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San Felipe weather - January 2009

Saturday 31 January 7:00 a.m. We continue to have whitecaps on the waters in the afternoons; woe to the fishermen. Cold, north winds continue to offset the strong heat from the sun in those clear, blue skies. But boy are the temperatures great. I am looking at a thermometer out there in the direct sun which is reading 80 F. Probably one in the shade might read in the 60's. Depending on your plans for the day, how should you dress? Great for a Saturday night BBQ.(st) Yesterday's Max 73 F, Min 60 F. Humidity currently 31 %.

Friday 30 January 7:00 a.m. Yesterday's higher readings are as projected. This morning we start again with a cool north Santa Ana breeze, but all in all we are relishing the significantly warmer weather when compared to the frigid temperatures around the country. This may be bad news for the fishermen who have received an unexpected vacation. Many locals and visitors will enjoy the baseball season here which is starting this week-end. Another group of exhuberant locals is heading out into the valley/desert area with enthusiasm early this morning. The leader has become very knowledgeable of the routes into the arroyas on the western side leading up to canyons, springs, and Indian drawings and paintings. (st) Yesterday's Max 71 F, Min 57 F. Humidity currently 32 %.

Thursday 29 January 2:30 p.m. Wrong! Again we have whitecaps. The fishermen have another day off. Although the thermometer reads 71.4 F , the north wind is so cold and strong it belies the benefit of this reading. (st) 7 a.m. A weak high pressure system remains in place today. Starting tomorrow we can expect some Santa Ana breezes. However our afternoon temperatures should increase through this weekend and into next week. With clear skies throughout Northern Baja we should have plenty of sunshine to do it's job. Yesterday we again had whitecaps on the water but today may be a different story, allowing the fishermen to get back out there. (st) Yesterday's Max 66 F, Min 55 F. Humidity currently 35

Wednesday 28 January 7 a.m. We again see some soft cloud streaks this morning but promise of warmer weather begins today. We still have tides, both high and low extremes, great for clamming. However the waters are calmer, and the NW winds are lighter. Maybe the fishermen will be happier. Some are dressed in diving gear just to keep warm. For the rest of us, when standing out in the sun, it is really very pleasant. I can't help comparing us to those poor families on the east coast of the U.S. Notice that last Wednesday we had a high of 74 F. (st) Yesterday's Max 62 F, Min 48 F. Humidity currently 35%

Tuesday 27 January 2 p.m. Those dirty, mean looking waves were the words of the hardy group standing on the bluff just now. No fishermen in sight. The surf was pushing all the way up on the beach, again eroding the sandy shoreline in some places. This morning at 2:00 a.m. they had reported a 17.5' high tide, and at 8:00 a .5' low tide. Now we have a 15.1' high tide. With a -1.8' low tide expected at 8:00 this evening. This all happens at the time of the new moon. st 7 a.m. This morning we are really feeling the cold. It dipped down into the high 40's during the night. But hopefully this will be the last cold day for awhile. We are promised warming weather and calmer breezes for the rest of the week. Those soft cloud streaks will surely burn off quickly, letting the sun spread it's rays. The water may have cooled a little but it, also, should return to a warm 65 F quickly. (st) Yesterday's Max 63 F, Min 49 F. Humidity currently 41%

Monday 26 January 7 p.m. Around noon the clouds became mean looking, covering the entire sky overhead. But before I could get around to changing this weather report, these burned off and we had almost clear skies with a cold sun. Then as another 2 hours passed clouds returned, at least over part of the skies before darkness fell. It remained cold all day. st. 7 a.m. We have a large low cloud hanging overhead but otherwise the sun dominates our skies this morning. Yes, we have a breeze also, and it may get stronger as the day goes on. But it too is scheduled only to last through tomorrow. Notice our max and min temperatures were about 6 degrees lower yesterday. Hopefully the sun will take over for the rest of the week here in San Felipe. Our Osprey remains vigilant over the entire view watching quiet waters and would be fishermen on panga trips out to the rocks to try their luck. Our guys didn't do so well yesterday. Sorry about that. (st) Yesterday's Max 68 F, Min 48 F. Humidity currently 53%

Sunday 25 January 7 a.m. Another pleasant day with mild temperatures still in the 70's remaining with us to finish the week-end. We have clear skies, but off to the east, over the mainland, a heavy cloud bank appears. Hardly any breeze greets our Osprey which daily sits on its pole high over the front row of houses. With calm waters some of our week-end guests have taken to the Sea for a day of fishing. Good luck guys. I haven't any news from any desert runs this week-end. But it's perfect weather for that too. All in a day at San Felipe. (st) Yesterday's Max 74 F, Min 54 F. Humidity currently 57%

Saturday 24 January 7 a.m. The temperature is staying status quo as the skies clear and the days progress. Although we have a cooler recorded temperature by 4 degrees this morning we can expect the daytime highs to stay in the mid-seventies through the week-end. Soft breezes from the west help alot. With nothing specifically on the calendar for this week-end, I guess we'll just have to create a neighborhood BBQ for this evening. So be it. (st) Yesterday's Max 75 F, Min 57 F. Humidity currently 54%

Friday 23 January 7 a.m. Light rain fell last night but not enough to measure. This morning everything seems clear and fresh but with temperatures lower by 6 degrees and a high humidity. As usual there is no breeze and the water is calm. About 5:00 a.m., looking to the west we actually saw stars, while to the east we saw heavy clouds. We expected the worst, but instead it has cleared up beautifully with most of those white, heavier clouds disappearing. This morning at 6:30 a.m. we had a 3.5' tide and tonight at 6:13 p.m. it will be at 0.2'. Have a great day. (st) Yesterday's Max 74 F, Min 58 F. Humidity currently 47%

Thursday 22 January 7 a.m. The temperatures are lowering this week, with a slim possibility of showers today. Cooler temperatures are on tap for Friday. We had absolutely beautiful weather for our mini-vacation to Puertecitos where we played in and out of the various campgrounds there. We stayed at the one named Los Octovios where they had placed 3 whale-bones on top of the nearest hilltop.(st) Yesterday's Max 76 F, Min 59 F. Humidity currently 31%

The size of the biggest whale skeletin
Los Octovios campground, whalebones

Wednesday - 21 January 11:47 a.m. We aplogize for the late weather report, but better late than never. It's warm but cloudy with a bit of wind. I think this week our weather pattern is going to change and as soon as I figure out what it's going to change to, I'll let you know. The Taste of San Felipe was a great success = 150 tickets sold!! Go Rotary. khm

Tuesday - 20 January 9:00 a.m. What an absolutely gorgeous day we have this morning, especially in light of such an historic day. The sun is glistening over the Sea of Cortez and there are wispy clouds, but not much wind. I can't believe I'm not whining about how cold it is. It feels like a spring day. As you can see, our weather gal, Shirley Thompson, is gallivanting around the Baja, so I'll make a feeble attempt at the weather. They just swore in the 44th President of the United States and the crowds are going nuts! They're all yelling "Obama"! So, it's a beautiful day for a walk on the beach; working in your garden or just taking in the beauty surrounding us all. We are all so fortunate to be able to live in the best little town in the Baja. It was warm yesterday too, probably a high of 75 F. Incredible. Update 1:47 p.m. What started out as a potentially beatiful day has turned into a windy and cloud covered sky. I estimate winds at about 7-8 mph. At least it was sunny for the Taste of San Felipe. kmh

Monday 19 January 7 a.m. Continued warm days and nights are what we want to hear. There are a few soft clouds in the skies, and the breezes are minimal. Although from the north they are not cold. For our little trip to Puertacitos we plan layered tee-shirt, cotton shirt, and maybe a flannel jacket. . Hints of showers by Thursday do not affect our plans because it usually does not happen. Have a great week everyone.(st) Yesterday's Max 73 F, Min 62 F. Humidity currently 30%

Sunday 18 January 7 a.m. Last Tuesday we hit a high of 67; and so it has been all week That high pressure system promises to stay with us a few more days into next week. Although northern breezes it has not been cold. Warm days and cool nights is the forecast, if you can call the 60's cool. We have heard of a camp ground named "Destiny" near Puertecitos that is getting quite popular amongst us home-body travelers. And the highway is proceeding construction over the hill there. We'll have to check these out on our days off next week. Till then we shall ride the quads and look for souveniers in the desert valleys nearby (st) Yesterday's Max 75 F, Min 60 F. Humidity currently 32%

Saturday 17 January 7 a.m. Clear, sunny skies continue to bring us such a wonderful Baja winter these days. This has lasted now for one full week and promises to continue through at least a few more days.The winds are a little briskier than usual at 7:00 a.m. and from the north, but look at those temperatures. We will spend our day getting ready for a camping trip, heading south. Many visitors who come to San Felipe bring dune-buggies, 4-wheel quads and bikes, to enjoy the beautiful weather out there on the desert or in the many arroyas, looking for souveniers of the land. Welcome. Yesterday's Max 72 F, Min 59 F. Humidity currently 32%

Friday 16 January 7 a.m. We continue to have such wonderful weather with temperatures above normal for January. Sunny days and clear nights are leading into the week-end. With such cold temperatures across two-thirds of the U.S. we may expect more visitors to our area. This is the snow-bird season, with lots of events going on. Fishing is high on the list of activities. Dune-buggying into the desert areas is also popular right now. With 70 degree weather we are really bragging. Yesterday's Max 71 F, Min 58 F. Humidity currently 31%

Thursday 15 January 7 a.m. That strong, high pressure is continuing to do it's job. Although the high yesterday was back to normal in San Felipe we reslish the fact we can spend our afternoons outdoors in short shirtsleeves whether we are riding quads or fixing BBQ's for the evening. A note to the public: I guess we can only ride our quads in the deserts now. See our NEWS section regarding the new signs on the beach. Nevertheless, our warm winter is in extreme opposite to the frigid East coast. It's like a calling card to your vacation plans. See you soon? (st) Yesterday's Max 71 F, Min 56 F. Humidity currently 32%

New sign on the beach?

Wednesday 14 January 7 a.m. Clear skies, soft northern breezes, and lots of sun are having it's effect on temperatures in San Felipe at least. Yesterday some snow-birds were complaining as they stripped off all extra clothing as the day progressed. They are not used to such beautiful, tropical weather in January. The nights are gorgeous - bright stars seem so close around us, and that moon is the center topic of conversation still. We are heading for the border this morning, where it will be even warmer, but we will not enjoy it because we will be on the run to get back here to utopia. (st) Yesterday's Max 77 F, Min 59 F. Humidity currently 33%

Tuesday 13 January 7 a.m. Windy conditions, although not all that strong, persist mostly from the north at least through today. In spite of this the temperatures are wonderfully high for mid January. My goodness, it's almost 70 F at only 7:00 this morning. And it never got much below 60 F throughout the entire night. That full moon each evening is still the topic of conversation, being so large and so bright in such clear skies. I haven't heard from any would be clammers, a popular passtime while the tides ar.m. Since Saturday our motion light comes on regularly as the northern breezes come and go throughout the night. Usually around 7:00 a.m. when I gather my statistics the breeze is calm, the branches still. But now we can expect some winds throughout the entire day, at least through Tuesday. Temperatures remain above normal. With clear skies and that huge new moon, even our evenings are inviting us outdoors for week-end BBQ's and a large, warm bonfire. Yesterday we enjoyed meandering through the Art Gallery out on the Highway with their new ideas, as well e right, resulting in some delicious clam dinners but I know they are out there. (st) Yesterday's Max 74 F, Min 59 F. Humidity currently 35%

Monday 12 January 7 a.m. We are having exceptionally good weather for the middle of January. Clear skies, soft breezes, warm days and nights. For those of us lucky enough not to have to clock in, it is a great time to go dune-buggying in the deserts and up the western arroyas where you can find Indian paintings and carvings. Always take another vehicle in case of a simple break-down in the middle of nowhere. You will come back with a souvenier of your trip. Enjoy these warm days. (st) Yesterday's Max 73 F, Min 59 F. Humidity currently 32%

Sunday 11 January 7 aas the show of local artists in town. Great weather for whichever you choose. (st) Yesterday's Max 68 F, Min 56 F. Humidity currently 32%

Saturday 10 January 7 a.m. Yesterday, today and through tomorrow we shall have windy conditions, sometimes as high as 21 mph. Although coming from the north it is not a cold wind. When we see this excellent forecast of warmer weather throughout this week we are delighted. And check that moon, so large and bright. With clear skies it seems greater than ever. The waters are calm with extremely low tides around 7:00 p.m. too dark for clamming. Today we look forward to starting with the swap meet at El Dorado, going to the art show in town, also playing on the quads out in the campos later in the afternoon when it is so warm. (st) Yesterday's Max 71 F, Min 53 F. Humidity currently 40%

Friday 9 January 7 a.m. Low pressure and windy conditions are now spreading into southeast California and northern Baja today and will continue through Saturday. We have a full moon on the 10th; a -4.5 tide is expected on Saturday and Sunday evenings around 7:00 p.m. but only -0.3 tides in the mornings. A bummer for those that wanted to do early morning clamming. The temperatures are about normal for this time of year, so just put your boots on and get out there. (st) Yesterday's Max 66 F, Min 48 F. Humidity currently 47%

Thursday 8 January 7 a.m. As promised the temperatures rose just a little more yesterday afternoon and through the night, but this morning it is again, just a bit cooler. That haze should burn off quickly. Breezes will change back to the northwest through the week-end. Hopefully we will be enjoying drier and warmer weather early next week. (st) Yesterday's Max 64 F, Min 47 F. Humidity currently 43%

Wednesday 7 January 7 a.m. Yesterday was a bit warmer, getting us into the 60's. With clear skies and calm waters we hope to see a rise in temperature at least for another day. As we drove into town we could still see the results of wet pot-holes on the road from a rain in town, possibly on Sunday, although we did not get it out here on the beach. Later as we were riding our quads on the beach we noticed many jelly-fish along the tide line, some still alive. I have read where the Brown Pelicans are being found sick and disoriented from here all the way up the Pacific Coast. What is going on? (st) Yesterday's Max 61 F, Min 6 F. Humidity currently 41%

Tuesday 6 January 7 a.m. Reyes Mago [Three Kings] A big day for some families in Mexico. Temperature-wise it has remained cold for all of this past week. A few high clouds have appeared with no breeze at this moment. Over the mountains there appears to be a foggy atmosphere, possibly as seen coming from the west coast. I guess I wouldn't want to be a fisherman at this time of year either. The waters are calm, a perfect day for them. (st) Yesterday's Max 59 F, Min 43 F. Humidity currently 41%

Monday 5 January 7 a.m. The thermometer tells a mean story this morning. But the winds are changing back to the southwest this evening and the temperatures should rise. Calm blue waters beckon the fishermen back on the job. Reyes Mago [Three Kings], Jan 6 is tomorrow. Many families celebrate and exchange gifts instead of December 25th.The story goes: If you find the baby in the cake, you have to make Tamales for everyone. (st) Yesterday's Max 63 F, Min 41 F. Humidity currently 40%

Sunday 4 January 7 a.m. That's a mean looking sky that greats us this morning. Seeing that cool, northern breeze sends shivers... but when you step outside it is not all that bad. Who can thwart temperatures almost into the 60's in January. The water is active, with a few white-caps, probably not good for the fisherman. A great day for staying indoors and watching the play-offs for football. (st) Yesterday's Max 65 F, Min 48 F. Humidity currently 54%

Saturday 3 January 7 a.m. It is so fogged in this morning,

The fog is dissipating at 10:30 a.m. after a dense and damp morning. (It sort of reminds one of San Francisco morning without the bridge)

with only about 1/2 mile of visibility reminiscent of the foggy, San Francisco Bay area. My dog checked outside and came back with a cold, wet coat.We are under a low pressure trough from the Pacific coast which will pushquickly through our area as it heads across the mainland. After that it is forcasted to be sunny and warmer as high pressure returns dry weather back to the area. This will be a busy Saturday as many continue to entertain the now waining groups of visitors as the long holiday 2-week period ends. I'm looking forward to an evening with the Saturday Singles. (st) Yesterday's Max 65 F, Min 48 F. Humidity currently 54%



Friday 2 January 7 a.m. As long as the wind is still from the south we shall have moderately warm days with cool nights. However, we expect the wind direction to change back to the north late Sunday into Monday. Today will be a great day for riding quads & dune-buggies and let that early January business go till the first of the new week. Those guests fortunate enough to spend the holiday week in San Felipe will be leaving for the border and can expect the long waits to continue. Maybe by Monday we will be back to a normal one hour wait. Parties seem to continue through this week-end. We were treated to a special Egg-nog bash at Steve and Kimberlie's last evening under their large palapa. The music was exceptional. Where to tonight? (st) Yesterday's Max 68 F, Min 48 F. Humidity currently 43%

Thursday 1 January 7 a.m. High pressure dominates the area today, with light clouds overhead. They will clear quickly allowing the day to warm to above average temperatures. However we shall continue with clear, cool nights into the week-end. There were many gatherings around town at the various night spots. Playa del Sol and Campo Ocotillos were two of many residential campos out of town to have gatherings and festivities through the 9:00/12:00 highlight on the TV Networks. Fireworks continued for about one hour before it again became quiet and the new year settled in. (st) Yesterday's Max 65 F, Min 48 F. Humidity currently 42%


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