PUERTECITIS: Still a favorite among fishermen. This is not a lake, it is the inlet to the ocean. I did not get a photo of their loading ramp which is simply super. Because the highway is now in excellent condition property values should go up dramatically.It is obviously getting more and more popular. The 'hot springs', always a favorite, are a must experience, even if they do now charge a minimum fee.

After you leave Puertecitis, the roadway is really a road-bed, going up over rugged terrain; awfully hard on vehicles. Still, it is the access to several favorite spots including Bahia de Gonzalves. If you are brave enough to continue further a dirt road will take you across the peninsula to Highway 1 on the western side of the Baja. Politicians dream of creating a driveable, connecting highway through this route to adjoin to Highway 1. Businesses and tourists alike travelling from the East will appreciate this shortcut to the southern tip of Baja.

I couldn't resist taking this photo of an Elephant tree trunk during our travels. This tree must be 50 years or more of age. In dry years you see mostly bare 'red' trunks, but when we have a wet year this tree puts on the prettiest green covering of leaves and amazes everyone. Many of us have these trees in our landscaping because even bare, the red trunks and branches look very much alive.

Photos and article by S thompson