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Take the readings with a grain of salt as they can't even get the time right!





On the beach

Monday 29 Sept 7 a.m
Current: 85 F
Relative Humidity 31 %
Skies: partly cloudy
Wind: NW 1-3 mph
Water conditions: 88 F
Yesterday's High: 99 F
Overnight Low: 82

Outlook: A continuation of drier, but above normal temperatures is forecast through the end of this week.

We are technically in the monsoon season which is June 15th- Sept 30.

Our live camera picture taken looking North towards the town center along Av. Mar de Cortez




Sunday 28 Sept 7 a.m. We are still having our unfavorable highs and lows, especially with the humidity which yesterday again rode up into the 60's. Small clouds still plentiful in the morning but these will surely burn off early. The best news is the turn in the winds now coming from a north-westerly direction. Again we can throw open the doors each morning and relish the rush of cool air we receive. Again we can start thinking about Fall. (st) Yesterday"s Max 99 F, Min 82 F. Humidity currently 31%

Sunday 28 Sept 7 a.m. I can't believe the humidity is down to 24% this morning. We have heavy streaks of debris clouds riding low, north to south overhead. Modest moisture and heavy fog riding over the coast along S.E. California should not affect us this far south. All should burn off very soon leaving us with one very comfortable early Fall Sunday. (st) Yesterday"s Max 97 F, Min 83 F. Humidity currently 24%

Saturday 27 Sept 7 a.m. With high humidity we have a hazy view over the western skies but elsewhere there are just a few scattered clouds dotting the blue. The temperature gauge registered a high of only 94 F here yesterday. We spent much of the day outdoors. There were more than 25 pangas out there on the water, but we could see only 6 remaining after dark with their lights on. And last evening we enjoyed looking at the stars in the now clear skies, and discussing...what if? (st) Yesterday"s Max 94 F, Min 80 F. Humidity currently 51%

Friday 26 Sept 7 a.m. Alas, our cooler temperatures will not remain. We have the first 'over 100' reading since Sept 8th, and there may be more as September closes out. Hot and humid was the word yesterday. A tiny breeze, and no movement on the water this morning. Our doors are open for the cool morning air, but will not remain so for long as the humidity takes over. Then we need the air-conditioners to dry us out again. Lots of activity going on as the week-end approaches. Vacationing guests, fishermen and some snowbirds are at the head of the list as shrimp season opens. (st) Yesterday"s Max 101 F, Min 78 F. Humidity currently 54%

Thursday 25 Sept 7 a.m. Clear skies for the most part, a tiny breeze and almost a limp waterview. I can only imagine all the activity south of the hill, "El Chorro", on the malecon with this week's Shrimp Boats back into action. Up here we awaken only to the birds chirping in the now green, green landscape brought about from the recent rains. Around 4:00 last evening we enjoyed watching at least 25 shrimp boats out on the water, some heading for home. At 7:30 there were still some out there working with lights, and seemingly not ready to quit. (st) Yesterday"s Max 99 F, Min 83 F. Humidity currently 31%

Wednesday 24 Sept -11 a.m. A superb day on the beaches south of town. Good northeasterly winds at 8-10 mph. Whitecaps on the sea and a comfortable 89 F in the shade. From now through early November is one of our most pleasant times of the year. Lots of celebrities come to town in this season - the 4th. Tecate Celebrity Golf Tournament is to be held at El Dorado in October and more yachts sail up the Sea of Cortez from the big tourist areas in Baja California Sur. We have got 15 slots at our new marina and four are already taken as you can see in today's snap below. (ej)

Wednesday 24 Sept 7 a.m. The temperature is creeping up again but still in the normal range. The winds have changed now coming from the NE and may be a little stronger today. Signs of thunderclouds have started creeping over the western mountains, otherwise clear skies everywhere. Calm waters wait for the multitude of fish/shrimp pangas that are taking advantage of the first of the new shrimp season. And the rest of us can't wait. (st) Yesterday"s Max 94 F, Min 80 F. Humidity currently 42%

Tuesday 23 Sept 7 a.m. We can now throw open our doors each morning and let the cool air refresh our homes, too long used to air-conditioning for comfort. Still in the low 80's, with a very soft breeze from the SW we can expect maximum temperatures to remain in the low 90's. Driving into town I can't help but thrill at the still colorfully decorated main streets of the Independence Day follies, and think of the coming holidays, maybe too soon. I shall relish each day remaining of this month before the people and activities are thrown upon us. (st) Yesterday"s Max 92 F, Min 76 F. Humidity currently 43%

Monday 22 Sept - noon Out along the beaches we have 83 F and pleasant 5-8 mph NW breezes. Town is very quiet. (ej) 7:00 a.m. And it couldn't be a lovelier morning. With totally clear skies, even across the waters, and a great forecast (more of the same) we can consentrate on putting all Fall plans into play. Everybody is extremely cautious about the immediate financial future, but we are all in the same game, and each seems ready to find their part in the picture. Beautiful weather is a great motivator. (st) Yesterday"s Max 94 F, Min 74 F. Humidity currently 40%

Sunday 21 Sept - 7:00 a.m. It's lovely out there this morning; calm, cool and refreshing. We see a few thunderclouds way up to the north-east over the mainland, otherwise clear skies everywhere. And the quiet, almost still waters with the early rising sun reflecting a deep arc, almost blinding you if you look without sunglasses. Last night our Saturday Singles group of 13 enjoyed an evening of lively companionship at Los Arcos (dubbed the Happy Jackass) Restaurant. As an added surprise we were entertained by some very talented Kareoke singers. Cliff, the owner, says he is looking foward to the early Fall season which starts tomorrow. (st) Yesterday"s Max 94 F, Min 77 F. Humidity currently 44 %

Saturday 20 Sept - 7:00 a.m. We are back to almost normal temperatures and humidity for the end of September. Thunder clouds over the mainland are seen only to the northeast corner this morning. Clouds of humidity have just appeared over Puerto Penasco area and will quickly burn off. Clear skies prevail over the entire 360 degree view of San Felipe and it's territories; this includes mostly water-view properties within an entire 10 mile radius interrupted only by hills and dales in the immediate landscape. Over the fist range of mountains and beyond we daily watch thunderclouds rise, only to evaporate into another tropical evening. (st) Yesterday"s Max 95 F, Min 79 F. Humidity currently 47 %

Friday 19 Sept - 7:00 a.m. The grounds at Campo Ocotillo are still damp from the pounding we had on Tuesday night. Ocotillo, cactus, oleander, bogunvilla...all are sprouting some new green, as if it were spring. Our skies are clear except for the usual signs of humidity over the mainland to the east. Calm waters, as if a lake, beckon to the fishermen, although I hear the fishing is not good yet. I can't find white bass or cabrilla, or anything that will do for fish and chips. (st) Yesterday"s Max 92 F, Min 79 F. Humidity currently 53 %

Thursday 18 Sept - 8:00 a.m. We could still have isolated thunderstorms this morning or this evening across NW Baja. There is a range of clouds over the eastern skies and small thunderclouds over the mountains to the west. But to the south it is clearing. We still have the buttons throughout the entire remaining north and central skies until they reach the waterfront where it is now clearing with plenty of sun. However, all will most likely burn off quickly. There is no breeze and the water is tinkling of reflection. (st) Yesterday"s Max 91 F, Min 79 F. Humidity currently 57 %. 7 a.m. All around us are signs of a storm, but not in this particular area. The ground is still wet from the drenching we got on Tuesday. The storm clouds which were very active just over the first range of hills yesterday afternoon seemed to skirt the area. By 8:00 p.m. they had started to break up. And this morning at 7:00 almost the entire sky looked like it was painted with cloud buttons. So unique. Incidentally, there was a big, localized downpour yesterday evening at Playa de Oro.



091708 3:30 p.m.cloud burst over the Sierras
091808 7:00 a.m cloud buttons follow the break-up

Wednesday 17 Sept - 4 p.m. We have ominous clouds and the sound of thunder in the mountains to our west. Just an occasional drop of rain in town at the office but we could get a downpour soon. I expect that there will be arroyos running with water this evening so be cautious if you are driving in the deserts. On the beach we have 88 F with 65% RH. The winds and the sea are calm. A picture looking across the bay towards town shows the cloud cover.

7:00 a.m. High pressure is still building. The humidity reads 52% this morning. We can see clouds over the mainland to the east and just haze over the mountains to our west. The ground has thoroughly been soaked in our area for which we are grateful. With clear skies and lots of sun this morning, things will dry out quickly. Today is clean up day from all the celebrations of Independence Day week-end. (st)Yesterday’s Max 97 F, Min 78 F. Humidity currently 52 %... thru the night. A huge cloud had been building overhead all of yesterday, but we usually get by-passed when it comes to the real thing. The winds were then from the SE. From 10:15 till after 11:00 I watched it pour, but then went to bed expecting a further report from town. The report came at 11:12 p.m.: "no rain at all on that side of town". So I can't tell you how long it lasted but the rain gauge this morning showed a hefty 8/10 inches. We had to have been directly under it.st

Tuesday 16 Sept -10:15 p.m. "And the rains came". A little after 7:00 we remarked on the lightning streaks across the Sea wishing it were here. At 10:00 I jumped when the thunder began and now the clouds have opened up. We have a temperature reading of 79 with a sticky humidity still at 46%, a S/E breeze of 7-10 mph, driving the rain directly onto our eastern patio. The power has already studdered twice, as is usual in this little town. Yes, this is one heavy cloudburst. 11:00 p.m. It is still pouring. But I expect a report from town so I'm off to bed. st
7 p.m. All day we have had cloudy weather with very warm temperatures and high humidity. Dark clouds have apperared to the south and east but no sign yet of actual rain. Even at this hour the beach temperature is still in the low 90's and the relative humidity is around 75%. My airconditioning is working overtime and condensed water is coming out in a steady stream - I divert it to water the plants in the garden so that I can save precious town water. (Can you believe it - I watched a neighbor this morning watering the beach in front of his house with his hosepipe to make it look nice and smooth and erase the tracks of the quads and cars that have been driving back and forth this past weekend!) ej. 7 a.m. Heavy mid-high clouds appeared over the northern Sea of Cortez and an increase of moisture over NW Baja could lead to a slight chance of thunderstorms. Proclaimed as Dia de la Independencia, the 16th has been designated throughout the years. Just recently Mexico has changed the calendar to allow a whole week-end of celebration. However, businesses like the banks, are closed today. This means many of us will continue to celebrate through today what has been a wonderful and cooler week-end, weatherwise.(st)Yesterday’s Max 99 F, Min 81 F. Humidity currently 32 %

Monday 15 Sept- 7 a.m. Although we have been celebrating all week-end, and Independence Day is really the 16th, today is credited for giving us another long week-end. The temperatures, now in the 80's, couldn't be more rewarding. The humidity has decreased to a more comfortable range allowing outside entertainment at it's best. Our guests have enjoyed the town, the country and the beach and the tides have been perfect. (st)Yesterday’s Max 98 F, Min 82 F. Humidity currently 29 %.

For our visitors, we provide this guide to the typical summer weather in San Felipe:

September - This is the month when the Pacific hurricanes can bring us the most rain. Such storms will move north along the Baja peninsular and can be seen coming several days in advance so planning your visit is relatively easy. When storms do come, typically in late September, there can be significant rain (2 to 10 inches in a day) and the region is covered with dense cloud so that the temperatures drop drastically. Occasional road washouts occur so watch our weather reports here for the latest information. For most of the month of September, expect conditions similar to August: 90 to 100 during the day and lows of 85-90 at night.



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