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San Felipe weather archive - December 2008


Wednesday, 31 December, 7 a.m. Nights are continued clear but above the 45 F mark. A full moon and bright, bright stars dominate the skies. The breeze, right now from the SW, is expected to change back to the WNW direction by noon today. A sharp outline on the mountains to the west guarantees a great photo opportunity. Let it be warm this New Year's Eve day for all the celebrations listed in town for 2008. (st) Yesterday's Max 66 F, Min 48 F. Humidity currently 41%

Tuesday, 30 December, 7 a.m. High pressure continues to bring clear skies. We are looking for highs above the 60's through New Year's Eve. Actually, if you are standing in the sun it is warm enough to make you shed your jackets. That breeze from the north is the real downer. This is the last real day to clean up those projects for the year. There's not too much help left for the slow economy in town but each are doing their best. We the public will benefit. (st) Yesterday's Max 64 F, Min 46 F. Humidity currently 42%

Monday, 29 December, 7 a.m. Continued cold weather haunts us as we rise on the last Monday of 2008. Clear skies allow that sun in, but it is too far south yet to do much good. High pressure remains a factor but we can look for a gradual warming trend through Wednesday. That being said we did reach the 60's yesterday and hoping to go back up to the night-time 50's by New Year's Eve. (st) Yesterday's Max 60 F, Min 46 F. Humidity currently 41%

Sunday, 28 December, 7 a.m. Cold, but clear skies all around. We had a solid red sunrise. There were no clouds to create a photo opportunity. Cold, north winds greeted us with no change expected for the day. Even the water temperatures leave one in shivers. Our relatives are heading home. Guess we'll just stay in for a quiet Sunday after such a great holiday week. (st) Yesterday's Max 56 F, Min 43 F. Humidity currently 42%

Saturday, 27 December, 1 p.m. Kitesurfing weather in San Felipe with steady 15 mph wind from the north. 56 degrees on the beach. (ej). 7:00 a.m. During the early morning we had winds up to 15 mph but they died down before we arose at 5:30. It is 9 degrees cooler, down into the 40's. Hopefully we could hit the 70's by afternoon. Skies are clear directly over the town and our waters are calm. We're headed for the Swap-meet where Vi will attempt to sell some jewelry and we will all partake of buiscuits and gravy at the Rotarty trailer. Later about a dozen will gather to have another of those left-over Christmas dinners right here at the house. (st) Yesterday's Max 65 F, Min 44 F. Humidity currently 43%

Friday, 26 December, 7:00 a.m. Heavy clouds lay over the entire town. It's supposed to be clearing skies over this northern portion of Baja. But in truth, we are having strong, cold winds, and a stormy attitude. Yesterday our guests rode the quads on the northern beach where they came across an 8' Seal which must have been there for a few days. The Sea Lion at the other end of the beach is still not too much picked over yet. I think we'll find indoor activities this day. (st) Yesterday's Max 63 F, Min 52 F. Humidity currently 50%

Christmas Day, 7:00 a.m. What a shock to wake up about 4:00 a.m. to a soft but steady shower. The sky is a complete cloud cover but does not look threatening. There is no breeze. At 62 degrees we do not find this too chilling for outdoor activities for Christmas. However, dinner will definitely have to be indoors. (st) Yesterday's Max 62 F, Min 50 F. Humidity currently 58%

Xmas Eve morning sunrise

Christmas Eve day, 6:00 p.m. What started out to be Happy Hour on the patio ended up at Rancho Alegre restaurant with a dinner for 12 of Molcajetes, which is served still bubbly hot in lava bowls. This was a real treat to most new-comers but definitely exciting for Chrisltmas season. The temperature is still in the high 60's and very little breeze. (st) 7:00 a.m. Most every morning we watch the sun slowly rise for another new day. With a western, soft breeze and skies partly covered with clouds it is fairly safe to say the temperatures over San Felipe will stay moderate throughout Christmas. It is those soft clouds that create our most beautiful sunrises. Happy holidays. (st) Yesterday's Max 67 F, Min 52 F. Humidity currently 57%

Tuesday 23 December, 7:00 a.m. Surprisingly, we had much warmer weather in San Felipe yesterday and last night. However, expect it to get colder for Christmas; possibly more snow dropping to nearly 3 thousand feet on Mt. Diablo. Driving around town last evening we saw some very decorated homes and not too many people out on the streets. Then this morning we awoke to a gentle breeze that slowed down as we watched our usual beautiful sunrise, a typical conversation piece for our visitors. This should be another nice day. (st) Yesterday's Max 70 F, Min 49 F. Humidity currently 61%

Monday 22 December, 7:00 a.m. The prognoses now reads cooler weather could be in store, as with the rest of the U.S. It has been in the lower 60's all week with hazy, high clouds. Tim and Vi, our relatives from Tucson, are enjoying the direct sunlight in the picnic area; there it is downright pleasant. While riding the quad yesterday we checked on the dead sea-lion. About 20 vultures were still discussing the situation, not able to penetrate the carcass much. (st) Yesterday's Max 61 F, Min 46 F. Humidity currently 54%

Sunday 21 December, 7:00 a.m. Clear, quiet skies, just a bit hazy, give me a feeling of suspense. There is absolutely no breeze, but we expect a continuation of a warm southern flow when it does rise. Somewhat warmer temperatures can be expected today as high clouds begin to increase this afternoon. With winter officially beginning today, we drew a line to mark the direction the sun comes through the window. We shall now watch it creep again to the north. (st) Yesterday's Max 61 F, Min 46 F. Humidity currently 54%.

Saturday 20 December, 7:00 a.m. Almost hazy, those high clouds linger. But mostly sunny skies are expected for the entire week-end. There is absolutely no breeze this morning. The waters are calm at high tide but the surf is extra-ordinarily loud. With an active surf we are encouraged to go beach-combing. Yesterday, while riding the quads, we came unexpectedly upon a deceased 7' sea-lion washed up on the beach. This will give the buzzards a happy Christmas. Let's hope they do their job quickly though. (st) Yesterday's Max 61 F, Min 44 F. Humidity currently 55%.

Snow on Mt. Diablo.. Dec 18, 2008

Friday 19 December, 7:00 a.m. It is 8 degrees warmer this morning with high light clouds, not enough to block any of that welcome sunshine. We are expecting a warm week-end for our many guests who will be arriving for the holidays. Yesterday we actually saw what appeared to be snow on Mt. Diablo, but of course it disappeared early. With a south-west wind, we are now in for a warm period for the holidays. (st) Yesterday's Max 66 F, Min 46 F. Humidity currently 54%.

Thursday 18 December, 7:00 a.m. A bright new promise for a warm week-end is in store for this area. Yesterday it was 10 degrees lower for both the low and the high maximums, and a northern breeze. Today we are starting out with a south-western breeze and plenty of clear skies and sunshine. There are a few clouds over the mainland which do not look threatening. I guess we'll just get ready for a great week-end ahead. Many of us are expecting our families and relatives for the holidays, which means great food smells for the next couple of weeks. Ummm...(st) Yesterday's Max 58 F, Min 45 F. Humidity currently 55%.

Rain Clouds over San Felipe 12/17/08,
by M Bohnert
Click on photo for larger picture.


Wednesday 17 December, 7:00 a.m. What a beautiful picture of the clouds as the sun was still rising. This picture was taken at about 6:30 a.m. The temperature read 58 F. There is a cold, brisk breeze attacking us from the north. At 8:00 we will have a 2.8' tide, time to take that chilly walk along the waterfront. But watch, we may even have some rain. (st) Yesterday's Max 68 F, Min 56 F. Humidity currently 54%.

Tuesday 16 December, 4:00 p.m. It's really changing the picture this afternoon. The wind is now from the north. And the temperature has dropped to 59 F and it looks like it might rain. What a nasty turn of events for the parade this evening. (st) 7 a.m. Skies are mostly clear except to the north of us where it looks down-right stormy. As expected, that pacific low pressure system that is sweeping through the area may bring some rain by tomorrow. Everything is still, as usual, at this hour; there is no breeze. This evening San Felipe has it's 6th Annual Parade of Lights. We hope it doesn't rain for this event. (st) Yesterday's Max 63 F, Min 53 F. Humidity currently 52%.

Monday 15 December 7 a.m. A strong, low pressure system is dominating the region. Some heavy clouds hang over the area but cannot block out our hard working sun. Notice our temperatures reached almost 70 F yesterday, for which we are greatful. The winds have not been as high as predicted, rather just a mild breeze from the west and south. We still have rather high and low tides, you still have time to go clamming. A fish diet before the heavy meals of Christmas sounds just like the ticket. (st) Yesterday's Max 69 F, Min 47 F. Humidity currently 43%.

Sunday 14 December 7 a.m. Winter skies are dark this morning, partly overcast. The branches are swaying with the western breeze and this could get stronger as the day progresses. Possibility of rain is in the air later this week. We will be glancing up at our 10,000' Mt. Diablo looking for that first touch of snow later in this week. Otherwise, visitors are enjoying this week-end as well as we locals, as the Ensenada Record Off Road racers show off their stuff. Down town streets were blocked but passable. So much to do this month. (st) Yesterday's Max 64 F, Min 50 F. Humidity currently 47%.

Saturday 13 December 1:40 p.m. We are supposed to be having a west-wind, but it is from the east at this moment. Clouds are drifting from the east out over the calm waters into a deep fog. It swings over El Chorro to the south. But over the mountains to the west it is still pretty clear. And cold... It is only 62 at this moment. (st)

7:00 a.m. A series of low pressure systems is affecting us this week-end into the middle of next week. We may have breezy weather with much colder temperatures for the next few days. We could possibly see snow on the mountains down to 5000'. Ouch! This is bringing in Christmas with a vengence. However, we had a beautiful sunrise this morning and already the sun is high in the sky. Last night we had a large, full moon reflecting on the water. This morning we are having very low tides. We are thinking of clams for dinner. (st) Yesterday's Max 67 F, Min 48 F. Humidity currently 41%.

Friday 12 December 7:00 a.m. High pressure is breaking down, being replaced by another low with cooler weather and a slim possibility of showers. The breezes have all but died down completely, being replaced by soft whispers from the south this morning. Sorry folks, this is not going to last. The high pressure shall return by this evening and into the week-end with cold, northern breezes and the possibility of a little moisture. (st) Yesterday's Max 69 F, Min 54 F. Humidity currently 32%.

Thursday 11 December 7:00 a.m. Things are still cool in San Felipe. However, the winds have calmed, the water has calmed, but the skies have become cloud covered. Not much chance of rain, but no sun either. It's supposed to warm up a little today and then cool down again over the week-end. We'll see. (st) Yesterday's Max 64 F, Min 60 F. Humidity currently 32%.

Typical sunrise in San Felipe

Wednesday 10 December 7:00 a.m. The winds have calmed, for the moment, but are expected to rise again later in the day. The temperatures that dropped yesterday have not increased whatsoever. It remained cool all night and this morning. The pressure will build along the west coast through the end of the work week, with temperatures warming back to above average by Friday. Then expect a cooling trend over the week-end. (st) Yesterday's Max 64 F, Min 53 F. Humidity currently 31%.

Tuesday 9 December 1:30 p.m. That wind has been playing havoc ever since it whipped up this morning about 9:30 a.m. We now have 15-18 mph with gusts of 20+. The temperatures are sitting at 66 F, which for us is very abnormal. I am looking out across a yard littered with wind-blown debris to view a choppy, stormy sea, dirty blue with white caps. This is a very bad day and may continue into tomorrow. Grab your jackets and hats boys. (st) 7 a.m. Temperatures raised nicely yesterday afternoon. However, off and on throughout the night the strong breezes kept branches active, turning on the motion lights throughout camp. These are not strong winds, but rather a constant high, cool, northern breeze and will probably stay with us throughout today. The dark blue waters remain a bit choppy, so the fishing boats will probably not be out this morning. The skies remain absolutely clear therefore it should begin to warm up early. (st) Yesterday's Max 77 F, Min 58 F. Humidity currently 38%.

Monday 8 December 7 a.m. Clear skies and the promise of warmer temperatures greet us for today and maybe tomorrow over San Felipe. The breeze gained strength early this morning; the branches patting on the window panes. But as usual it died to nothing and is now refreshing itself. Nothing but smooth waters for the pangadors who now seem to congregate more to the south of the area. I heard that the shrimp rush has decreased and the prices therefor might go up before I can refill my freezer. Enjoy this week, as temperatures are expected to cool by the week-end. (st) Yesterday's Max 71 F, Min 57 F. Humidity currently 42%.

Sunday 7 December 7 a.m. As forecasted, our skies are totally overcast with a very damp looking cloud cover. It is not all that cold but very uninviting. There is a very slight breeze from the south-west which will probably change with the first tide. The water is as calm as a lake, a great day for a lazy fishing trip. But actually, I am getting hungry for a clam feast, a popular sport for the newly arrived snow-birds. There are so many recipes to choose from with the many sea-foods here that there is no trouble entertaining. As long as the weather is still so great, outdoor BBQ's of any type are popular. (st) Yesterday's Max 73 F, Min 60 F. Humidity currently 35%.

Saturday 6 December 7 a.m. We have light clouds again across our skies. A low pressure system is moving in, preceded by some increasing humidity. This system will then move eastward across the desert southwest and northern Baja. Temperatures are remaining daytimes in the 70's. Just a light sweater will handle the evenings. Soft breezes come and go, mostly unnoticeable. As we are now into the last month of the year, most of us foreigners are gearing up for the Christmas holidays; some entertaining our relatives and friends from up north just to share the wonderful life we lead in this tropical vacation spot so close to the U.S. (st) Yesterday's Max 71 F, Min 57 F. Humidity currently 35%.

Friday 5 December 7 a.m. That overcast has all but disappeared. We now have high, light clouds with lots of sunshine. The temperature is sure to warm up today heading into another great week-end here in San Felipe. Calm waters with medium tides remain great for the fishing & shrimping, still going strong this season. The fishermen's families are all smiling. The SF AARP group have cancelled their dune-buggy program this year due to insurance problems. This means we will have to create our own little groups to enjoy the deserts this year. Dry conditions and above average temperatures will be the norm for the next few days. Let's enjoy. (st) Yesterday's Max 70 F, Min 57 F. Humidity currently 42%.

Thursday 4 December 7 a.m. Yesterday the skies were clear and it warmed up a little more. But this morning it is almost completely overcast over San Felipe. There is no breeze, our weather gauge still shows any movement at all is from the southwest. Hopefully those discouraging clouds may burn off early today. If so, we shall again have dry, beautifully warm weather, temperatures still above normal. Phill and Dolly, from Canada, watched our weather report regularly in preparation for their trip to San Felipe and gave it koodoos. (st) Yesterday's Max 80 F, Min 53 F. Humidity currently 44%.

Wednesday 3 December 7 a.m. TheThe weather gal is back from a wonderful but cool vacation in Tucson Arizona. One of the highlights of this vacation was to visit the Aircraft Museum nearby. I was extremely interested in the Space Age technology, in opposition to the oldest models of planes volunteers have acquired and renovated. It was certainly a change of lifestyle with Mel's sister and brother-in-law who live directly beside a golf course. You can tell that because they have the net in place over the windows to catch the wayward golf balls. Another point of conversation throughout our whole trip was peering into the skies to see Venis and Jupiter so close to the moon throughout this past week; they will continue to draw closer throughout December.

Now back in San Felipe....Clear skies with a slight northern breeze is all that mars our stillness this morning; very dry but warm and comfortable. However periods of high clouds can be expected later in the week....not much chance of rain. Next Monday the Las Amigas Toy Run will take place, hopeing to reach every little boy and girl with a small gift before Christmas. Many groups have been gathering such things for the senior partners. Half of the reward of giving is in the eyes of the receiver. Try it. (st) Yesterday's Max 76 F, Min 55 F. Humidity currently 46%.

Tuesday 2 December 9 a.m. Pretty much a carbon copy of yesterday. Currently we have 63 F along the beaches and the sea is so still it is like a mirror. It should get into the mid-70's in town and the deserts could get up to close to 80 today - a wonderful time to go out exploring and visiting the fossil beds and the streams and pools in the foothills. However, be very careful about crossing private property. Some weeks ago a motorcyclist practicing for the Baja 1000 was shot and wounded when he inadvertently trespassed (...). (ej)

Monday 1 December 9 a.m. Although it was windy for a while yesterday, things are calm now. However, we do expect that the high pressure could bring us gusty conditions over the next few days. On the beach we have 68 F and 40% RH. (ej)


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