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San Felipe - Archive of weather for January 2008.



Thursday 31 January 7:00 a.m. Gusty NE winds blew throughout the night, turning my motion light on and off. The clouds that formed throughout yesterday faded by evening. This morning we have clear skies everywhere and still those winds gusting in the 7-10 mph bracket. But notice that welcome change in the temperatures; back up into the 50's this morning, hopefully reaching the 70's this afternoon. The Gods have smiled upon us for the Carnaval this week-end. (st) Yesterday's Max 62 F, Min 48 F. Humidity currently 43.

Wednesday 30 January 7:00 a.m. Some soft clouds are forming overhead this morning. Otherwise it's a beautiful sunshiny and clear, light blue sky that greets us today. That next low pressure system from the NW will be bringing gusty winds this afternoon and evening. Notice the temperatures are again going down, probably for the next day or two. (st) Yesterday's Max 61 F, Min 44 F. Humidity currently 50.

Tuesday 29 January 7:00 a.m. Clear, blue skies everywhere, but in my version, very cool this morning. It is still drying out from that 'storm' that has now moved off to the east. We may have strong winds by tomorrow, the south end of another storm. That bright sun, unheeded by clouds, will do it's job today, hopefully beating yesterday's high of 67 F but our nights are dipping down into the low 40's. That's quite an arch on the charts. My sister said she changed clothes 3 times yesterday to keep up with it. So whether you're boating or dune-buggying today, dress in layers. (st) Yesterday's Max 67 F, Min 45 F. Humidity currently 53.

Monday 28 January 7:00 a.m. Weak high pressure above is bringing drier weather to the west coast. Due to the storm the temperatures are remaining cooler than normal for late January. Last year at this time we had readings in the high 60's. Because of the high humidity this morning we still have a few drops from the roof marring the more pleasant view of blue skies across the waters. There are still high clouds over there, but clear, clear skies all across San Felipe and the high Sierras to our west. The storm has passed! (st) Yesterday's Max 59 F, Min 54 F. Humidity currently 60.

Sunday 27 January 2:30 p.m. The sky is now a flat,low cloud releasing sprinkles off and on. We still have very little breeze. It's like we're holding our breath waiting for the next down-pour, which, if it's going to happen, should be this evening. IT DID NOT! st

7:00 a.m. Damn! some dog must have knocked over the rain-gauge. Because it was so heavy between 6:30 p.m. and 1:30 a.m I will guess it hit .75 inches until I hear from somewhere else. This morning the skies are still heavily overcast, the air is damp and the water is so calm. This will continue today as the heavy cloud cover passes overhead on it's way east. Winds could be gusty at times today and tomorrow, but the temperatures couldn't be better; under the circumstances. It's almost fun to dress in rain jackets and to take a walk on the wet sand this morning. So unusual! (st) Yesterday's Max 63 F, Min 50 F. Humidity currently 58.

9:00 this morning I was astounded at how low the clouds were. Over the western Sierras the tops of the clouds were popping up above the clouds here and there. Awesome!


Saturday 26 January 8:30 p.m. At 6:30 p.m. we welcomed the expected rainfall which is often promised but never occurs. Earlier this morning 4 of us got out on the golf course still being constructed here, dug a big pit and spent 4 hours burning some old papers we took out of folders and jackets, old stuff from before 2002. We were actually racing the coming rains. All day the clouds grew heavier and we were pretty certain this time it would happen. Well it is still coming down with a vengence and it looks like it will pour all night long. I can't wait to read the rain gauge in the morning. st.

7:00 a.m. Temperatures are slightly warmer this morning. However an approaching Pacific low pressure system is bringing heavy clouds into the area. That fogbank that has appeared every morning for the last week is again riding on the horizon. Solid clouds range from there west across the Sea of Cortez on over our mountains. There is a good chance of rain by tonight and through the early part of tomorrow as the heavy clouds travel across San Felipe. (st) Yesterday's Max 59 F, Min 47 F. Humidity currently 49.

Friday 25 January 7:00 a.m. Clear skies for the most part allowed our beautiful morning sunrise to once again greet us. A few clouds off to the south and east of us, but warmer weather is promised for today through Saturday before that Pacific low pressure system brings lots of moisture back into SE Californa. No matter, at 9:12 we have a low tide of 1.4 allowing would-be clam-diggers to strut their stuff. We bought mixed-size shrimp yesterday directly from the fishermen for $12 per kilo. These were mostly the large, meaty size, great for a feasty garlic or breaded shrimp meal. I'm happy, the fishermen are happy and their families are feasting again. (st) Yesterday's Max 62 F, Min 43 F. Humidity currently 47.

Thursday 24 January 7:00 a.m. Yesterday the solid clouds rolled completely across the skies and on over the mountains leaving clear blue in it's path. This morning there was again a large cloud bank over the mainland marring a picture-perfect,sunny sky-scape.The winds have swept around to the west. We are promised warmer temperatures over the week-end, but maybe with moisture, followed again by a cool spell. Can you picture our fishermen and crews in parkas to keep dry while they real in the catch on Saturday or Sunday? (st) Yesterday's Max 61 F, Min 45 F. Humidity currently 44

Wednesday 23 January 7:00 a.m. It's not pretty these days. I look across the water and see a fog bank over Puerto Penasco. A solid cloud rolls all the way back towards our mainland but will probably burn off before it does any damage. Looking west it is mostly clear over the Sierras. The farmers on the other side of those peaks would probably prefer the rain; of which there is a good chance we may have over the week-end as a stronger low oressure system moves by. Dress warm today. (st) Yesterday's Max 61 F, Min 44 F. Humidity currently 41

Tuesday 22 January 1 p.m. A pleasant winter day in town. Winds are calm and the temperature at the office is 59 F with 38% RH. Thin high cloud is drifting by and there are showers in Southern California which will continue on-and-off for the next few days. . We don't expect any rain here in San Felipe. All the lucky people are downtown strolling around the restaurants enjoying samples of different cuisine on the "Taste of San Felipe" tour. (ej) 7:00 a.m. The skies appear clear. But as the sun was rising it looked almost completely overcast. This was of course a high, light cloud cover appearing ominously over the entire area. As the sun rose it took over. Now we can see a fog bank over the mainland which will also burn off quickly.Not much chance of rain. The fishermen are back on the job and we are feasting ourselves on fish and shrimp dishes almost daily. Our guests love it. Soon the prices will go back up and we will have to rely on our fresh reserves for the summer. (st) Yesterday's Max 64 F, Min 43 F. Humidity currently 47

Monday 21 January 7:00 a.m. MLK Day. The sky is continually changing as I write. At 6:30 as daylight hit, a white fog bank had developed over the mainland. As it got brighter, the fog rolled in and sat just over the mountain tops. Now it is laying low over the house tops as it travels across our entire area. At 50 F there is little breeze over placid waters. This morning it's a full house at the Lodge, Excercise classes, an Animal Rescue meeting, and Spanish class all around 10:00. We pray the weather will clear because it really is not cold, just miserable. (st) Yesterday's Max 63 F, Min 43 F. Humidity currently 39.


Sunday 20 January 7:00 a.m. With no winds and very calm waters it leads you to believe it will be a great day. But don't count on it. We are having cooler than normal temperatures, stronger than normal winds and generally bad news for our fishermen till the winds calm down. Today we are off to a 'Parade of Homes', where we get to see original designs and architecture dreamed up by ourselves who live an entirely new lifestyle.(st) Yesterday's Max 61 F, Min 43 F. Humidity currently 321

In spite of the cold we have beautiful sunrises with much color. This photo was taken at 6:15 a.m. this morning.


Saturday 19 January 11 a.m. Things are changing since Shirley posted the 7 a.m. weather. The wind is starting up again and we have steady 12 mph northeasterly winds hitting the coast at this hour, with whitecaps on the sea. The Northamerican computer models predict that it will be like this for the next 24-36 hours, though they suffer from having very few input data points from the Gulf of California region. Wind conditions are very variable, for example, in Calexico at this hour the wind is calm while 60 miles east in Yuma they have NE 10 mph and 60 miles west, in Campo there are ENE gusts to 40 mph. A very cold winter storm is moving towards southern California and snow is expected down to the 3000 ft. level in the mountains between San Diego and El Centro by Wednesday evening. (ej) 7:00 a.m. Bright, clear skies with just a soft breeze to finish a picture-perfect morning. Continued cool but the wind is changing more towards the west. That usually means a levelling out of our thermometer readings for today. But it could dip again tomorrow if that cold front moves in off the California coast. Bundle up and have a great week-end. (st) Yesterday's Max 59 F, Min 43 F. Humidity currently 32%.

Friday 18 January 3 p.m. Sunny but still quite cool in town, 58 degrees and 27 % RH. We are fairly well sheltered from the breeze here but it is starting to blow on the bay. Much cooler weather, possibly with snow in the mountains, is expected starting Sunday as a huge cold front from Alaska makes its way south. The deserts may get some sprinkles of rain by Monday according to the weather forecast.(ej) 7:00 a.m. Brrr.We are not used to these temperatures. And they will continue through the weekend. Some reports say that sub -freezing temperatures are expected at most desert locations this morning. We expect the cold, north winds to pick up again today and tomorrow. Look for the hardy ones to come down for the Martin Luther King week-end and show us how they would dress for a desert run this morning on the Lost Canyon Tour. Planned is a continental breakfast first with lots of hot coffee. Can't wait for stories from this one. (st) Yesterday's Max 56 F, Min 43 F. Humidity currently 30%.

Thursday 17 January noon North winds at 10-15 mph 56 degrees in town 23% RH. This cold, blustery weather is likely to continue for a few days! They (the experts) say we will have a decrease in wind later today but it will pick up again on Friday into Saturday. Last night was a real battering. All the patio furniture got overturned and the bougainvilla is stripped practically naked. Kitesurfers planning to come for the MLK long weekend: be sure to pack sweaters.You should have good kiting conditions but it will be cold. Expect 40's at night and highs around 60 during the day.(ej)

7 a.m. Winds lasted throughout most of the night. I know; my motion light stayed on because of swaying branches. This will continue through tonight but temperatures are expected to even off Friday and Saturday. I had hoped to hear that it would warm a little then, but no, another cold Pacific low pressure system will bring with it another cooling trend. This is winter folks, and we don't like it. (st) Yesterday's Max 65 F, Min 44 F. Humidity currently 31%.

Wednesday 16 January 11 p.m. A wicked cold and windy night in San Felipe. The windows are rattling and every little gap is whistling with this 20 knot northeaster. That little layer of very fine dust is everywhere again. It seems almost pointless to clean the house this winter as every few days the winds kick in again and undo all the good work I put in. (ej) 2:30 p.m. Winds are picking up again and so we have another tough day for our fishermen. Whitecaps on the sea with 10 mph breezes from the north-northeast. 63 F in town 29% RH.(ej). 7:00 a.m. Temperatures are still going down and later in the day the cold north breeze will be doing it's damage. Winds may diminish Thursday night but Friday will be the coldest day of the week. We hope for dryer and warmer weather starting this week-end. About 100 jackets will be the norm in the Lodge for the SFARP meeting this morning followed by a Goldeneer's Spagetti Feed; our adults over 80 years of age.No slowing down here. (st) Yesterday's Max 65 F, Min 46 F. Humidity currently 34%.

Tuesday 15 January 2 p.m. In town, calm and pleasant. Not a cloud in the sky. 64 F with 35%RH. 7:00 a.m. This morning promises to be a better fishing day. However; light NW winds maybe 6-8 mph will return this afternoon. Get your hours in this morning. And be sure to wear a wind-breaker as the temperatures will remain in the 60's all day even under bright sunny skies. (st) Yesterday's Max 68 F, Min 50 F. Humidity currently 33%.

Monday 14 January 10 a.m. EJ reporting in from near the harbor. Strong northerly winds at 15-20 mph are whistling along our beaches and little sand devils are whirling everywhere. Sixty three degrees. Not a good morning for a walk. This is all part of the strong Santa Ana affecting southern California. The sea is white from the wind and nobody can fish in this weather.

We have had a lot of wind this winter and it has taken its toll on the fishermen of San Felipe. Boats cannot spend so much time on the open waters, managing the nets is far more difficult and the catch of shrimp is way down. I have heard stories of pangas coming in with just a few kilograms of shrimp after a hard day's work. Maybe twenty dollars to be split between the crew, and the gasoline to be paid for as well. Fishing is not an easy life.

7 a.m. Through the night the north winds continued with gusts up to 14 mph. And this morning we are already seeing gusts up to 11 mph. Clear skies will allow that sun to again bring us into the 70's but we expect whitecaps, which mars the fisherman's plans for the day. They stand, huddled, with their backs to the north, holding that mug of steaming coffee, discussing their ruined plans for Monday morning. Let's see what (ej) will report later in the day. (st) Yesterday's Max 73 F, Min 50 F. Humidity currently 34%.

Sunday 13 January 1:30 p.m. The winds came up during the morning and now we have blustery conditions. Out on the beach it is 68 F with 37% relative humidity. North to northwest winds at around 15 mph are generating a lot of whitecaps on the sea. Old people like me feel the chill even though the temperature is quite decent for January. There is no stored "heat" in the air with this low relative humidity. (ej) 7:00 a.m. Although we did not reach 70 F out here on the beach yesterday, overnight warmed up dramatically. High pressure continues to be centered just off the California coast bringing us clear nights and just a few high clouds to mar the perfectly sunny weather we love. A great day to go fishing for that wonderful catch shown on our front page. There are so many different ways to prepare fish for dinner, and these restaurants know them all. And all the other sea-foods our waters carry....shrimp and clams especially. Enjoy. (st) Yesterday's Max 68 F, Min 51 F. Humidity currently 44%.

Saturday 12 January 7:00 a.m. A few high clouds wisp across the skies above. A brilliant sun is hard at work and should help us reach that 70 F mark this afternoon. Everyone has their plans made for a very busy week-end to enjoy this great early spring weather. (st) Yesterday's Max 66 F, Min 49 F. Humidity currently 42%.

Friday 11 January 7:00 a.m. Temperatures recorded in El Centro were quite different than ours yesterday, with a high of 68 and a low of 40. It must have been the cloud cover. We hope to reach a more normal 70 F if that bright sunshine we already have will just do it's job. At noon the San Felipe AARP group are holding their Filet Mignon BBQ. We have heard of several other local BBQ's for this week-end, one out on a desert run. I love the smell of bonfires mixed with coffee and bacon smells as we walk along the cabanas on the waterfront. Most guests arise early, in order not to miss an hour of this perfect early spring weather, and gather around a warm fire to plan their day. The fishermen of the group are already headed out for a good day's catch. (st) Yesterday's Max 64 F, Min 48 F. Humidity currently 45%.

Thursday 10 January 8:00 a.m. It seems to be a continuation of yesterday. It is still on the cool side, both day and night. A dull, high cloud overcast persists but the sun should burst through shortly. We have a 1.4 low tide this morning which should draw our clam-diggers into action. The Las Amigas Fashion Show is the entertainment of the day. See you there. (st) Yesterday's Max 62 F, Min 48 F. Humidity currently 49%.


Wednesday 9 January 7:00 a.m. We lost 6 degrees on our charts since yesterday's high, but it should be back again today. The lows are expected to remain low as normal for the rest of the week. We have some light, high clouds but mostly our famous San Felipe sunshine will burn those off quickly. Those excersing classes are in full swing and here comes our Physical Therapist for a customer of her own. Yesterday we had a special group of people interested in learning about weight-watching. This is the way to keep warm folks.(st) Yesterday's Max 62 F, Min 48 F. Humidity currently 46%.

High clouds create the most picturesque of sunrises. I couldn't resist catching this one about 6:40 this morning.



Tuesday 8 January 7:00 a.m. It's kind of hazy today over the mountains to our west. They say that considerable high cloudiness is trailing south of a Pacific storm system which is moving east. With that said we here in San Felipe have a low but light cloud cover with plenty of sunshine coming through already this morning. We can expect a slow warming trend for the rest of the week.(st) Yesterday's Max 68 F, Min 53 F. Humidity currently 50%.

Monday 7 January 7:00 a.m. Back to the real world. Holidays are over but for many we're still tourists. It appears the rains have ceased in San Diego. We had a scarlet colored blanket of clouds as the sun rose but they are now burning off quickly. At 7:00 a.m. we had a low tide of 2.7; not quite adaptable to clamming; at 7:00 this evening it will be -1.5. Fishing will be popular today, the pangaderos are primping up their boats to attract customers early. The rest of us on the malecon can now retreat for a campfire or a restaurant breakfast. (st) Yesterday's Max 72 F, Min 50 F. Humidity currently 50%.

Sunday 6 January 7:00 a.m. Amazingly it reached the 70's yesterday; and with that real storm still so close just north across the border. This morning there are still some mean clouds overhead but lots of brilliant sunshine to burn them off. Picture calm waters and drying west winds as the day progesses. This is great for the Reyes Mago holiday in Mexico. Many families celebrate and exchange their gifts this day rather than in December. The San Felipe AARP group donated items wrapped as gifts to be given out today to the neediest of the elderly in the outlying areas. I would love to see the joy on their faces. But we are off to a reunion of our group that toured mainland Mexico last year and enjoying the photos of that tour. What an opposite life-style. (st) Yesterday's Max 71 F, Min 53 F. Humidity currently 52%.

Saturday 5 January 8:00 p.m. Although temperatures started out cool, it seems to have warmed up during the day. Tonight we gathered up our Saturday Singles group and headed for the restaurant Allegro thinking it would be cool. Lo and behold, with 21 of us at the table and a great meal before us they needed no heat. I see it is still nasty in San Diego where (ej) resides. This is really paradise. 7:00 a.m. Yesterday started out sunny but cloud cover increased throughout the day and the temperature cooled. A powerful winter storm continues to pound the west coast but we have not seen any rain yet. Heavy cloud cover remains in place this morning but no winds to speak of. The water is quiet and smooth, like a lake. So we'll just wear jackets and watch as the day progresses. st (st) Yesterday's Max 63 F, Min 50 F. Humidity currently 45%.

Friday 4 January 1:00 p.m. My what a change in the skies. Now we have a low cloud cover almost entirely over the north of us. It does not yet look mean. The thermometer now reads 61 F; warm by most standards. There is still no breeze. It is like the calm waiting before the storm. In San Diego the emergency planning authorities there are telling people to stay off the roads and be prepared to stay indoors until Monday and to stock up on food and drinking water. Power line failures are likely. Along the coast the weather service is predicting 3 inches of rain, with up to 12 inches in the mountains on Saturday ej

7:00 a.m. That low pressure system will hit us today and last through the week-end. We were expecting some rain this morning but between those spotted heavy clouds there is plenty of sunshine. Although it is calm now, we are also expecting winds throughout the day. Surprisingly, temperatures will remain up there in the 60's. We can handle that. Even in the winter a little rain can bring forth desert flowers, with which most of us have decorated our yards. They become the topic of conversation. (st) Yesterday's Max 61 F, Min 49 F. Humidity currently 40%

This was our San Felipe WebCam photo at about 8:00 a.m. Friday morning. It certainly did not look like stormy weather here.

Thursday 3 January 9:00 p.m. A strong Pacific storm system will be rolling in this weekend. Cooler temperatures are now promised. Wind speeds will peak Saturday and Sunday, especially across the higher terrain of SE California. We could have sustained speeds from 15 to 25 MPH and gusts up to 35 mph. A chance of rain is a pretty safe bet Friday night through Monday. But we're lucky. In Mexico City residents accustomed to 80-degree afternoons bundled up in temperatures as low as 32. In San Diego they are being told to prepare for the strongest storm in 30 years with very heavy rain on Saturday. Here in San Felipe the clouds are getting thicker and blacker, but as of yet there is no rain. We shall update you in the morning. st 7:00 a.m. The overcast is moving across from the lower southwest. Light rain is possible over the week-end. Temperatures should remain in the mid 60's, dipping lower early next week. Our skies are dreary looking over calm but uninviting waters. The trees are absolutely still at this moment as if we are waiting for something to happen. Still our sun tries it's best to slip through the clouds wherever possible bringing some shadows to play upon the sands. I can't tell if the fishermen are heading out this morning, a good indication of any storm activity, They have radio communication and will go even for half days if possible. Of course; that is their living. The best part is that they will filet your catch for you, for an additional tip. (st) Yesterday's Max 63 F, Min 50 F. Humidity currently 32%

Wednesday 2 January 7:00 a.m. What an odd day to settle into the New Year schedule. However, we'll have only a 3 day work-week this week!!! After a beautiful day yesterday, it promises to get overcast and cooler by the week-end so I guess we'll just settle in now for a normal January. This morning there are people everywhere making ready for this day's activities; the excercisers at 7:00, the set-up crew for SFARP at 8:00, and the neighborhood itself seems up and at 'em. I heard some four-wheeler's starting up, so I guess the day is on. (st) Yesterday's Max 65 F, Min 50 F. Humidity currently 32%

Tuesday 1 January 7:00 a.m. Yesterday, as promised, the temperatures were a good 7 degrees higher. Our BBQ last night at the Ellmore's huge bonfire was toasty warm. But when you got away from that fire the breeze was so chilly. So they started Line Dancing to warm back up. I'm anxious to hear about other fiestas of last evening. Higher temperatures are forcasted for today, but then we expect it to drop back for the next few days. (st) Yesterday's Max 67 F, Min 40 F. Humidity currently 34%




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