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While in Mexico, those who are adventurous should consider Puerto Vallarta activities and adventures.




San Felipe Photo & Video Gallery

Time lapse of the tides in the beautiful San Felipe Bay!

Holidays and festivities

Sep 16,2004 Independence Day

Nov 4-7, 2004 Shrimp Festival and more Shrimp Photos

Feb 4-8, 2004 Carnival (Mardi Gras)

Feb 12, 2005 Paella Festival at Hotel El Cortez

Feb 13, 2005 SFARP Senior Sunday

Mar 18, 2005 First Day of Spring at Domingo Carballo Felix elementary

Oct 8, 2005 Peter's Camp Poker Race, bigger than ever.

Oct 22, 2005 Las Amigas Welcome Back party at Playa del Oro

Feb 14, 2006 El Dorado's Valentine Dinner & Dance

Dec 29, 2005 Shirley Thompson's Retirement party held at Fandango's

Dec 31, 2005 Lou and Teina Well's New Year's Eve Day Turkey Feast

Feb 25, 2006 SFAR Hound Hoe Down - fundraiser at the Rescue Center

Sep 24,2007 Shrimping Season Begins pictures & New Marina


Our Favorite Photographers: specialties

James Hatton visits Eastern Sierras. Some pictures on Pizza Mana

James Hatton visits Mike's Sky Ranch . Some pictures on Pizza Mana

Tom and Barbara Blodgett - visit his website: Margarita's Farm, Valley north

Desiree Blair - visits Rocodile during Spring Break 2005

Insects: scorpions, tarantula

Fish Library: Photos taken from Tony Reyes fishing tours.

Bird Library: Bird Watcher Theresa

Victor Rodriguez, some favorites.

The Osprey - of the Eagle Family - Found only on high roosts


Some other favorites

Sunrise and 2 dogs by Sybil Bagby

Old Faithful by J Hatton

Storm Clouds on Highway 8

Wednesday Morning Brunch

Oaxaca SFARP Adventure 2005
Kat's Korner, photos of events, dignitaries, plants, animals, locals
Mayor's granddaughter; 4 years old
Roadrunners are popular in San Felipe
California Quail with families
Bertha Von Glumer Kinder Garden

Cuttings Clamato gathering

Hot Springs at Puertecitos Trip to the hot springs down south
Palm Springs, Hyatt Grand National Hotel Shirley Thompson (our weather gal) goes to Palm Springs for a weekend trip
Circus in San Felipe - A monkey and a puppy find each other

Humming Birds - Photos by Tony Reyes, Sr. - mother feeding babies; eggs; babies waiting to be fed - for more photos, click on this link.

San Felipe Cloud Banks - Photos taken by Robert Thorton which are beautiful. He took them from the beach in town; Las Arenas in November, 2006. Link previously broken - it's now working!
Puertecitis: A favorite port for fishermen about 50 miles south of San Felipe
Pavillion Restaurant at La Ventana del Mar - Photos by Shirley Thompson - Campo Ocotillos Ladies Group enjoying lunch at our beautiful new Golf Course Restaurant and Club House. Enjoy!
Desert Fauna, specifically the verbena, this spring is awesome. These were taken on Highway 5, KM35.5 as we travelled south on 2/21/08.
Events on Kat's Korner Gallery - Snowbird Festival; Golf Tournament; Sharlin Cholla's; Semana Santa; New Year's Eve and more. (Link was broken, but now it's fixed 5-18-09)
Vacation from San Felipe by Motorhome and Camper through Ensenada and Highway 1 to Cabo San Lucas: by S Thompson photos by Mel Bohnert
Desert/Mountain/Waterfall Buggy Runs. To get away from it all one must venture into another world. These are pictures taken of a waterfall in the arroyas of the mountains to the west of San Felipe. Mel Bohnert and S Thompson



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