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San Felipe - Archive of weather for January 2010.



Sunrise over SF Jan 23, 2010 at 6:15 a.m. . This is the scene often seen over San Felipe. Our visitors take endless photos home as souveniers of their visits to this, our Paradise.

Photo by Mel Bohnert.


1/10/10 ... El Nino: the next 2-3 weeks (at least) are likely to be more active
across California than any other 2-3 week period in recent memory. The
potential exists for a dangerous flood scenario to arise at some point
during this interval, especially with the possibility of a heavy
rain-on-snow event during late week 2. In some parts of Southern
California, a whole season's worth of rain could fall over the course of
5-10 days. This is likely to be a rather memorable event.


6:32 a.m. The early bird gets the sunrise. This view lasts only a few seconds but stays an image you can hardly forget. photo by Mel Bohnert

Sunday, 31 January, 7 a.m. A little colder this morning but what a sunrise to greet us! Possibly it could warm up to almost the 70's. What little breeze we had from the SW has ceased. High and low tides are max; it is calm like a placid lake. We can't wait till spring to take our new boat out around the islands just south of Puertecitos. st (yesterday's Max 67F; Min 51F) [be sure to read about the El Nino above]

Saturday, 30 January, 7 a.m. The cloud story tells it all. It certainly has been a perfect month for photograhy here in San Felipe. With 65 degree weather we can brag about basking in the sun to the folks up north. Clear skies and a warm, southern breeze keeps us exactly where we want to be. Yesterday after enjoying a most delicious BBQ sponsored by the San Felipe Association of Retired Persons (SFARP) we mingled on the patio waiting for that precise moment for photo ops of the full moon. This story about weather conditions may repeat itself entirely today. st (yesterday's Max 66F; Min 50F) [be sure to read about the El Nino above]

Around 5 p.m, with the waters receeding to a -5.0' tide, a photo of the full moon was captured between cloud layers accenting the reflection on the exposed sandy beach ........................................................... photo by Mel Bohnert

Friday, 29 January, 7 a.m. Temperatures are still the same. No winds and really, no clouds to speak of. Just whisps of soft cotton to streak across the sunny skies. These will probably burn off quickly. With the full moon we will have high tides of 20.6' at 1:28 a.m and a -1.7' tide at 7:38 a.m. Also, we'll have a -5.0' tide at 7:42 this evening, although that will be in the dark. A normal sunset over the entire Baja peninsula tonight is at 5:14 p.m; but the minute it gets over that mountain range it becomes dark in San Felipe. st (yesterday's Max 66F; Min 51F) [be sure to read about the El Nino above]

Thursday, 28 January, 7 a.m. Things are back to normal. Our guests will be happy to get some of that San Felipe sunshine we love. Some will be reaching out to travel south on that newly built road which now reaches past Puertecitos. One lucky couple actually found property which inspired them to maybe take possession in the area of 'South Camps'. With no winds, and only a few scattered clouds left today, many will venture out to the now dry desert areas, across the valley and into one of the many canyons there. st (yesterday's Max 65F; Min 51F) [be sure to read about the El Nino above]

Wednesday, 27 January, 7 a.m. A low pressure system with heavy clouds have remained over San Felipe this morning but not sure we'll see any rain. By yesterday afternoon the sun's rays had drawn out many of our visitors who came to enjoy San Felipe's tropical temperatures to sit outside and enjoy Happy Hour. But through the night the clouds again closed in. Daily the winds change from the south to a more northerly direction. For us, that means warm sweaters and jackets. Looking forward to dryer weather for the week-end. st (yesterday's Max 64F; Min 48F) [be sure to read about the El Nino above]

Tuesday, 26 January, 7 a.m. Heavy clouds have moved right in off the north-western pacific with a chance of showers this evening. However that San Felipe sun is busting through in many places. Temperatures will cool somewhat today and tonight but hopefully return tomorrow to our average 60's for the rest of the week. Winds have been swinging from NE back to the NW at 3-5 mph. However you say it, it's cold out there. st (yesterday's Max 62F; Min 48F) [be sure to read about the El Nino above]

Monday, 25 January, 7 a.m. Crystal clear mountains loom in the western sky this morning, a sky with not a cloud in it. The dry air smells fresh and clean, sparkling with the direct sunshine, great for the dunebuggy crowd. Soft southern breezes are still with us, with calm seas for the fishermen. A low pressure system is expected to again bring cloudiness and slight chances of showers late tomorrow through Wednesday, clearing up again by Thursday. We should have 17' high tides with a -5' low tide for the week-end. st (yesterday's Max 61F; Min 46F) [be sure to read about the El Nino above]

Sunday, 24 January, 7 a.m. Back to normal; no snow, no rain, no winds. Just a strikingly sharp clear day after all the rains. We saw the maintenance crew already on the streets cleaning wherever runoff had left mud and debris. Cool and fresh smelling air is welcome after some of the dust storms we had recently. One doesn't notice the cold when one is under the direct rays of our usual bright San Felipe sunshine. We look for a warmer couple of days before it will again cloud over.st (yesterday's Max 65F; Min 45F) [be sure to read about the El Nino above]

A stunning view or our mountains with new fallen snow from Fridays' storm. Jan 22/2010

.............................................................................................photo by Mel Bohnert

Saturday, 23 January, 8 a.m. What a shock when we drove out to the highway to see snow on our famous Mt. Diablo. Everyone was exclaiming the beauty of it. However by about 3:00 it was gone. ST

7 a.m. It looks like we are out of the storm system until at least Tuesday. Still some clouds linger, particularly to the south of us. We had a gorgeous sunrise this morning around 6 a.m. Clear skies, a soft southern breeze and lots of warm sunshine are on the menu for the day. Notice that the water temperatures are still warm enough for the bravest. We are off to the local swap meet to mingle with the rest of our friends. st (yesterday's Max 70F; Min 48F) [be sure to read about the El Nino above]

Friday, 22 January, 5:00 p.m. Clouds continued to cover most of the skies but we did not get even a sprinkle. The winds stayed reasonably calm as did the water. And through it all we enjoyed 70 degree weather. st 7 a.m. Looking east we have almost clear skies, but to the west it is a solid white mass moving in over the mountains. We had a real downpour around 2:00 a.m. with heavy winds blowing our patio furniture. The rain gauge this morning reads .625" (5/8"). The winds are again picking up but the water is calm. With all of this warm temperatures still prevail. st

Thursday, 21 January, 12:30 p.m. The clouds/fog has again closed in on San Felipe, visibility 5 miles. Ferocious SW winds gusting at 37 mph, although still warm, are pounding on the house and surrounding structures. Rain sprinkles off and on. We still have readings of 68 degrees but cannot go out to enjoy it. s

The wind has changed the calm waters to a savage sea.................. photo by M Bohnert

11:00 a.m. Winds now 18-20 mph have kicked in, creating noise and breaking branches. Strong, noisy waves are stomping at the sea-shores with some whitecaps appearing further out. The heavy rains did stop but will definitely return. Our temperature reads 69 degrees.st
7 a.m. While I'm writing this the clouds and a fog have closed over San Felipe. Although it sprinkled off and on during the night we did not have measureable rain. However we're getting it now. We already have rivlets forming across the grounds. Winds, and possibly thunderstorms, will come up a little later. Waters are calm but I bet there'll be no fishing today. And no dunebuggying in the desert today for fear of flash floods from the mountains. Stay tuned. ST (yesterday's Max 76F; Min 49F) [be sure to read about the El Nino above]

The clouds are closing over and the rains are headed our way. Our palms are about to be drenched. M Bohnert

Wednesday, 20 January, 5 p.m. It's been a calm, beautiful day. Our thermometer reached 66 degrees with no clouds in sight. The winds came up for just a little bit this afternoon. But tonight we see the clouds creeping across the mountains and wonder what is in store for us. ST

7 a.m. Sometime during the night the rain ceased and the storm clouds passed. The winds stayed calm throughout. The rain gauge this morning reads .31" (5/16") and with sparkling clear skies we know that storm is history. The heaviest rain storm with strong winds is slated to be Thursday and Thursday night decreasing during the day Friday. With a little luck we may miss the bulk of it which is slated for the Las Angeles area. Our 16'-18' evening tides lately with heavy surfs have cleaned the beaches of the many dunebuggy tire tracks which made walking difficult. The low tides for clamming are running at the 2' range at 9:45 a.m. Desert runs may be a little dangerous in the mountain arroyas. ST (yesterday's Max 76F; Min 49F) [be sure to read about the El Nino above]

Tuesday, 19 January, 6:30 pm. The clouds have now opened up with a vengence. Yes the wind has calmed but the rain on the roof tells a mean story. A sky blanketed with a solid, dark cloud means it will probably rain throughout the night. I am anxious to check that rain gauge in the morning. Tony reports: "heavy rain yesterday and this afternoon in San Diego. I have about 3 inches from this storm so far." ST

11:30 am It has just started to sprinkle.By 12:00 we have just cloudy skies and warm winds, neither threatening. By 3:00 with a 75 degree temperature things are beginning to turn. The wind is increasing. 4:30 pm: Winds are now pounding at 18-20 mph and heavy clouds are closing over the city. ST

7 am: The storm clouds are now penetrating into our area. The sky above is completely covered by a light fog whereby we cannot see the mountains. Still our persistant sun tries its best to keep our temperatures in the mid 50's. Rain is still a possibility by late Wednesday night. We have had no strong winds to fight and no white caps as of yesterday. With all of the torment in the world around us we feel very fortunate to be enjoying tropical weather here in San Felipe. ST (yesterday's Max 65F; Min 53F) [be sure to read about the El Nino above]

A visible cloud bank is again rolling in over the Sea as it did yesterday, but not reaching to the highway or causing any problems. M Bohnert

Monday, 18 January, 5 pm: Just wanted to let you know the fog did not hit the town as did yesterday. It has completely burned off. Right now it is 62 degrees and the sun is just disappearing. Clouds have increased dramatically across the western mountains, but no sign of rain. ST

7 a.m. This morning we start out again with a fog bank out over the water. Looking east we see mostly cloud covered skies, but looking west towards the mountains it is clear. That's where the storms will start to roll in; whenever? If not today, by Tuesday night we can expect rain. A soft northwestern breeze will be changing to the northeast soon, however it is moderately warm. Yesterday the fog bank stayed with us until about 3:00 p.m. ST (yesterday's Max 65F; Min 52F) [be sure to read about the El Nino above]

As the sun rises and daylight takes over, we see the ominous clouds which will stay with us for the next couple of weeks. photo by M Bohnert

Sunday, 17 January, 10 a.m. A dense fog has built up over the Sea, and has rolled in all the way to our beaches high enough to reach half way up El Chorro, the hill just north of town. I don't know what it is like in town. ST

7 a.m. Enjoy a beautiful day with sunshine still breaking through the streaks of clouds which tell of the forthcoming rains slated to hit us next week. Winds and waters are like the calm before the storm. There is a suspense in the air as we get ready for whatever is to come. Some are hailing the chance of rain; others are preparing for the worst. No matter which there is no doubt we will get some of it this time. ST (yesterday's Max 69F; Min 51F) [be sure to read about the El Nino above]

Saturday, 16 January, 7 am. Yesterday we hit over the 70 degree mark. But this morning cloud covered skies threaten us. Calm, warm, gentle breases from the south are welcome today and tomorrow. Possibly it will stay this way through our entire week-end with no duststorms in the forcast. But watch out for what's to come throughout the next 3 weeks. Snow, rain, flooding and high winds....ugh! st (yesterday's Max 74F; Min 57F) [be sure to read about the El Nino above]

Friday, 15 January, 7 am. Clear skies and calm winds and water to start our day but this will more than likely become more like yesterday later. We are chased inside when we have periods of duststorms but throughout our mornings and evenings, it couldn't be better. We enjoy stargazing in the evenings and spectacular sunrises (when we have clouds). And all with just a sweater! st (yesterday's Max 73F; Min 59F)

Duststorm with whitecaps 3 pm

Thursday, 14 January, 3:00 p.m. The winds have now created a sandstorm and we have white caps on the water. We can't see the horizon or the mountains. This morning it was windy but clear. The temperature however was at 73 with 26% humidity.So in spite of strong winds from the north (but not yet dusty) we held our spanish class outside. This may last for 2 days. st

7:00 a.m. Clear skies! That cloud burned off early yesterday leaving only streaks. Last night for just about an hour a strong wind appeared and died. This morning even though we have north winds, the temperature readings are warmer. It should be clear and mild for the next couple of days now. Following that we have another pacific storm on the way from the north west to contend with. By storm, I mean cooler, windy but hardly ever any rain in San Felipe. st (yesterday's Max 70F; Min 58F)

Cloud cover at 6:00 a.m. By 8:00 we had blue skies with plenty of sunshine and broken clouds. photo by M Bohnert

Wednesday, 13 January, 7:00 a.m. As predicted heavy white clouds have rolled over our area but plenty of sun is now shining through. It will probably cool some by tonight but who can complain with 69 degrees for a high yesterday. This will be short-lived as a couple more storms are on their way from the north pacific area. I am worried for my sister and friend who are planning their trip south over the western mountain ranges this week-end. st (yesterday's Max 67F; Min 15F)

Tuesday, 12 January, 7:00 a.m. Today will be another moderately warm day for San Felipe. The sun is bright and ready to do its job. Winds and water are calm. But we are getting ready for another breezy day tomorrow through Thursday.With soft high clouds we have been enjoying a spectacular photo-taking opportunity each morning. I suppose the winds will change that tomorrow. st (yesterday's Max 67F; Min 15F)

Monday, 11 January, 7:00 a.m. While the rest of the country is freezing we are still basking in the tropical temperatures of the Baja, although not quite in the 70's. Enjoy till Wednesday when we are expected to get caught in another cold snap from the north. However we just throw on a windbreaker as we take our morning walks. Some little Chihuahuas enjoy their new blanket coats also. But larger dogs even enjoy splashing in water still 64 degrees. Come and share this with us. st (yesterday's Max 68F; Min 55F)

Sunday, 10 January, 7:00 a.m. Clouds make beautiful sunrises. We are blessed to have such a beautiful greeting on many of our early morning wakeups. Especially when it is so cold over 2/3 of the United States. Dry weather, with above normal daytime highs continue here.There is no breeze this morning, but soon, coming from the south, it will be warm and inviting. The tide is on it's way out. At around 10:30 a.m. we will have a low tide of 11'. One can walk out about 1/8 of a mile on the firm wet sand and looking out, enjoy the feeling of standing on the edge the world. Enjoy! st (yesterday's Max 69F; Min 52F)

Saturday, 9 January, 7:00 a.m. Gone are any signs of clouds this morning. The sun can again do its job without opposition. This week's temperatures have remained above normal and should continue to do so through Tuesday. This should draw everyone out to the El Dorado Swap Meet this morning. That's where I get my fresh fish and shrimp. Also farm produce and plants. There is a slight breeze but this may die off before we return in about 2 hours. The rest of the week-end is made for partying. st (yesterday's Max 69F; Min 52F)

Friday, 8 January, 8:19 a.m. (I'm running late this morning. It is already 65 F out there.) The sky is covered with soft streaks of clouds and there is a soft breeze fanning the treetops. We expect this weather to remain this way throughout the week-end and maybe into next Tuesday. st (yesterday's Max 66F; Min 52F)

Thursday, 7 January, 7 a.m. We're still riding in the high 40's and the low 70's which is fairly normal this time of the year. As long as the breeze stays down we are completely comfortable. In the afternoon many of us are working outside in the sun; in short sleeves yet! Yesterday we went for a walk on the beach after 4:00 p.m. There was no breeze and calm waters; the dog loves it. st (yesterday's Max 71F; Min 49F)

Wednesday, 6 January, 7 a.m. Luckily for us this is still paradise in winter. And the latest forecast says it will continue. The sun is definitely winning over the northern cold breezes. Visitors are thrilled that we are having such fantastically warm days amid all the cold and snowy weather up north. Guests are still marvelling at private photos of the Polar Bear club who dared to brave the waters on New Year's Day....but really, at 64 degrees it might not have been all that difficult. And with the tides smoothing out we often see brave soles trying it through these warmer days. st (yesterday's Max 71F; Min 49F)

Tuesday, 5 January, 7 a.m. Really, it's a beautifuy, sunny and warm San Felipe morning, compared to the rest of the country. No clouds visible in this area and quiet calm waters invite us to go for a walk on the beach before breakfast. Many of us schedule at least one mile walk each day, most of us being coaxed by our pet dogs. But we must share the beach with the dune buggy enthusiasts, which are really not supposed to be on the town beachfronts. We hope this paradise weather lasts. st (yesterday's Max 67F; Min 51F)

Monday, 4 January, 7 a.m. Some clouds have appeared from the north but warm temperatures are staying with us. Which will make you take off your coat first? The wind or the sun? The sun: because the wind makes you cuddle up tighter. That's what is happening here. That cold, north wind has kept the sun from doing a great job. And within the next day or two all chances of the warmest ushering in of the new year will be gone. We expect the daytime temperatures to again cool by about 5-7 degrees. st (yesterday's Max 67F; Min 51F)

Sunday, 3 January, 7 a.m. Clear, warm and inviting, with temperature readings climbing slightly. And it plans to stay that way for the next couple of days. We might even hit the 70's today. The north wind continues to dominate as we settle back and finish our week-end. Enjoy every minute of it because we expect it to cool as a new low pressure moves in about Tuesday. st(yesterday's Max 67F; Min 51F)

Saturday, 2 January, 7 a.m. That heavy cloud pattern is now far to the east of us. Clear skies and lots of sun are the norm for San Felipe. A few soft clouds are still visible to the south but our week-end should be just beautiful. Now if only the winds coming down from the rocky mountain passes to our north would calm....... Thank goodness the parties are over and we can all settle into making plans for a better year in 2010.st (yesterday's Max 65F; Min 52F)

Friday,1 January 2010, 7 a.m. A heavy cloud pattern to the north of us has crept low enough to reach us here in San Felipe, although only in soft streaks across the sky. A cold wind is from the north. Otherwise we would be basking in sunlight for the various Polar Bear plunges today in 64 degree water. The spectators will then enjoy the warming spirits shared with the brave souls who dared to participate. Others will gather in various camp-grounds for dinner today to end the round of parties this holiday season. st (yesterday's Max 64F; Min 52F)



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