Once you focus in,

you can see that beautiful little black and white dog wearing glasses, of all things. Darling!


We understand several puppies got adopted by attendees at this Hound Hoe Down.

There were 5 tables laden with beautiful things for the silent auction. I couldn't resist.

There were 300 tickets presold. I didn't get the phot of the 150 or so attendies. The rest were at the HobieCat races or the Carnival Parade, or so many other events clicking on this same date.

The music, played by this budding group of wonderful people getting together just for the fun of it, kept everyone entertained. They even called for a square-dance or two.

Breaking for the silent auction announcements, was the lowlight of the day. Many people accepted their purchases and then the band played on.

Ok, so I didn't get names. But a wonderful, prosperous afternoon was enjoyed by everyone.

Shirley Thompson