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THE GIANT DESERT HAIRY SCORPION may be found from Baja, Mexico as far north as Oregon and as far east as Colorado but mostly in deserts. The hair is visible along the legs and tail that give this scorpion its name. They can grow up to five and six inches long.

These scorpions are nocturnal creatures so are active during the nights searching for food. They eat small insects, small snakes and lizards. It doesn't take much food to sustain life for these creatures. During the day, they find a dark and comfortable place to hide under rocks, blocks, bricks, boxes, lumber or about anything setting on the ground.

When a female has babies, she carries them on her body until they shed their first skin. At that time, the tiny baby scorpions scatter to forage for themselves. They are almost transluscent in color and turn darker yellowish color as they grow. They will shed their skin several more times as they grow larger.

The smaller scorpion has more venom than larger ones because they haven't stung as many times as the larger and older ones. The stinger is located at the end of the tail. They use the venom to subdue their prey or when feeling threatened. The stinger can penetrate even leather gloves.

Red ants are the scorpions worst enemy. The scorpion is a delicious taste treat for them. A nest of red ants will quickly subdue the scorpion.

-Submitted by Lynner Ruegger