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San Felipe - Archive of weather for December 2007



Monday, 31 December 7:00 a.m. That high pressure system developing from the west is bringing warmer conditionts for the next couple of days but will also bring breezier weather. Today should be into the 60's for sure, great for our New Year's Eve BBQ's. Many of the restaurants and hotels have planned entertainment, most not requiring dress codes. Many have Propane heaters set around for warmth. Even some hotels offer only small electric heaters for this unexpected cold snap. You see, we do not expect cold, cold weather in San Felipe. (st) Yesterday's Max 60 F, Min 43 F. Humidity currently 35%

Sunday, 30 December 7:00 a.m. No significant weather issues foreseen for the next few days. As higher pressure develops from the west temperatures will gradually build up into the high 60's by the end of next week, but then again will dip. However, with wind-breaker jackets one is quite comfortable if they are active. Many gatherings are planned on and around the New Year, some around the popular bonfire and potluck style, especially those in the solar sections. Lou and Tiena Wells' New Year's out-door party is almost the must-do event of the year. They have as many as 8 turkeys, differently prepared, and all the trimmings. Ummm! (st) Yesterday's Max 58 F, Min 43 F. Humidity currently 35%

Saturday, 29 December 7:00 a.m. A low pressure system and cold front from the North Pacific moved in last week which brought cooler and breezier weather for this week-end. However, as high pressure again builds up the above normal temperatures should soon return. It is so calm this morning with the water looking more like a bathtub, one is drawn to step outside under the direct sunlight and smile. Consag Rock out there about 25 miles is clearly visible against the bright sky. My friend can finally go out in his little sail-boat (minus sails for now). It's going to be a great day. (st) Yesterday's Max 58 F, Min 40 F. Humidity currently 31%

Friday, 28 December 7:00 a.m. At this moment the winds are quiet and the waters calm. That low pressure system and non-threatening clouds are creeping in but we do not expect any moisture. Just cooler weather for the week-end. Hopefully that will turn about by New Year's Eve for those who wish to celebrate. Notice that the low was only 7 degrees above freezing last night. (st) Yesterday's Max 57 F, Min 39 F. Humidity currently 30%

Thursday, 27 December 7:00 a.m. Still no internet for all of us in LaLa land, north of San Felipe. So I have come into THE NET to offer my services. During the night the winds blew strong for a time, changing direction to the East. But today it is forcast to change directions back to the North and then the NW. It has remained cold and uninviting, unless you are standing in a sheltered sunshiny area. The skies are mostly clear, with some cloud activity over the mountains to the west. My view is mostly to the East where the water is again wearing whitecaps. We don't expect much change to this picture for the weekend. (st) Yesterday's Max 69 F, Min 44 F. Humidity currently 37%

Wednesday, 26 December 7:00 a.m. Our Telnor's Prodigy system went down on Christmas Day for the entire area at the Beach. They promised to jump on it, but all day today, the day after Christmas we have waited. Sorry folks, no weather report today.


While the Santa Ana winds whip up the waves, temperature reads 60, Lory and CW dare to drink coffee on the patio swing.

Tuesday, 25 December 6:00 p.m. The heavy winds which blew all day, dropped dramatically to a very light breeze, but it is expected to come back up through the night. st 9:45 a.m. It's getting worse. The wind-gauge actually registered gusts of 27 mph. Dust in the air has closed our vision of the mountains. Out on the highway it is very dangerous. The temperature now is 61 f. 8:40 a.m What a drastic change. The winds are now 7-10 mph with gusts to 12; and the waters have whitecaps. Of course the boat idea went out the window. Maybe they too will choose the desert runs. They should have seen the TV weather reports of Santa Ana winds up to 90 F through the night in SW California. 7:00 a.m. It's gorgeous out there this morning. At 58 degrees, the sun is already doing it's job. Down on the beach a couple of sea-lovers have been planning this day to launch their small boat. Myself, I'd choose a desert run for entertainment, with 2 feet on land. (st) Yesterday's Max 66 F, Min 48 F. Humidity currently 37%

A brilliantly red moon
rose over the waters tonight, begging camera buffs to capture it's beauty before they venture out for their Christmas Eve parties.

Monday, 24 December 7:00 a.m. A carbon copy of yesterday. A brilliant sun to cause one to squint the minute he steps outside the door belies the instant reaction to the cold north wind which causes you to immediately wrap up tight or quickly step back inside for an extra cup of coffee while you think about it. Even so, we tourists are very lucky to enjoy temperatures in the 50's while back in the U.S. our friends and relatives whom we left behind are buried in deep snow and ice. It promises to be more of the same here for tomorrow, Christmas Day. There will be many bonfire parties you can be sure. (st) Yesterday's Max 61 F, Min 48 F. Humidity currently 37%

Sunday, 23 December 7:00 a.m. Continued clear and cold weather persists. Soft, cold winds encourage those on the patio to wrap a little tighter as they squint out at the really bright morning sun. Forecasts are not encouraging if you are looking for relief for Christmas. Keep those warm jackets handy as you go about your morning chores, maybe preparing a large bonfire for Tuesday's activities. (st) Yesterday's Max 63 F, Min 45 F. Humidity currently 35%

Saturday, 22 December , 7:00 p.m. The winds died down some and the temperatures rose some. Our sun could finally do it's job. As the children were busy at a 'Mexican Posada", trying to break the "pinada", the guests hung back by the fire to keep warm out of the cold breezes. It is amazing how much love goes into preparing for such an evening. 2:20 p.m. Due to technical difficulties, this website was down through most of this day. The thermometer now reads only 57 F with humidity 35%; such a cold day. Picture this: cold north winds 12-15 mph, at times strong enough to bend our smaller trees, and white-caps chopping on the Sea. Add to this picture clear skies with a bright, warm sun but not enough heat to reach and warm this little town. We are definitely in for a cold, cold Christmas. (st) Yesterday's Max 63 F, Min 47 F. Humidity currently 36%

Friday, 21 December 3:00 p.m. Our handy-dandy wind-gauge shows a steady, cold, north wind, 12 mph with gusts reaching 15 mph.Our thermometer reads
60 F with humidity down to 33 %. But the sun is still doing it's best. st 9:00 a.m. Already the north winds are up to 10 mph and the waters are wearing white-caps. This being the 21st the sun should halt its southern path and start back toward the north either today or tomorrow. Let's hope it will be a short winter. 7:00 a.m. That cold breeze out of the north this morning and those mean-looking clouds closing in from the Southwest create a sense that it is colder than it really is. Actually last night was very comfortable for sleeping. Yesterday's sun shining over the golf course where we had lunch created such a picturesque setting several of the ladies took photos; December in San Felipe they want to remember as beautiful. However, this may not last through Christmas as it is forecast to be a little cooler and breezier. Let's hope they mean somewhere other than our little town. (st) Yesterday's Max 65 F, Min 50 F. Humidity currently 55%

Photo of yesterday's fog bank over Puerto Penasco, mainland Mexico, from Campo Ocotillo, Baja. st



Thursday, 20 December 7:00 a.m. Warmer weather is supposed to be with us through today and tomorrow, but Christmas may be a bit cooler. This morning skies are absolutely clear , winds are still and the sun is now high in the sky promising to do its job quickly. Neighbors on both sides of us are out doing early morning chores. It should be a busy day for all of us. (st) Yesterday's Max 66 F, Min 48 F. Humidity currently 50%

Wednesday, 19 December 7:00 a.m.Last night the stars were shining brightly indicating clear skies on the way. And the night was much warmer, almost 10 degrees. Early this morning we could see a fog bank over the mainland but our sun is already warming San Felipe; up 4 degrees to this moment. A stonger system is pushing in promising more forceful winds for the week-end and probably just a little cooler. Great for showing off all of our winter attire which were stuck away in closets throughout our long, hot summer.(st) Yesterday's Max 62 F, Min 47 F. Humidity currently 53%

Tuesday, 18 December 7:00 a.m. Brrr. The mercury could not reach the 70's yesterday. In fact it sank lower last night. That low pressure system we speak of is supposed to hit tonight and early Wednesday. No matter. If you seek out the sunny spots these days those rays warm you up quickly. The sun is already high in the sky. Some hardy ones are out doing their morning walk, others are over here doing their excercises; all warming up for another full day of activities. Yesterday a group returned from a dune-buggy run, dusty and tired, but bragging about what a great time they had. And these are seniors, folks! (st) Yesterday's Max 66 F, Min 38 F. Humidity currently 46%

Monday, 17 December 7:00 a.m. Thank goodness that blanket of clouds has passed on. We have bright, San Felipe sunshine out there this morning, promising to warm up quickly. A series of Pacific low pressure systems will bring us occasional clouds at times but nothing to hinder that thermometer from moving on up, almost to the 70's today. This being a party week, we should see plenty of Christmas sweat-shirts in the crowds in town. The weather should co-operate at least through Wednesday. (st) Yesterday's Max 63 F, Min 44 F. Humidity currently 37%

Dec 25
Year Mx Mn
2002 66 50
2003 66 46
2004 71 48
2005 74 57
2006 64 50


Sunday, 16 December 7:00 a.m. Why do we think it should be warmer? I guess we were spoiled by the readings in the years 2004 & 2005. I understand that today's readings are the norm. A very weak low pressure system from the SW has sent a blanket of clouds across San Felipe already this morning. We also have a couple of low pressure systems from the North Pacific which could mean a slight chance of showers. So we shall all bundle up in heavy sweat-shirts decorated for Christmas and enjoy this final week of many parties and activities as planned before Christmas. (st) Yesterday's Max 60 F, Min 48 F. Humidity currently 38%


Saturday, 15 December 7:00 a.m. Yesterday's readings continue into today. Bright sunshine awakens one, but regretfully it is another chilly start. A high, but weak pressure from the Pacific will stay with us through about Tuesday. Then a cold front is forecasted to again push in. However, the wonderful warm rays from the sun over San Felipe have the great effect of offsetting all these gloomy statistics. I still see some with a simple tee-shirt out there if they are working directly in the sun. A great day for baseball for the kids and dune-buggying for the adults. Restaurants and night-life draw people inside these enterprises creating smiles on both sides. (st) Yesterday's Max 64 F, Min 46 F. Humidity currently 41%

Friday, 14, December 3 p.m. Gusty winds developing from the north with whitecaps developing on the sea. 63 F with 32%RH in town. Crystal-clear skies - a good indication that we will have a very chilly night tonight. (ej) 7:00 a.m. Although this morning is more of the same, yesterday did seem much warmer. It will be breezy all down the lower Colorado River Valley today but that warming sunshine has the wonderful effect of offsetting this. Last night the temperatures did drop a little lower as noted in this mornings readings. By noon we shall all be ready for another Baby Back Rib luncheon in bright warm sunshine. And hopefully the warming trend will continue through Sunday. (st) Yesterday's Max 64 F, Min 45 F. Humidity currently 42%

Thursday, 13 December 7:00 a.m. Slightly warmer this morning, with that promise of more warmth building up through the week-end. But another low pressure system will follow bringing back the cooler temperatures shortly thereafter. Clear skies and bright, warm sunshine have drawn all the neighbors into a conversational mood over the garden fence, as it were. One BBQ party that was put on hold is now in full swing. Yesterday several noted that you could still see snow on Mt. Diablo.(st) Yesterday's Max 62 F, Min 47 F. Humidity currently 40%

Wednesday, 12 December 7:00 a.m. Our beautiful sun is back with a promise of drier, warmer air to follow. Temperatures may even reach back to the 70's by Friday. We see a few clouds remaining far off to the East with nothing but clear skies all the way to the mountains at our west. We do have a soft breeze coming from the NE but nothing like the chill we've had for the last 3 days. Another system may move through again starting this week-end, hopefully not near as mean. (st) Yesterday's Max 60 F, Min 47 F. Humidity currently 49%

Tuesday, 11 December 4:00 p.m. The afternoon wore on with periods of light rains on and off. It is still only
56 F now. The solid blanket remains. No winds to speak of. But in San Felipe we consider this winter weather come early. We truly look for it to clear tomorrow. st 11:00 a.m. Wrong again. The clouds did not burn off. We now have a solid blanket of fog so low you cannot see the mountains to the west. It's a cold, miserable morning. st 7:00 a.m. Some reported snow on Mt Diablo yesterday morning. The sky was blanketed with brilliant stars last evening over this weather statiion, yet heavy clouds lingered in many places. This morning we can see many cumulous clouds laying in wait, as it were. heaviest from the south and towards the mainland to the east; also over Mt. Diablo; and we can well imagine there is snow there this morning. In between those clouds the brilliant sunshine helps to burn of the smaller ones quickly. We can expect mostly sunny skies and drier weather by Wednesday, and hopefully it will warm up some. (st) Yesterday's Max 63 F, Min 46 F. Humidity currently 43%

Monday, 10 December 7:00 a.m. It rained softly off and on all through the night. But early this morning it slacked off. At this hour it is just cold and wet with a soft, northern breeze. Those dark clouds laying solidly overhead promise more rain throughout the day. We have 2 low pressure systems hitting us; one that is situated off the central Baja coast pushing across Baja into Arizona by tonight. A second low pressure is moving down from the north and will last through Tuesday evening. By Wednesday this should all pass and we can look for warmer temperatures. (st) Yesterday's Max 61 F, Min 52 F. Humidity currently 47%

Sunday, 9 December 10:00 p.m. My goodness it has started to rain; a litle stronger than the usual drizzle. What will this night bring? st 1:00 p.m. The thermometer still reads only 59 F. Cold, north winds continue at 10-12 mph. People gather their jackets tighter as they huff their way along the beach. The water looks mean with whitecaps under heavy clouds. In town I'm sure it is much easier walking sheltered by the stores and businesses. Thank goodness no rain to day to this hour. st 7:00 a.m. The clouds remain heavy. Last night it actually rained for about 1/2 hour. My rain gauge measures just under 1/8 inch. This morning the cold, north wind is howling through the trees and we are huddled inside the window looking out on the cold, dark blue, ripply waters. Of course this is San Felipe where heavy jackets are usually buried in the closet. Today they will be layered. (st) Yesterday's Max 69 F, Min 51 F. Humidity currently 49%

Saturday, 8 December 11 p.m. Travelers warning: Snow and ice are on the road (I5) between San Diego and El Centro. Hazardous conditions also between Ensenada and San Felipe. Do not drive at night. Freezing temperatures expected in the mountains overnight.

Saturday, 8 December 7:00 a.m. During the night the wind howled through the trees, but no rain fell. However I arose early this morning to see this cloud cover over San Felipe. Between the heavy clouds the sun shines bright and warm. In fact, to the north I saw a distinct rainbow in one of those openings. Some of those clouds may open up and douce us with rain, but we do not expect a storm. More than likely they will burn off and we will have a cool but beautiful day.(st) Yesterday's Max 69 F, Min 57 F. Humidity currently 44%

Friday, 7 December 7:00 p.m. It's been a beautiful day in spite of the threat of those heavy clouds slowly moving down the Pacific Coast. In between each large wet-looking cloud were blue skies with bright sunshine coming through just fine. This kept the maximum temperature to 69 F. Tonight we enjoyed a BonFire and a Pizza party. But tomorrow may be wet. st

7:00 a.m. Last evening the cars were beaded wet with the humidity so high. The skies continue to be hazy with very little breeze this morning but that can change. A cold front is sweeping through the area due to a series of low pressure systems. Cold winds from the North and then the south-west have kept the temperatures in the low 60's. We can expect breezy and much cooler weather, and maybe even a little rain for the week-end. But as bad as this report is, the sun is strong and will help break through all of it. Already we are standing out on the patio looking across the water and the thermometer now reads 60. Today should still be a very nice day. (st) Yesterday's Max 69 F, Min 55 F. Humidity currently 55%


Thursday, 6 December 1:00 p.m. It is now 66 degrees with humidity still 53 %. The remarkable thing is that the clouds are already half burned off leaving soft streaks across the entire sky. Standing in the sun you can even take off your jackets. It's turning out to be a beautiful day.st

7:00 a.m. Wow! Look at that heavy cloud cover even over the mountains; and after such a beautiful day yesterday. With the humidity at 51 it is damp and cold. It may turn even colder as the pressure system moves into Southern California. All this for the Snowbirds Welcome Festival on Friday. We have a cool breeze from the north but calm waters at this point. (st) Yesterday's Max 69 F, Min 53 F. Humidity currently 51%



Wednesday, 5 December 7:00 a.m. Moving along....Sunny skies but very cool mornings. Trees close to the house are quiet at this moment but chilling winds from the west continue to keep the flags in slow motion. The Sea calmly shimmers under the rays of the rising sun completing a cool Fall morning picture. And I'm heading for another cup of hot, steaming coffee. (st) Yesterday's Max 73 F, Min 51 F. Humidity currently 36%

12/4/01 72 55
12/4/02 74 51
12/4/03 73 48
12/4/04 62 53
12/4/05 69 52
12/4/06 66 50
12/4/07 72 54


Tuesday, 4 December 7:00 a.m. Yesterday we had whitecaps throughout the day. Stars shone brilliantly last evening as we walked along the beach bundled in sweatshirts and scarfs. This morning the sun burst through our windows waking us to a beautiful day and above normal temperatures. What is 'normal temperatures' for San Felipe? I made a small chart of our recorded statistics for the last 6 years to compare and wanted to share it with you. Enjoy these sunshiny days. They say we can expect showers on Friday. (st) Yesterday's Max 72 F, Min 54 F. Humidity currently 34%

Monday, 3 December 7:00 a.m. We expected warmer weather yesterday, but found a soft north breeze caused us to wrap our cloaks a little tighter. As the day wore on it seemed to get colder. You'll notice the day ended 10 degrees cooler than on Saturday. They promise much warmer weather today and maybe further warming by Tuesday. But that's it folks. Another low pressure system from the gulf of Alaska is expected to bring cooler weather back by the week-end. (st) Yesterday's Max 63 F, Min 50 F. Humidity currently 40%

Sunday, 2 December 7:00 a.m. Oftimes after strong rainstorms such as the one we have just endured, it is followed by fog. Such was the case here. Fog rolled back last evening from those clouds we saw over the mainland, settling low over El Machorro, and closed in so that we could not see the mountains to our west. During the night this all cleared away. This morning the sun is brilliant, the temperatures are up 10 degrees, and warmer weather is with us. (st) Yesterday's Max 74 F, Min 49 F. Humidity currently 43%

Saturday, 1 December 7:00 a.m. The low pressure that brought us this significant rain storm has pushed on east. We can see those strong white clouds sitting over the mainland. Strong winds throughout the night have subsided. Our clear skies are brilliant with sunshine this morning. We are now promised warmer temperatures through Thursday.(st) Yesterday's Max 67 F, Min 56 F. Humidity currently 43%



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