By Ronda Walpole
                                         Founder and President of
                                         San Felipe Animal Rescue

I’m sure there is a great deal of concern about the current status of SFAR.  I would like to address some of these concerns now.

Our facility at Las Minitas is not closed.  It has never been my intentions to close the facility.  My intentions all along have been to do what is in the best interest of the animals that are at the facility now.  Because of the lack of funds, I am not able to take any more animals at this time.  I’ve had to make a hard decision, and that means I have to take care and adopt out the many animals we have now.

Frank and Irma Marroquin have agreed to continue to live on site and to take care of the dogs and shelter in the caring way they always have.  Thank you Frank and Irma.  Jennifer Holmes has also agreed to live at the Maricopa, Az. facility where we have an average of 20 or more animals there at a time.  She has also agreed to do adoptions weekly with a volunteer at two different Petsmarts. Thank you Jennifer.   Dr. Bell who has done several spay and neuter clinic for us in the past, is planning another trip down with some of her staff to do another clinic for us at the Las Minitas clinic.  Thank you Dr. Bell and staff.

  It’s time for me to step down and I am actively looking for someone with good management and fundraising skills.  When we find them I don’t want them overwhelmed by having too many animals.  The dynamics of my family life has changed and I need to be at home with them physically as well as mentally.  As you all know my husband has been a solid contributor to SFAR, but due to the economy and the construction business being extremely slow he is unable to finically contribute at this time. 

There are still a lot of expenses keeping the two facilities operating. Transporting the animals from Mexico to Arizona, feeding and keeping the dogs healthy are two of the biggest expenses.  If anyone is interested in the expenses incurred on a monthly basis please fill free to e-mail me at

San Felipe Animal Rescue and ZAPP are now two different organizations.  Steven Forman has decided that he would like to continue with ZAPP without the worry of a 501-c-3 non-profit status.  He will be donating the majority of his profits from the ZAPP e-bay shoe business to keep spaying and neutering the animals of San Felipe. Thank you Steven.  Please continue to support ZAPP by buying shoes from ZAPP’s e-bay store.  I truly believe that spaying and neutering the animals is the only solution for the animal overpopulation. Hopefully in the years to come we won’t have to have an overpopulated Sanctuary.

Please continue to support the animals of San Felipe by donating money, or items to our Thrift Store.


I will leave this position with heavy heart, but I will continue to help in any way I can after the turn over.  Until then I will continue to take care of the animals we have and hopefully find them the forever homes they all deserve. I would like to thank all the people who have stood behind me in this great adventure.

SFAR would like to acknowledge a dedicated group, Animal Rescue Friends (ARF) and their support of SFAR as well as the animal population in San Felipe.  Along with organizing many fundraisers, they have funded a much need shade for the dogs at SRFA’s Las Minitas site.  They are also responsible for covering expenses to have donated dog food delivered to our storage unit in Calexico.

ARF has financed the medical care of many indigent animals.  Janice Fisher’s can collection funds have provided cancer treatment to the many dogs that have cancer caused by STD's.   Our organization could not have been as successful without the help of groups such as ARF.

I hope this has answer your concerns, but if you have any more questions or comments please e-mail me at 


Former Street dogs, One Eye, Peek-a-Boo and Petey thank Ronda!!