeze they are really a comfortable answer. Our electrical company is coping with a minimum number of brown-outs but may have a little trouble for the rest of this holiday week. Otherwise, air-conditioned homes, cars and offices are our daily lifestyle as are all the restaurants and some stores making your stay in San Felipe very comfortable indeed. st... Yesterday's Max 106 F, Min 79F. Humidity currently at 69%.

Thursday July 5, 1 p.m. You could not ask for better beach weather than this. Steady breezes from the east at 7-10 knots, 86 degrees in the shade with 77% RH. Awesome! (ej) 7:00 a.m. The thermometer is the popular center of conversation. Out under the tree; readings this morning are again in the 90's with a high humidity almost reaching 70%. However, in the house we have the doors open to allow in the cool breeze of the morning. I'm just listening to weather reports between Phoenix and Las Vegas where the temperatures are reaching 116 F and the people are really suffering. Common sense is the key. Most of us stay inside and use sunscreen when we go outside. Please do not leave animals or children in the car even with windows open. Luckily, in San Felipe, many dogs ride in the back of pickups, in open air....but how hot does the floor of the truck-bed get? st... Yesterday's Max 93 F, Min 77F. Humidity currently at 60%.

Wednesday July 4, 2:30 p.m. What an amazing Fourth of July! Around the USA the beaches are packed and the hot dogs are roasting. Here in San Felipe we have a higher-than-normal crowd for a Wednesday but it is still very quiet. Towards town I can see maybe a half-dozen people. A banana boat is waiting around to see if he can get a few to come for a ride.To the south, all the way down to Punta Estrella there can't be more than 2-3 people per mile of beach. It is understandable - how many people can take off a few extra days in mid-week to make it worth driving all this distance. Oh for a cheap airline to bring in the affluent San Diegans! (Did you know that, on average, 150 new millionaires move to (or are created) in San Diego each month - 1800 each year?). What are you outsiders all missing? You are missing a wonderful, unhurried, laissez-faire place. If you were here in the shade on the beach now, you would be basking in 85 degree temperatures with 80% RH. You would be plunging into the water every fifteen minutes and having a lazy swim. With an air matterss you can float safely for hours with the prevailing breeze always bringing you towards shore. If you have got small children this is one of the safest places you could be. Broad, sandy beaches with a very gentle slope. Lots of shells, hermit crabs and other sea creatures to look at. Even the blue-ball jellyfish that we get in summer are harmless. One bumped into me while I was floating the other day. They feel hard and are about the size of a tennis ball; they are virtually stingless. Compare them the the dreaded Gulf of Mexico Portugese Men of War, with their little blue balloons floating on top of the water and their long and dreadful tentacles spread out for several feet. Just touch one of those tentacles and you feel as though someone has taken a razor blade and made a cut all across your arm. But here we have "No Bad Days". Just pack plenty of SPF 30 and an umbrella, a book and a kite. You will fall in love with San Felipe. (ej) 7 a.m. INDEPENDENCE DAY IN USA. And the weather seemed to co-operate just a little. I could actually open the doors this morning and let the cooler air flow in. The humidity really dropped here on the beach to a much more normal reading. We are destined to have more hot afternoon temperatures today and maybe tomorrow. The town is not overcrowded...yet...but many visitors may have chosen the last half of the holiday week to come because of the extreme heat we experienced the first half. Happy holidays. st ...Yesterday's Max 93 F, Min 78F. Humidity dropping.

Tuesday July 3, 10 a.m. Right on the beach we woke to water streaming down the window screens as the very humid air that is coming up the gulf condenses out. Even at this hour, the relative humidity is still 82% but the temperature here is much more moderate, at 86 degrees, than Shirley is experiencing at Campo Ocotillos. There is an almost imperceptible breeze from the east at 3-5 kt. Although the very humid weather is making it difficult to stay dry, it is saving us from the incredible heat extremes of the people who are suffering in Mexicali and the desert southwest.(ej) 7:00 a.m. We have moved our thermometer temporarily from under the porch awning to be out under a tree to get a truer sense of that awful humidity that is sticking with us. We watched it rise as we were still installing it to read 89 % this morning. And looking over to the hills around that are almost socked in, we can believe it. With high readings throughout the day our air-conditioner is working overtime just to dry us out. Our daughter and son-in-law are driving back to Fresno where the readings are 99 F with a 53 % humidity. It was a little much for them. This is supposed to stay with us for about another week. We shall plan inside projects in the heat of the day, but later evenings are still lovely. Our neighbor's pool looks very inviting indeed. st ...Yesterday's Max 99 F, Min 78F, Humidity currently at 73%

Monday July 2, 12:30 p.m. On the beach we have very humid conditions but moderate temperatures; 78% RH with 86 degrees, winds from the east at 6-8 kt. There is a haze hanging over us that makes the distant mountains apprear very fuzzy and it really absorbs some of the intensity of the sun. Up in El Centro they have a muggy 102 F with 34% RH. It is far, far better to be down here in San Felipe and is a good day to be on the beach playing in the water. (ej) 7:00 a.m. Interestingly, the noaa.gov/forecasts state that morning observations indicate a moisture seep has taken place across California and Western Arizona, with surface dewpoint readings about 10 - 20 degrees F higher than this time yesterday morning. Locally, yesterday afternoon there was a heavy fog bankacross our view of the mainland. This morning this seems to have expanded west and we are sitting in a heavy fog all over; can hardly see the nearest hills. The sun cannot break through. And our current temperature remains stuck at 83 F. Last night, as we had a weeny-roast on the beach. The humidity was very, very high. We thought we'd have to forego it but gradually we got used to it and enjoyed the evening. The tide chart read 2' at 9:53. Various people came down with their dogs to romp and play about 1/4 mile out on the wet sands. As dark closed in and people left, all became quiet. Luckily we had lights under the palapa, so we stayed on till almost 10:00 enjoying the serenity of San Felipe. st ...Yesterday's Max 93 F, Min 77F

Sunday July 1, 1 p.m. Out on the bay beaches we have a brisk breeze blowing at 8-10 kt from the east with 88 degrees and 73% RH. The water temperature near shore where I swim has finally hit 90 degrees and there is a haze of humidity hanging over the ocean. This humidity drifts inland but its effect drops as it passes over the warmer desert - the temperature rises but the humidity falls. For comparison purposes it is currently 72 F and 63% at the airport in San Diego, 107 F and 9% RH in both Palm Springs and El Centro, and in Yuma (AZ) 102 F with 22% RH. (ej). 7:00 a.m. When air temperatures and dew point temperatures become close to the same we find dew settling on metal objects early in the mornings, which has been the case for 3 days now. Of course by this hour temperatures are rising quickly as I write. Surprisingly our high yesterday, here on the beach, did not register what it felt like. Forecasts have us reaching four more degrees higher by Independence Day. But what the heck, it's summer time and we are prepared. (Note: last year July 4 was at 96 F.) We might head up in our air-conditioned cars to San Mateos which is north-west and up in the hills..supposed to be 10 degrees cooler. st ...Yesterday's Max 98 F, Min 78F


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